CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech

By Luke Rudkowski

The mainstream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this morning. This is not the only problem this independent news organization faces as WeAreChange was just issued a legal notice from our ad company about being labeled fake news with a verified sourced documented article.

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45 Comments on "CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech"

  1. North Korea, model society for the world…

    • Correct: now will have our own authoritarian leader.

      • Erm, no, you are obviously confused. The real authoritarian Mr. “executive order” Obama is hopefully finally gone, and thank heavens, Hillary and the “progressive” (ha ha! calling themselves “progressive” what propaganda!) Democrats blew it big time.

        But I see they are all very busy finding imaginary scapegoats!

        PS. I am not a Trump supporter. To me it is a toss-up between Trump and Hillary who is the worst. But to see that lying Hillary – who landed in Bosnia under “sniper fire” – get what she deserves is pure joy!

  2. Dee Jay Admiral | December 18, 2016 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    Was it the election of the current PEOTUS or “PizzaGate” that triggered a Scorched Earth campaign against the 1st Amendment?

    Seemed like it was Pizzagate. Not sure I can cop to Pizzagate… although there must be something there… given the mass of incoming flak once that caught on.

    You know what they say… “You can always tell you are over a target… by the amount of incoming flak.”

    Curious, indeed.

    • It was definitely pizzagate. I go around giving people flyers explaining about pizzagate.

    • I think it was Pizzagate. And whether or not there’s a basement in that particular restaurant is not the point. It’s about, Hey people, don’t look at that anymore — look over here!!

  3. The bitterness and desperation of the MSM is extremely gratifying.

  4. I guess if we want to know what’s going on, we’ll have to purposely look for sites that say “fake news.”

  5. Someone once told me that “all wars are won by OFFENSE not defense”. MSM’s strategies are the same as other intelligence subversion tactics: accuse your opponent of what you yourself are doing. MSM is a propaganda arm and many appear now to be afraid they will be exposed (such as those people exposed by the DOCUMENTED truthful emails from Wikileaks all of which has never proven to be fake). MSM along with certain agencies and politicians and their cohorts are setting the stage so that when the truth about them is exposed they can automatically run for cover under the ruse of the “fake news” label and censor what is being said about them. Makes me wonder why McCain is so adamant about promoting the fake news theory and blaming the Russians…..

  6. Very interesting! Thanks for posting this.

  7. Read “The Franklin Scandal” and decide for yourself if our country is and has been run by a bunch of psychopaths who, among other horrific disgusting things, indulge their fantasies with children

  8. Mainstream media doesn’t do much fact checking, that is obvious. Their agenda is to cover up and keep these criminals running this Country / World.
    I know there are still many people that swallow the Tell-Lie-Vision news as fact and the last word, but I do believe people are waking up or at least looking past their noses.
    Alternative media isn’t perfect, but they are far superior to any of the 5 Corporate owned and run. Question everything folks and especially do your own research and make your own educated decision.

  9. Another poison pill into the well from Dale Ruff.

    • Support your false accusation, Sir lazy.

      • Every ounce of Dale is sincere and not intent on obfuscation.

        In sharp contrast, your aim is to shut down free speech by creating false stereotypes for your SPLC buddies.

        • You have been wrong about me many times. Trash talk means you lose.

          • “Creating false stereotypes” isn’t trash talk, it’s an accurate description of your modus operandi. When you first began haunting A. Post you threw around the “right wing” label until it was clear it was an aburdity that wouldn’t stick. Most people here are very much anti-war, anti-fascism, and anti-tyranny – doesn’t equate to your straw men characterizations.

          • Blue has never been wrong about you Dale. Blue sees clearly right through your turbid ramblings of distortion. Every one here know by now you are a charlatan and an operator of deception Dale. With your long winded, packaged trash talk.
            None more adept at spewing streams of irrelevant mental diarrhoea than Dale Ruff.

  10. More apt is the CIA propaganda technique of telling an outrageous lie and repeating it so often people believe it.

    • Yes, perhaps that is why Trump, who admits owning Hitler’s speeches, chose as his first foreign policy advisor former CIA head James Woolsey and has chosen 3 Wall St billionaires for his cabinet: Wall St is CIA (see Kinzer’s The Brothers and fact check revolving door betweeen CIA and Wall St, which was created by Dulles to serve Wall St as a private army, engaged in proxy wars, funding terrorists, assassinations, fomenting coups, sabotaging economies, etc.

      A clear example is Bush I, who was CIA chief, then Wall St. tycoon, then President.

