Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS

naval-photoBy Whitney Webb

As part of an ongoing offensive against militant-held sectors of Aleppo, Russian warships hit a military operations center near the city, killing 30 Israeli, US, Saudi, and British officers who were allegedly offering support and intelligence to ISIS militants in Syria. The strike came following a failed ceasefire in the embattled country, which was ultimately derailed after being violated multiple times by US-backed militant groups, the US, and Israel.

Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported the incident citing a battlefield source in Aleppo and other reports confirmed the attack. According to sources, Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the operations room, where the officers were gathered, in the Dar Ezza region of Western Aleppo. Fars news agency reported that the Syrian army, with Russian support, has been making great advances in wrestling Aleppo from ISIS and militant hands.

Were the foreign officers helping ISIS after all? It has been confirmed from various reports, including the militants themselves, that foreign governments are training, supplying, and managing radical “opposition” groups in Syria with the ultimate aim of deposing the Assad regime. In a recent interview with a well-known German journalist, an al-Nusra Front commander supported these claims. He claimed that al-Nusra, a “rebel” group that is linked to both Al-Qaeda and ISIS, were directly supported by the US and that they had received tanks and other heavy weaponry from the US and Saudis via Libya and Turkey. He also said that the commanders of ISIS are led by Western intelligence. The commander also stated that foreign officers and experts from the US, Israel, and Turkey were inside Aleppo giving militant groups, including ISIS, support and intelligence.

Were these same “experts” the targets of the Russian strike? Considering that US lives were lost at the hands of the Russian military, it’s very telling that the Western media has refused to cover this story. Even though the corporate media loves to blame Russia whenever possible, their failure to cover the deaths of US military officers by a Russian missile strike strongly implies that the US and the other foreign officers killed in Aleppo were doing something that the US government does not want to be made public.

The Russian airstrike may also have been a covert response to a US-led coalition airstrike less than two weeks ago that “accidentally” killed 62 and wounded over 100 Syrian soldiers. ISIS attacked within 7 minutes of the strike, implying that the terrorist group knew of the airstrike in advance. This “accident” ultimately revived claims of US-covert support for ISIS with Syrian General Command calling it “conclusive evidence” of US duplicity. Tensions further escalated following the bombing of a UN aid convoy in rebel-held territory in Aleppo, which the US quickly blamed on Russia despite mounting evidence that the bombing was the work of a US Hellfire drone. Now, US-Russian diplomatic relations regarding Syria are in tatters and the US is expected to end it for good in the coming days. Was this recent Russian strike the real reason for the end of diplomatic cooperation?

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55 Comments on "Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS"

  1. Obamas moderate terrorists again. Who do they think they are fooling?

  2. No mention of this story on Russia Today which gets far more widespread western coverage than Sputnik – both being media organs of the Russian government. More compartmentalization?

    The only RT breaking news story on Aleppo being: “US, Russia discuss possible Aleppo normalization.
    …Lavrov spoke to his US counterpart John Kerry late Saturday.. The two diplomats discussed possible ways to curb violence in Aleppo, as well as tensions over North Korea’s actions, and bilateral ties.”

    • This happened a week ago & it was in RT/Press TV

      • Oh boy, that was a surprise to click on Disqus “read more”. LOL Sorry you’re in moderation purgatory. Hey it beats months of intense helicopter flyovers! Now that was surreal. Anyway, I just did another series of searches using various key words on a search engine and on RT and did not see this story. I did find RT’s coverage on the humanitarian convoy and am stunned at how vapid and lacking in detail it is, very glossed over for a super serious allegation. If RT’s coverage on this story is similar to that, then it confirms my suspicion of the compartmentalization being rather extreme. Forgive my blunt skepticism, but the news outlets listed are echo chambers, not original sources and I’ve seen a lot of all but Press TV to know they walk and quack like infiltrated ducks. Global Research was great, now it’s weighted down with all manner of muck. I started out as an early subscriber to Mike Ruppert’s From The Wilderness news site and he had some mind blowing pieces from Global Research writers. I learned a lot back then and Catherine Austin Fitts was brilliant – learning from her was akin to standing on the shoulders of a giant. We’re pretty much $crewed now when it comes to getting clear analyses.

