Tree-Shaped Vertical Farm Can Grow 24 Acres Of Crops

skyfarm1By Amanda Froelich

By 2050, the world’s population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion people. Already, 795 million people go to bed hungry each evening. Catching up to – and alleviating – the problem of world hunger won’t be easy, but the task might be realized sooner if innovative tree-shaped vertical farms are invested in and constructed in the future.

According to Fast CoExist, the Urban Skyfarm is a giant skyscraper that was designed to mimic the look of a tree. Conceptualized by Aprilli Design Studio, the trunk is an indoor hydroponics farm for greens. Where leaves would be, lightweight decks are constructed to grow plenty of fruits and vegetables. At the top of the structure exist solar panels and wind turbines; these renewable energy structures will generate enough energy to power the entire operation!

In addition to growing 24 acres worth of fruits and vegetables, the Urban Skyfarm will also capture rainwater and filter it through a constructed wetland before returning it to a nearby stream. It really is one of the freshest designs we’ve so far seen!

Architects Steve Lee and See Yoon Park state:

Our version of the vertical farm was intended to become an independent, open-to-air structure which would be purely focusing on farming activities and sustainable functions such as generating renewable energy and performing air, and water filtration.

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

The first Urban Skyfarm is envisioned to be developed in downtown Seoul, South Korea. The designers relay,

It seemed to be an ideal place to test out our prototype since the specific area is very dense and highly active and has been suffering for a long time by all sorts of environmental problems resulting from rapid urbanization.

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

“With the support of hydroponic farming technology, the space could efficiently host more than 5,000 fruit trees. Vertical farming is more than an issue of economical feasibility, since it can provide more trees than average urban parks, helping resolve urban environmental issues such as air pollution, water run-off and heat island effects, and bringing back balance to the urban ecology,” they elaborate.

It gets better… When the Urban Skyfarm is constructed, arrangements will be provided for community gardens, park space, and even a farmers market to meet the demand for fresh, local food in the city.

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

Seoul, South Korea is the ideal place for the first Urban Skyfarm to be developed, as fresh apples can cost more than $20 at some supermarkets. In addition, the country has already begun investing in vertical farming; therefore, the skyscraper busting with greenery is likely to be well-received.

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Lee and Park conclude:

We believe there will be more attention and discussions of vertical farms as the 2015 Milan Expo approaches, and we hope the Urban Skyfarm can become part of the discussion as a prototype proposal. Vertical farming really is not only a great solution to future food shortage problems but a great strategy to address many environmental problems resulting from urbanization.

Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

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All images: Aprilli Design Studio

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21 Comments on "Tree-Shaped Vertical Farm Can Grow 24 Acres Of Crops"

  1. Grace by Faith on yt | November 6, 2016 at 9:02 am |

    There are so many creepy NWO, one world leadership promotions here I don’t know where to begin… (not the author’s fault – this stuff is everywhere, even in supposed alternative news). First, the reason people go hungry is not because there are too many people and not enough food being grown. 40% of the food in production today is thrown out before even being sold, and farms are being shut down if they don’t comply with using Monsanto GMO seeds (which just happen to be aluminum resistant, because they admit to chemtrailing the crap out of us now with it).

    This whole idea of overcrowding and overpopulation is nothing but a controlled psy-op, and it appears to be working with a lot of people, even here which surprises me to no end. The earth is well-capable of supporting more people, period, in fact, most of the arable and livable land on earth isn’t even populated. And they’re destroying fertility left and right with all the toxins in immunizations, air, food, water, etc, while all along confusing sexes (there are only two in science, nature and the Bible) with this created new legal gender identity psychological operation, where man-woman-baby relationships, or FAMILY, is being discouraged and being just about anything you want is encouraged, even forced on us in some places via our restroom privacy destruction. Population growth, if this is destruction of sexes is allowed to continue, will not be a problem.

    It’s more of an issue of purposeful mismanagement (creating the problem so we can react and then accept their solution of depopulation and the creation of megacities and gulp, vertical farms? LOL), and not an issue of food shortage. And by the way, they’re claiming much of our land we could use to farm and produce food as “protected natural corridors” which is also BS. We are not destroying the earth, they are destroying the truth.

    Second, anything with “coexist” on it needs to be tossed out like the big, fat baby with the bathwater, because we are not meant to coexist under one leader. If anyone reads the Bible, we are meant to have different cultures, different languages, different religions (imo religion = bad, God = good), different everything, not everything and everyone under some corruptible umbrella of psychopathic elites in the guise of peace, love, puppy breath and unicorns. One world leadership invites corruption, it doesn’t solve the problem of it.

    • So what if someone wrote an article that used the word “coexist” without a leader or leader council/ group?

