How Fake News Spreads: Corporate Media Run Story of “Active Shooter” During a Knife Attack

fake-news-shootertBy Jay Syrmopoulos

For all the noise out of the mainstream corporate media about “fake news,” it didn’t take long for a mass knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning to morph into widespread reporting of an “active shooter.”

activewpInitial reports, echoed across the corporate media landscape, described the attack as a shooting — when in reality law enforcement sources later confirmed it was a knife attack.


This phenomenon highlights exactly how the “fog of war,” and rush to be the first to report on a story, can result in a story being reported fallaciously. Of course, the narrative sold by the mainstream is that alternative media is unreliable and, thus, corporate media must be relied upon as the standard bearers of “truthful and legitimate” information.

Obviously, this type of wildfire reporting of false information across the whole of mainstream media calls into question the veracity of the reporting and fact checking done by these mainstream outlets that are so quick to call independent news “fake.”

See how that works?

Unsurprisingly, only minutes after news broke that there was an alleged active shooter, calls across the social media universe for stronger gun control began, due to the false reports of an active shooter. Liberal opportunists on Twitter were quick to blame the knife attack on lackluster laws gun control laws.

Some folks have begun damage control and deleted their calls for gun control over a knife attack, but what happens on the Internet — stays on the Internet.


Authorities later clarified it was a knife attack that took place at OSU, but only after the mainstream media ratcheted up the emotions of the anti-gun crowd with false allegations of a mass shooting attack.

According to The Daily Caller, contrary to initial reports of a shooting, the attacker used a car and knife. The campus is secure and classes have been cancelled. The eight people taken to the hospital reportedly have non-life-threatening injuries. Columbus police confirmed the attacker was killed.

This case highlights exactly how the spread of “fake news” most often takes place. Contrary to what the mainstream media would like you to believe, it’s not independent media outlets making up “fake news” stories that threaten our nation, but rather the corporate media’s propagandizing of the American public to simply believe what is parroted without investigation or inquiry.

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Jay Syrmopoulos writes for, where this article first appeared.

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17 Comments on "How Fake News Spreads: Corporate Media Run Story of “Active Shooter” During a Knife Attack"

  1. Call me a Missourian, show me.
    I have a hard time ‘believing’ anything any more that I ma not directly involved with or have seen with my own eyes. Even then the Soros NGO machine might have paid the poor folks that would sell their soul for a fistful of dollars.

  2. We are dealing with a sick media run by sick people…. no credibility whatsoever.

    • Correct observation. It is quite shocking to see that the progenitors and race baiters, are so blinded by their own hubris,(excessive pride, arrogance.) they fail to realize just how foolish they appear to the average person, regardless of so called citizenship. They (left leaning) will continue to take the stage, put on a show, distort truth and spread hatred and lies, until there is NO ONE LEFT in the audience. Those who have awoken see right through their “Hubris BULLSH*T”,

      Do not these fools acknowledge just how idiotic they appear to others? Nothing new under the sun. As always, the Jesuits are the creators of chaos and havoc. Follow the money trail and we will quickly see that “All roads lead to ROME”, and the Black Pope, (aka The General). Remember, that these are the same “Clowns” that will pee on your leg, look you straight in the eye, and tell you it is raining!

  3. No news from the “lame stream Media” is to be believed ! They all lie !

    • The whole story is a lie!!!! There was no cop that arrived on scene, got out of his car, pulled his service weapon and killed the man with 4 names (used to be 3 names) in ONE MINUTE!!! False Flag. Do we have ONE forking interview with a victim? ONE forking interview!!!

      • I agree with you and at the time it seemed it was all over before it had begun. If this guy was deliberately trying to run down these people he must have been drunk or out of his mind on some drug or something. And then to get out of his car and attack these same people who he was unable to run over with a knife and then in a split second the school cop arrived just in time to shoot him dead. I know it happens in the movies like that but in reality I dont know. Where are all the victims who were injured?

  4. Did anyone but me notice that the MSM backed down and
    toned down their raging accusations of “Fake News” after numerous
    conservative and alt-right websites started posting their own Smoking Gun lists
    of the many, many times the MSM put up their own version of exaggerations and
    outright lies, and called it responsible reporting? Sloppy research combined with shoddy
    reporting, OR, an agenda of outright lies and misrepresentations? You decide, unacceptable either way…you
    would expect more and better out of the NY Times, Wash Post, and other big outfits in the

    Do a google search for FAKE NEWS smoking gun lists on the
    conservative websites. You will be
    appalled at how much the MSM gets away with on a regular basis.

    When you turn on the lights at night in a darkened
    kitchen in a slum ghetto apartment, the giant roaches all scatter in
    panic. This is what happened after the
    alt-right started listing the Fake News and Other Garbage the MSM puts out
    every week. Good job, guys! Keep it
    up! Turn on the lights, and put them on

  5. There comes a time when real Americans have had enough of these lies by the MSM and call for them to be charged for treason! This is obviously their plan to steal our entire Bill of rights with death by a thousand cuts. Where was their outrage with all the violent protesters paid for by Soros? Now a Jihadist attacks with a knife and car and they blame our 2nd Amendment?