        • Agreed …yet I maintain an eclectic overview that gleans & thereby encompasses my own gestalt of relative discernment….you do to…unconsciously or otherwise…ie: balanced ‘critical thinking’…most times one only has to skim the headlines to know what is transpiring after a decade of specific daily research built upon my own natural paranoia as to what has been going on ever since my first day of school in a fenced in imposing institution with an ashphalt recess area… spawned by the purchase of my 1st PC….cheers

        • They just moderated me again…hahahahaha…I musta pissed them off…good!…it will appear as per usual… again …if not, I’ll let you know if they deep-sixed it…cheers

          • It IS a beautiful thing. Personally, I find taking in deep knowledge is extremely humbling, ego shrinks to nothing until there is a disembodying – only enough personal presence to maintain focused expression. Minion knuckle-draggers probably think we’re nuts. LOL

    • The incident happened about 5 days ago.
      That´s why you might find no mention about it anymore, also because the US and it´s allies want to keep it under the carpet.


      • Thanks, I’ll do some digging. It should be given extensive coverage on RT given the importance of the story.

    • sputnik isnt a source…RT is… im very skeptical on this right now…
      when a news source can break a story…a real one …then ill believe them more the next time. An Israei rag had an article that the chinese carrier was in syria. lol Anoher joke source is veteran today. lots more but they are only there as smoke.

      • I agree, this doesn’t look right, way too superficial these flash in the pan stories. Iranian and Russian govt media sources release a mini news bomb and then continue to kowtow to UN, UN2030, and BIS grand daddy of Globalist central banks, it’s surreal. VT is whacky, Ken at redefininggod . com has done a great job putting VT’s Editorial Board into a clear light to include a Pakistan ISI spy chief (shades of Atta’s $100K) and a Russian general formerly head of Psy 0ps. Every significant outlet has been compromised, gotta put our heads together to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    • Eruanion Nolaquen | October 3, 2016 at 8:34 am | Reply

      Actually, that story does mention this attack, just not outright. RT might have to be more circumspect, so as not to start an all out war

      • Russia’s evidence can and should be turned over to the UN, esp. that claims of an alternative version of the destruction of the UN humanitarian convoy – that allows for the release of the information through different channels, official reports and policy journals. I’ll go back and scour RT some more…thanks.

  3. Too bad they couldn’t somehow gather all the warmongering criminal neocons in one spot where they could do the same thing to them. The real traitors & terrorists and threats to world peace and prosperity are in Washington DC and represent or work for the Govt…

    • Here ye! / Hear Ye!

    • Would be nice to be able to put them all in one FEMA camp. Problem is they are metastasizing like an aggressive cancer. Yesterday Carnegie publication Foreign Policy reported on China’s big move to expand it’s contribution to the UN blue helmets…the same Chinese govt that’s suddenly cracking down on very mild dissent rivaling Mao’s Cultural Revolution, incarcerating human rights lawyers with long sentences. This follows the ICANN transfer and the SDR adding the Yuan both effective Oct. 1.
      Remember Kissinger’s statement and now we have Soros and Ford Foundation setting the stage for BLM riots. Last year Chinese troops were training with US troops in Washington state.

  4. They did the favor of taking out the trash for us. Traitors and enemies of freedom and liberty.

  5. Botswana Jones | October 2, 2016 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    Complete Nonsense. You don’t think this story wouldn’t explode over international news if it were true? There would be no chance of containing it as it would truly be an international incident. Just like the mainstream news just because it’s from an alternative source doesn’t make it true.

    • How would it look to the outside world, if people discovered that this U.S camp was inside ISIS held territory?
      Smell the coffee!

      • After the fall of the USSR, Russia held back details on Operation Gladio provided to them from Turkish generals seeking asylum in Russia. Putin publicly states talk of 9/11 as an inside job is crazy conspiracy theory and he should know because he was an intelligence chief. Sounds like Assange of Wikileaks. Why hold back this colossal dam holding back a sewer of lies? It’s the entire foundation of the rise of a global police state and global war on terror.

    • No it would not explode. America is hiding their involvement with the terrorists even though the whole world knows what they are up to. You hear about NATO troops being killed in the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk? 11 of them got themselves wasted last month and no one heard anything. Why would the American government tell you anything? Have they been forthcoming in the past? Do you believe in Obama’s transparency and his hope and change? If the war pigs that run America want war they will not ask anyone for permission. Not even Botswana Jones.

