Putin Sends Aircraft Carrier Group to Mediterranean as Syrian Powderkeg Poised to Erupt

russia-carrierBy Jay Syrmopoulos

Yesterday, Russia’s flagship, and only aircraft carrier — the Admiral Kuznetsov — left the port of Severomorsk en route to the eastern Mediterranean off the Syrian coast, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The carrier will bolster the Russian anti-terror campaign in Syria and serve as a hedge against U.S. aggression, and is to be escorted by the battle cruiser Peter the Great, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov destroyer, the anti-submarine vessel Severomorsk, and four other naval vessels from Russia’s Northern fleet.

The move is not altogether unexpected, as just weeks ago Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the aircraft carrier would be sent to the eastern Mediterranean to boost the country’s naval forces in the region amid heightened tensions with the United States.

This is the first deployment of the Soviet-era Kuznetsov since undergoing a complete refurbishment, and is a sign of the increasing tensions between the US and Russia in Syria.

The U.S. activities in Syria are nothing less than a stealth form of regime change, while attempting to feign a humanitarian/anti-terror mission – a complete obfuscation of the truth.

In reality, the US is arming, via proxy, a number of extremist Islamist jihadi groups and providing logistical support on the ground for Islamist fundamentalists. Of course, the US attempts to claim they only support the “moderate rebels” (as if any of those even exist at this point).

Although the Syrian conflict began as a homegrown rebellion precipitated through a harsh crackdown by Assad, the fact is that the organic Syrian revolution has been almost completely co-opted by Western imperialist powers intent on installing a US/Western-friendly government in Syria – which, of course, doesn’t sit well with the current Syrian government nor their traditional allies, the Russians.

Russian forces are involved in the Syrian conflict, helping government forces against militants including the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and the Al-Qaeda off-shoot Al-Nusra Front, which recently changed its name in an effort to brand themselves “moderate rebels.”

Russia has maintained a base in government-controlled Syrian territory from which it has flown most of its bombing raids in the country since it became involved in the conflict – at the request of the Syrian government – over a year ago. The Russian military has long maintained a military presence in Syrian territory – long preceding the current conflict.

Just this week President Vladimir Putin signed a law ratifying Moscow’s agreement with the Syrian government to deploy its military forces indefinitely, a move that confirms the long-term intentions of Russia/Syria partnership. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry last week noted that Moscow was set to convert its current naval facility in Tartus into a permanent Russian base.

In addition to providing logistics on the ground in Syria, Moscow has flown long-range bombing raids from bases in Russia and fired cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea and a submarine in the Mediterranean in support of the Assad government.

The reality in Syria is that the U.S. has essentially refused to cooperate with the Russians in fighting terrorism, and instead focuses on attempting to degrade the Assad government forces as a means of forcing regime change.

The Russians, being invited as guests of the Syrian government, provide legitimacy under international law for their posture and position in the Syrian conflict. However, the U.S. attempts to forward some half-cocked humanitarian responsibility to protect (R2P) narrative to provide cover for their support of Islamist jihadi extremists in their attempted overthrow of the Syrian president without legal underpinning. The Russian maneuvers have to be seen within this context. There is nothing menacing about their behavior at all, as it’s actually defensive in nature.

The White House is currently debating what moves to make next in Syria, claiming that “no options are off the table.” The Obama administration is rumored to be mulling targeting the Syrian government directly, which would essentially put them into automatic conflict with Russia due to the fact that Russians are likely to be killed in these assaults should they take place. Russia has responded by stating that if their positions come under attack they will target and take down any unidentified planes in Syrian airspace with their S-300 and S-400 system, which is rumored to be capable of targeting and taking out stealth aircraft.

Make no mistake that there is a very dangerous game afoot that has the potential to careen out of control.

Are Western imperial ambitions in Syria really worth the risk of an extreme escalation of the humanitarian crisis, and a potentially dangerous feedback loop that has the ability to devolve into nothing less than a World War?

Jay Syrmopoulos writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.

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29 Comments on "Putin Sends Aircraft Carrier Group to Mediterranean as Syrian Powderkeg Poised to Erupt"

  1. In my opinion, famous writer and consultant, Joel Skousen, repeatedly discusses WWIII and if I am correct, concludes Russia and China are about 5-7 years away from technological and numerical superiority to win a war.

