EU Convenes Panic Meeting Because Trump Might Stop Funding 73% of NATO

nato-euBy Daisy Luther

Angela Merkel and nearly every other national leader in Europe are in a panic because of Trump’s unexpected win in the Presidential election.


Because, money, of course. The US money that props up NATO may be coming to an end.

During his election campaign, President-Elect Trump described NATO as obsolete.

NATO is something that at the time was excellent. Today, it has to be changed. It has to be changed to include terror. It has to be changed from the standpoint of cost because the United States bears far too much of the cost of NATO. (source)

American money makes up a disproportionate 73% of NATO defense expenditures. That is something that Trump says he that he intends to reduce which would force others to put more into the communal money pot if they want America’s continued participation.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned President-Elect Trump that going it alone isn’t a good idea for either the US or the EU:

The only time Nato has invoked its self- defence clause, that an attack on one is an attack on all, was in support of the United States after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This was more than just a symbol. Hundreds of thousands of European soldiers have served in Afghanistan since. And more than 1,000 have paid the ultimate price in an operation that is a direct response to an attack against the United States. Today of all days, we remember them – It is all too easy to take the freedoms, security and prosperity we enjoy for granted. In these uncertain times we need strong American leadership, and we need Europeans to shoulder their fair share of the burden. But above all we need to recognise the value of the partnership between Europe and America. It remains indispensable. (source)

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said:

I think that we’ll waste time for two years while Mr Trump tours a world that he is completely unaware of. We have to teach the new president of the USA what Europe is, and how it works. The Trans-Atlantic alliance, and the NATO alliance, is called into question, so it could be quite pernicious. With regards to refugees and other non-Americans, Trump has an approach which in no way coincides with the approach in Europe. (source)

Juncker was speaking at a “crisis” meeting that had been arranged very soon after Trump won the election.

But a crisis for whom?

It has never crossed the consciousness of any of these people that they have messed up, and they have messed up big-time. They have listened to Angela Merkel, who seems to be the self-proclaimed ‘ruler’ of Europe, and now they are paying the price. Infrastructures are crumbling, and crime rates are soaring as they sink without trace under the weight of migrants pouring across their open borders. What’s more, this is a situation that they thought the United States would be joining them in until last Wednesday morning.

And until last Wednesday morning, they thought that the US would be ponying up to help them.

The UK refused to follow the same route as the rest of Europe, and Brexit was the result.

Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, refused to attend the meeting. He said that the ‘collective whinge-o-rama’ going on amongst European leaders due to  Trump’s election needs to stop.

Johnson’s failure to attend was viewed as a snub to Europe and a thumbs up to the US. His decision to stay at home on a soggy British Sunday highlights the growing divide between the UK and Europe since Brexit became a reality.

A Foreign Office spokesman said:

We do not see the need for an additional meeting on Sunday because the US election timetable is long established. An act of democracy has taken place, there is a transition period and we will work with the current and future administrations to ensure the best outcomes for Britain. (source)

Finally, Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party)  spent a couple of hours in a private meeting with Trump on Saturday. You may recall that Farage was the engineer of the Brexit movement. He and most of the Brits who voted to exit the EU were pulling for Trump in the election.

“Don’t underestimate this guy,” Farage said on “Squawk Box.” “He’s made a big, big success of his business career. And he intends to be a successful president, and I think he may well be.”

…Trump’s surprise victory has often been compared to the poll-defying June vote by British citizens for the U.K. to leave the European Union trading bloc.

“What Trump believes in, as I believe in, is nation-state democracy — that we should be controlling our own borders; making our own laws; and yes, trading with each other, cooperating with each other, being good neighbors,’ Farage said. (source)

Trump threatened “Brexit times 10,” and he delivered it. The EU, still a mess from Britain deciding to leave, is now in a death spiral from which it may not recover.

If Europe is looking to lay blame, it seems to me that they need to look no further than Angela Merkel. It was her open-door policies on immigration that drove the UK away and gave the US a glimpse of their future if they elected for Clinton.

The trouble with opening a can of worms is that you can never get the lid back on before a few escape.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, where this article first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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107 Comments on "EU Convenes Panic Meeting Because Trump Might Stop Funding 73% of NATO"

  1. What if the Megalomaniac Zio-Kabal perfected dialectic duality manipulations such that virtually any and all moves served their long term agenda – – – playing plebs like fiddles with their geopolitical moves?

    De-funding NATO seems to be unmitigated good news on its face. What many won’t recognize is the globalists’ end game of a global military and police force means these kinds of moves towards an isolationist US are being done to create a vacuum for new systems that don’t answer to any type of democratic form of governance. esp true given China is poised to fill a large percentage of the vacuum.

    • Totally true. I’m right there with you. It’s all a bit premature though. Trump is saying he’s going to do but he hasn’t received The Lecture yet- that cozy little sit down they do with The New Guy and tell him how the game is to be played. It’s a long time to January but they are laying out the clues like chess pieces.