  6. This story keeps running around the Internet, but no one has been able to provide anything remotely like proof. I consider US involvement in Syria to be abhorrent. And, I know that Israel has been supporting the Kurds. But, where did those ‘British officers’ come from?

    And, with Israeli involvement with the Kurds, why would they be in Aleppo.

    Furthermore, I find the idea of a command post like this… where they say that it was… unlikely.

    Sorry, but the story smells false.

    • Herbert Dorsey | October 3, 2016 at 5:45 pm | Reply

      The Syria war is part of NATO’s Gladio B operation as outlined by ex FBI employee, Sibel Edmonds. Gladio used NATO’s terrorists to create a strategy of tension in European countries where communism might be popular enough to be voted into power, like in Italy. Acts of terror carried out by NATO would be blamed on the Red Brigade, like the assassination of Aldo Moro. Gladio B was formed for non European countries. Al Qaeda has always been MI-6/CIA/ NATO’s covert Muslim army to destabilize targeted nations. Al Qaeda was used against Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, and now Syria. ISIS is just the latest name for Al Qaeda to keep us all confused. The book “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America” has a lot of documentation of these joint MI-6, CIA, NATO operations.

  7. Garry Compton | October 3, 2016 at 3:09 am | Reply

    By the way the US upped the hate media on Russia and the phony JLT report that Russia downed MH-17 – it’s obvious that Russia probably did take out the Ameri-Isis ” Control Tower”

  8. There never was any real “diplomatic cooperation” with Russia. Just a charade to get them to back off while the US proxies rearmed and moved into new positions.

    • Seems like we are being played on multiple levels to create an insane level havoc in Syria such that the UN will have to intervene…problem, reaction, solution. That kind of orchestrated plot would echo the USSR choosing to allow the UN to authorize it’s first ever “police action” in Korea = the first congressional undeclared war for the US setting two precedents at once. It was in the Russian’s (Soviet’s) best interest to veto the UN police action given the pretext was to contain communism – same with the Vietnam “police action”. Sutton’s research exposed the behind the curtain collaboration between western robber baron dynasties and Russian communist leaders.

  9. Eruanion Nolaquen | October 3, 2016 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Well, what did they expect in a city where Hospitals get bombed. Did they think, just because they were foreign military that people would ignore them? Russia can honestly get away with saying “We thought they were rebels” and we can’t naysay them, because we aren’t supposed to have anyone on the ground there

    • That’s spot on, the fog of war and cover ups, the apex global elite pulling countless strings it’s virtually impossible to get a clear sighting. Russian elites have used parallel tactics to those used by western imperialists. In 1999 the Russian FSB Moscow false flag bombings led to the Second Chechen War, the false flags used as a pretext to utterly destroy the city of Grozny to wipe out resistors. Some Russians are comparing the strategy in Aleppo to Grozny – and this would be a replica of Falluja utterly destroyed and the false pretext being 9/11.

      • I assume that by “Some Russians are comparing the strategy in Aleppo to Grozny” you’re referring to Russians employed by Soros-funded NGO’s working on the U.S./NATO/Saudi/Tel Aviv information-war campaigns? Otherwise, Aleppo has been brutally occupied by the Turkish/U.S./Israeli supported foreign invaders for more than 4 years, and most of its citizens (about 9/10ths of them) live in liberated West Aleppo, where they’re still bombed, Hell-Cannoned, and Mortared by the “Moderate Terrorists”TM in the surrounded and presently being liberated East Aleppo (where, BTW, the “rebels” are murdering the hostage citizens if they try to leave).

        • The analysis I read was not about motive, it was about the use of firepower – whether accurate or not. “Like Aleppo, Grozny was battered not just by conventional artillery and air power but also the TOS-1 Buratino, able to fire salvos of 24 rockets armed with thermobaric munitions, whose devastating blasts are second only to nuclear weapons in their capacity to level city blocks and blast houses to rubble.” I personally don’t believe at this level we know what all the facts are esp. given the nations involved have histories of duplicity and double dealing. It’s a fact Russian citizens saw their civil liberties shredded by the new “anti extremist” laws enacted after the Moscow bombings = a parallel. I agree about the barbarity of the western led attacks and still question whether the entire thing is a collaboration, a smokescreen given the parallels of engineered terror used as cover for the “global war on terror” – same language, same big moves, same tactics, same ties to the UN and BIS and the historical precedents.