  6. While this IS a PRIME example of “knee jerk” assuming, (makes an “ASS-U-ME”), it’s ALSO SUPERBLY REVELATORY as to how “dumbed down”, and “willingly stupid” many are these days! Guns make noise…NO ACCOUNT spoke to that FACT!!!

    Without “GUN FIRE”, no GUN responsibility is in action!

    Knife attacks are ONLY accompanied by shirks, yells, screams, and struggling noises…BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE!?!

    This CLEARLY points to EMOTIONAL RESPONSE rather than RATIONAL & CALM response! 95% of LIBTARDS problems are due to their IRRATIONAL, EMOTION BASED out bursts, and EMOTION DRIVEN ASSUMPTIONS! While REAL Journalists will maintain a CAREFUL reaction, until they can ABSOLUTELY, (through their own eyewitness reality, OR, through OFFICIAL declaration), KNOW what’s happened, OR happening.

    REAL JOURNALISTS do NOT “JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS”, but wait, and CAREFULLY observe and note the Police response, (either through monitoring the P.D. COMMS, with a Scanner, OR, being RIGHT THERE on the ground, hearing the Police statements & declarations!)…

    If the LEO’s say they’re not sure, then the Journalist is DUTY BOUND to state, “It is unknown as yet WHAT the situation is”. AND! “Monday Morning Q.B.’s” need not opine, until the “on the ground” Journalists AND LEO’s, state the ACTUAL FACTS, as they come to be known!!

    BUT!! Today’s “Politically controlled NEWS REPORTERS”, do not NEED FACTS, they’ve got their AGENDA to follow!! And! They’re CONVINCED that THEIR AGENDA is the message ALL Americans NEED!

    THAT is the bottom line, as to WHY “We the People…” do NOT believe ANY thing the “Prestitutes” barf out out as “News”!!!

    FRANKLY, I believe that the B.O. instigated “politically correct” fools, (posing as Journalists), NEED to be replaced, by denouncing them EVERY TIME they pull one of their “BREAKING NEWS!” B.S. routines!!!


    They’re not difficult to find, just go to a crime in action Sean, and listen to the “on Sean” Journalists, VS the Police statements, and you’ll KNOW who NEEDS expose’!!!


  7. New York City would sue to stop the federal government if the Trump
    administration went forward with a plan to require all Muslims to
    register in a database, Mayor De Blasio said Monday. De Blasio, in a speech before hundreds of supporters on Monday
    denouncing many of Trump’s policies, said, “We will sue to block it.” “We will use all the tools at our disposal to stand up for our people,” he said.


    Jan 6, 2016 … The slave masters in the People’s Republik of New York are seeking to limit or ration the amount of ammunition that registered gun owners are allowed to buy. … the tense relationship between Mr. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, …

    • Attitude adjustment may be in order. This clown should be arrested for treason against the Republic. Put on trial and held accountable for attempting to overthrow the Goobermint.

      His father, should take him to the woodshed for an “attitude adjustment”. It worked back in the 1960’s and will work today. Attitude adjustments that is. The best part is that no one dies, no one is hurt or injured, just attitudes are adjusted and modified to be “Non-Destructive”.

  8. MSM filled with j-school jump-ups eager to scoop the world. Then get a Pulitzer for recycling what a gargoyle does in Kool-Aid filled fountain.

  9. Since it was a gun free zone he decided to bring a large knife.

  10. The typical cesspool of liberal left media…even funnier was the tweet from creepy clown tim kaine..

  11. I can’t be alone in wondering when the PTB will realize that the more of these stories they publicize, whether real or fake, the more guns get sold. When one imagines some maniac trying to run them down, shoot or slash them, what is the first thing that comes to mind, in terms of self defense?

    Unless you’re delusional it certainly isn’t a cell phone with 911 or Dial-A-Prayer on speed dial.

    This constant and incessant knee-jerk reaction to lawful gun ownership (i.e., demonization) polarizes the public into two camps: those who have thought the issue of civilian defense through, and those who haven’t.

    I can accept that there are many people who, through cognitive dissonance or lack of intestinal fortitude, simply can’t or won’t confront the possibility of criminal attack. But the politicians and the media owners who demonize those of us who DO think it through, who ARE prepared as best we can be, it is them I find reprehensible. Unless they can promise to actually be there protecting each individual from harm, what right have they to tell us we needn’t acquire, keep, and carry the means of self preservation? They live in gated communities, in secure buildings, have armed security and bodyguards and view the world through bulletproof glass. Most of us do not.

  12. I’m trying to figure out why one case of media jumping the gun and declaring “active shooter” prematurely is somehow going to change our need to regulate guns in a more rational way, if that’s really what “their” goal is in all of this.

    Sure. It’s stupid. But I’d wager a bet that it’s much more about making ratings and the resulting boost in ad revenue than it is about gun control.

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