      • I don’t believe he would’ve been allowed to run for POTUS if he wasn’t a known entity, compliant lackey, and Kool-Aid imbiber. If there were any doubts whatsoever, he would have been quickly derailed in the manner of Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, or “Wellstoned”. I’ve spent a lot time peering into the catacombs of the elite mindset. As mega control freaks, they wouldn’t take any chances. It’s an elaborate game of n-dimensional chess combined with nonlinear disinfo. Gotta think like an evil psychopath genius, not easy for most much less sane empaths and wise old souls. 😉

        • Hahaha… so true. What I find most interesting is that the timelines are constantly splitting. The day after the election, even though I had no idea who had won (nor did I particularly care) I woke up feeling like the whole world had shifted timelines. Lots of people felt it. This is huge progress for human consciousness.

          I love this: “I’ve spent a lot of time peering into the catacombs… etc.” Me, too. Why do we do this? What are we looking for and why is it so imperative?

          • “The day after the election, even though I had no idea who had won (nor did I particularly care) I woke up feeling like the whole world had shifted timelines.” Yep, that was me too, exactly! I could feel the tension in the weeks before the election reaching a crescendo. 24 to 36 hours before it was all over, I began to experience a calmness, a letting go. Some of it had to do with communing with like minded enlightened souls (forming some kind of global light network?).

          • Yes, that’s it exactly. How to keep the network engaged 24/7 is the goal. But this “feeling” of timeline spitting only happens outside the matrix. Once you feel it, you can’t unfeel it. The day 9/11 happened, I split myself off of the timeline everyone else went down. I learned how to do this on a local level after a severe hurricane wiped out this island I was on in the late 1980’s. It split the island’s timeline, so I had had this experience once already, then again 9/11. Same sensation as after the election. I describe it as “Everything is different now.” So again, splitting off the 3D timeline is my goal… still working on it on a consciousness level; I get closer every earth day. LOL

          • That’s fascinating and you’re amazing, OS. Appreciate the overview and feedback. 🙂

          • Very wise indeed. Awesome pic.

          • Great conversation. I split off the matrix when echalon was being exposed in the 80s. Many come forward and say “you were right” as they spread cheeks and remove head! 9/11 was no surprise for those who have been expecting some sort of disaster to cause our consciences to be enslaved once again. After komrad klinton and kohorts attempts at a failed “anti terrorism” bill which the OK bombing did not create there have been attempt after attempt to legislate our own enslavement through what came to be known as the “patriot” act of all things. Yet patriots have been considered enemies of the state just prior to its ramrodding into the lives of every American.

            We are heading back to the conscience enslavement of the dark ages with all its witch hunts and legislating of God. Legislating immorality is quite a horror as seen by the current regime, but when men, in the form of a church presumes to legislate God, then Houston we have a huge problem. Legislating ethical and moral principles will hold we the people together, but this is going beyond just principles to the very depths of our freedoms to choose for ourselves. The left has pushed the envelope so far that the right will come out swinging. Especially with the rioting and money mongers support of immorality that will push the right into a corner and they will have nowhere else to turn except legislating God Himself. Pay close attention to what Trump does with the vatican. He already has the evangelical Protestant world, and most of the catholic world wrapped around his finger. All he needs is the proper psycho babbler to create mind warping laws which will take liewyers years to understand and voila no more freedom of conscience. This might take some time, but Trump is moving fast already and the pope is right there with his army of deceivers to give the right push at the right time. Something the vatican has been expert at since 538AD when they stepped up on to the throne of the Caesars.

          • Interesting, masmpg, thanks for sharing those thoughts. I agree with your first paragraph but I don’t agree where you are going with’ “We are heading back to the conscience enslavement of the dark ages… ” That is simply not the case for those who choose an alternative timeline. Surely there are those who desire this decent, just as there are those who do not and will not participate in that timeline. We have the option to stand aside, watch it all play out with neutrality, and not allow ourselves to become a part of any of it. The option of withdrawing consent and exercising free will are our two Trump Cards in exiting the matrix. Use them wisely and there is no cause for alarm or fear.

          • I wish your idea about freedom to choose was correct here. I would point you to the dark ages when freedom of conscience was not even an option. Whether anyone believes this or not, most will agree that history repeats itself. When the monarchs lost their kingdoms mainly because of the reformation leading people to think for themselves, and the new world taking shape and the greatest document ever written being put into play, the money mongers immediately declared war on this freedom.

            Back to the dark ages. Those who did not agree with the powers that be during this time period were murdered, no questions asked. So to believe we will be able to stand aloof, or on the sidelines in a different timeline would be dangerous. Living in the most free nation ever has spoiled US. We say in our minds that it “couldn’t happen to US”. But so did many long lost civilizations that were very advanced in many aspects of life. What is coming is a tyranny never known by this planet! Something that will make the dark ages pale. The French revolution will look like a picnic compared to a world wide church run state government. The NWO is not about civil government. It is about reining in all nations of the world under one church run state, and has been in the planning for millennia.

          • Well… there again, you have already chosen what you will experience simply by accepting it as inevitable truth. Surely history repeats but that repeating pattern is based upon cosmic forces and the forces in play now are quite different than they were in the Dark Ages. We have the ability to become enlightened. When people say, “We say in our minds that it “couldn’t happen to US” that is not the same thing as thinking, “It WILL not ‘happen’ to me because I choose a different timeline.” We have a lot more power than we have been led to believe. This is a fact the powerful try so desperately to keep from us.

