TED Talks Again Outed as a Thought Control Tool of the Establishment

ted-censorBy Sigmund Fraud

Does establishment media believe that it alone knows what we all should think about science and history? The internationally revered organization TED has in the past created controversy for attempting to censor talks that do not fit with its version of reality, causing many to see TED as an establishment organization that engages in global thought control.

TED’s slogan is, ‘Ideas Worth Sharing,’ yet it is clear that there are some ideas that TED feels should not be shared.

Author and historical investigator Graham Hancock has sold millions of books and inspired many more people around the world with his game-changing thoughts on human history and the development of human consciousness, yet his talk, The War on Consciousness, was banned by TED in attempt to prevent the public from considering and sharing his paradigm-changing ideas.

At the same time, a researcher into the field of parapsychology, Rupert Sheldrake, gave a fascinating and enlightening presentation for TED which was also censored for not meeting the guidelines of TED’s advisory board, an entity which apparently has been tasked with the job of deciding what new ideas should be available for public consideration.

These are two highly prominent and forward-thinking scholars with huge international followings. The critical thing they have in common is their willingness to subvert dominant scientific and intellectual paradigms in their quest for truth and understanding of the human experience.

Furthermore, talk by billionaire Nick Hanauer on wealth inequality in modern society was also accused of being passed over and censored by TED because it did not present an acceptable worldview in TED’s eyes. All three of these thought-provoking and paradigm-shifting presentations can be seen, here.

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Fast forward to the present, journalist and author Graham Hancock has recently posted another case of TED censoring his presentations, this time by displaying an obnoxious disclaimer over a talk he gave entitled, ‘Is The House of History Built on Sand?’

Shockingly, the entire 18 minute presentation is flagged and smeared with the following warning to viewers, as though it were a medical threat.

This talk, which was filmed at an independent TEDx event, falls outside TEDx’s curatorial guidelines. Read More Below.


Who exactly is TED protecting? The explanation reads as follows:

NOTE from TED: Please be aware that this talk contains outdated and counterfactual assertions, and should not be understood as a representation of modern scholarship on ancient civilizations.

Comments on this matter by Graham Hancock himself are quoted here:

TED claims it’s about ideas worth spreading, but this is what TED does to ideas put out on its forum that it judges to be alternative or non-mainstream — see attached screenshot, and full talk at this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyfE3IvDWR8). They stick an orthodox health warning over the speaker’s face, smear the talk as “outdated and counter-factual” (see the video description), give no evidence to support the smear, and use the opportunity to big up some of their pet mainstream speakers.

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If I was ever in any doubt that TED is a tool of the dominator society that seeks to keep us all asleep, and that believes itself to be the fount and guardian of all legitimate knowledge, my latest encounter with the TED organisation has settled the matter for me. The attached screenshot is from my TEDx talk, given in the city of Reading in the UK in March. It’s a talk about my latest research into the possibility of a lost civilization and sets out some of the evidence presented in my new book Magicians of the Gods (https://grahamhancock.com/magicians/). I was very careful with this talk. Indeed I did something I’ve never done before which was to read it to make sure no slip of the tongue, or over-running of the extremely limited time allocated, could be used by TED to delete it from Youtube as they did with my last one (https://grahamhancock.com/ted-war-on-consciousness-hancock/)

I don’t like reading talks from a carefully pre-prepared script, but having done so in this single case I am quite certain that the ideas I present are NOT “outdated and counter-factual” as TED allege and I challenge them to provide evidence to support this smear.

The presentation can be seen here:

Final Thoughts

Human experience is more rich and has more depth than we fully understand, yet there is no question we live in an age where thought control and social engineering is important in maintaining the status quo of strict cultural and scientific materialism which keeps us locked into the corporate-consumer paradigm, serving the economy rather than serving the spirit. If TED is an organization which truly is about presenting ‘ideas worth sharing,’ then why are well-documented, well-researched presentations countering this paradigm being censored and minimized by TED?

Who is TED really working for?

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind. Follow Sigmund on Facebook here.

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9 Comments on "TED Talks Again Outed as a Thought Control Tool of the Establishment"

  1. TED has unwittingly provided further proof that “modern scholarship” is failing to keep truth from escaping the basement archives where its been hidden from humanity for eons. Putting a red box over this presentation is an blatant slap in the face to Hancock and everyone else looking for answers to our distant past.

    Bye bye, TED. You just outdated your counterfactual self.

  2. …”Off with their heads”-screamed the Red Queen to her satanic minions that comprise the ‘Advisory Board’ purveyors of “Settled Science” …Perhaps we still have time to mount a Speleological expedition into the dark caverns of Plato’s Cave waaaaay up where the sun don’t shine inside their collective bowels, where they hold their ‘official’ meetings…as the same kind of people that inhabit the ‘Deliberate Obfuscation Dept.'(lol) in the Smithsonian, that the Jesuits clandestinaly load up barges full of our ancient historical treasures, including piles of 10′ to-16’ + + skeletons with double rows of teeth, red hair & 12 fingers & toes + ‘Star Child’ Cone-Heads skulls from Peru & China…& then take it all out to sea & then proceed to dump these artifacts ignominiously into the deep blue.
    …Had these intellectually compromised, globalist ‘hard-lining’ myopic sophists had the mental aptitude & realized, what a sublimely humble yet peer reviewed & acclaimed intellectual Giant -physics professor Rupert Sheldrake truly embodies …they should have been ‘red faced’ & supremely embarrassed by the poignant & abject ignorance displayed in their arrogant consensus-speak corporate hubris …but they’re too conceited & ego-bound to have done the necessary research on the man they felt compelled to denigrate…essentially these idiots had dismissively looked down their noses from their imaginary lofty perches in their NWO hierarchy… like grotesque gargoyles….. out of touch & unconsciously chained to the ersatz pseudo reality of their matrix.

  3. Ted Talks only reflect the dumbing down and the continued intentional destruction of western civilization. The moment someone speaks to me about some great Ted Talk they heard, I cut them out of my life. Life is way too short to waste on this globalist nonsense anymore. I refuse to participate. It’s amazing how freeing it is once one decides to stop playing.

  4. SallyMthedeplorable | October 8, 2016 at 7:24 am | Reply

    I feel like I am on the oustide. I have never seen tedx(y or z) for that matter.
    I hear your name Sigmund Fraud, long lost cousin to the real Sigmund Freud (perhaps Fraud is best).
    Marvelous eddysachs, simply marvelous.

  5. TED works within the context of reproducible science. Parapsychology is not a reproducible science, and TED is not the appropriate forum for such topics.

  6. First Snopes. Now TED.
    Pretending to be the final word on Eternal Verity.
    The PTB truly are relentless.
    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

  7. The art of the nudge was shown in full displayed by Orwell’s “Animal Farm” – All Animals are Created Equal has Some More Equal the Others added. The nudge has been quite effective as most Americans think 1. they are free, 2. the Constitution is followed, 3. the Bill of Rights is relevant. Even science, which is required to be able to reproduce it’s findings by peer review has been lost, not so coincidently, through reverse engineering solutions to fabricate methods and equations.

  8. What are the names of the people behind Ted Talks who are making these decisions and doing these oppressive things? Who are they?

  9. Why not? AP censors posts which aren’t consistent with the editorial staff’s world view.

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