    That discounts a fear many of us have that our government is not for us but for globalists that will surrender prematurely to avoid infrastructure damage for the “conquering” governments which may actually be just another set of globalists in a leveraged buyout. The Bank for International Settlements, that also heavily finances Hillary’s campaign, would hang out the final wash for the International Monetary Fund to manage.

    Would it surprise us that these deals may have already been cut which is why we see this and other threatening events.

    • Any globalist government would have its headquarters in Washington, so there is nothing to worry about. Russia is a nascent democracy, has a capitalist economy and is Christian. What in the World problem does the US have with that?

  2. “War” is a deeply conditioned frame to paralyze synthetic critical thinking – powerful linguistic elements catalyzing predictable synaptic triggers, amplified via a Tavistock dream of nonstop images of mushroom clouds, warships, and fighter jets takes advantage of powerful emotive entrainment concomitant in visual stimulation – intelligence mind game experts in the mold of Delgado, Cameron, West et al well aware of the fine details such as 70% to 80% of the processing signal ‘traffic’ in our brains runs along visual cortex connected white matter (axonal) connections.

    The problem with the WW3 meme as it’s being explored and debated in alt spheres is the lack of recognition that it need not be a ‘discreet’ construct given humanity has been at ‘war’ with the psychopaths for millennia & this process is ongoing, esp. with various assaults to our health. Moreover, at this late stage in the endgame apex elite crimes as inflection points are blurring and running into each other, a confused n-dimensional Jason Pollack rendering of the rapid flow of events obscuring the collusion of a very tight knit banking and warfare cabal. e.g. Russia has been selling record numbers of arms to bitter rivals India and Pakistan, this week each side publishing contradicting MSM stories: (India Times) “Moscow ASSURES INDIA of support in its efforts to ISOLATE PAKISTAN” going on to describe 16 agreements on on the procurement of long range anti missile defense systems and millitary aircraft”. In sharp contrast, The Wired headline “As India Tilts Westwards, Russia Looks to Pakistan to Widen its Strategic Options” In other related articles it’s being reported Russia is working closely with Pakistan on 2030 Smart City build outs with the govt of Pakistan exploring ways to make smart phones more culturally attractive.

    • Man, I just don’t know what to believe anymore. All I want is truth in this life, and it’s hard to trust any article I read. It saddens me. I’m starting to think there are no truly good leaders in this world. All controlled, all bought off, and all playing a “game” with us. I don’t even know about the independent news sites I read, but at least I’ll trust them more over mainstream for now. *sigh*

      • I agree, it’s upsetting and sometimes a challenge to stay positive and optimistic, although, we owe it to ourselves and each other to work together because this nonsense we have to deal with is even more reason for us to connect and brainstorm as much as possible – locally, online, reach out to family and friends to share info and ideas. Hang in there.

    • . . . . . . .”What’s the point of loosing sleep about? . . . .

      . . . see you later, see you later . . . .oh man . . . . .

      We dance underneath the radar, we live underneath the bo-o-o-mb,

      We dance underneath the radar . . . . . .

      There’s no way that we’re ever gonna get far . . . . “

      • Good catch, Doug!

        We speak
        Like ants we dance between the [5G] towers
        We sleep
        They move…
        well hey
        We’re just too small to make a fuss about it

    • Good Grief!

  3. Using this narrative, the US and is puppet allies are totally responsible for the current situation. First, contrary to what US government propaganda espouses, there is no such thing as moderate rebels, these parties being supported, armed and funded by the US are terrorists, and nothing but. Many of them are insurgents from other countries and not Syrian at all. The US is grossly hypocritical and a traitor to Western civilization. By supporting terrorism anywhere in the Word it is betraying its own people and the rest of us.

    • The US is controlled by The People who live by the directives stipulated in “The Protocols of the Psycho Freaks of Zion”
      Lying, stealing, deception, corruption and terrorism are all in their daily behaviour.

  4. I think this is the third or fourth time, in the last two years, that Russian war ships came around into the Mediterranean. Let’s just get it on all ready (Ezekiel 38) I think that Putin knows the outcome. Five sixths of the entire coalition force that they will lead in the battle are going to destroy each other. Every man’s sword against his brother.

    • SCO ‘s six full members account for 60% of the land mass of Eurasia and its population is a quarter of the world’s. With observer states included, its affiliates account for about half of the world’s population.
      So that adage about starting a landwar in asia…just went 1000x.
      Marching on Moscow? …read “Legendary US Army Commander Says Russia Would “Annihilate” US In Head-To-Head Battle” ..so…thats still a no go.

      add Phillipine president making a ton of noise. if the USA goes toe to toe with china…where will they base from? Japan? NK SK and china can take pot shots all the way.

