Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold and Silver Prices

precious metals gold and silverBy Clint Siegner

Most of us consider this year’s presidential election as the wildest and most unpredictable we’ve ever seen, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the markets. Gold and silver spent most of the past three weeks going nowhere fast. Between Oct. 6th and Oct. 27th silver traded within ten cents of $17.60/oz – an extraordinarily tight range. Precious metals generally thrive on uncertainty, but the markets have been unfazed and instead have appeared to be paralyzed.

It seems Wall Street may not have shared the trepidation many Americans at large have been feeling. That may be about to change.

On Friday, FBI director James Comey, of all people, broke metals prices out of the exceptionally tight cage confining them – although it was still a rather modest move. He announced his agency is re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton and her emails. Silver and gold both jumped on the news.

Financial commentator and author James Rickards thinks the markets have been pricing in a victory for Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton. In an interview taped just before Comey’s announcement, Rickards said he expects Trump “will probably win.” If that happens he anticipates “the stock market will drop 10% overnight” and “gold will probably go up $100/oz.”

Based on the negative stock market reaction to Friday’s the FBI’s bombshell announcement, Rickards may be on to something.

Prior to Friday’s news, Hillary was favored to win, in more ways than one. She was leading in most projections of electoral votes (yes, we know there is good reason to question much of the polling). The mainstream press fervently supports her. And she has been Wall Street’s darling when it comes to campaign contributions. Goldman Sachs went so far as to issue a company directive forbidding employees from contributing to Trump’s campaign.

Wall Street insiders are used to getting what they want. However, like the British establishment prior to Brexit, they might get surprised.

Big money interests have priced in a Hillary victory. Any revelations which force that crowd to reconsider could have profound implications for investors. Any evidence which might support Trump (or his case for contesting the election results if he loses) could rattle markets.

It is too early to tell if the FBI decision to reopen the investigation will be a game changer in the election. It must be said that Hillary’s campaign – with its unseemly ties to names like Soros, Podesta, and Weiner – looks creepier than Count Dracula. However, the renewed criminal investigation is by no means sure to put a stake through its heart.

Hillary’s supporters have, so far, shrugged off plenty of other damning news stories, including round one of the criminal email abuse investigation. Whether there are enough undecided voters who can be persuaded to change horses at the last minute and deliver battleground states to Trump remains to be seen.

There is also no telling what scandals, if any, will hit Donald Trump between now and Election Day. The only certainty with these candidates seems to be no matter how ugly and embarrassing the details are now, they can still get worse.

The reaction in markets over the coming days may be the best way to gauge how much election uncertainty there really is.

Clint Siegner is a Director at Money Metals Exchange, the national precious metals company named 2015 “Dealer of the Year” in the United States by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Siegner puts his experience in business management along with his passion for personal liberty, limited government, and honest money into the development of Money Metals’ brand and reach. This includes writing extensively on the bullion markets and their intersection with policy and world affairs.

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4 Comments on "Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold and Silver Prices"

  1. We have seen how the FBI was Threatened to try to cover up for Obviously Guilty Hillary Clinton, and this is Proof that the Corrupt American Governmental System is Vile and Putrid, and America will be become a Third World Country Hillary Clinton becomes President, and the Establishment want to Rig the Election for Clinton and for other Corruptocrats.

    We Know that Anthony Weiner was an Influential American, because he was a Congressman, but there are other ways to be among the Influential Americans, and that is the Media and the Entertainment Industry, along with Politics and other areas, where Others have the Dirt on Others in this regard, and Donald Trump Knows that America Needs Clean Citizen Politicians who will Serve the People, rather than their Shadow Government Puppet Masters.

    There are Many Americans who think that there Many Influential Americans who are the Puppets of the Unconstitutional Shadow Government because they have been either Secretly Filmed in Anthony Weiner type situations or worse, and we do Not Know the extent of the Anthony Weiner matter, but these People have become the Puppets of the Shadow Government.