          • Thanks for the clarification. Was not familiar with the TOS-1 Buratino – sounds like something similar to the hellfire missiles. I did see something about the Syrians sending in multi-rocket artillery – would hope it wasn’t thermobaric tech. It is a mess, but, IMO, the foreign Takfiri militias must be removed from Syrian territory.

          • You’re welcome and thanks for the question. It’s a heartbreaking mess, there’s no way around it. My heart shattered and tears flowed as the people of Afghanistan were pummeled when the global war on terror began knowing there was no way it could be excused even if 9/11 had been a real terrorist attack. Then Iraq and Libya. The war fever was palpable, a blind rage. I’ve learned that kind of anger, even when justified, destroys and blinds us. If only a massive wave of compassion could wake everyone up to say no more, we’re done.

          • My intuitive ‘Grok’ as well….. in a nut shell…cheers

        • Your information is correct, indeed. That is what I heard as well, exactly how it is in Aleppo.
          Contrary to all these US/NATO waffle waffle talking about “Russian barbarians” and if Syria and Russian Federation go on with bombing “the poor people living in East Aleppo, there can be no peace talks”.

          I wonder what people like UN US ambassador Ms. Power c.s. are thinking about us.
          In their view we the people have to do what “they” say and for the rest to shut our face.

          Too late, Ms. Power, we recognize your dirty political games.

          Viva Syria, Viva Russia, Viva Hezbollah, Viva Iran and Viva Palestinians.

  10. People die over there every hour so what is the big deal about some western and a few Israelis joining them. After it was them who started this war. The British ae the biggest joke in this war. As usual they wait for someone to fall down then kick them in the face and steal their money. It is refreshing to hear a few of those creepy killers meet their doom over there.

    • “It is refreshing to hear a few of those creepy killers meet their doom over there.”

      Why yes, yes it is…. slowly, painfully, screaming as I’m sure many of THEIR victims (unfortunately) did.

  11. Tidings of things to come. Russia has the wherewithal to take out “advisers” in war rooms and control centers America needs to heed this now. In the meantime, we know that Syrians overheard the communications between the US and ISIS leadership following the US led airstrikes that occurred 2 weeks ago, and proved that once again, the US is funding, working with, training and supporting ISIS, no matter what lies the main stream media continue to make to confuse Americans.

  12. 30 officers and experts of US, Israel, and Turkey in Aleppo those helping militant groups, including ISIS were killed…!! that’s the most expected news…of natural punishment. Who Murders millions Muslim in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan. …Allahuakber

  13. Hmm, perhaps even members of Idiot Culture can grasp the fact that if they were “embracing” ISIS in a targeted area they are, (LOL or WERE), complicit. Nice shot Russia.

  14. WatchmanofEzekiel33 | October 3, 2016 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    There will be wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet.

  15. Anyone that is well informed knows the US Cia, NSA etc…..mossad are funding, arming, and providing state of the art intelligence as they see fit to most of these various terrorist groups. Some are actually patriots fighting for their country. ……God Bless them.

    The tough thing is trying to get others to understand. Media/tv psych control on the bulk of the masses is staggering……but so are WE!!!!!!!!!

  16. Herbert Dorsey | October 3, 2016 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    These intelligence officers were in Syria illegally. That they were directing the anti Assad forces is also highly likely. The CIA often uses terrorists to overthrow governments, as well documented in the book “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”. The Russian attack on their bunker was definitely pay back for the U.S. attack on Syrian troops earlier. Also, Wiki Leaks has now supplied many e-mails proving that Hillary Clinton was involved with selling Weapons to ISIS. The U.S. covert support for ISIS is now clear to anyone paying attention. The problem now is that the U.S. covert war on Syria could quickly escalate into a hot war with Russia in which there will be no winners.

  17. Thanks, this has been fully admitted to by the western main stream media. I just tried again using different sets of key words on a search engine and on RT itself and cannot find coverage of this story. the moment it seems to be only on Sputnik – which is fishy to me if true. I found the RT story of the convoy but it was extremely glossed over, bizarre.