      • The scripture foretells two major military conflicts in the latter times. One is the Russia/Arab/Eastern European/African alliance (Ezekiel 38) Gog, and all of his allies and the other is the kings of the east to be gathered in the valley of Armageddon. ….China, South Korea/???

        Where can you source the claims about the statement of the President of the Philippines?

        • seriously?
          just search google for “philippines duterte comments nato” top 4 returns are all gold…
          he wants to leave the UN
          called obama a sob
          wants US forces out of the phillipines
          orders us advisors out.

          need more? the sources are star paper, fox news, military c om, zerohedge , cnn.
          you need to get out more.

          • nochipforme | October 20, 2016 at 9:43 am |

            Yes, seriously. I did a search for Philippine President US and China and no such results showed up. It would have taken less time for you to copy one of those resourced links, than it took for you to boost your ego and insult me. Thank you oh wise one that did not initially give enough information to find it and then insulted me for not knowing exactly what to look for and asking you to source your information. You are a gem. Typical here on the self-inflating narcissistic internet forums. Bravo you smart man, you.

          • Duterte wants US forces out of southern Philippines
            foxnews. com/world/2016/09/13/duterte-wants-us-forces-out-southern-philippines. html
            Duterte Orders US Advisers out of Southern Philippine
            military. com/daily-news/2016/09/12/duterte-orders-us-advisers-southern-philippines. html

          • Obama cancels meeting with Duterte after ‘son of a b—-’ comments
            thestar. com/news/world/2016/09/05/philippine-president-duterte-warns-obama-not-to-ask-about-extrajudicial-killings. html

            youre obviously a challenged phone troll.

          • still waiting… silly phone troll.. why lie? not very christian.

        • here check out this christians disqus page…
          disqus .com/home/discussion/channel-churchanotforprophetcorporation/celebrating_their_anniversary/

          a sinful christian

  5. ……”Although the Syrian conflict began as a homegrown rebellion…….”

    I have absolutely no doubt that the “conflict” in Syria began much like the “Arab spring” in Libya – entirely fomented, financed and logistically supported by the Anglo-Zionist empire!

    • True, with the mind bending duality that a deliberate intelligence fire was lit to explode the small battle of resistance, yet the grievances were a reaction to the Syrian leadership’s iron fist intolerance to govt dissent – sometimes resulting in systematic torture. The Syrian intelligence chief being Assad’s cousin and brother of billionaire Rami Makhlouf overseer of the Assad clan fortune with much of the wealth in western holdings, global elite playground Dubai, offshore shell accounts handled by the same firm that hid Mugabe’s loot, and co-investments with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, e.g. Gulfsands Petroleum. Duality, dialectic, opposing forces channeled into new paradigms. Poor Syrians, caught in the middle.

      • Yes, one would imagine that a “super power” will assist the Syrian people by interfering with the corruption from a financial angle and get the money back to the Syrian population.

        No,…….. “The Empire” sends in mange mongrel cannibal squads to terrorise the Syrian population and “The Empire” proceeds to bomb all infrastructure to rubble and the Syrian population into the stone age.

        It can only make sense from a slimy, scaly Anglo-Zionist perspective.

        • Brutal and twisted. The sleepers all around us can’t begin to fathom it all. The “solutions” to the horror are always about more control. I’m at a complete loss, and I’m normally an optimistic person. The consistent disregard for the humane treatment of animals tells us there is a disconnect in our species. The psychopaths always take advantage of that and it sucks.

          • Doug Stevens | October 21, 2016 at 3:27 am |

            Interesting that you bring in the dysfunctional relations we have with all the other species.

            I also believe that we live in a reciprocal type universe and our behaviours have a certain correspondence in our existence. Not directly, obviously, but cruel and callous exploitation of other conscious creatures can only be detrimental.
            Of all the speculations around what “That Fruit” could have been I still like the one the most which makes it a savoury piece of grilled carrion. ……..“Eat from all the most delicious and nutritious plants I have supplied you but do not spill blood to satisfy your gluttonous gullet or Karma will bring constant calamity and discord into your lives!” . . .. my interpretation. 🙂

            I once heard an ornithologist discuss the disappearance of a specific large migratory bird and it was as a result of Syrians target shooting at these vast flocks as they streamed through that territory. I remembered those vast flocks spiralling across southern Africa around the onset of summer and then the mysterious disappearance of that spectacle. I felt very angry at the Syrians when I heard that they were responsible and I actually wished them annihilated. I now feel a little guilty but only for the suffering of the women and children in Syria..

