Voting Is a Ritual Meant to Divide

2016 electionBy The Conscious Resistance

Voting is one of many rituals in the Cult of America. Derrick Broze explores how the State exploits the election and voting to divide the people along artificial lines.

Here’s Why I Don’t Vote…

Voting As Strategy Not Apathy…

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9 Comments on "Voting Is a Ritual Meant to Divide"

  1. i could not disagree more with this guy.
    hillary is the NWO globalist elite and the bilderberg choice, so we should immediately be diametrically opposed to their desires.
    we all know that trump has lots of bad qualities, supports torture, fracking, etc. but… what trumps campaign is doing by exposing so much of the corruption and lies wakes people up. it can only be a good thing.

    obviously, the election will be rigged. we all know this. but if we get out and vote against their candidate hillary, theyve got to skew the results to enormous proportions. its going to make it very very difficult for them to hide the theft. more people may wake up.

  2. Just another consequence of the constitutional framers’ usurpation of Yahweh’s exclusive election authority, per Deuteronomy 17:15.

    For more, see blog article “Salvation by Election.” Click on my picture, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • againstcorporaterule | October 15, 2016 at 11:56 am | Reply

      God is just another word for Satan! Millions of years of evolution right? The Loving Creator is the only real creative force behind the creation of the earth and all its life, and it is therefore not some schizophrenic shallow entity that it needs its ego constantly stroked by the big 3 salvationist religions in their various churches. Only a Satanic entity requires the constant stroking of the ego, and by diverting human energy into caring more about worshipping “God” tricks us into ignoring our real job in protecting our earth. (Check out ‘Not in His Image’ by John Lash -2006- About the discovery at the Nag Hammadi)

  3. There should not be any real division in this election when one of the nominees is a criminal felon, murdering leftist enemy of the people. If you read the “Pentagon’s Ominous Video…”, the first ActivistPost article today, you would know she is one of their useful idiots. There’s really no contest here – globalism or sovereignty/independence.

  4. If you don’t vote you are voting for Hillary. Its never been clearer who represents the NWO and who does not. When you vote for Trump wear red–it will make it harder to steal the election

  5. TheDeplorableRedneck | October 16, 2016 at 6:11 am | Reply

    It’s obvious that the HillBillaryBushCheyney crime syndicate are all about getting the despicable democrat biped in office.
    She must have went to a drug rehab for those 6 weeks, of silence. I was hoping she would puke her guts out on stage, choke on her own vomit.

  6. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!!! Divide and conquer has been the catchphrase since July 5th 1776! Gotta give it to Americans they have resisted this long, but we MUST return to the once great Protestant Republic of America with its greatest document ever written, the constitution. The monarchies have been battling against this document for hundreds of years. AMERICANS MUST UNITE IN ORDER TO DEFEAT THE REAL ENEMY, THE BANKSTER MONEY/WAR MONGERS OF THE WORLD. We need to do what Egypt did by peacefully removing obama’s puppet Morsi. The party is over! the two party nonsense has taken its toll and those who watch and believe the idiotic lamestream megaliars are complicit in the destruction of our great country!

  7. The Electoral College, the people who actually votes (we “citizens” do not vote), is based on the Electoral College of the Holy Roman Empire. The last Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire was King George III, who was also the last King of America. It is no coincidence. The voting in America and elsewhere is a farce mimicking the official vote for Emperor that goes on without our knowledge. The dividing of people into smaller and smaller groups is the aim of the Emperor. We ask the empire to rule us because we are afraid of each other. Without this fear the empire would crumble. Without division there is no fear.

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