If Russia Can Rig the US Presidential Election, So Can An Insider

By Vin Armani

Hillary Clinton continues to blame Russia for the email leak even though it doesn’t matter who leaked the damning emails if they are true. Now she’s hinting that Russia can hack and rig the election in favor of Donald Trump. Putin laughs at her. WikiLeaks proves she worked to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders. And a 2006 tape catches her revealing her intention to rig elections. Vin Armani explains the irony.

Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, TV Star of Gigolos on Showtime, Author, DJ, and Agorist Entrepreneur. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube.

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11 Comments on "If Russia Can Rig the US Presidential Election, So Can An Insider"

  1. Rig, rig, rig. Anyone WIDE awake knows it’s all rigged before the quislings reach “the gate”. Those who are not in service to TPTB get the Ralph Nader and Ron Paul treatment, they are not allowed even the smallest of platforms…whatsoever.

  2. Are Americans in fear/trouble over who becomes their next president or the whole nations of the world are in fear/trouble over who becomes the next president of the USA?

  3. There are Many Americans who are using Social Media and Talkback Radio Shows to Compensate for the American Mainstream Media’s Dereliction of Duty, and that are discussing these matters.

    The Clintons are More Guilty on Most or all of the things they Wrongly accuse others of, and we have seen the Lying and Slanderous Political Advertisement by Hillary Clinton that Deliberately Misrepresents and Slanders Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton shows her Disrespect for Women and Men by trying to Deceive them.

    That Lying and Slanderous Political Advertisement says that Donald Trump believes those things that are said in that Clinton endorsed Political Advertisement.

    However, we do Not know that, and there appears to be one thing that is Highly Edited and attempts to make it look like Donald Trump said something that he did Not say.

    If someone said that they went to another planet, then Sensible People would Not think that the Person making that claim believed that they went to another planet, and so People do Not always Believe everything they say, and Hillary Clinton does Not believe many things she says to the Public, because she Admitted that she has a public and Private positions on matters.

    Donald Trump said some things a long time ago when he was a Democrat, and there are women who have spoken privately about men in similar terms, and while two wrongs do Not make a right, then women and men should overlook those things that Donald Trump said and for which he has Sincerely Apologized.

    Hillary is yet to Admit to and Apologize for being, a Criminal, for being Corrupt, for being Untrustworthy, for being a Traitor, and for being a Hardened and Compulsive Liar, for NAFTA, and Many other bad things, and Hillary Clinton said that Democratic Party Senator Robert Byrd of KKK fame was her Mentor and Friend.

    Donald Trump was a Television Show Star in the Competitive Show Business, with its problems at times with some of those whose performances or appearances were less than what was best to attract larger Audiences to watch their Show, and these are things that Donald Trump said, but he may Not have meant some of things that he said.

    However, some of those statements seem to be regarding matters that were agreed to in Employment contracts, regarding some opinions towards what bodily shapes may help contestants become winners of Beauty Contests, and Donald Trump did Not invent those opinions regarding shapeliness and appearance for Beauty Contests, but merely stated them.

    At times, those problems by the Person who is risking their Investment Money in a Show could have and Should have been said more Politely and Diplomatically and Gently, and possibly even more so if it was being Recorded.

    These days, the wise ones of the Influential Americans might consider assuming that they are being recorded at All times of the day or night, and Anthony Weiner has become Hillary Clinton’s Puppet, because she has Recordings and Photos of him.

    Anthony Weiner has shown that there is the Problem of some Prominent Americans being Puppetized, because of Recordings like what happened to Anthony Weiner and the Clintons, because Human perfection is not needed to be in a position of influence or power.

    We have to Realize that in Television Show Business, there Could Be some People who Lie, Exaggerate, and who Deliberately make Controversial Statements that they do Not agree with Personally, but they do that gain attention to Increase the Ratings of their Show, which means to Increase the Money they Earn.

    At times, this can be Part of Show Business, and Donald Trump was a Democrat at the time that such things were spoken, and Bill Clinton has done Far Worse and continues to Cheat on Hillary Clinton with other women as Colin Powell’s WikiLeaks Emails say, and we Know that Hillary Clinton does Not care about what Bill Clinton has done or continues to do.