  18. This happened when Brad and Angelina were getting on great.

  19. John Pallyswine | October 4, 2016 at 4:23 am | Reply

    No evidence any Israelis were in Syria; just words from the mouth of a dirty muSSlim. Overall, Israel would prefer regime change in Syria, but has concerns about what type of government would succeed Bashar al-Assad.

    • Yes, I think that strike would’ve completely obliterated all evidence of Israelis in Syria.

      Unless all those Israeli run field hospitals are still operating in ISIS controlled regions.

  20. CHRISTOPHER KELLY | October 4, 2016 at 1:53 pm | Reply

    OBAMA–soetero is a new world order punk. he is a puppet. Putin knows he is a piece of ISLAMIC garbage.

  21. Ernesto César | October 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    Underestimate tour enemy, pay the price. You know you weren’t invited, right?

  22. sad, but true

  23. These trolls has nicks of nationality according.

  24. Im Haughtiness | August 27, 2017 at 11:59 pm | Reply

    And this is why!
    We all know we’re being lied to but nobody bothers to ask why we’re being lied to and I can explain why!
    For all Western governments and media to be following the same script (unprecedented in history) you simply must know the reason is huge! …It Is!

    It’s actually very difficult to explain but I’ve tried…

    The US has known for some time their economy had to collapse, they’ve been printing more and more dollars and increased its military spending yearly, even with the collapse of the USSR the US continued to build more military and gain more and more military bases across the world, we are witnessing the US at the point of no return, they have (knowingly) spent their way toward bankruptcy. Bare with me….

    They’ve had a plan for well over sixty years that if they can gain full world military dominance they can then introduce/Force a single world currency (What this is ALL about) …The effect as such would see the US overnight become completely debt free and would see them achieve full global military control as well as full global financial control (a very nice achievement many might argue) In other words for those people that don’t know. That effectively means ‘American Tyranny’ and that’s no different from Nazi tyranny.

    Now, the problem Is the US dollar Is the world ‘reserve currency’ and Is currently used by most other countries to purchase their oil/gas/energy etc, meaning that billions if not trillions of dollars are kept by countries for their energy purchasing, what that allowed the US to do Is print more and more dollars without showing the true rate of Inflation that would normally arise from such massive currency printing, but because so much of the US currency sits In vaults all over the world to purchase countries energy, It would never find its way into the actual US economy meaning the US could hold their level of Inflation right down from what It really should be.

    Here’s the huge problem we’re now seeing, countries like Russia, China, Iran, lots of Europe and many more now want to sell/buy their energy In different currencies not just the US dollar, meaning that each country who now trades in other currencies, whether It be the Yuan, the Ruble or the Euro will start to dump the dollars they held for energy purchasing and will replace them with the currency they’re going to use. The problem for the US Is when those billions if not trillions of dollars start to filter back into the US economy the Inflation now explodes as It can’t be hidden anymore. It would see the likes of a loaf of bread skyrocket to over $200 and would bankrupt the United States overnight. This is exactly why we’re seeing this attempt to drag Russia Into a war because obviously, they can’t force a single currency with the likes of Russia and her nuclear threat saying get lost.

    They nearly had it done with the collapse of the USSR…What a bonus that was, it meant they could do it without war!!
    But they messed that right up because they took their eye off one man – Putin.
    The United States REALLY believed they had finished off Russia after the collapse of the USSR to the point Russia could never be a threat to them again, they helped keep Russia in a state of pandemonium through Yeltsin’s reign believing they had sealed Russia’s fate to the toilet.

    When Putin came to power the US could not work him out, but when they invaded Iraq and Putin (craftily as It bought him time) did not veto them they believed they had Russia under their control and Putin was just a pushover like Yeltsin. (history will see Putin’s tactic of not vetoing the Iraq invasion as genius as it has in effect saved Russia and the rest of us from American tyranny).
    Because while the US was invading countries all over the world with no one to stop them, Putin was quietly building Russia an extremely effective military defense and upgraded all Russian weaponry to a level able to hold its own If not beat any nation on the planet.
    The US blind to this, carried on as they used NATO to murder Gadaffi, as they kept Iraq destabilised by transferring known terrorist commanders into Iraq from Guantanamo Bay in the hundreds to help keep it in chaos.

    They then set their sights on Syria, and were preparing for a ground invasion as with Iraq when all of a sudden Putin vetoed that action!
    That stunned the US, stopped them in their tracks and they then took a close look at Russia again.
    When the US understood how they misread Putin they then set out to demonise him in the West and globally the propaganda got so bad it could have been written by a spotty American teenager going through puberty.
    But it left the US unable to use ground troops in Syria.

