53 Years After JFK Assassination CIA Admits This Conspiracy THEORY Is Actually FACT

president-john-kennedy-403382_960_720By Matt Agorist

Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. It’s been 53 years since the assassination. Since that fateful November day, conspiracy theories have abounded. However, when we sift through the disinformation and look at only verifiable facts, we find no need for theories — as the conspiracy was a fact.

In 2015, while the world debated the Kardashians and Miss Universe, the CIA quietly declassified a report showing that former CIA director John McCone was complicit in withholding information regarding the assassination– a de facto conspiracy.

As Politico noted, according to the report by CIA historian David Robarge, McCone, who died in 1991, was at the heart of a “benign cover-up” at the spy agency, intended to keep the commission focused on “what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth’—that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.” The most important information that McCone withheld from the commission in its 1964 investigation, the report found, was the existence, for years, of CIA plots to assassinate Castro, some of which put the CIA in cahoots with the Mafia. Without this information, the commission never even knew to ask the question of whether Oswald had accomplices in Cuba or elsewhere who wanted Kennedy dead in retaliation for the Castro plots.

“If the commission did not know to ask about covert operations about Cuba, he was not going to give them any suggestions about where to look,” the CIA report notes.

While the report may be referred to as ‘benign’ by the CIA as an attempt to downplay its significance, it was a cover-up nonetheless — a cover-up that halted any further investigation into Oswald and his potential ties to Cuba and any of his possible connections or accomplices.

McCone’s conspiracy effectively rendered any further investigation into Oswald impotent as he directed the CIA to only provide “passive, reactive and selective” assistance to the Warren Commission. In fact, the report notes that McCone attempted and was successful at steering the direction of the investigation into his sole control.

According to the report, another senior CIA official was quoted saying he heard McCone say that he intended to “handle the whole (commission) business myself, directly.”

Initially stamped “SECRET/NOFORN,” meaning it was not to be shared outside the agency or with foreign governments, the report makes no mention as to why McCone was motivated to go to such great lengths to cover up this information. However, it does suggest that the White House may have directed him to hide it.

According to the report, McCone “shared the administration’s interest in avoiding disclosures about covert actions that would circumstantially implicate [the] CIA in conspiracy theories and possibly lead to calls for a tough US response against the perpetrators of the assassination,” the article reads. “If the commission did not know to ask about covert operations about Cuba, he was not going to give them any suggestions about where to look.”

Outside of the bombshell admission of a CIA cover-up, the report also admits that the CIA was actually in communication with Oswald before the assassination, and the spy agency had been secretly monitoring his mail.

According to Politico, the CIA mail-opening program, which was later determined to have been blatantly illegal, had the code name HTLINGUAL. “It would be surprising if the DCI [director of central intelligence] were not told about the program” after the Kennedy assassination, the report reads. “If not, his subordinates deceived him. If he did know about HTLINGUAL reporting on Oswald, he was not being forthright with the commission—presumably to protect an operation that was highly compartmented and, if disclosed, sure to arouse much controversy.”

As the corporate media remembers JFK, you can rest assured that they will most certainly avoid any mention of this report. While it is certainly not the holy grail, it does add credence to the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe the official government story — as they have every reason not to trust a word the CIA says.

“The decision of McCone and Agency leaders in 1964 not to disclose information about CIA’s anti-Castro schemes might have done more to undermine the credibility of the commission than anything else that happened while it was conducting its investigation,” the report reads. “In that sense—and in that sense alone—McCone may be regarded as a ‘co-conspirator’ in the JFK assassination ‘cover-up.’”

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. . and now on Steemit

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

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29 Comments on "53 Years After JFK Assassination CIA Admits This Conspiracy THEORY Is Actually FACT"

  1. Perhaps now the pleasantly ignorant will understand why I refer to this as “Sewer Nation”. I doubt it, but one can hope, no?

  2. THIS is a coverup of the coverup. E. Howard Hunt admitted on his deathbed that HE and the CIA assassinated JFK. Oswald’s only involvement was HE was the patsy CIA operative that got blamed for it. George H.W. Bush and Nixon were both in Dallas that day. The Republican Party was involved in the planning of the assassination. A picture taken by the Dallas police that day of the bums down at the nearby railroad had E. Howard Hunt dressed as one of them. THAT was the original reason for the Watergate breakin—-the DNC had been sent a copy of that picture. Nixon resigned because all of this and the fact that Hunt was so close to Nixon, and had been in and out of the White House more than 1,000 times would have indicated Nixon as part of the assassination. Where in the he** are the research reporters?

    • Additionally, J Edgar Hoover came to Dallas on November 21, 1963 and met with LBJ, Nixon and several others at the home of Clint Murcheson, oil tycoon and owner of the Dallas Cowboys. It was there that the go ahead was given for the operation.

      • Precisely. We have eye witness evidence of exactly who was present at good old boy Clint’s home the night before the murder, and exactly who attended the meeting that evening after the party was dismissed. You failed to mention one of the most important members of that meeting, towit, LBJ, who had just been sanctioned by the US Senate 2 days earlier and would have been impeached had he not been miraculously promoted to president. You also missed known members of organized crime and a high ranking member of the CIA. I was glad to read Howard Hunt’s Death Bed confession as the guy enjoyed total immunity while engaging in despicable crimes during his lifetime.