            This event horizon you so clearly envision in your mind is actually how reality is created. Get enough people believing they are doomed and they will be because they are creating the outcome with their minds. This is hard for people to grasp but it’s the basis of all the occultism you see being enacted by the powerful. Does anyone really ask, “How does occultism and ritual actually work?” The greatest force in the universe is the unseen, the ether, the life force that creates everything even though scientists refuse to acknowledge it because it cannot be described mathematically. Einstein’s Failure if you will. We are part of that ether and we can create peace just as well as the darkness can create dungeons of the mind simply by realizing the power we have to effect change with our intention. That’s all occultism really is: focused intention. It’s a numbers game for the collective, but it also works the same for individuals. We all create our reality, every moment of every day. You can choose to create a life of peace or a life of strife, conflict and fear. Earth remains a free will planet regardless of whether we believe in our own free will or not. No dark entity can control you unless you allow it. You can point to millions of victims throughout history as your argument, but you may be missing the very fact they chose their destiny as well. It’s tough, I know, but humanity is not a done deal. If you think so, you should stop creating what you do not want.

          • I agree with this but instead of “cosmic” I prefer “divine” forces are involved. NOW is our time to be “enlightened”. Actually the age of “enlightenment” for USA has peaked and gone. With all the childish idiocy happening all over USA over the TRUMPED up election nonsense and the store bought special interest groups, which we the sheeple are too dumb to realize. . . BLM and the “occupy ‘movement'”. I believe the American people are rapidly retreating from any chance of any more “enlightenment”. You are right in assuming that the “powerful” whom I consider money monger banksters have been keeping people in the dark from the beginning of time. There has always been an an “elitist” people who have been charismatic enough to usurp just enough authority to dupe masses of people into a group think mode of divide and conquer. What is so startling is that the group will follow their leader to there own demise. Have you ever heard people say that we must “reduce population” That is the most absurd statement I have ever heard. The ones who promote that idiocy must be the first to be eradicated, BUT, BUT the braindead canon fodder sheeple blindly follow without a second thought. This attitude, or principle is what is fueling the push for world unity, new world order, call it whatever you want to, but in the end our conscience will be enslaved, and we will be forced to follow the group because they have the bigger guns. Unless you are like me. I will lay down my life for the truth.

            The power of belief is astounding. With we the sheeple in unity against every principle of our blood stained constitution free thinkers like you and I haven’t got a chance. I know where I am heading. I have a destiny, but I will defend free thinking to my death, while the majority mow down the wrong ideals like good robotic canon fodder sheeple! The majority is never right, so the power wielded through belief will never be with the free thinking minority like you and I.

            I by no means create what I do not want. I offer solutions to the problem of/to the robot sheeple. They must awaken soon or all will be lost no matter what you and I desire. Freedom of conscience is a universal constant but try telling that to the powers that be. They will do all in their power, and believe me, today they have devices and technology that can not only change our minds, conscience and sub conscience, but they can remove it! The reason I write stuff like this is to try to get people to think for themselves, not because I promote it.

            I am not disagreeing with you, neither will I ever give up. I just live in reality, and that reality has, is and always will be the fact that the majority is never right and the minority is always punished over it.

          • Very insightful. I enjoy hearing your thoughts. I’m good with “divine” but too many people mistake that word for something religious so I don’t use it myself for that reason. But yes, cosmic/divine, same thing.

            Where you are describing the minority and the majority, I think in terms of consciousness and dimensional resonance, in splitting timelines and alternative dimensions. We might call this “Divine/Cosmic Consciousness.” It’s obvious that the majority of Americans are resonating at a very low frequency, caught up as they are in giving their power away to anyone and everyone who claims to lead them and give them whatever they want or think they need. The (very small) minority give their power to no one, hold it themselves in sovereignty, and therefore resonate on a higher frequency due to their understanding and higher consciousness. This is a process, all are at different levels in this process, some call it Young Souls vs. Old Souls, or soul evolution and young souls are here to have different experiences than older souls.

            I agree with you that the time to “wake up” has passed. It’s too late because the earth has raised her resonance and made a 5th dimensional reality available to anyone who can meet a fifth dimensional resonance. This fifth dimensional reality is being created by those who can create it. There will be another timeline splitting event. 9/11 was such an event, the earth’s timeline was split that day and as an occult ritual with this very intent, it was highly successful in that outcome. The point is to be awake and aware of this phenomenon and be prepared for it and be, essentially, “ready to go” when the timelines split.

            I don’t want to go too much further with this line of thought unless you’re following me… do you see?

          • Good synopsis. What you are describing as a loss of freedom of conscience is epitomized by the surveillance society, and more specifically, world wide adoption of China’s Social Credit Scoring system. Every thought, move, purchase, and action punished or rewarded – uber Pavlovian-Skinner social engineering. I hope Olde Soul’s expectations of an escape for those of us who choose another path is realized.

