Restaurant Chain Tim Hortons Blocks Independent Journalist’s Website on WiFi


By Dan Dicks

Tim Hortons Doesn’t Want You To See The Truth. Press For Truth has been banned from Tim Hortons! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why PFT considers it an honor to be blocked by that smug, gross-coffee, fast-Frankenfood chain that has weaved its way into the foundational fabric of Canadian culture. “Tim Hortons Inc. is a multinational fast food restaurant based in Canada, known for its coffee and doughnuts.” – Wikipedia.


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12 Comments on "Restaurant Chain Tim Hortons Blocks Independent Journalist’s Website on WiFi"

  1. Gottaluvit…since I am a Canadian & will turn 65yrs old next month…I was around when Tim Horton’s was actually a Canadian Co. & Tim Horton actually owned it…ya know ?…the hockey player!…where it used to be fairly wholesome, albeit, a Fast Food/Coffee Stop …but it was quietly bought up by an American consortium a few years ago…. & immediately the coffee was spiked with nicotine & the quality of the food started to deteriorate (imo) & they have been lobbying parliament to let them bring in foreign workers to bust the any unionizing on the part of Canadians…your atypical corporate bullshit, that they’re working only for the bottom lines of their stockholders, while I’m sure the CEO has an astronomical salary & all the perks …all on the backs of low paid workers…but never mind…the average glazed-eyed hockey consciousness of our local canuks…insist upon lining up for their nicotine jolt coffee every morning in their vehicles… like good little programmed robots…. instead of buying a coffee maker with a timer, to be there for them when they wake up at home…such is the conditioning of an American corporation calling itself Canadian…..but it’s leaking out all around them that they too feel the need to CENSOR the average Canadian citizen …echoing the prevailing stasi attitudes of the US Police State…now imported here into Canada along with their nicotine laced coffee.

    • It’s owned by Burger King (which I wont eat, either). Nobody’s ever proven nicotine in the coffee, but the caffeine is elevated.

      I’ve been to “Press for Truth” and, quite frankly, the CRTC needs to banish it from the Canadian Internet. It bears as much relationship to real journalism and truth as Landover Baptist bears to Christianity. It’s a site designed for and caters to people with severe mental problems.

      • Need I remind you that your own unique opinion proferred here is entirely ‘subjective’ & extremely myopic & grossly unintelligent….as you may indeed be, metaphorically speaking, standing all alone in the middle of a lake where only fools dare tread…while the ice is starting to crack under the weight of your fatuous ignorance.
        …Don’t enter your comment under my gravatar either… if you want to remain unscathed from my percipience…I never offered an opinion about Dan Dicks or his site…& you sir… appear to be the one with a ‘mental problem’
        …but ya get all kinds of trolls that like to grab at you & drag you down into their miasma & then try & beat you to death with their stupidity in a public forum…sad…methinks you’re waaaaay out of your depth here…just sayin

        • You might be right, but according to your reactions to others I get the impression you yourself could have paid some visits to this joint.
          Coulf that be the reason why you are reacting so forcefully to other peoples’ reactions, sir?

          • Cry me a river & mind your own business buyt body

          • Need I remind you that your own unique opinion proferred here is entirely ‘subjective’ & extremely myopic….

            you enter your idiocy here with a reply button beneath it that invites people to point out your failings, and then get cranky when they do. it’s called the internet, and you’re doing it wrong. if you don’t like how it works, that’s your problem, cry me a river.

            stop trying to look clever, it doesn’t suit you.

          • ..oh gee….need I remind you that this is just another oxymoronic moron’s opinion… caterwauling about imaginary subjective issues by stirring a tempest in a tea cup (lol)…gottaluv tards that tell other people what to do …what to think… & what to say…as a indicator of inherent psychopathy …oh yeah…gfys

  2. deplorableSalyM | October 30, 2016 at 6:48 am | Reply

    I’ve seen the same kind of thing with these good companies selling out.
    For instance ‘Toms’ tooth paste sold out to Colgate and now has fluoride in it.
    Aimie’s sold out as well and the llist goes on.
    It seems that when a company hits a certain level they will be bought out, best to buy out the competition

    • Truth be told when a company becomes too large and popular they are forcefully bought out. That or die an untimely death. Yes, it really is this bad.

  3. And in the meantime, we make a stop, buy their offerings. And thereafter we go on with moaning but buying. Again and again. Eddysachs is right, you should do yourself a real favor and boil and cook the good stuff and eat it. Take time for it cause you only got ONE LIFE.
    Take good care of it.

  4. So sorry, but that is what happens when a Canadian icon sells out to an American major for filthy lucre!

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