      • Grace by Faith on yt | November 6, 2016 at 3:16 pm |

        Then it wouldn’t be this article at all, because the whole point of this article is to condition us to the BS of “coexistence” when we’ve been coexisting all along. The water part is incidental – could have been anything – food, medicine, pollution… If they would just stop creating wars and hatred causing the illusion of us not getting along we’d be coexisting just fine. This is Hegelian Dialectic and it’s a simple and common psychological tool they’re deploying on us of problem, reaction, solution – the problem supposedly being “We can’t coexist, we’re always fighting each other!” The reaction being, “We need help stopping people from fighting each other so we can coexist! We all want to coexist together with our puppy breaths and unicorns!” and the solution is a one world composite chorus of, “We’ll stop the fighting, but only if we get to own it all, control it all and police it all! We’ll MAKE them coexist with us or else!” They create the problem, which creates the reaction, and deploys the solution, which was the plan all along.

    • “…one who can SEE!”

    • We are running out of drinking water on this planet. Vertical farming re-uses water.

      • Grace by Faith on yt | November 6, 2016 at 2:52 pm |

        No, we’re not running out of drinking water on earth. That’s only part of the lie they need us to believe so that they can control it all, and in doing so, control us. If there is a shortage, and I don’t believe there is, it’s down to greed and mismanagement so how can you trust these people when they tell us anything?

        The earth provides plenty of water, and if they’d stop making the collection of rainwater illegal, there would be even more. They’ve had the technology to create rain over 50 years, they used it as a weapon in Viet Nam to control the enemy’s movements, so why not just make it rain if we’re so out of water? People just don’t think these things through enough, but if they’d only follow the money as well as the end goal of a one world domination, it would be much easier.

        Who would do a psychological operation like this on us, telling us there is a water shortage when there isn’t, you should ask yourself, and why would the government want to stop us from collecting or welling our own water when there is supposedly a shortage of it? You’d think they’d encourage it, right?

        Why would they spray us with aluminium particulates that dries up water? Only people who want to control everything in, on, above and below the earth, and everyone in it, but is that really what will solve our problems? A uniformed universal government known to have mismanaged things to allow it to get to the point we’re supposedly at now – almost out of drinking water? No. Either way you look at it, the people who want to continue to own and regulate everything on earth are not benevolent, at best they are irretrievably feckless, with the truth, as well as with our water.

  2. I liked this article, but would like to point out the reason so many go to bed hungry is not because we aren’t growing enough food. We have a for-profit food production and distribution system. The owners of the food would rather throw it away than find a way to give it to people who can’t afford it. This is an age old problem that will not go away, regardless of the other issues we’ll face in the future.

  3. Imagine the christian concept of loving everyone married to the principles of a naturally communistic infrastructure just like the basic design of mother nature. Nature feeds everyone automatically without collecting money. Imagine if we applied our mystical abilities to our technological abilities with a citizenship whose output was based on duty to others without the need for money. No banks means more thanks. Cooperation is a key ingredient for the planetary citizen in the community of the future. Technology can free US of our useless need of obsolete politicians and with the removal of the middle man in the form of central banking it’s a win – win situation. State run public banking would be systems where the citizen profits from an investment in themselves and their basic needs. The root of all evil replaced with good evenly distributed organic vegan food for all. No meat means more available land to grow real people food for a larger body politic not based on greed or dead animals – free yourself of the karmic debt to dying species. Good health, more food as renewable food is fuel for the future. Imagine marijuana powered vehicles and medicine all in the same plant. Think!! – Nullify, nullify, nullify; all the states have the power to generate freedom from oppression with the stroke of a pen. Decentralize to decriminalize.

  4. Grace by Faith on yt | November 6, 2016 at 5:16 pm |

    We can only dream of a world without the greedy elite controlling everything, but in reality, that’s all we have right now, and we have too much at stake to pretend we can see that far ahead or even plan for it. We have no idea what it’ll be like then or if it’ll even be here, and frankly, I find it feckless for us to live our lives stunted and restricted to the point of taxing our outgoing breaths (their CO2 tax/credit system does just that) so those in some distant future might, and I emphasize might, have what we didn’t. Doesn’t it make more sense to create what we want now?

    Tptb are hoping we’ll sacrifice today for some distant tomorrow, when in fact that sacrifice is based only on unsubstantiated and embellished conjecture and is again, a plan they’ve had for centuries designed to pad their pockets and further their agenda of owning everything, including us. They’re already destroying jobs by replacing us with machines – even driving jobs, is that really where we want to go? No cars? No jobs? Relying on our malevolent governments to be benevolent toward us, our children, and theirs? Relying on artificial intelligence with no compassion rather than authentic intelligence?

    No, of course not. I say let’s deal with the present and call them on their BS every time they come out with some wacky idea like this vertical farming – which, by the way, proves they want us all living in megacities eventually, packed together like sardines where we’d have to actually smell our neighbors, eat bugs, recycle toilet water and count our breaths. (See: Agenda 2030) Insanity.