    • you seem to know allot , and I respect you for it..YA I know MOST of it too, and I say we need to
      go after the FBI, DALLAS PD, CIA< and the rest of the SCUM who stole your country from you!

    • Spot on. Politico reporting on this is part of a glacial strip tease 100 year unveiling.

      You’d think by now we could hang Arlen Specter out to dry for his Warren Report Magic Bullet explanation.

    • The only TRUTH that Americans need to learn is that Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT assassinate John F. Kennedy. That is a fact! The motorcade route from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport was 15 minutes behind schedule when it passed the Book Depository. Kennedy was shot at 12:30 and a fellow employee stated that she saw Oswald eating lunch in the 2nd floor lunch room at 12:15. If he was going to shoot Kennedy and/or Connolly he would have been in the “sniper’s perch” on the sixth floor at 12:15! This is just one of a multitude of testimony that exonerates Oswald, for those who choose to do a little research instead of being sheeple and believeing EVERYTHING the media/government spews as “truth”!

    • Because, Nixon was a anti Semitic. That’s why he was impeached !
      Who owns the USA media today (& for decades) ?

  3. well
    May the justice act
    And a lie less

  4. BS.

  5. matthewcarmody | November 23, 2016 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    Sorry, but the 2 Dicks in CIA, Bissell and Helms, knew what was going on and Dulles wasn’t that long gone from the company that he couldn’t have outed Mongoose actions. No, the CIA isn’t admitting to anything. What we need now is a complete declassification of the remaining documents CIA retains including Oswald’s 202 information.

    • And that’s precisely what they will endeavor to protect, no matter what.

      Sorry; I’ve been in this since 1965; there’s not a thing they won’t stoop to to protect the dregs of this awful conspiracy. Really very little remains to be seen. But they have no intention of ever letting us know the rest.

  6. Ok…so, it wasn’t Israel for Kennedy insisting on inspecting their nuclear sites and shutting down the Federal Reserve…
    Huh. Thought I had it all figured out.

    • Yvonne Forsman | November 24, 2016 at 4:42 am | Reply

      It was about the Fed Reserve, wasn’t it?

    • I believe that these two items were also involved in it. The Silver Certificate Act was in place, forcing Silver Certificates to support all. It was never repealed, yet all the Silver Certificates were destroyed by the Federal Reserve. I also believe that Israel was involved. I once watched two retired CIA agents state on the History Channel, that the CIA commited the crime, and one of them said that the CIA had murdered at least 40 people after that, to help cover it up. I guarantee that you’ll never see a repeat of that show on the History Channel.

  7. I find it amazing that within the comments of reliable news I learn a lot!
    Beats any MSM crap!
    You guys rock !

  8. Check out the US Treasury and the history of Dillon of Dillon Reed. The secret service agents that protect the president are from the US Treasury Department.

  9. McCone of JFK fame and Zelikow of 911 Commission fame sound similar.
    Proving the unholy goat worshipers have lap dawgs on every important psy op.
    Haslam’s ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkeys’ is worth the read and had input from Judy Vary, still in hiding.
    …’JFK’s assassination lies at the feet of LBJ…’ E. Howard Hunt.
    Thanks for the declassified doc.

  10. Been reading the chain of convos here. I was around then too and know that what y’all are saying is true. The thing that strikes me is that as of today NOTHING HAS CHANGED. As a matter of fact it has only gotten worse if you look at what Wiki Leaks continues to uncover for the public. There is true evil at the very core of the political/governmental system.

    But the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Righteousness is coming and will give to each one real justice according to his deeds, whether good or bad.
    Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

    • Yeah. Let’s wait around for Jesus. I’m sure that’s who he wants to appear to…a bunch of people waiting around for him. Not sure that’s what’s going to make the world better. Pretty sure, in fact, that’s one of the things making it worse…waiting around for someone to show up and show us the way. Kinda keeps us…waiting around…ya know? Wander of there’s something TO that…

  11. A limited hangout, where we are asked to believe the CIA covered up something after all, but it was the CIA-backed attempts to kill Castro that was being protected, not the fact the CIA was involved in the Kennedy assassination. That’s OK. Most of us who know anything about the Deep State know full well what they are capable of doing.

  12. I wish the frell you people would stop saying the JFK was “assassinated”, JFK was MURDERED

  13. Simply put, all western covert agencies work for the Ashkenazi. Therefore, while a few of these agencies collaborated in the slaughter the public began their wild guess. Some say it was LBJ and some say it was the mafia, well in fact it was ordered by the biggest mafia dynasty of the world.. the Khazar. All western governments work for them, all US politicians work for them.

  14. Rothschild is complicit in the assassination of JFK. Rothschild’s Reuters script was used to report the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Zealand and Thailand newspapers, BEFORE it happened.
    Confiscate Rothschild’s $500 trillion.
    Fund Social Security.
    Grandma gets a monthly check for $66,000.

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