          • Interesting and sad story, Doug. There is far too little respect for Mother Nature and not enough gratitude for her gifts. If a person accepts evolution then the lens used can be we are naturally omnivores yet that doesn’t mean we should abrogate our duty to treat animals with kind respect. Golden rule applies to all, yet even neighbors don’t follow it and some family members don’t either!

            The globalists intend to change social views on eating meat and animal welfare, partly as a way to sell their system to the left intelligenstia and also to lower consumption of resources. I believe in the goal, though not for the purpose of elite control. I’d rather see humanity awake from its trance and “get it” in a holistic way, i.e. a reverence for nature and compassion similar to US Native American culture.

            Interesting you mentioned S. Africa. I have a local friend and his parents were raised there. I only recently began asking more questions about the food and culture. Small world, as they say. It warms my heart to know there are people with good hearts spread around the world, light houses of sanity. Glad you are one of them. Cheers. P.S. I didn’t forget about our exchange on Russia. I kept going back to it and it’s still on my PC desktop as a tab. I didn’t want to badger you with my voluminous piles of research factoids. I’ll try to finish soon with a short summary. I think you already get where I’m coming from, anyway. Thanks, ‘Blue’ (Cindy).

          • Doug Stevens | October 23, 2016 at 2:40 am |

            Thank you for introducing yourself to me Cindy. I am very thrilled!

            About the Russian exchange, I know how time slips around all the chores and the energy it takes to actually string thoughts into coherent sentences.

            I really love your wisdom and I’m deeply humbled that you spend time to converse with me.

            I feel that what really separates us from “animals” is that we have a much greater capacity for choice, particularly in what we eat. Hyenas cannot chose to consume compassionately. Humans have an incredibly vast range of very delicious and nutritious cuisine that does not require any blood to be spilled. I don’t want to appear judgmental, this is not my Universe to make the rules.

            You bring up “evolution” and it is a big subject and I think everybody misunderstands it. Not wanting to appear arrogant – but I have never heard it described by anyone as I see it.
            My definition:- Evolution occurs only in consciousness or in the effects and products of consciousness. i.e. – Silicon cannot “evolve” itself into computers without conscious input. So, evolution is an adjunctionary principle that applies only under direction of consciousness.
            How do we know that biological life is a product of consciousness? There literally are tens of categories that one can use as clear indication that biological life has a definite intelligent origin. I will describe only one as an example and it has to do with configuration.
            ALL species, except for a few interesting variations, have a complex processor unit with audio and light sensors on the leading end of the body and the sensors are paired and – exactly mirrored – symmetrically opposed around the centre line of the body. These sensors are extremely complex and have truly fantastic signal gathering capacity each with a direct line deep into the processor unit and they are synchronised to enhanced signal interpretation by the central processor.
            All species are configured like that but however ‘unexplainable’ that is – the entire creature unfolds from a code that exists in an entirely different dimension, practically speaking. Fathom that!
            So this completely trashes any possibility of some accidental, arbitrary “evolutionary” driving force as an explanation for the stupendous variations around the same practical theme.
            Features arbitrarily popping up in a creature and if that feature gives the creature an advantage in its survival and procreation ability then those features are locked into the species by attrition of the less useful features. It just does not fly.
            As a control one can ask where are the mammal species with an eye at the back of the head, because that would obviously increase survival rate?
            So, not only are biological creatures synergynically (?) configured they are all incredibly beautifully / practically trimmed.

            Please pardon my ranting here but this is an incredibly interesting subject to me.

            I think “the globalists” want us to eat meat because of the discord it creates in the social psyche as a result of the mass fear and tortuous suffering that we continually cause unto Consciousness. “They” want us to eat pork ( pig flesh ) because it is virtually exactly the same as human flesh. The thought disgusts me!

            These are big subjects we are getting into here, I really enjoy it, but it might be an inappropriate forum for this.

            I take the liberty of giving my e-mail address which I will edit out again in a day or two. doug.st3v3ns at gmail dot com

            Have a great day.

  6. All Israel has to do to prevent such mistakes is to keep their military aircraft out of other nations’ airspace!

  7. There are plans within plans.

  8. The end is nie for the poor usa trying to project power.

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