    There is one statement where Donald Trump who is a Billionaire said that he Needed his wife not to have a job, because he Needed her to Manage the Household, because he was a very busy man with Business, and that is a matter between Married People, and what they Voluntarily Agreed to with regards to housework and the Management of the Household during their Courtship is their business, and that is all that needs to be said on that, because others would want the same where others would mind their own business towards them, and so they should extend that same Courtesy towards others.

    We heard Donald Trump mention that in some areas of Show Business, there are some women who like Television Show Stars, even if they happen to be Billionaires like Donald Trump.

    We heard some women make claims that Donald Trump did things with them which they say is inappropriate.

    It seems Far Too Convenient for the Establishment’s Hillary Clinton that these things were said during final stages of an Election Campaign and not years ago, if they really happened.

    I do Not think that Donald Trump is the type of Person who imposes himself on women like Bill Clinton does, and so I do Not believe his accusers, and some of their stories are implausible in my opinion.

    We Know that Hillary Clinton said that she does Not forget those who help her to become the President who is in charge of Trillions of Tax Dollars.

    Those who would Wrongly accuse Donald Trump Know these things, and I think that Donald Trump would Only associate with women by mutual consent, while many men who privately speak of these things with other men often lie or exaggerate in private conversations of that nature.

    There is Editing in that Lying Slanderous Political Advertisement, and this is because it is a Deceptive work of Misrepresentation and Slander.

    Donald Trump has Apologized for what he said in the past, and People only have to ask Women who personally Know Donald Trump, and those Women will say the Facts that Donald Trump has Great Respect and Admiration for both Women and for Men, regardless of what he said in the past in the context of the Show Business environment.

    The World Knows that Hillary Clinton does like People to put it Diplomatically, and that is bad for America’s Interests in the World.

    This is why Donald Trump wants to Create Employment for All Americans, because that is one very good way to show Respect to American Women and Men.

    The Bribed and Corrupt Puppet Media Should show Respect to Women by being Unbiased, and Concerned with Good Government, but they Know of Anthony Weiner.

    We Know that in the Entertainment Industry, that there are People who Know that they can Advance their Careers if the Clintons ask them to Slander or Misrepresent or try to ridicule someone, or perhaps they are being Blackmailed in an Anthony Weiner type situation, or Bribed to Slander someone Innocent, and so what does that make them.

    We heard a claim concerning that Donald Trump did not pay someone the amount of what they Deliberately Overcharged Donald Trump in the first place to create a Deliberate Controversy, which is then used by the Unprincipled to Misrepresent and Wrongly accuse Donald Trump, and to try to divert attention from other matters .

    The Crooked Clintons have Disrespected Men, Women, and Children by withholding Billions of Dollars since 2010 from Donors to the Clinton Foundation for the Earthquake Victims of Haiti.

    Hillary Clinton will Always Need to be Corrupt while she is involved in Public Affairs, and her latest Scam is to try to get Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner to take All of the Blame for her Espionage and Treason, and Anthony Weiner is to receive a Pardon by Barack Obama, while Huma Abedin may resettle in the Middle East.

    The Unprincipled Clintons used Anthony Weiner’s Illegal Activity with those who are underage, and this is a message to those Journalists in the American Mainstream Media that do Not Cover Up for Hillary Clinton.

    This is because the Clintons have the Information and the Photos on the Illegal Activities of others to make them the Unprincipled Puppets of the Clintons.

    The Evidence is Obvious and Abundant that Hillary Clinton’s Clandestine, Unauthorized, Treasonous, Unsecured Private Email Server was hacked by Numerous People, both foreign and domestic, and it is Only a matter of time before the Clinton Foundation Corruption becomes Known to the American People.

    If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then she even the Democrats Should Impeach and Convict this Clinton at least if America is to have Any Semblance of Democracy and the Rule of Law, and this is one of Several Reasons, why there are Many Americans who think that Americans should do themselves a Huge Favor and a Duty to America, and to go and Vote regardless of anyone or anything that might discourage them to Vote, regardless of Election Fraud or Vote Rigging from the Untrustworthy Soros electronic voting machines from the Establishment and the Corruptocrats, and to Vote for Competence and Sanity and Honesty, because the Clintonites want to Undermine and Sabotage America’s Republic and Democracy.

