Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?

navy-eb6By Mac Slavo

It seems that the U.S. military is geared up for a permanent cyber war with the people and various governments of this globe.

Though tensions with Russia may have been temporarily alleviated with the election of Donald Trump – who has signaled for peace with Putin – the long game is much more complicated.

With new powers in Washington taking shape in the next administration, one faction in government was quietly, subtly parading its power.

The Continuity of Government contingent of the shadow government will not be taken out of power by any mere election, and no matter what decisions Trump makes and no matter what inflammatory remark he may make, there are those who will still have their finger on the button. And that means a tremendous amount of power.

Residents in the Denver area were presented with a mysterious white plane that flew in a “racetrack pattern” for more than an hour above the city before it landed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, where the aircraft – what the Navy has now disclosed to be an E-6B – is housed.

Here’s the bizarre route that observers tracked, and the Navy was later forced to confirm:

Its mission remains classified, but military officials admit a drill was underway…

Via ABC 7 Denver:

A plane shrouded in mystery captured the attention of thousands on Wednesday. Nobody knew why a high-altitude plane circled the City of Denver for hours. Now the Navy has some answers. 

Denver7 tracked IRON99 as it traveled from the West Coast to Oklahoma, where it eventually landed at Tinker Air Force Base, however it spent roughly an hour in Denver, circling in a racetrack-style holding pattern over the city.

Denver7 branded it a mystery in a previous report because officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and a dozen Air Force Bases could not confirm what the flight may have been.

A day later — after the plane landed — Navy officials… confirmed IRON99’s identity is a Navy E-6B Mercury, created by Boeing at a cost of $141.7 million per unit.

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The unit’s overall mission is classified, Hubbell said, [elaborating that] the E-6B is “command, control and communications abilities to direct and employ strategic resources.”

[…] the planes are able to launch nuclear missiles and communicate with diverse assets, including nuclear submarines.

[…] a high-ranking federal official … said the plane was involved in a classified training mission organized by the Department of Defense.

The training mission reportedly centered around electronic surveillance and involved several agencies which aren’t likely to comment on the mission, the source said.

Given that the E-6B deals with “command, control and communications,” as well as electronic surveillance and communications with nuclear submarines and other assets that could launch nuclear war… one can assume that a major mission is in rehearsal – to take charge of the nation’s vital weapons and resources in the event of a catastrophic emergency, break down in order or disabling of the power structure in Washington.

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A similar E-4B was spotted flying above the capital on the morning of September 11th, shortly after the attacks. It was reportedly conducting a drill, but later instructed to prepare to go active as a mobile command center. Both planes deal with sensitive electronics communications involving, at least in part, nuclear launch codes and military continuity in the event of a breakdown of order.

DOOMSDAY PLANES It is important to note that the E-4B is no ordinary aircraft. It is a militarized version of a Boeing 747-200, equipped with advanced communications equipment, and capable of carrying a crew of up to 112 people. Nicknamed “Doomsday” planes during the Cold War, E-4Bs serve the president, the secretary of defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In times of national emergency, they can act as highly-survivable command, control, and communications centers to direct forces, execute war orders, and coordinate actions by civil authorities. The U.S. military possesses four of them in total. One is always kept on alert, with a full battle staff. Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska is the “Main Operating Base” for the E-4B, though there are also numerous “Forward Operating Bases” (FOB) throughout the U.S. [7]

Here’s the reported layout of the E-6B, upgraded for the cutting edge of electronic warfare:


In the current context, there are perhaps three distinct fronts that this command unit could have theater over.

  1. COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT – The E-6B’s communications and control powers could be used to disrupt or disable electronic communications in the population over a given city or area. With sensitive military installations near Colorado Springs, the plane could have blacked out much of the Denver area accordingly with the situation. This CoG plane has dominance over the civilian population, and can bring their ordinary activities to a halt. Surveillance, data collection and ‘drone detection’ may have also been objectives of this drill and real-life activities.
  2. CHECK AGAINST AGGRESSION – The E-6B’s capabilities are a powerful counterbalance to possible hostile intentions on the part of Russia, China or other adversaries. As SHTF has often highlighted, modern warfare is based around the use of electromagnetic fields, communications jamming and, potentially, the use of an EMP to knock out electronics. Depending upon the potential situation, the ranking U.S. official on board or in communication with this plane could launch nuclear weapons, communicate with SSBN submarines around the globe or deny airspace to a conflicting force.
  3. TRUMP CARD FOR THE COG – Symbolically, at least, the E-6B, conducting a drill a week or so after the election sends a message to the President-elect, and perhaps to his constituents as well, that there are limits to the power of a president. While Trump’s power is theoretically capped by the Constitution’s checks and balances, in the real world, the Continuity of Goverment (CoG) structure has operational superiority over any president, and perhaps they wanted to signal to Trump here (or perhaps not). If any president ‘gets out of line’ or starts to ‘believe they are truly in charge’, this plane can override their ego and maintain the dominance of the status quo… it is a potential coup in motion.

This is the true face of the ruling elite. This is the system they maintain, and anything below this threshold is not truly in charge.

This what democracy looks like, when you strip away the silly game of voting, candidates and campaigns.

This is the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

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6 Comments on "Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?"

  1. It was spewing chemtrails all the whilst it was flying around in the race track.
    The next day it snowed.
    No voluntary word from the radar crews, ie Buckley or DIA.

  2. If it was 1899, with todays technology, one could understand the deliberate chemtrailing, on Tesla’s lab, where he performed the most important experiments of his life.. BUT, it is 2016, Tesla is gone, and his results are in the hands of few (related to the deceptions of 9/11 and the constant wars), so why would one want to poison just one small area in some special way??

  3. It is also remarkable, that all the wars ‘swallow’ mostly the lives of men, and to the lesser extend that of women. As if an imbalance between the gender, and thus the population, is intentionally extended in order to make some big changes, within the sexes, clearly via genetic engineering, once it is ready enough.. Is it all because we are really too many?? I doubt, it seems more, like it is all because of deep hate the real God, the creator, which is beyond anyone and anything.

  4. All these Governments ought to GROW UP go home and be with Family. STOP these occupation genocides.

    • These governments serve the DARK power . Home and family are not part of their agenda . They’ll never stop voluntarily .

  5. The swamp must be drained.
    Pitchforks, tar and feathers required.
    This crap has to go. Not sure if ‘they’ (the vile goat worshipers) are immune.
    D-Day aproacheth.

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