          • The implications of the Social Credit Scoring System is again 1984 & Brave New World on steroids/ ball & chain of a global totalitarian-tip-toe enslavement forcing the 99% to jump thru these draconian hoops of ‘Consensus Civil Duty’… essentially the Hive Mind Borg….as we’re chained between our ears.

          • Exactly, Eddysachs.

      • The late Gr8 Bill Hicks did a satire on this exact instanc… as a new president was shown into a room with fat cat bankster’s & shown a film on the RFK assassination from an angle never ever seen before by the general public…the film ended & they asked the new president if he had any questions?(lol)…nuff said!?!

        • Yes, that lecture. I remember seeing Obama’s face that day. shortly thereafter the gray hairs started appearing. But I always wonder… if we know this, why don’t they know all it going in? Because there’s more I think, some kind of personal blackmail (or Life Insurance as Weiner and The Witch called it) that makes its mark on their soul.

          Yes indeed, the late Gr8 Bill Hicks is a timeless treasure trove of truth.

    • What do you suppose is the message in the purple suit? It’s so Hunger Games. Something very odd here…

      • I have no idea, OS. Upside down pyramid? Her Parkinson’s was too far advanced, the health problem was becoming a liability is my guess as to why TPTB switched horses. Most of the time we’re reading tea leaves.

        • LOL… I just found this explanation on US News and World Reports, the bastion of globalist BS:

          “Many believe that wearing purple was a show of bipartisanship, a possible call for unity and togetherness in a time of disappointment and political uncertainty. In Clinton’s Methodist faith, purple represents royalty and penitence. It was also a color of choice for the suffragist movement.”

          Oh, the absurdity! I can’t stop laughing. Methodist? Really? So you can be royalty and penitent at the same time simply by wearing purple? I sure hope the people who make this stuff up don’t expect anyone to actually believe it.

          • Great catch, OS! Trump represents a high level order of Hegelian synthesis – the purple pyramid accented by Bill’s purple tie. Trump’s role in the politics of personality will be to cajole Tea Party anti-globalist types into wading into the dialectical swamp / pool….all lines blurring.

          • P.S. and off topic. Last night I read an email from G. Edward Griffin about his dismay Dane Wiggington is attacking him and his collaborators for putting together a small conference challenging the establishment global warming / climate change narrative. I was reminded of an exchange you and I had about Dane. Is he working the intel program to splinter awakened activists? Hmm

          • Well, that’s a complicated topic for sure. I can’t remember what we discussed exactly, but my overall feeling about chemtrails is that they are using people’s minds to create them, all done via holographic matrix. At least on one level, they make people fearful and angry. In order to understand my take on it, one has to believe they are using humans as batteries and their thought forms actually run the matrix. That’s quite a leap for most. But running with that idea hypothetically, then Dane’s constant “SHARE THIS INFO WITH EVERYONE” takes on a whole new paradigm, i.e. the more people become aware, the more chemtrails there are in the sky.

            There are many people working on a totally etheric basis to “undo” chemtrails using earth elementals and other what you could call “anti-thought forms,’ the idea being if they are using us to create them, we can just as easily uncreate them. I have been working on this for a long time myself, based on a webinar I took about a year ago, from a guy who has been able to literally stop chemtrails with his mind. Fantabulous stuff but so intriguing I had to try it myself. I haven’t seen a chemtrail in over a year. I have stopped reading anything Dane writes, he gives me the creeps anyway…. Oh also I just remembered… I had caught him quoting a CIA bulletin and using the words as his own. This sent up a big red flag in Raven World. What do you think about all this?

          • When we touched on this issue in the past, I believe you mentioned pointing chemtrails overhead to some people who didn’t get it or see them. You speculated there may be a mind job, hypnosis, or whatever going on. I guessed denial and double think. Somehow we got on the subject of geoengineering induced climate change as another example of problem, reaction, solution, Dane’s alleged arrogant treatment of some activists, and the situation of him apparently throwing Murphy under the bus. Murphy producing “What in The World Are They Spraying” and the sequel “Why…”. My take is given the new global authoritarian economic system is predicated on climate change, geoengineering makes sense as a tool to disrupt the climate to support the narrative. As well as other motives to spray us with mind altering chemicals, NASA’s “smart dust”, elements for LIDAR tracking, DNA, vaccines (Bill Gates has been funding this), and other biological substances. Clifford Carnicom has been looking at the latter (very strange findings) and is aware of the LIDAR tracking issue. TPTB are entering a period of megalomania insanity, imo.

          • I want to write a more detailed response later this evening, but meanwhile you might want to drop down below the photo of Reggae and pick up on a conversation I’m having with “masmpg.”

          • Yes, I saw that. The discussion is splitting on the n-dimensional chess board as well. I’m catching your drift on free will too. 😉 TTYL, take your time. Thanks.

