5 Key Revelations For Free Thinkers To Consider After Election 2016

vote-waking-timesBy Dylan Charles

The political system we have today is not the democratic republic it pretends to be. National elections are orchestrated public relations events, engineered to serve the complex interests of the plutocracy and shadow government. The perception of differences between major party candidates is limited to within a narrow spectrum of mainstream ideology, and voting has become a tool used by the oligarchy to routinely refresh the illusions of choice and consent.

Indoctrinated to believe this system is mandatory for human prosperity and security, consideration of alternatives is practically unthinkable to the citizenry. Most have their entire lives and fortunes invested in this game, and as such, a truth this heavy is simply too much to process and too painful to accept. Obedience and compliance to state and culture have their sleepy, comfortable perks, but the natural inclination of the human spirit is to gravitate towards truth and freedom. When this is ignored or denied, inner peace is impossible, and outer chaos inevitable.

For this, the free-thinker will always emerge as the winner in a contest against the statist, for, it is the soul who needs no illusions and carries no attachments which can look upon the ashes of ruin and give them credit for being the first signs of new bloom.

Now that the unbelievable spectacle of election 2016 is complete, here are some critical things that free-thinkers can take away from this rather insane and revelatory experience.

1.) The mainstream, corporate media is unashamedly here to convince and distract you, not to inform or empower you. Most media outlets, including many alternative outlets, have fully exposed themselves as partisan organizations with no commitment to objectivity or logic. We are at last free from the chokehold of this organized form of propaganda and ideological occupation.

2.) People still do not yet understand the true nature of government as an organization which derives its power and authority from the superior application of violence. They don’t yet fully understand that in order for government to offer a solution to a problem, it must first create that very problem. Many are still unready to admit that we are ruled by a plutocratic, oligarchical, corporate state that does not take orders from elected politicians.

Because of this, there are now plenty of opportunities to inspire and awaken people with serious information.

3.) Social chaos and mindless incivility has been properly revealed as a reflection of inner chaos, fear and disharmony. It’s clear now that many have been trained to choose team loyalty over personal independence. To choose destructiveness instead of creativity, to build echo chambers instead of round tables, to relish conflict over curiosity, and to seek the comfort of group-think over the uncertainty of individuality.

These programs are socially engineered diseases and their chief symptoms are violence in word and deed. This is out in the open now, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. ~Pogo

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4.) There is no place on planet earth where free-thinking people can enjoy voluntary community and peaceful coexistence without interference by the state and its sympathizers. Sad, but true. The entire world is colonized by statist ideology and there is no where to run or hide from this mindset. Yet, there is sufficient living freedom in this revelation alone, because from anywhere now, we can openly engage in any one of a million simple acts of revolution and independence, and they will be witnessed and absorbed by those most in need.

5.) At long last, some of the darkest, ugliest and most difficult to look at issues are bubbling up into mainstream consciousness. The long and well-documented history of occultism, pedophilia, human-trafficking, human sacrifice, Satan worship and dark ritual among the world’s ruling elite can finally be openly discussed without instant mindless backlash. The proverbial black cat is out of the bag now, and there has never been a better time to participate in the work of waking people up to the high crimes of the elite.

Final Thoughts

In 2016 your personal awakening counts more than your vote, for the only thing that can turn the tide on endless war, unstoppable surveillance, the strategy of tension, weaponized stress, environmental ruin, and unchecked debt-slavery, is a large enough and spirited enough class of fearless, righteous individuals. Until free humanity emerges victorious from the mental slavery of the state, we will get the president that we deserve.

Enjoy this excellent elucidation of this point by Carey Wedler:

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Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

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This article (5 Key Revelations for Free Thinkers to Consider After Election 2016) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Dylan Charles and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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12 Comments on "5 Key Revelations For Free Thinkers To Consider After Election 2016"

  1. Well written – thankyou 🙂

  2. Outstanding, well written 5 points. The term “Satan” here, as it means adversary, is good, but devil worship, may be more to the point. Archeological digs before 1910 of Canaan, Israel and Judah, as well as Carthage and others, are horribly disturbing. A practice of live and burnt sacrifice that exists to this day. Even among atheists and agnostics, it is an easier path to do harm than do good. The ends doesn’t justify the means.

    The manufactured dialectic of tension to divide an conquer poisoning the terms liberal and conservative is spot on.

    We all will find out the real Donald Trump when his cabinet is announced.

  3. The video by Cary Wedler is the best summation of real life for most Americans I’ve ever seen. It truly needs to be shared with those who see it, to everyone they know!

  4. Grace by Faith on yt | November 10, 2016 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    Again, my comment doesn’t appear – with no reason given. Would someone kindly tell me what the guidelines for moderating comments here are so maybe they won’t be censored? No swearing, no racism, no sexism, no… truth?