      Another is Petreus who ran CIA, then moved to private equity firm KKR, now a candidate for a key Trump appointment.,

      Here are some sites with documentation:

      “There is an ambiguous symbiosis between two aspects of the American deep state:

      1. The Beltway agencies of the shadow government, like the CIA and NSA, which have been instituted by the public state and now overshadow it, and
      2. The much older power of Wall Street, referring to the powerful banks and law firms located there.
      Top-level Treasury officials, CIA officers, and Wall Street bankers and lawyers think much alike because of the “revolving door” by which they pass easily from private to public service and back.”

      Mike Lofgren, “A Shadow Government Controls America,” Reader Supported News, February 22, 2014, -a-shadow-government-controls.

      Cromwell who ran he CIA under Eisenhower and was fired by JFK is likely the mastermind of his assassiation. He then went on to Wall St.

      Casey, who conducted six illegal/covert wars under Reagan, was a Wall St lawyer (like Dulles), and his chief counsel went on to work on Wall St.

      “Former Maryland Banker Reveals He Used to Work for CIA
      A Banker Comes in From the Cold” WSJ

      “According to former CIA director Richard Helms, when Allen Dulles was tasked in 1946 to “draft proposals for the shape and organization of what was to become the Central Intelligence Agency,” he recruited an advisory group of six men made up almost exclusively of Wall Street investment bankers and lawyers. Dulles himself was an attorney at the prominent Wall Street law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell. Two years later, Dulles became the chairman of a three-man committee which reviewed the young agency’s performance. The other two members of the committee were also New York lawyers.i For nearly a year, the committee met in the offices of J.H. Whitney, a Wall Street investment firm.ii
      According to Peter Dale Scott, over the next twenty years, all seven deputy directors of the agency were drawn from the Wall Street financial aristocracy; and six were listed in the New York social register.iii So we see that from the beginning the CIA was an exclusive Wall Street club. Allen Dulles himself became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence in early 1953.”

      I welcome constructive disagreement providing documentation.,

  11. Says Dale the Haaavard Political Science dude who proffers LIMITED HANGOUTS and could care less if the public is informed about the reach and extent of the CIA’s OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD to plant stories in the main stream media and control the spin.

    Take your strawmen back to your pal Cass Sunstein at Harvard and burn them in effigy to Sunstein’s COGNITIVE INFILTRATION operation launched in the Obama administration to attack 9/11 Truth efforts. Shades of the CIA operation to demonize skeptics of the JFK assassination official Oswald single shooter narrative shortly after the CIA murdered Kennedy, MOCKINGBIRD springing into action to portray the skeptics as crazy “conspiracy” theorists.

    • You are wrong: you can learn my views, the opposite of your trash talk, at opednews where I regularly am published. you are attempting to smear someone by lying about my positions, including opposing CIA, writing about the conspiracy to murder JFK (my latest book purchase is Mary’s Mosaic, another book about the murder by the CIA). When you trash those who agree with you, you commit suicide, you lose.

      When you insult, you lose. Your childish rants about Harvard are sour grapes. I will be you do not have the courage, having smeared my education (coming from parents with 8th grade education), to tell us your educational credentials. I dare you. What qualifies you to trash the world’s top private university? What is your education, sir?

      • It’s the implication of indoctrinated group think that you are not getting, thus explaining why you refuse to connect the dots and discuss the seminal published work of academic Carroll Quigley admitting FULLY to a HUGE Establishment CONSPIRACY to subvert freedom and democracy going back decades and deeply embedded in govt, media, and academia.

        Cass Sunstein is a dangerous Propagandist and intimately tied to the current attack on internet news websites offering views that deviate from Establishment narratives. How will you defend him and what his Cognitive Infiltration program represents??

        • I agree there is a “HUGE Establishment CONSPIRACY to subvert freedom and democracy going back decades.”

          The control is Wall St/CIA. Note that Trump’s first foreign policy advisor was CIA/Wall St/ radical neo con James Woolsey.

          I have never met or read to care about Cass Sulstein. His power is far less than Trump’s, whose lies are legion.

          Why would you require me to defend Sustein? Because I got a fellowship to Harvard? That’s pretty whacky, isn’t it. The question is why do you defend liar and cheat Trump, who has surrounded himself with the establishment of the neo cons and Wall St and Exxon oil to lead the country? Why would you believe a man with businesses in 22 nations, using slave labor in many, and loans from China, Goldman-Sachs, etc is not a globalist oligarch?

          Sunstein is a whipping boy because he has no power: Trump is now the most powerful man in the world, threatening WWII by having advisors urging him to bomb Iran, which is military allies with Russia and China. Why don’t you go after the guy with power and not a man without power? Could it be that you have been fooled by a man famous for his lies?