          • Yes, now I recall that conversation better, thanks. The case where the people did not see the chemtrails is what made me question the whole subject in the first place. Up to that day I was a total believer. That experience, plus this thing about being able to “uncreate” them are two very hard pieces of direct evidence for me to ignore personally, and I’m forced to find an answer to WTF is going on. What if it is all a lie? I mean the nanobots and the smart dust, the whole cartoon feel of it. It’s like a Marvel Comics/James Bond movie in 3D created to program your brain to accept non-stop violence and death right in front of your face! Then you walk outside the theater and it’s just another normal day, except you are really subtly DIFFERENT for the images embedded within your mind. Thoughts create reality and we are programmed to create the reality THEY want. We can just as easily not create it.

            This is why I referred you to my discussion with masmpg in re: what are they telling us to create? I just have my doubts about all of it, including all the Dane Wiggedouts, Steven Reptilian Greers, and maybe even the Clifford Carnicoms, all spewing the same negative mind worms. Collective paranoia is huge juju and very easy to create. I feel the same about mass surveillance. They want to project this total control, vice grip on the throat sensation, that they are all powerful and we are all doomed to extinction… but first a slow and miserable death! Bleh… it all sounds like a high drama with large dollop of desperation.

            Call me crazy but I just refuse to feel gloomed and doomed. I’m not ready to give in and let a teeny minority of minions rule the world, and if there are esoteric means, etheric timeline manipulations, magick incantations and shamanic journeys that need to be taken, then I will undertake them and I have done already. Everyone is so caught up in fear but the reality is that it’s just as easy to be fearless and work magic, no permit required. The few powerful know it’s possible, the billions can easily undo it all with knowledge and higher consciousness. But first they have to WTFU.

          • I get what you’re saying on a visceral level more than intellectual because I too feel the extremes in absurdity of so-called alt media reporting trapping us in fear cycles rather than moving away en masse from the control grid…which would be simple and easy if more people would WTFU – your lens here is my lens. My stint in high tech med sci showed me enough about the trajectory of technology that I don’t doubt most of what we are reading about capabilities and experimentation is likely true. That said, it’s never the whole story because I also recognize this is also a spiritual war and those of us trying to create new realities are trying to tap into energies that dwarf the cluster—k machinations of the powers that shouldn’t be. We were born with the necessary “eyes” to develop a clear vision of who and what we are but the system placed blindfolds on us and used trauma to atrophy that potential – anyway, that’s a simple metaphor for what I’m sensing.

            Regarding the chemtrails, I will keep your perspective at the forefront of my thoughts on this subject. Although, I noticed the program was modified to obscure the trails in various ways such as doing more spraying over clouds then turning it off as the planes exit, new formulations that are harder to detect and dissipate faster, and more overnight / early morning activity. Some of this was foretold by a whistle blower in contact with The HAARP Report on YT. I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire thing was a psy op, nothing surprises me anymore. Though, my instincts tell me these activities are going on. Doesn’t mean we are helpless or doomed and I don’t think it’s a good use of our energies constantly analyze it all to death rather than simply be the change and cast of the fear in this window we have. Hope that makes sense. A million thanks for your great food for thought replies which I take to heart for my own expansion. 😉

          • As always, it’s a pleasure and a honor to share ideas with someone so awake and aware. It really helps to not be the only joker in the deck… hehe.

            Yes, I see all your thinking clearly. With the chemtrail miasma, it certainly is possible it’s going on over our heads, and if that’s the case, then we just take an alternative approach, that being- “Yes, perchance all the stuff is raining down on my personal head, but it will not affect my physicality in the least.” I learned this principle from reiki master. This is a just a different form of alchemy using the same etheric principles. And then you just detox the crap out of your body and you’re good to go. Nanobots Be Gone! Obviously this doesn’t help Gaia and the rest of humanity, but you do whatever you can do and call it enough because it’s better than doing nothing at all.

            You know, I keep seeing that awful photo of that Marina Witch Woman with with the bloody goat head and I think… if they go to all this trouble to drink blood and make spirit cooking sacrifices… Why? What’s the point if it doesn’t actually turn them into the powerful elite? And how does it work exactly? And why can’t we use the same methods to acquire power for the good of all people? We can… it’s just alchemy, and we can do it as well, if not better, than they can. The Mad Hatter said- “Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems but no one wants to believe in magic.” What have we got to lose at this point?

          • Same here, always a pleasure, OS, and we’re definitely surfing the same wavelength, same beam of light. Yeah I’m in full agreement on using a “different form of alchemy with the same etheric principles…then you just detox the crap out of your body and you’re good to go.” My strategy exactly. I’m gonna stay healthy or die trying! lol I have nothing to lose and one way or another I’m earning my one way ticket off the asylum. We do what we can and steer clear of the mind jobs…in the meantime nothing ruffles my feathers.

            The psychopaths and their minions are something else, aren’t they? They took on twisted unnatural lives and now they are stuck reinforcing their warped vision with more warped acts. In the long run, they’re in a decaying orbit as they ‘burn’ more precious Gaia gifts to forestall their eventual crash into the yawning gape of entropy and black holes where no light escapes. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the infantilized hypnozombies. By chance, earlier today I was on reading about college students’ infantile responses to the election results – Play Doh, coloring books, and therapy dogs! It’s a whacked, out-of-balance system, something has to give, ya know? I’m with you, we have nothing to lose by moving our thinking to a place waaay outside of the Matrix box of horrors and bad comedy. 😉
            Thanks for being a great touchstone, Olde Soul, you’re a rare soul.

