Twitter Shuts Down Alt-right

twitterBy Kurt Nimmo

Twitter has followed up on its promise to shut down accounts based on political ideology.

“Twitter suspended high-profile accounts associated with the alt-right movement, the same day the social media service said it would crack down on hate speech,” reports USA Today.

The newspaper describes alt-right as “a loosely organized group that espouses white nationalism.”

Nothing works better to discredit the opposition than to describe it as white nationalist.

The BBC made the case by interviewing an avowed racist:

“The alt-right has no formal ideology, although various sources have stated that white nationalism is fundamental. It has also been associated with white supremacism, Islamophobia, antifeminism, homophobia, antisemitism, ethno-nationalism, right-wing populism, nativism, traditionalism, and the neoreactionary movement,” according to Wikipedia.

It also calls itself anti-establishment, but that’s up for debate now that Donald Trump has won the election. He is considering a number of former government insiders and neocons to fill cabinet positions.

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USA Today ignores the variety of political ideologies lumped into the alt-right movement and portrays it as some sort of rehashed fascist or Nazi movement.

Twitter was the platform of choice for the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump and the alt-right political movement that embraced him. The alt-right used social media to spread its cause of white supremacy, operating largely unchecked by social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

It should be noted Twitter is a publicly traded company, not a government owned service. It cannot be accused of censorship and, although bad for public relations, has the right to deny service to any person or party it so desires based on the decisions of its corporate officers, who are, like Facebook, overwhelmingly liberal.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.

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37 Comments on "Twitter Shuts Down Alt-right"

  1. I have an etymology website of almost 15,000 entries. I’m currently working on Thanksgiving riddles and jokes, tracing each one to its origin. I post my work nn Twitter, adding “#Thanksgiving #riddles #jokes.” There is almost no response, even though my work is the best out there, with about 6 new posts a day. If you search for “Barry Popik” on Twitter, it’s like I’m talking to myself all month. I have not been banned by Twitter; it’s worse–a shadow ban.

    Yes, Twitter and Google and Facebook are private companies. But, really, they are unregulated monopolies on information and social media. If a Christian or a Muslim bakery doesn’t want to bake your cake on religious grounds, you can go to another baker. If Twitter and Google and Facebook want to ban or shadow ban you, you have no recourse. There is no customer service to even talk to.

    • Mike Adams of Natural News created Good Gopher as an alternative to Google. I don’t have any experience with it. You might want to check it out.

      • I’ve tried Good Gopher several times and came up with a big pile of nothing useful. Mike Adams is starting to lose his cool of late, constantly predicting dire events, gloating when they come true, and his dialogue is extreme and incendiary, to the point I have to question the bias of his browser. Maybe others have had better luck though, perhaps they’ll weigh in here. That’s just MHO.

        • That’s too bad. Maybe it needs more time to get some legs. Start Page doesn’t really help us because it uses the standard search engines then hides the identity of the user, right? The only silver lining I can see is maybe the censorship moves will galvanize people to begin collaborating, sharing information however, wherever, and whenever we can. Adams means well and has a lot of energy, too bad sometimes he gets misdirected with the hype. Everything is tainted, ya know, we really need collective brainstorming.

          • I’ve used Start Page for a couple of years but yes, to my understanding it uses Google and then hides your searches and identity. I really only use it so I don’t have to look at the stupid Google logo and ads. I am deeply feeling the collective angst today. I just wrote elsewhere that I can literally feel the growing anxiety of the Clinton supporters who lost and now the Trump supporters who are waking up to the Neocon monster they have created.

            But you know me, I get happier the worse things get because I know the entire system has to collapse before we get to press the Restart button and we’re zooming along, full tilt boogie. I’m already tuning out because I’ve always known the internet would become just as useless as WaPo or Time Magazine. I only come here to read your comments and get recipes for the cookbook I’m working on…. so far Google still allows me look at fifty ways to use arugula.

          • I’m honored and flattered, OS, though I do believe your sage insight has far more positive repercussions than you realize. It’s an intangible energy of deep knowing forming a bedrock of peaceful civilized understanding. You’re an essential part of the Great Karass – as the great metaphor extraordinaire “Eddy” might say.

