Fake News Alert: CNN Finally Admits White Helmets Staged Fake Video


By Tony Cartalucci

CNN, among many other establishment media platforms, has long promoted the US-European funded “Syrian Civil Defence” also known as the “White Helmets.”

Yet on November 25, they published an article titled, “Syria’s White Helmets apologize for Mannequin Challenge video,” in which they admit:

It’s a familiar scene: Syria Civil Defence, also known as the “White Helmets,” rushing to rescue a man covered in rubble, but unlike thousands of other videos from Aleppo, this one is staged.

CNN would continue by claiming:

The nearly one-minute long video has been the subject of criticism on social media. On Wednesday Syria Civil Defence released a statement calling it an “error of judgment”.

“This video and the related posts were recorded by RFS media with Syria Civil Defence volunteers, who hoped to create a connection between the horror of Syria and the outside world using the viral ‘Mannequin challenge.’ This was an error of judgment, and we apologize on behalf of the volunteers involved,” the statement read.

Ignored by both the “White Helmets'” and RFS’ as well as CNN’s explanation of the video is the fact that the now admittedly staged video – besides the “mannequin challenge” style – is virtually indistinguishable from the “thousands of other videos from Aleppo” cited by CNN.

Just like “thousands of other videos from Aleppo” cited by CNN, the “victim” being “rescued” by the “White Helmets” is covered in dust and what appears to be blood, but otherwise uninjured. Unlike in a real bombing, those “rescued” by the “White Helmet” have their limbs intact, no deep, visible wounds, and lack any of the burns or trauma associated with weaponry used in modern combat.

It is unlikely that out of  the “thousands of other videos from Aleppo” cited by CNN, none of them would feature actual trauma, and instead feature only the dust and fake “blood” covered “victims” as seen in the recent, admittedly staged video, as well as during recently staged protests in Europe.

Would CNN Have Covered “White Helmet” Deceit Without Alternative Media’s Coverage?

Of course, the alternative media has been exposing the “White Helmets” for years as perhaps one of the largest, most complex war propaganda operations conceived thus far by Western powers in their bid to sway public opinion amid regime change efforts in Syria.

244Image: RSF’s “apology” lacks conviction, but is full of excuses and blame.

When the recent “mannequin challenge” video was uploaded, it was the alternative media that caught it, reported on it, and brought viral attention to it. It was the alternative media that exposed the fact that a supposed “rescue organization” was staging fake videos for war propaganda value – in possible violation of the Geneva Conventions, and certainly in violation of basic ethical concerns.

It was only after the alternative media raised these concerns and cornered RFS and the “White Helmets” that establishment media platforms like CNN finally reacted to a story it likely would have otherwise ignored.

It is no wonder, then, why establishment media platforms like CNN, the Washington Post, and others are so passionately opposed to the alternative media – they are no longer setting the agenda, and are instead forced to react. Real journalism equates to reporting and honestly analyzing world events rather than contriving and spinning them – for CNN and others, they no longer possess the freedom to do the latter without consequence.

For the alternative media, successes like this, and the fact that establishment Western media has all but declared war on the alternative media should highlight the value of honest journalism and analysis. It should also be a constant reminder that fact-driven media will always win out over agenda-driven media. For the alternative media to continue to grow and be successful, it must reaffirm its dedication to fact-driven media no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg.

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7 Comments on "Fake News Alert: CNN Finally Admits White Helmets Staged Fake Video"

  1. Unlike thousands of other videos in Aleppo… my foot.

  2. We have not forgotten the “Allepo Boy” or “Dust Boy” staged hoax video by the White Helmets. It’s what they do — stage hoaxes to feed to Western MSM fake news sites.

  3. The Democratic Party now keeps complaining about the so called “fake” news on Facebook etc but never actually sites an example of a single news item that they say is fake. Are the news articles about the many lies of Hillary or the news that the FBI stated that she deleted over 30,000 emails after beging told she was to turn her emails over to congress a fake news item, or that over 500 paid thugs were sent to disrupt a Trump speech? They blame Russia for the news items for they claim the Russians hacked their emails. Who cares who hacked their emails if what was disclosed is true. They were caught and those emails are not “fake” news. I would like to hear exactly which news items were fake. How about admitting which news was true?

  4. The White Helmets are NOT the Syrian Civil Defence , the only thing they have to do with the real Syrian Civil Defence organisation is that they stole their equipment and got some of them killed.
    For example see interviews (youtube) and articles from British journalist Vanessa Beeley about Syria.

  5. I love Mr. “Cartalucci’s” writings and have been following his hugely insightful posting at his Land Destroyer sight for quite sometime. My favorite is the picture of a group photo of eight or so ‘White Helmet’ personnel which captures the images of two of the El Zinki rats who took a sick Syrian boy from his hospital bed, accused him of spying, and then cut off his head with a knife while still alive. His real crime was that his father was fighting with the pro government Palestinian militia. But try and find it on line…I did and couldn’t.

  6. Typical of the swamp. Pay a guy a few bucks and he will perform the kabuki theater.
    Drain he Swamp.

  7. Magicmaninthesky Nothanks | April 10, 2017 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    Where is the video?

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