    I’d have a different opinion if I thought those in power who come out with this stuff (and who will always be in power until we remove it from them) weren’t malevolent, fraudulent, greedy, “superior”, entities with zero compassion, and we all, deep down, know they are. Anything they suggest to us to that requires our sacrifice and none on their part to “save the planet” will probably destroy it and they’re doing a bang up job of starting that now.

  5. Wow, my great gramaw had one of those in her dirt cellar, lighted by a custum hand made full spectrum light bulb crafted by Thomas Edison himself. Kept the taters from freezing.

  6. To: Grace by Faith on yt
    I agree with everything you say in your comments.
    Unfortunately, very few people may truly grasp the knowledge and wisdom of your words.
    However, those who are “awake” need to persevere in educating those who are blissfully “asleep”.
    The current corrupt global political, banking and corporate systems don’t permit people like yourself to run for President etc.
    Ultimately, all those criminals feverishly working against the best interests of humanity and our planet need to be exposed and brought to justice.

    • Grace by Faith on yt | November 9, 2016 at 5:58 am |

      To: Mandy
      Well said. It all boils down to man’s laws v. God’s Laws, or man’s word against God’s. This whole PC green movement about saving the planet mocks God’s creation. You know, like I do, that everything they do is in opposition to natural law, or God’s law. We have moral relativity everywhere – which, by the way, is the main tenet of Luciferianism/Satanism – where something is moral, legal and just in one place, but not in another, or for one person, but not for another. The truth is, there ARE moral absolutes, and we all know that. Don’t lie, cheat, steal, kill, or damage another person or his or her property. That’s about it! But tptb have criminalized everything and in doing so have confused people to the point of apathetic submission – the master plan all along.
      And I believe people are waking up in droves, finally. When we apply common sense to our thought processes, which have been thoroughly altered due to the toxins they’ve deployed on us in our air, food, water and medicines, not to mention the unrelenting fear- and trauma-based psychological operations, everything becomes more clear, and if we add God to the mix it has crystal clarity.
      But one need not even be a believer in God (yet) to realize the tyranny that has plagued all nations over the centuries. History repeats itself and people have short memories, and they always believe in hope, because the alternative is to live a hopeless life. God fixes that, too, immediately.
      So you’re right, exposing their fraud and crimes against humanity is how we fight it, and how we turn back to God and His natural laws which are the ONLY ones that make sense – common sense.

  7. I like the concept as long as everything inside is 100% heirloom, organic and well maintained air filters, with pure drinking water.
    And yeah, wut GbF says.
    No worries Mandy there are plenty of awake folks, I’m guessing some where around 20%.
    SHEandHEandTHEY are vile.

  8. People need to gain control over food that must be FREE OF CHARGE to all 7 billion people!
    START planting all around in a gerrilla way – share & gift services, knowledge… – create A WORLD of FREE and kill dependence and slavery in their profit based system.

  9. These mega-city fantasies need to be dismantled and trashed. See reasons for this in the excellent response by Grace by Faith below.

  10. its ok but really there’s no problem – population will be reduced by then

  11. but…but…There is plenty of unused actual farming land….seems lees expensive to just farm that

    • Grace by Faith on yt | November 9, 2016 at 6:28 am |

      Exactly! It’s even less expensive to grow our own food and raise our own livestock, enough for our families or the town you live in – where you can trade locally goods for services and vice versa. Everything they do now has done nothing but skyrocket costs and inflated our economies to the point of bankruptcy and insolvency, where the only alternative is to hand over our sovereignty to some malevolent “creature of the mind”, “fictitious legal entity” called a corporation. We’ve been regulated to death, and it’s time to resurrect and go back to the common sense of basics. Real law ONLY applies to personal property rights (don’t hurt other people or their stuff, and that is a foundational Legal Maxim), and all the rest is “color of law”, having zero authority without consent or contract. It’s all about contracts with tptb, and without them, they have no power whatsoever. If we took that away and just stopped contracting with them and in turn handing over our inherent rights to them, their power would crumble like the house of cards it is.

  12. Things may change, but water never leaves our realm.

  13. Grace by Faith on yt | November 9, 2016 at 6:20 am |

    Rule #1 to waking up. Don’t believe anything you see on tv. Richard Nixon, yes, that freak, once said, paraphrased, “The American people don’t believe anything unless they see it on television.” Russia is also psy-oping their people, and it’s not hard to remove water making the illusion of it “disappearing”. They probably just outright stole it by draining it so they could sell it to some major corporation so they can sell it back to us – see the problem here? They unlawfully claim ownership of it and then sell it to the highest bidder to sell back to us at a profit, when in actuality, it belongs to all of us by natural law and inherent rights afforded by Our Creator.

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