            Today, I also had some glimpses of the collective angst. For me, it feels like waves of the stages of grief flowing through the Matrix. The initial trepidation by a portion of the awake community being replaced with a full realization of WTF are going to do now? Too many want to give up, they’re spent, the war of attrition felt deeply. It’s all in the way we perceive our collective power. We both know only a tiny fraction of our potential has been able to peek through the veils. What comes next is out of our hands, so, as you said, we do what we can and call it enough as there are greater forces waiting in the wings to take their cues. Call it nature, entropy, fate, Divine intervention…it’s gonna have its say in the affairs of mankind & megalomaniacs. To be continued.. 😉

          • That’s a perfect summation. interesting that you’re feeling this angst too. It felt very heavy today, like a deep sigh of resignation. But I’ve learned to separate what is “mine” from the energy of the collective so I don’t get dragged down with it. You’re right though, people are very tired. So many invest far too much energy begging for leadership that could be better spent looking inside and leading themselves. The members of a lightworking collective I belong to all seem ready to give up and slide under the waves. I keep saying “Don’t give up, we’re almost at the finish line!” But they feel they have been hearing this for a long time and most are still so tightly wound up in the artificial time matrix it’s hard to convince them time doesn’t actually exist, there is only the now moment where life takes place.

            Oh no, OS goes woo woo again.

          • “So many invest far too much energy begging for leadership that could be better spent looking inside and leading themselves.”

            That’s it in a perfect nutshell. Hang in there, OS, you’re a rare gift, a true wayshower. Take heart, you are not alone. 🙂

          • Thanks for hanging in there with me… you know, we are both utilizing and engaging a lot of knowledge gained from our past experiences. I used to race in a lot of triathlons in my yoot. Most people have heard about The Wall, that gruesome place where your body gives up but your mind keeps you moving forward. We are at The Wall now. The thing is, you can almost always either see the actual finish line or hear people cheering those crossing it before you (yes, I wasn’t first across the line, hard as that may be to believe… LOL but I always made it even when it almost killed me) but the sound of cheering was enough to keep you going. I can hear the cheering and the clapping…yikes, I think they’ve started the party without us!

          • Anytime, OS. I completely agree, the past was preparation for the now of this challenging time. Yeah, The Wall, ugh, making it to the finish line on endorphins and sheer determination…the wheels seemingly about to fly off, hair in the wind – here we go! 🙂

          • Speaking of go!… I’ve been playing around with various search engines while boning up on our new racist AG (who likes Lady Gaga and the KKK but hates potheads. As these nominations eke out, we can get a much better view of how the future may play out IMO) Anyway, Google/Start Page gave me nothing but mainstream sources, DuckDuckGo gives a whole gamut of off beat sites mixed with mainstream, a much deeper mix on the same key words with some filtering options. I’m going to give it a run for awhile.

          • Okay! I have something important for you. This was written a few years ago and I have been trying to find it so I could share it with you, and then “Boom” it’s right on my news feed this morning. It’s about how to jump timelines. As I said, I’ve done this twice on my own intuitively, without these helpful directions, and both times where I found myself in the midst of chaos, I chose a timeline of “No fear.” This is an old surfer motto that I think about every time I see your blue wave avatar. I have surfed real waves like that and let me tell you, you need to be a perfect state of “no fear” or you ain’t gonna make it, so your avatar has great meaning for me personally.

            This article is from a trusted source (Tom Kenyon) and is quite detailed but I can tell you it works. This could be the most important thing you will ever read, it actually holds the key your survival in the coming days, weeks and years remaining on this Chaotic Timeline. Now that i have these detailed instructions in hand, I’m going to jump to another timeline again… I will see you there.

            Please go to the home page of In5D dotcom and read “The Art of Jumping Timelines.”

          • Busy day today, I finally finished a careful reading of Kenyon’s excellent and timely advice. Thank you! It’s a perfect encapsulation of what I have been feeling and the conclusion I’ve been arriving at for some time. I am in the process of doing the very things suggested and have been experiencing the shift the past couple of weeks. Both you and the article have given me valuable feedback and confirmation. I absolutely agree releasing all fear is essential. My guess is the controllers picked up on a growing refusal by the leading edge of light workers to be influenced by their fear traps. The sands are rapidly shifting beneath our feet as we attempt to deftly move forward. It’s strangely exciting, isn’t it? Not out of woods, though our purpose seems clearer. A million thanks, OS!

          • And a million hugs back. I’m so glad you were in a place to receive this information and be able to utilize it. I read it over several times and I’ve been working with it all day. The hard part, as I see it, is deciding what timeline to be on. I chose the phrase “Sacred Terra” same idea as New Earth as they are calling it. It is a clearly defined space. My twin flame and I have been actively creating this in a specific spatial context for a long time, but the “perseverance” is indeed the hard part, keeping the vibration stable and the connection solid when navigating common life. I get better with practice, this article helps refine it tremendously. This is why I am here now, I have a clearly defined purpose, and I just had the notion (for a long while actually) it’s the same for you. Yes, it’s strangely exciting, that’s the perfect description. -> These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Strap in!

          • I’m starting to collaborate with someone too. I typed that, then deleted it to keep the clutter in the message down. Auspicious synchronicity. 😉 I’m strapped in, ready for take off. “Let’s roll!”

          • Good. Collaboration is extremely helpful, it multiplies the effect tremendously. I’m happy to hear that.