          • DeposeDebauchedDespots | November 18, 2016 at 6:58 am |

            My nose is a chemtrail detector. It runs like a faucet whether their chemtrails are visible or not. Recently, the chemtrailers have been spraying more of the invisible variety in Madrid, Spain, albeit visible chems still dominate. However, they also do as you wrote; dump their toxins atop clouds and turn off the poison when criss-crossing blue sky.

            In Europe, as everywhere else, chemtrails are blatant attacks on Humankind. NATO is involved. Those and/or other monsters ordering poison skies need locked into a chemtrail plane with the sprayers pointing inside. Spray them until chems are exhausted into the plane. Execute any inhuman that emerges alive. Behead all, dead or alive .

          • Thanks for the feedback. I also feel the effects. I agree, this is the most egregious overt assault on us to date, yet only a small percentage of the public is outraged. The cognitive dissonance is frustrating.

          • DeposeDebauchedDespots | November 18, 2016 at 12:46 pm |

            There is some on-line research about chemtrails. They’re comprised of 31 or 36 constituents, depending on which researcher. Besides chemicals that are toxic to virtually all organic life (except mushrooms/fungus and cockroaches, maybe) chemtrails also have desiccated red blood cells (probably harboring illnesses ~ there has to be a reason for them)

          • Yes, I’ve taken a look at research on the constituents, very strange indeed the various “cocktails”. In the US, Clifford Carnicom also found desiccated blood cells, DNA, and much more and has made the reports public on his website. I’ll include two links if you’re unfamiliar with The Carnicom Institute. Great to know you have Faith in the those of us comprising the Remnant (as metaphor or literal). Cheers. 😉


          • “Great to know you have Faith in the those of us comprising the Remnant (as metaphor or literal)”

            Hahh, you’re getting there !

          • Well, maybe I am. 🙂 Though, I still haven’t convinced you on the how & why of economic tweaks being part of the control grid.

          • No worries, I have the same concerns on the control grid — my point is that we need hard infrastructure investments (concrete and steel) regardless.

          • I lean towards this hypothecation on a quantum collective level as well…most would think I needed to be fitted with a tin foil hat(lol)

          • Dane is very ‘religious’…if that’s an indicator?

          • Interesting, thanks for the tip, Eddy. I wonder if it’s a cover. On a comment somewhere I read his father is a politician.

          • There was a time when only Royalty were deigned to wear purple…any commoners seen emulating them… were hanged

          • Haha, then you’ll love my motto: Bring Back the Blade. Thankfully for humanity HRC is lower than any commoner who has ever walked this earth, so I’d settle for hanging at this point. Can we vote on this? Cause I might be moved to vote on something this relevant!

          • cheers

    • Th EU can cease trying to by votes with handouts like the liberal dem bloodsuckers and start spending money on their own defense or China aan Russia are welcome to them.

      • Two totalitarian govts can have Europe? Better be careful what we wish for. The globalists are in the process of isolating the US in order to destroy what small amount of freedom and representative govt has eluded their diabolical grasp. It’s going to be ugly with hyperinflation and more engineered chaos, NATO funding will be the least of our concerns.

        • The USA has the capability to destroy the world.
          That will be augumented under Trump.
          They can leave us alone, or watch their country turn into a flat radio active parking lot.

          • You don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. You’re clueless.

          • gerald Hughes | November 15, 2016 at 6:10 pm |

            Sounds reasonable, you have no idea what you are talking about, either.

          • I know you’re rude and that’s uncalled for. You’re trapped in 2-D BS. Please find someone else to be rude to and take your militarism death cult mindset with you. If you haven’t figured it out, Sherlock, I’m opposed to corruption and tyranny.

    • Europe has declared itself financially/economically powerful enough to set themselves up as a major competitor to american trade. If they’re THAT strong they should have no problem providing for their OWN defense, instead of having the US provide tens of thousands of troops and 73% of the funding.
      And if they want to import possible terrorists AMERICANS shouldn’t be funding it.

      • Yes, I got it and you’re correct. I’m trying to expose the NWO paradigm.

      • DeposeDebauchedDespots | November 18, 2016 at 7:07 am | Reply

        NATO is the Pure Evil rothschild clan’s private military. Those super parasites steal, extort, expropriate, racketeer, etc., etc. OPM (other people’s money) to do their evil. Thus, We Their Victims in the U7SA* are forced to pay.
        *U7SA = Un-free Soviet Socialist Satanic Savage-like Slave States of Amerikka

        The rothschild & rockefeller mafia are the faces of GHOULS which suck out Humankind’s life energy and newly-created wealth. They are anti-life, Pure Evil, unconscionable monsters. As other comments rightly note: psychopaths and/or sociopaths. They feed off of Humankind.
        GHOULS = Globalist Hegemony of Oligarchic Utopists and Licentious Satanic Supremacists

    • very perspicacious in ‘over view’ discernment(imo)

  2. Yep weaken NATO… thats the ticket…

    More News At: shininginthedark

  3. No, Trump has to teach them how the U.S. works. Let’s GTFO out of Europe, Asia, Africa, on and on.

  4. The purple is masonic. It is the blending of blue and red. It means they are one.
    DRAIN the SWAMP.
    It’s a movement.

