The Silk Road Appeal

Silk Road

By Julia Tourianski

On Thursday, Oct 6th, three judges listened to the defense and prosecution argue their case regarding Ross Ulbricht’s appeal. I was there and this is my account. An interview with Lyn Ulbricht follows.


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2 Comments on "The Silk Road Appeal"

  1. Ingest that which you want. The war on drugs is only another form of keeping the little guy out.
    The BushClinton crime syndicate tosses out big duffel bags full of the stuff over Meana, Arkansa with beeper locaters (low flying planes without lights at night).
    I’m sure this poor sap (yet intelligent) sap will never see more than cement and gray bars. Must make an example…Joowstice system reigns, rather rains on anyone the puppet masters say. Especially ex CIA chiefs and Potus types.
    END the War on Drugs
    END the FED

    suggested read : ‘Barry and the Boys’ Dennis Hopsicker…hint: Poor ‘ol Barry ended up in his own trunk…RIP.

    SHEisDISPICABLE and so are all of them.

  2. Ross is lucky to have such a good mother. My mother would help build the gallows.

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