            I had a few things come to mind re: fear. I get the feeling the surveillance issue has been bothering you lately. Worrying or even mild concern about being watched (or having the sense that the Big Brother noose is tightening) is one of the many insidious forms of fear. Even when we’re not obviously in a place of fear, subtle worry about anything is fear. On a personal level, the controllers don’t care about a couple of looney tunes talking Star Trek, they have all the 3D slaves they need to keep their loosh baskets full, leaving us free to fly under the radar because we’re not upsetting their plans in any way. They know about us (all of us, I mean) but they can’t stop us even if they wanted to because we have free will and they cannot bust through that. That’s our infinite Get Out of Jail Free card. The second is that they leave the truly fearless alone. I have met two controllers face to face. They are big, ugly dudes but if you show no fear they leave you alone because you have nothing they want. They test everyone, but when you create a protective warrior shield of fearlessness around you, they cannot penetrate it because they cannot vibrate at your higher level and you are no longer food to them.

            Those who remain fixated on the doom scenario are choosing this just by saying or thinking, “That’s New Age woo woo stuff,” and ignoring all of this information, willfully choosing material life in third dimensional reality even though the exit doors are open. Some young people are Machine Riders who are choosing to become cyborgs. They are coming to this planet specifically to have that experience, to consciously create AI reality and be a part of that earth timeline. They are creating singularity with every thought and doing it consciously, not being sucked into it against their will like we might think. This is not my problem, not my responsibility. We might worry that we are leaving these poor, deluded souls behind or “not caring” about all the drama and trauma flowing around them, that we have to “do” something about it. But we are not creating the trauma and drama, it’s not our responsibility to fix it or undo it. I can’t stop all the wars and mayhem. I can create higher dimensional space where peace exists, but I cannot do that if I’m using my free will to be mired in the mayhem.

            This ethos I’m trying to describe lets us off the responsibility hook so to speak, but if we don’t consciously let ourselves off the hook we cannot create what we came to create because we’d be too bogged down in Doom World. When you exit the matrix by actually exiting the matrix (and not peeking back into it just to see what’s going on… hehehe, we never do this, do we? Virtual reality is addictive for a reason!) then you are able to raise your vibration and are free to create whatever reality you want. Strangely exciting, yes!

          • The surveillance doesn’t frighten me, OS. I make spying the focus of my commentary because I believe it’s the biggest immediate threat to our ability to share information and collectively resist draconian edicts. The alt reports tend to compartmentalize surveillance rather than creating a frame of reference that places it into a systematized lock down of the individual to move and speak freely – not in a future theoretical scenario, rather it is right here, right now getting its traction with little resistance. I posit this is exactly why Drs Bradstreet and Gonzalez were murdered (I can’t imagine Gonzalez had a natural heart attack). That being said, I understand either a collective shift will happen in this very narrow window we have giving us more wiggle room or the sheep will stay on their current path. There’s only so much a few very awake people can accomplish. My personal spiritual escape has already taken place, having shed ALL attachment to this social construct / timeline will either allow me to ride out this time spiritually unscathed or it will add positive energy flow to the shift – either way it’s what I intuit I must do. Though, I will continue to search for leveraged openings to nudge the collective consciousness (which I’ve been doing for a long time, it’s more than what you see outwardly on A. Post). My mindset is an unwavering “Ya, I’m ready to get the heck out of this prison for the mind.” Hope that makes sense. Probably sounds like “no fear” bluster, but I’m prepared for all eventualities, even the “unthinkable”. Picture me 2 months ago in my garden waving to a circling black helicopter. LOL It might not have been for me this time, didn’t matter. I’m already free. Seven years ago, they scared off a friend on the east coast when our emails were intercepted and a summary notation was accidentally (?) left in, written by a low level nitwit who didn’t have a handle on geopolitical affairs. Some goon also drove up to her out of the way ranch. The bottom line is TPTB intend to keep awake people isolated, not communicating in meaningful ways. I’m here to counter that for as long as reasonably possible to hold open the “escape hatch” – or so it seems. No worries that I’m deluding myself to hang onto to a pipe dream the entire herd will come around It’s out of our hands, imo.

