9 Reasons Why I Am NOT Voting

By Chris Duane

Chris Duane explains why he’s not voting and destroys the left-right paradigm surrounding the 2016 US presidential (s)election. Vote for yourself. These guys aren’t going to save you.

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25 Comments on "9 Reasons Why I Am NOT Voting"

  1. When i watched the second plane hit the Twin Towers, i knew it was an atack…and when BOTH buildings fell on their footprint, i knew it was a False Flag by my Government.

    I researched, i prepped (beans, bandages, bullets AND Ag. Stacks)…
    I remember Ross Perot, supported Dr Ron Paul…and was shocked a no name junior senator from Illinois became President.

    NOW, we have a potential knight/bishop to put on the Chess board to counter the unconstitutional actions, corporate takeover and the country’s slide into a HILLARY Kingdom of the Illuminati…..

    Duane, i remember when you popped up on the internet (as i invest in Ag.) This TRUMP point in history has awakened numerous people beyond party lines….to re- awaken Americanism in our republic.
    Even if Trump f@cks up…the people, the sleeping giant that is America has opened its eyes…to stare down the illuminati eye of a false god…and its demons jockeying to rule over all of us…from city, state, to federal “servants” who have betrayed their oathes of office.
    Its 8am here in California, in los Angeles AND I STILL VOTED, GUESS FOR WHO!?
    Long live the Republic… Death to the NWO.

    • Yeah but they say Trump is a high level Mason so that sort of shoots your Illuminati theory to shreds. The Trump organization runs a great marketing and BS campaign so you have to give him credit for that.

      • B-JONES
        I Have to research the Trump mason issue.
        Illuminati infiltrated Free Masons…so im not convinced of your assumption…because i know some masons… who are unquestionable patriots.

        And concerning your “compliment” of Trump’s “BS” campaign…
        You believe what you want… but sometimes decisions are made on Faith.
        After watching mumerous Trump sppeches on YouTube…
        “I” have made my choice.
        You’re free to make yours.

        • DiMarco, You must define what “patriot” means to you, because it is a word used by the scoundrels for cover. Witness sir, The Patriot Act”. If that is patriotic, then I’m not.

          If you’re one of those who fear the Masons are taking over the world, then you are still living in a tree.

        • Great I’ll choose a large cheeseburger and fries while I sit back and laugh as the election results roll in tonight. You see at the end of the day the train has already left the station.

          • I guess you’re probably choking on your cheeseburger now?
            No worries… you’re still a American… now act like one.

          • Botswana Jones | November 9, 2016 at 9:00 pm |

            Whatever that means. Will Trump support independent journalism, auditing the fed, having the gov print our own currency and exposing the shadow gov? Will he work to dismantle the military industrial complex, big pharma and rolling back the Patriot Act and restoring our Constitutional rights? No I didn’t think so. Meet the new boss same as the old boss…

          • You prefer your chances with HRC?
            At least some of your list will be addressed by Trump.
            So instead of condemning him BEFORE he actually takes the office… be patient, and eat another cheeseburger while we all wait.

    • THANK YOU. I learned about the NWO and 9/11 at “conspiracy conferences” in Santa Clara CA. I saw a doc about 9/11 at a small local theater not long after the event. There were only a handful of us in the theater.I’ve been Tweeting against the Regime Change Warmonger Globalist Criminal Clinton for months and I was going to write in Bernie until yesterday morning when I woke up clear- headed, stunned awake by Comey’s latest maneuver, determined to vote for Donald Trump who appears to favor sovereignty in direct opposition to NWO Clinton.

      • Lynn, hopefully more Californians learn that our state Republic requires an informed citizenry like you…
        Information gives us more power to make better decisions.

        So lets keep searching for the truth. :o)

  2. Non-voters are a politician’s wet dream.

  3. If you don’t vote, you vote for Hillary…..If every vote counts, you must vote…

  4. For those that think the ones not voting are the problem maybe you should investigate all the evidence pointing to the election fraud that is rampant in this banana republic called the US. It is not a theory either like your callous claims.

  5. Don’t know how it is in other states but here there is a number voter ID below our registration cards. If you don’t use that number, put a vote in that corresponds to that address or given number, …. then someone else can and will fill in the blank spaces. Think not? And if found out ‘here’ not a word will be spoken about it, or known of. Illegals are doing this and legally using our social security numbers if claiming during the frauds they just made the numbers up, there-by not being intentional voter fraud (for some stupid reason) and not punishable for identity theft. Yeah, HUH? Same goes if your debit card is scanned and used. May get your money back from the bank and unless you hassle with more reports and cops you’ll never know who the thief was or is. Their identity is protected by the criminal justice system. Indiana… a total fraud and totally corrupt.