    • Perhaps also…the blending of the Annunaki & the Hybrid/ ‘Hand-servants’ to the gods> the the royal bloodlines
      …Blue = Annunaki (fallen angels)….Red = Hybrid (royal) primate & Annuaki
      ..Hence Purple …..connoting this fabled mixture, considering we’re arrived on this 21st century burgeoning DNA genetic manipulation technology as we speak…not a stretch to imagine another civilization could also, relatively speaking, as a hypothetical posit from literal allegories in the 1st testament & undoubtedly incorporated into the arcane esoterica of the Masons,

  5. While we are at it GET OUT OF UN TOO!

  6. The NATO Treaty requires each member to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense. None of them have been doing it. Instead, they’ve been depending on the US to provide more than it’s share of their defense, allowing them to spend more on their social programs. That has to stop.

  7. I believe the UN and NATO can take this to the bank. We are done with these useless organizations! Nothing but a money pit and several have gotten wealthy from this corruption! The buck stops here. Too bad, so sad!

  8. It is about time America DEFUNDS Communist/ ONE WORLD NATO. They suck the world dry pushing their one world communist ideology. NO THANKS, the BUCK stops Here at the NEW WHITE HOUSE.

  9. BARBARA M. Harris | November 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm | Reply



  11. Same kind of arrangement for the globally inspired UN, we the USA pay far to much to be abused by this idiot organization……..time for the members to pony up more of their own loot and get the hell out of our sovereign affairs…………..The NATO agreement needs to be revised and updated, again it is the US putting out 73% and begging for support to combat terrorism and take a buse for trying to bone up the missile defense systems, we need some more give than take from the europeans….Europe wants more than help they want a nursemaid….it’s called mutual defense for a reason…

  12. Jerry Pettigrew | November 15, 2016 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    Cut them off 100%-they’re just a bunch of wind bags.

  13. Oh my! How terrible for the EU to have to pay rather than the US!

  14. defund nato.they dont deserve America’s money

  15. Cut funding to them all. We are broke!

  16. Good deal. Make NATO countries pay their share. If those socialist countries didn’t have cradle to grave handouts, they could afford more military spending. Cut it out. Pay up socialists. Don’t expect the USA to bail your butts out in the next war.

  17. So I ask you. Is there really a need to fund the Nato program at the continued rate of 73% of their projected operating costs when there are those in the membership work to go against us?
    Are we not funding our own downfall then by supporting those nations that hate us with the benefits of protections and other programs while they use their funds to defeat us behind the scenes? I am not at all in favor of NATO as it now operates. Many nations in it pay little to nothing and reap the rewards while Americans pay more than our share for them. The lack of committed response to worldwide terrorism by NATO on a continuing basis only promotes those terrorists to continue their expansion of death, destruction and collapse of governments from within that are not able to resist them. It is far too long overdue that every nation in NATO should have stepped up it’s contributions for the protections and benefits it receives! Trump does not mandate defunding NATO completely. Nor should he. But the U.S. must draw a financial red line somewhere that apportions fairly the global costs of this program. And to refresh your memories, recall that Obama was rushing to ratify the so called “International Agreement on the use and sale of small arms.” A policy written in large part by the very nations in NATO that are our enemies and want us disarmed. And if it had been allowed to pass, the UN would have gained unconstitutional control over all matters dealing with firearms in the U.S as well as other countries. We are powerful because we remain armed and our freedoms ensure we can do so. I believe that while those nations of which you speak will lay out the so called “game plan” for Trump, it does not mean he will so readily fall in line! As his campaign proved, he calls the shots!

  18. Matthew Bowman | November 16, 2016 at 9:07 am | Reply

    If they don’t pay their fair share Trump should pull out. I am tired of paying higher taxes to support NATO while all these EU liberals aren’t paying their share and get way more PTO than the typical US employee!

  19. The EU is a mess and Germany’s Angela Merkel is in deep trouble for here radical globalist/progressive agendas & huge investments that have totally failed: 1) Her open borders and immigration disaster;
    2) Here unwise and huge investments in ‘Renewable Energy’ via Solar Panels and Wind Farms that have failed miserably when she mothballed working nuclear and other power plants to reduce energy costs and the solar and wind energy has been far short of expectations causing massive increases in government subsidies and a 3x-increase in energy costs to the consumers which has everyone upset — She has taken a viable and extremely stable power grid and replaced it with a failed and unstable grid that needs standby conventional power plants as well as the need to obtain power supplements from neighboring countries and their conventional power plants. Their engineers and politicians expected that global warming would continue and spike, but since there has been no global warming trend in the last 18 years since it peaked in 1998.

    A very stupid and unfounded policy move based on ideology and the unfounded belief in a Man-Made Global Warming Crisis in the 21st century

  20. Your problem is too many years living in the Rockefeller armpit of Chicago has been rotting your mind as you spew vile nonsense using the same language on your posts “liberal dem bloodsucking parasites”, again and again, too brain dead to figure out my views are [get govt off our backs] “Libertarian”, not one of the RINOs, or dems / DINOs that you love to dump on on WND.