    These Influential Americans, which could include Representatives in Congress and the Senate who have Threatened Members of the FBI regarding its Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Crimes and Treasons, and they want a Cover Up, and this is what they have Ordered the Director of the FBI to do.

    These People Know that Donald Trump wants term limits on Members of Congress and the Senate, and this is why they Threatened the FBI Director to Act Corruptly, and try to Insult the Intelligence of the American People.

    The FBI Director, who is a Lawyer and Knows the Law tried to Insult the Intelligence of the American People, by saying that he could not find that Hillary Clinton intended to store Top Secret Classified Information in an Unlawful place, whereas, the Espionage Act says that a Prosecutor Must Determine if Classified Information was handled Negligently, regardless of whether there was intent for that.

    The Director of the FBI said Hillary Clinton did handle Top Secret Classified Information Negligently, because Everyone Knows That, and so Any Reasonable Prosecutor would have Prosecuted Hillary Clinton.

    It was Not the FBI who had an obligation to recommend or to not recommend if Hillary Clinton Should be Charged with Espionage of which she was Obviously Guilty, but that was a matter for the Department of Injustice, and the Attorney General.

    The Shadow Government Knows that in a Pseudo Democracy, that there Needs to be a Minimum of two Political Parties.

    The Shadow Government, does Not want any Competition from other Political Parties, because it becomes More Difficult for them to Manage and Manipulate.

    The Shadow Government could Order Donald Trump to do something silly to help Hillary Clinton, because they like close Elections, and this is why they have the Corrupt Electronic Voting Machines, and Fake Opinion Polls, and Lying Journalists.

    I would Not be surprised in the least if those comments made by Donald Trump regarding how some women like Television Show Stars like himself were made this year after Donald Trump won the Republican Primaries, even though it is Claimed that those comment were made in 2005, and I have No Proof for that, but that is how the Establishment can do things.

    The Establishment wants to Rig the Election for their Preferred Candidate, who is Hillary Clinton, because Donald Trump wants term limits for Members of Congress and the Senate for the Reasons that have been stated.

    The Shadow Government Knows that If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then even the Democrats Should Impeach and Convict this Clinton at least if America is to have Any Semblance of Democracy and the Rule of Law, and this is one of Several Reasons, why there are Many Americans who think that Americans should do themselves a Huge Favor and a Duty to America, and to go and Vote regardless of anyone or anything that might discourage them to Vote, including a Corrupt FBI, and regardless of Electoral Fraud or Vote Rigging from the Untrustworthy Soros electronic voting machines from the Establishment and the Corruptocrats, and to Vote for Competence and Sanity and Honesty, because the Clintonites want to Undermine and Sabotaged American Democracy, and the FBI tried to Insult the Intelligence of Americans, and they were ordered to do this by the Corrupt Establishment.

    There are Many Americans who think that this means that Voters Should Vote for Anyone But Clinton, because Many Americans Know that they Must be seen to Reject Treason and Corruption, because of America’s Interests in the World, and because of their own Obligations to Themselves as Americans, and that Obligation is even Greater now that the Corrupt Puppet FBI is trying to Insult the Intelligence, of American Voters.

    The Shadow Government does Not want Donald Trump to become President, because they like Dirty Puppets like Anthony Weiner, as long as they do Not get caught, and there are Many Americans who want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  2. Lest we forget, the price of silver was almost $50 a few short years ago. I’m sure everyone will get excited when the price finally gets back into the $20 range, but the price will still not be allowed to reflect the real value of physical metal based on supply and demand. The paper market still overwhelms any fundamentals. Foreigners are the ones who have been stockpiling physical metals, especially gold. The western oligarchs will not let countries like China and India see windfall profits unless they have also jumped in on the long side. And if higher prices for silver and gold weaken the USD, the prices will simply not be allowed to rise.

  3. Banksters using the election to steal more $$$$ via the stock market. Nothing new here.

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