    This is when we saw the US and the EU start in Ukraine, we saw the US CIA and their neo-nazi recruited thugs start the marches and protests in Ukraine.
    America, if you all remember were all upbeat about Yanukovich winning the Presidency because he had shown an interest in joining the EU, It was only when he decided to go to Russia and ask for a loan, and stated he was trying to work on a closer relationship with Russia, did all this really kick off, then these CIA-led thugs murdered people, started murdering random people at will, they bombed Kiev while claiming Yanukovich was a thief a tyrant and Putin’s puppet (yet they said none of this when he showed an interest in the EU, all these accusations only started after he asked Russia for support) they forced Yanukovich to flee to Russia in fear of his life
    They then got the parliament to impeach him/Yanukovich (who were obviously under threat to do so, as the vote came back 300+ to zero)
    The West who have caused all the trouble in Ukraine (knowingly and purposely, as Victoria Nuland’s phone call revealed to the world) blame Russia and In effect Illegally Issue sanctions against Russia for something they have not been able to prove or even attempted to prove as In reality It’s just a financial tool used many times by the US and its vassals but It shows Russia how far they’re prepared to go to force war.

    In Syria the US decided to use proxy’s in the form of terrorists, they recruited, trained, armed, paid and then sent these terrorists into Syria to murder people, everyday normal people, working people, people just like you or I, they murdered people in the streets, they took over towns and cities through Syria by murder and butchery. I remember seeing them stood on street corners dressed in black standing around burnt out cars with their rifles at their sides, there were bodies of naked raped women and their children just lying murdered on the side of the roads.
    They were the Free Syria Army, only at that time nobody knew they were recruited, trained, armed and very well paid by the US, we only found that out after Russia went Into Syria three years after.

    Yes, that’s right, the US Is responsible for all the devastation, murder, rape, and terrorism of people Just like us, they caused It purposely, and don’t forget this was all long before the so-called ISIS crossed over in from Iraq!

    We’re being walked Into a nightmare, a war against a world nuclear superpower that none of us believes in or wants.
    And with this Insane EU/NATO stance, It seems that If the US collapses then so does the Euro and maybe the Pound.
    That’s the bottom line of what we’re really facing.

    It has nothing to do with ISIS, and nothing to do with Assad, nothing to do with Israel, Iran, Iraq or anything or anyone else, this is ALL about America’s attempt at global military and financial dominance. And It now sees the UK supporting global terrorism without any questions being asked! Things have dramatically changed and changed to such an extent It sees us becoming exactly what we fought two wars to prevent. American tyranny is no different from Nazi tyranny!

    Putin knows all he needs Is time, he must avoid getting into a war with the US but never lay down to them he knows sooner rather than later It’s all got to start to collapse, so he’ll try to avoid war and let them crumble (After all Russia had to start again, they did not cause a war, they just collapsed) but the US know that’s what he’s doing, so we see them provoke and provoke Russia, they’ve non-stop encroached further and further towards Russia’s borders using NATO’s ridiculous excuse of protecting the Baltic’s from Russian aggression.
    Russia with Putin who clearly knows exactly why this is all happening, everything he’s done shows that he knows exactly what the US is trying to do. If not for his wisdom the US would have already provoked WW3. If any of this had happened at any other time In history you can be positive the former USSR would have fired nuclear weapons at the US already, and with every damn right to do so.

    We’ve witnessed Putin three times clearly warn them to stop this nonsense and the US have purposely Ignored him every time. Because the US doesn’t want compromise, they don’t want talks, they don’t want peace, they must have war or collapse! Putin knows this so you can be 100% sure Russia are fully prepared to react to the slightest flinch from the USA.
    His job is Russia’s security, the USA and NATO are now threatening that security. I don’t believe there will be a fourth warning as doing so would be considered weak.,

    We’re being lied to, and we all know we’re being lied to and this explains why!
    Someone (Ironically an American) once said the first casualty of war is ALWAYS the truth.