          The plan to subvert freedom and emocracy goes back to the Constitutional Convention, where a group (95%) of slave owners devised a scheme to control the new nation. When their rule ended (after 7 straight slave owning Presidents), their rivals, the banks and corporations took over and rule still, including now being in commanding posts in the Trump regime. Why don’t you deal with this instead of absurd and irrelevant rants about Sunstein, a man I have never read or heard speak…..but know only as the whipping boy of the far right fascist element.

          • **deeply embedded in govt and media**….and here comes your avoidance of that critical fact, manifesting as a limited hangout and spin into Wall Street and Neocon perps when the conspiracy goes well beyond that to include the Neoliberals and all that spawns from the Banksters, esp. the Rockefellers and Rothschilds including their UN based vision for a new international system that subverts sovereignty for global authoritarian Technocratic rule. => Brzezinski’s Technotronic Era tracking and monitoring every human being in real time to socially engineer them, China style.

          • Tho your rant is very incoherent, I probably agree with the gist of it: the global elites control government, media, and the economy. I do not see the UN as subverting sovereighty as it gives small nations as well as large a voice in the General Assembly.

            Nationalism was behind Fascism; it is the refuge of scoundrals.

            When you lump together 10 different accusations in one hysterial sentence, you lose coherence. Let’s take one thing at a time. So far, whenever you accuse me of something you are wrong. Back away and think a while.

          • Global authoritarian technocracy, epitomized by China’s Social Credit Score system and UN Agenda 2030, is a Rockefeller and Brzezinski construct to utterly control humanity. TPTB use whatever “isms” and “ocracies” suit their ends. Simulacrums. Theocrats typically hypocrites, fascists and communists two sides of the same coin, hence the spawn of China’s Eight Immortals communist revolutionaries representing today’s billionaire ruling class of global neolib plutocrats.

          • You’re going to need a air compressor /pneumatic concrete crusher to break up the calcification between this guys ears…as it appears very dense & unyielding…. & only responds to it’s own echoes inside his own fractal replica of Plato’s Cave …..(lol)

          • Grrreat description! Personal fractal replica of Platos’ cave. Ha!! Funny synchronicity, yesterday I was thinking about more PF lyrics when I about to reply to someone “Your lips are moving but I can’t hear what you’re saying”. No joke! I thought it would be lost in translation to the recipient’s challenged cortex and let it go.

          • ‘Gottaluvit’ when he retreats behind his advanced years of ‘fragility’ & tries to elicit an entreating ‘pity party’ by appealing to peoples natural empathetic emotionalism by switching the thread & directing our attention to his metastasizing (methinks non-existent) cancer[sic]…(he’s till here… months after eliciting this abject ploy..Hmmmm?)…especially whenever he’s cornered & has painted himself into a corner…’pathetic is…pathetic does’…I been observing you Dale ….& I got your #

          • Sunstein’s vision and program for Cognitive Infiltration perfectly epitomizes the CURRENT effort to attack free speech by mendaciously labeling dissent extremist and conspiratorial via an arrogant sophistry house of cards = “crippled epistemologies”.

            Sunstein’s program and what metastasized out of it is the blueprint for your SPLC-style faux characterizations.

  12. George Reichel | December 20, 2016 at 9:44 am | Reply

    The global paedophile ring is well documented Bubba

  13. It’s hard to argue with a lamestream media believer, isnt’ it? Logic is useless…very frustrating. I often ask my partner if he has ONE opinion that wasn’t shaped by his go-to source, HuffPo. Or, as I call it, the Puffy Post. Haven’t heard one yet…

  14. Wrong. James Alefantis lied. He was quoted in writing that he stores tomatoes “in the basement” of Comet Ping Pong. And the “shooter” was a dumb actor. Don’t be so gullible.

  15. Isn’t there a ball game to watch? This forum is for thinkers.

  16. My articles and posts are full of documentation of CiA crimes. I note that Trump’s first foreign policy advisor is former CIA head/ Wall St tycoon James Woolsey. CIA is Wall St. How many Wall St. billionaires has Trump appointed to run the economy.

    My integrity is based on the evidence and sources I provide. Your insults means you lose. Your post has not one fact or source…just pure nonsense.

    I have risked my life to fight fascism…your smear demonstrates only your lack of a rational response or moral integrity. You trashtalk/you lose.

  17. When you stoop to the gutter, you lose.

  18. More like the decades of Bolshevik lying about the Germans and Hitler, so incessantly that people began to believe it.
    That lying is now being laid bare and the real genocidal, maniacal Bolshevik freak show is beginning to be exposed.
    Thank God Trump at least trumped that Hillary psychozot.

  19. Gee…..does this mean, Trump’s not actually working for the KGB? Moonbats’ll git their panties in a bunch over that.

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