European Governments Had All Info To Prevent Berlin Terror Attack – Derrick Broze Analysis

berlin-truck-attackBy RT

A review of records suggests that mass surveillance does nothing to prevent terrorism. Investigative journalist Derrick Broze joins RT’s Anya Parampil to discuss global security questions and the erosion of privacy raised by the Berlin attack.

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5 Comments on "European Governments Had All Info To Prevent Berlin Terror Attack – Derrick Broze Analysis"

  1. This article is written with the assumption that governments first intend to protect citizens. But when looked at from the other direction, they are here to help the terrorists. We then see government not failing but doing a great job.

  2. Just like the Washington had all necessary information to stop every Islamic terrorist attack since Obama became the King. The FBI already had files on all of them. They allowed them to plan and kill Americans to satisfy Washington’s Jihad Lottery.

    • Check out how President Obama is continuing to do everything imaginable to help his Islamic brothers, from destroying and deleting all Lists that had tracked Islamic/Muslim immigrants and refugees to pardons to the destruction of other DHS records, all before Trump’s administration can protect Americans.

  3. Thank you for this excellent article. I had been struggling with the evidence emerging on the Berlin attack. When they finally released the news that the alleged perp actually and conveniently left his wallet in the truck, and that he had been allegedly under their surveillance for 6 months, it appeared clear that either what is deemed Law Enforcement was intentionally refusing to protect citizens or that what is deemed Law Enforcement are unwilling or unable to do their jobs in a manner that demonstrates that all this surveillance is meaningful. Why violate our privacy at every turn when it is, in fact, meaningless.

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