    There are Many Americans who think that this means that Voters Should Vote for Anyone But Clinton, because Americans Must be seen to Reject Treason and Corruption, because of America’s Interests in the World, and their Obligation to Themselves.

    This is why the Corrupt Department of Injustice would like to Cover Up for Hillary Clinton, but they Cannot, because who Knows where those Emails are and who has them, and so the Clintons have Devised that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin take All of the Blame for National Secrets being stored Improperly Under the Espionage Act.

    Hillary Clinton wants to make it look like it was someone else’s Computer that was hacked with All of that Incriminating Information on the Clinton Foundation along with Secret Classified Information, rather than her own Clandestine, Unauthorized, Treasonous, Unsecured Private Email Server.

    Hillary Clinton wants to Deceived People to think that it was Anthony Weiner who used his wife’s Computer without Huma Abedin’s knowledge or permission who is to blame for that.

    This is because Anthony Weiner has been offered a Pardon by Barack Obama, but Negligence is Sufficient to Convict under the Espionage Act, otherwise Hillary Clinton can just Lie Again As Usual and say that she did not know or cannot Remember, and the Espionage Act Knows that Criminal Traitors would try that type of Deception, because by Law, Hillary Clinton should have immediately been Honest with the State Department after what she did, but she tried to cover up as much as possible, and she continues to try to obstruct the Investigation, and so Negligence is Sufficient to Convict under the Espionage Act, but Hillary Clinton wants to be above the Law, as the Traitorous Criminal that she is, and the Corrupt System has helped her in this regard, yet Hillary Clinton does have Parkinson’s disease as her excuse to escape a Trial.

    Hillary Clinton is Suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and so a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Tim Kaine, and if Hillary Clinton had any respect for American Women and Men, then she would say that she is Suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and that she Cannot perform the Duties of a President, because even the Department of Injustice will Not be able to cover up her Parkinson’s disease.

    This is because Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s disease will become Obvious, and Hillary Clinton Knows that the Presidential Nuclear Bunker is the Most Luxurious Palace Prison in the World with 50 years of Supplies, and were the Clintons do Not have to go on Trial for their Crimes, and where the World cannot see her Parkinson’s disease.

    There are Americans who think that like Anthony Weiner, that the longer that Politicians are in Office, then the Easier it is for many of them to become Secretly Recorded and therefore Puppetized, and that means that they can No longer serve the People.

    This is because they are the Puppets of Others, and this is why Donald Trump wants term limits on Politicians so that Americans can have Free and Fair Competition in the Economy which leads to lower prices, and he wants Full Employment which leads to lower taxes, and this means that Consumers have More Money in their Pockets which will lead to a Stronger Economy with More Employment, and Many Voters want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  4. Alex Jones was showing some of the thousands of poll results already prepared to show on the Internet, complete with numbers. The ‘soft’ sell will be that Clinton only won the popular vote by 1-2million, but she won the Electoral.
    America isn’t free, or a Democracy. The exploding gas and leaking pipelines are a distraction to test American’s acceptance of the UN invading our borders, as we will soon ‘get it’ that we are no longer a SOVEREIGN nation, and the party line will be, “It is good for us all, and we need to think of what is good for the world.” It is about total world domination.
    Russia has been fighting to remain a sovereign nation, but the crooks have their hooks, and a hard sell. The amount of corruption is phenomenal. Hillary will be used and dumped, as planned, and Americans will wake up to military siege, power block shutdowns, and no internet or radio to know what hit them. That is my Halloween prediction.

    • According to Alex Jones, they are STILL going to try to steal the election from Donald Trump, even after the latest email debacle? With live polls (Facebook, I think) showing Trump winning with 95% of the vote? They’re really going to try to pull an “It was SO close…”?? That’s hard to believe…

  5. Judge Napolitano already came out with evidence of a foreign ambassador who visited Assange who revealed that the Russians in no way hacked Hillary’s emails, but our own NSA who don’t like her. THEY are the ones spilling the beans.

    As for the candidates, they both really, really suck, in different ways.

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