          • Adroitly stated …a clear & courageous clarity summation/ synopsis of this >our existential present…that mirrors my own inner landscape about our collective dire situation…as the 99% unwittingly builds it’s own prison around itself…there are (sadly) only a relative few like yourself, that are preciently aware of the clear & present danger of the inexorable stealth of an encapsulating python squeeze of the NWO juggernaut…brought to you by the ‘snake charmers’ on the corporate one-eyed idiot box…after they removed our fangs……..cheers

          • You have a wonderful way with words. 🙂

          • Ha! Well, if anyone should be accused of “no fear bluster,” that would be me. Thanks for that explanation of your current synthesis, makes total sense. You are, as always, on point. I have had my own experiences with the black choppers, who are really nothing but minions, albeit unpredictable ones because they do not adhere to the free will principle of this planet. In dealing with such nonsense I fall back on Icke (however odd that sounds) regarding the reason he doesn’t travel with body guards or take any type of security precautions for himself. If he hasn’t actually become a minion himself by now (a possibility, a bit of fame attracts attention) then he would certainly be a target. But he always presents as fearless and I take notice of anyone who projects this way. He said (paraphrasing) “If I carried a gun or took precautions then that would mean that I accept that something might happen to me. I don’t accept that because I know for a fact it won’t.” By this I think he means that he also believes that we create our reality and by pre-accepting a particular outcome we actually set it in motion. I just do a minion detox in my etheric volume every so often, just for the fun of it. LOL

            In any event, thanks for your thoughts, as always.

          • Agree with everything you said, OS, including the suppression of our abilities to communicate telepathically. Thank you for your heartfelt insight, all received gratefully and duly noted. Thank goodness the election circus over. I need a mini vacation! Better yet, the universe is telling me I can expand and leave behind some old baggage which was once useful but now it’s creating a drag coefficient. Thanks again. 😉

          • Totally. I’m avoiding all of it too, old baggage especially, taking my vacation on Sacred Terra where snow is falling on mountains. Waxed my skis today, horray, spending the Thanksgiving week being grateful for being. Love you. R

          • Sounds perfect, hope you have a wonderful time. See ya around. Love and hugs. 🙂

          • I forgot to mention, you wrote- “I make spying the focus of my commentary because I believe it’s the
            biggest immediate threat to our ability to share information and
            collectively resist draconian edicts.”

            It is, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may know all this already but our DNA is being upgraded to return our mislabeled junk DNA back to its original template. All this “junk” was turned off by the the Annunaki geneticists because humans had many multidimensional powers like telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. that made them hard to control. We were essentially “dumbed down” instead of growing more evolved, another lie. We all have the ability to communicate telepathically and it’s coming online quickly now. Certainly animal communication is proof of this. I’m sure you do this with your dogs all the time, and going forward you can practice this ability with intention even more. And it’s quite possible that the rush toward a full-on surveillance state is because they anticipate this eventuality, so they want to train us to only think inside the box, a practice that would eventually prevent anyone from ever thinking outside it. I’m thinking it won’t be long before we won’t need to communicate in such a restricted fashion at all.

          • Such a wise Olde Soul indeed …we’re definitely of the same ilk & ‘karass’ (if I may be so bold)….cheers

          • Be as bold as you want to be! Cheers.

          • P.S. Thanks for the search engine tip! It disappeared on the thread. I’ll try it.

          • Oh… I deleted it after I learned it has an NSA connection. Sorry.

          • 🙂
            hermes-press dot /perennialist_seers.htm

          • My gosh, that’s a gorgeous image. Thank you, Hanz! You continue to amaze me. 🙂

  2. This seems like part of a large campaign to dismiss alternative voices by labeling any other voices as racist, homophobic etc. throwing all alternative media in one basket is impossible… Such a variety out there. Alt right has been defined and labeled by the establishment. They are calling alternative news fake or alt right (aka racist). They are only preaching to the choir though, those who follow alternative news do so because they have figured out this scam. This divisive election will eventually lead more people to exit mainstream media.

  3. I think people should read Wikileaks to understand (connect the dots)what’s going on, and the aims of Globalism. Which is frankly the destruction of the West and 1st world democracies including using Islamic extremism as a tool to divide and destroy the western nations. This Twitter thing is just one in a long line of tactics. Destruction of the west is the ONLY way Globalism can succeed. imho

  4. Can we get a grip here for a second? Twitter is not necessary for life, it’s not even relevant and never was. The notion they can “shut out” the alt-media is just as frivolous and ridiculous as Twitter itself. We can just as easily shut down Twitter simply by refusing to play its silly game, that’s how relevant and critical they are.

    I see the AP twitter feed is still up and running…. perhaps it’s time Alt media started taking itself seriously.

  5. thecraziesarerunningtheasylum | November 17, 2016 at 7:43 pm | Reply

    Its all BS, its about control and nothing else which is against free speech I might add, so FB and twitter do the same BS, I already got off of fb years ago, I just got on twitter about a month ago, don’t think that will last long, these morons have to ruin what could be a good thing.

  6. thecraziesarerunningtheasylum | November 17, 2016 at 7:46 pm | Reply

    Exactly what they do, and it is very deceptive, but look at the source.

  7. Everyone that as been kicked off twitter for rightwing views are heading straight over to Gab, a new free speech platform with no censorship lefty dogma.

  8. How is individualism compatible with white nationalism, organised religion, nationalism and traditionalism?

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