    Now, If you can come up with ANY other reason that adds up and fits like this does then go ahead and Ignore this truth. But you won’t be able to because you’ll now understand everything we’re watching take place whereas before reading this you had no idea. This Is the truth no one wants to admit! For all Western governments and media to be following the same script (unprecedented in history) you simply must know the reason is huge! …It Is!

    Now you’ve just read this, take a few minutes to actually think about it? think about all these actions we’ve seen over the last 20 years, actions that at the time you didn’t really understand… Bin Laden, Afghanistan, World Trade Center, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Crimea, Georgian war, Syria etc while keeping in the back of your mind ‘the US must force Russia Into war to survive’ (for all the reasons you’ve just read) and suddenly it all makes 100% sense.

    And that’s when you should really know just what a nightmare we’re really facing, you’ll also know we’re on the WRONG side!

    And when you get your head around It, you’ll then understand everything you’re soon going to witness from this day forward. Basically, we’re all waiting to hear the next US lie or waiting for the US to go too? far In Syria, then as the US hope, It’s WAR! It’s a nightmare!

  25. Im Haughtiness | August 28, 2017 at 12:53 am | Reply

    Do you Americans not feel deeply ashamed at your governments admitted Recruitment – Training – Arming – Supporting – Protecting – Paying – Use of brutal terrorists who been sent into a country with only the purpose to commit brutal Inhumane acts on Innocent people who are no different from you or I who were going about their daily chores doing nobody or anything any harm at all. Just living their lives only to have US recruited vile thugs murder them in cold blood for absolutely no reason other than your country’s global tyranny and attempt at full global control?

    Does it make you feel ever so proud?

    Quite simply put, you American people have betrayed the rest of the world with your silence and compliance with your murderous criminal government’s actions. No one In America has even bothered to protest their very own governments admitted recruiting, training, arming, supplying, protecting, paying, and using terrorists who have murdered millions by barbaric butchery! Not one American person has said a word. How disgusting Is that??

    What don’t you understand?

    Do you believe using terrorism to destroy entire countries and murder millions is perfectly acceptable?
    To destroy Libya, murder the country’s leader and leave the US recruited terrorists to take it over that now sees brutal rapes, murders, and human slave markets Is perfectly acceptable?.
    To purposely create an Illegal coup of a sovereign country creating a civil war that now sees fellow countrymen killing each other throughout Ukraine Is perfectly acceptable?
    To purposely create an Illegal coup of a sovereign country creating a civil war that now sees terrorists who have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Innocent people In Syria being supplied, trained, armed, paid and used by the US Is perfectly acceptable?.
    To use NATO to encroach on a world nuclear superpowers borders while demonising the country through the media using outright lies and blatantly Illegal sanctions and seemingly trying to use Europe as the battleground for its war against Russia Is perfectly acceptable?

    You’ve betrayed everything you all once claimed to believe In. I mean seriously the last time this happened was Nazi Germany, other than that one time in history every society that faced such tyranny from its leadership whether it be a Government, Queen, King, Tsar, Emperor etc have always at very least Protested and made their feelings known whatever the cost, because it was the right thing to do and that’s what good caring people do.

    I mean nobodies asking them to go to war with their government but to damn well Protest them – Expose them – Block Free ways – Towns – Cities – Railways until your government stops, call them out on their lies ask for proof you know they’ve not got, do everything!!
    Do anything and everything you can to make them stop this brutal murder and foreign policy of eliminating leaders of Sovereign countries who won’t bow down to the United States of Global Terrorism. It’s sick, it’s disgusting yet you people do nothing???

    You’ve betrayed everything you all once claimed to believe In and because of that you’ve betrayed the world.

    You Americans seemingly have no idea just how all you Americans are soon going to be treated right across the world. You’re the most revolting society ever witnessed on Earth, Nazi Germany was bad enough only you’re much worse, the Germans were starving to death they did what they did out of being treated appallingly and persecuted rightly or wrongly after WW1 . You just don’t care, you seem to think you have some sort of right to do what you want in this world without any repercussions!. You’re cowards. Just like you Americans have always been – Cowards – Your history is laughable it’s so cowardly.

    IT’S INEXCUSABLE….There’s NO EXCUSE…So don’t even try because, whether it be the CIA, The Jews, The Corporations, The Banks, The Illuminate blah blah blah…That should make NO DIFFERENCE! What do you all REALLY believe In? THEN FIGHT FOR IT COWARDS… Before you’re no longer here!


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