    • Don’t mention names or corporate names.

      • Grace by Faith on yt | November 10, 2016 at 6:07 pm | Reply

        Well, what do you know, there it is. Finally they posted it! I posted it 11 hours ago, and 6 hours ago it still hadn’t posted! Maybe it’s just a back-log of posts to moderate, so from now on I’ll give it more time. Still don’t know why some post immediately and some do not. I do mention names and corporate names in it – hard to imagine NOT posting them these days, right? Thanks so much for your suggestion, I’ll keep it in good mind. God bless~

  5. Well put together & laid out …& well said (imho) ..cheers

    • Grace by Faith on yt | November 11, 2016 at 7:26 am | Reply

      Thanks for the great reply. I posted a follow-up with specific organizations affiliated with Tavistock, for instance, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania (where Trump attended), but they won’t post it. LOL LOVE the word, “entrainment”, btw, it’s perfect! Yes, we are all victims of their psychological war games in the Hegalian nightmare of fear- and trauma-based mind control, but there are flaws in their programs, and those of us who have broken programming without losing it (yes, cognitive dissonance is a killer), have only become that much stronger. I love that their plan is backfiring, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. 😉 Cheers~

      • Yes ..I wrote out along list of what they CENSOR prior to replying to your comment..&.sure enough I was MODERATED(lol) …but I did it for Them (lol) with a note pointing out that these are just words on paper & they are so predictable (lol) & that if I wasn’t ‘moderated’ by these obsequious-sycophantic/ neo-stasi-political-officer Censors …that they all must have been fired because Trump got voted in for Pres…& there finally was Freedom of Speech on AP hahahaha!……this was all tongue- in- cheek facetious banter of course…but perhaps they need to poked with a stick once in awhile & have their pants pulled down stating their obvious treasonous function for the neoziocon NHS…cheers

  6. The priesthood, teachers and their followers that preach the written word of god that has never existed on paper, for profit from those that could least afford it, using mysticism, magic and fantasy – alchemy, astrology and numerology (as a way of trans-generational communication for continued power through deception) for their own wealth and power over reality and the common good of humanity, is used by as a front by many for war, terror, divide and conquer dialectic of their own making, plunder, asset stripping… The separation of creator from creation that the chosen, the only people, or even only humans of their god, among soulless animal people along with the rest of soulless life on earth, has been probably the greatest contributor of dysfunctional life on earth for several millennium. Wisdom and faith are not contained in a written dogma, but are practiced to become better people, helping themselves by helping others (loving others as thyself) and preparing a good life for those spirits who will live in the future, not by plunder and using the ends to justify the means. We know who we, ourselves and others by the fruit we produce. Fruit of living the good life at the expense of other lives is rotten fruit. Any “spiritual” knowledge that is hidden knowledge, is not wise or good. Creativity, knowledge and the wisdom to use it is based on a foundation created by the creativeness of countless others that came before, and is not something radical thought out by one person but many minds working together, often by people contributing with different skill sets to create something greater than what could be accomplished individully. The love of money, (a device of control of very few over the rest of the population), as well as the lust for wealth (outside of the industrial necessity for gold, silver, platinum, the value of “precious” metals is as nonsensically artificially high), and power (commonly used to influence or force people to act in ways against one another for the benefit of one or a few), is a problem of our hierarchy that is not wise or good, one that requires eternal vigilance for the freedom of all.

  7. There are some good points in this article, but it is centuries too late! The term “democratic republic” is an oxymoron! When and where did USA become this illusion? The two party mess has taken a long time to turn we the people against each other, but they finally did it to the point of violence from the left because what the right does. We just experienced 8 years of destruction to the “American Dream” which created a huge shift of both parties to the far left. The democratic “party” is now socialistic, or marxist! The republicans are more liberal today than JFK who was democrat! The two “party” system has caused this, and purposely I might ad. Well, Mr & Mrs America the “party” has been over for a long time. It is far past time to wake up and smell the coffee. If we the people do not unite very soon everything America has built world wide will be GONE! The difference between the left right paradigm is that the right will not use the same immoral, and unethical tactics that the left so brazenly does when they get money. They sell their souls for ideology no matter which ideology it is. The right will not step over certain boundaries. BUT since JFK was murdered the right has been pushed into corner after corner just to come out, not swinging, no sir, to come out compromising every time! The right leaning politicians have been getting bolder and bolder to do the bidding of those who want the constitution gone and the population reduced. The globalist money mongers will stop at nothing, their is no bottom to how low they will stoop to buy, murder, boycott, anybody who gets in their way and the right neos, rinos, call them what you will, fall for anything!

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