  6. Chris is right. However I don’t want anyone to rain on my delusional parade. Please, let me have this moment of hope…last. At least until 10PM today!

  7. Voluntary voter suppression is a gift to the far right,which can win only with low voter turnout.
    It makes as much sense as refusing to speak, exercise your right to free speech, because the media is controlled by 6 corporations and Big Money drowns out your voice. I am boycotting free speech as an invisible protest against the abuse of free speech.

    Only when people surrender their right to vote will we have democracy……??????

    Use your vote as a protest against evil, to build a 3d party movement for future change, and to keep alive the forgotten values of peace and justice. Or help out the far right, which seeks voter suppression as the only way they can win.

    See my articles on voting at opednews.com. I deal with all these phony “reasons” for giving a gift to the right, which is the objective effect of any form of suppression. The boycott is supported by two groups:

    the tiny communist parties of the US (less than 10K) and the far right, which controls the states and Republican Party, which know that only with low turnout can they win.

    Voter suppression by the far left with its tiny boycott movement, or by laws, has the same effect: it allows the least popular candidates to prevail.

    ‘All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    Do nothing……that’s the strategy for……………………………………?????

  8. This election has taught me more than I ever wanted to know about politics. Some of it was good and others,well let’s just say not so good. The amount of incest that exists in Washington D.C. is criminal. I understand that one needs “friends with favors” to get some work done up there, however, those “favors” should not cross the line into illegal activities. This election has shown me quite clearly that we are a high bred of a communist country with the wealthy operating under a totally different set of laws than your average citizen. Our inalienable rights are being eroded and will eventually be non-existent except maybe on a piece of paper called the the Bill of Rights. But while we still have some rights remaining, and one of them is voting, I will exercise that right. To do nothing is to willing sign over your countries destiny without at least trying to do something. This country is now in a modern form of rebellion against the elitist who are attempting to suppress the middle class into one of government dependence. If this happens, we will lose our freedom, rights and lifestyle as we know it. For me, not voting is not an option.

  9. Does not matter who wins as any rule by the will of man is doomed for self destruction.

  10. I don’t care if liberals don’t want to vote (they are uninformed ignorant brainwashed criminal loving slaves, anyways) but if you care about this country, your future and the world, you will vote Trump. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain or make comments in public or in writing ever again. Just shut up and take what you let happen.

  11. Pastor Henry Saltsman | November 8, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

    One can justify anything for any reason. To attempt to make yourself justified for inaction in the world, particularly here in America, particularly during these most uncomfortable and turbulent times, is a weakness and an unpatriotic attitude with hidden selfish agendas.
    I have listened to many who claimed to have insight and/or special knowledge. Because of these facts, I am very qualified to tell you that your action represents fear and cowardice.
    First, collective progressivism has nothing to do with whether one should exercise their civic responsibility. Party affiliation has nothing to do with you exercising a civic responsibility, to the extent of your responsibility. Having all the garble and non-sense you are peddling, represents a shallow understanding of what the Constitution, the Bible and Founding Fathers speak of.
    I am very certain, however, that if you or anyone fails to exercise their “duty” to stand firm in the face of personal persecution, lack of knowledge, reasonable and unreasonable criticism, that when the time comes when this “war” you so carelessly throw around, comes, you will be wondering where your next meal for your children/family will come from because you failed to be accountable all your years toward them or any belief system, except, perhaps, this terrible government’s hand-out programs, which you will find in all the FEMA camps across this nation, many tears will be shed and you might at that point, wish you at least knew the awesome power of your Lord and Savior. A man’s action of inaction is still an action. To Not vote is indeed, an endorsement for failure. God bless you and yours!!

  12. Grace by Faith on yt | November 8, 2016 at 6:42 pm |

    Bravo~ Left wing, right wing, both are on the same filthy OLD breed of hawk that’s been guarding the henhouse all along. Half the chickens think the other half is crazy for voting for their wing, completely ignoring that they’re attached to the same bird (see: gold fringe around the flag, and Trump supporters – he stands in front of those flags, too, proving not only that he’s a fraud, a liar and a traitor just like Hillary, but that they’re on the SAME team, and it’s anything BUT American.

    It’s like they all have a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome, where Trump supporters actually believe he means what he’s saying, not realizing that every four years this same thing happens, and they never do what they say they will, but they hope against hope THIS time, it’ll be different. Unfortunately, the rest of us know he’s only saying what he knows half the country wants to hear. (problem/reaction/solution – hint: he’s the reaction part)

    I have to laugh, though, at everyone proudly displaying their “I Voted!” stickers like chickens not knowing their heads were just cut off. Poor sods have no clue that bananas get stickers just for being bananas.

  13. I made my choice and the good Lord was willing to see that it counted. All across the land folks are sounding the bells of freedom.
    DRAIN the SWAMP.

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