    • I use the terms, because as soon as I use them, anyone reading it knows exactly what I mean and it saves me a paragraph of typing.
      Your comment, “vile nonsense”, identifies you, no, not libertarian you are a low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

      • Women have different rules of engagement on how to politely discuss issues – don’t make assumptions about my terminology. You replied to my comment, not the other way around. Go argue with a Chicago idiot.

        • Not an assumption liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, you marked yourself, you have nothing.

          • Big baby, you can’t do anything about having Rahm Emanuel as your overlord and Soros Bolshevik thugs in your streets, so you take your anger out on innocent bystanders (who fight for what you say you believe in!…the irony that flies over your head! lol). Take care of the disorder in your own “house” before you cast stones at others. Ring a bell, Einstein?

          • gerald Hughes | November 16, 2016 at 6:51 pm |

            That you, Hillary?
            May I suggest suicide, you have nothing and no reason to live

          • Such clever come backs!

          • don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out…cheers

          • gerald Hughes | November 17, 2016 at 8:19 am |

            Why would I go anywhere liberal dem bloodsucking parasite?
            Dec. 2014, 11.4% of the people polled, though that their state should secede from the union
            Dec 2015, 23.9% of the people polled thought that their state should secede from the union
            The poll taken next month is expected to show 45% for secession.
            You liberal scum have about a year, then we close off th borders to our states and forget about you.
            Then we will kick back and applaud as you ticks starve to death.

          • Ha ha …seems you’re having a conversation all by your lonesome…essentially talking to yourself…nobody here cares what you think about anything..& to think I wasted my time talking to a drunk…silly me…are you worth redemption…is there a real human being hiding under all that er & bluster?…One day I hope you’ll wake up …cheers

          • gerald Hughes | November 17, 2016 at 5:58 pm |

            Uh huh, keep in touch, be interesting talking to you when they can no longer fund the welfare and foodstamps ripoff.

          • Zio-shill much? (Lol)

          • gerald Hughes | November 16, 2016 at 8:17 pm |

            Oh my, another liberal dem bloodsucking parasite with nothing to say.

          • Hahah, yes everyone is a Democrat, and you’re not an idiot! ;-D

          • gerald Hughes | November 16, 2016 at 9:51 pm |

            Don’t concern yourself, you are definitely, an idiot

          • Tell that to the nearest mirror (lol)

          • gerald Hughes | November 17, 2016 at 8:13 am |

            You have nothing, liberal dem bloodsucker, suicide is the only answer for you

          • Thanks, Hanz. 😉

          • You keep repeating yourself…are you on drugs?

          • gerald Hughes | November 17, 2016 at 8:25 am |

            You do too, Polly, you want a cracker?

          • nasty little troll isn’t he!

          • try & think up some brand new insults…these are getting stale…boring even.

          • gerald Hughes | November 17, 2016 at 8:24 am |

            In your case liberal dem bloodsucker, that is not an insult, it is an identifier and typifier, it says everything about you in 3 word

      • So…. people are expected to read your mind (lol)….definitely a Looney Toon.
        ..& a “blood sucking parasite”….no marks for originality at all…is this the best you can do?(lol)…is your face turning red as you getting apoplectic…as the adrenaline is strarting to pump out copious amounts of cortisol…with nowhere to go…but feed that dark side wolf you have painfully salivating inside you?…maybe you’re having an aneurysm & then Humpty Dumpty can have a Gr8 fall …but nobody wants to put you back together again…Hmmmm?

  21. Tyronne Shoelaces | November 16, 2016 at 4:53 pm | Reply

    You dimwits got what you deserved. We are no longer going to be paying 73% of the costs. We can’t afford it any more with Obozo doubling our debt.

  22. ….You’re a nasty little prole troll…obviously suffering from secret low self esteem …that’s why you over compensate by lashing out in frustration at complete strangers… like an imbecilic ‘control freak’ with a ridiculous & ludicrous Top Dog attitude with the same IQ…because essentially you’re neutered …you’re a nobody… with no power… that wants to appear important by becoming ego-maniacally omniscient… if only for a fleeting moment as an ephemeral ‘Legend in your own mind’
    ….So?…Do you feel better now? …now that you think someone has offered you their belly in total subservience… as you stand over them magnificently & growl threateningly (lol)…telling your whipping boy that they are so insignificant that they should drown in the ocean….thing is…you’re projecting a reflection of your own very obvious sallow shallow sordid inner state….pathetic really…& the agonized caterwauling of a very sad little man.

    • My, my, another liberal dem bloodsucker, with nothing to say.
      I suggest suicide.
      Should, you do it expeditiously, you can probably effect it before your children find out that, they are related to you.
      No point ion hanging that cross on them, for life.

      • I rest my case…”What we have here is a failure to communicate” -hahaha!
        a hypnotized, unconscious, mentally ill, sub-human orc with the IQ of a fence post.
        ..period…end of story…FUBAR….’nothin to see here folks …move along …move along’ …

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