NATO, US, And UK Assemble Largest Troop Buildup On Russian Border Since Cold War

russia natoBy John Vibes

In the midst of deepening tension between US allies NATO and Russia, NATO is planning the largest military buildup along the Russian border since the cold war.

NATO called on allied governments this week to contribute whatever troops and equipment they can to the effort. According to Reuters, thousands of troops are expected to arrive in the coming days and weeks.

It was reported that Italy, France, Denmark and other European states are expected to join the NATO military divisions that will be led by the United States along Russia’s border.

On Wednesday, Britain announced it is sending hundreds of soldiers and hardware to Russia’s borders as part of a huge military deployment.

A total of 800 troops, drones and tanks are moving to Estonia as part of the biggest military build-up of NATO troops on Russia’s borders since the Cold War.

In addition to the forces allocated for his specific operation, NATO has an army of over 40,000 ready to be called up to fight at any time.

The US military claims that this threatening move is meant to act as a “deterrent” to the Russian military, but this is obvious a move that will escalate tensions and push towards a possible third world war.

“This is a credible deterrence, not to provoke a conflict but to prevent conflict,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday — ironically ignoring the fact that it is a de facto provocation.

Just imagine what would happen if Russian troops amassed along the Mexican border and told the US that this move was to ‘prevent conflict.’

The so-called Iskander-M cruise missiles can hit targets across Poland and the Baltics, although NATO officials declined to say if Russia had moved nuclear warheads to Kaliningrad.

The United States’ envoy to NATO, Douglas Lute, told reporters that NATO and the US military may consider Russia a threat if they had nuclear weapons within range of NATO’s deployment. This statement is insane considering the fact that the US military is the one that is many miles from home on the border of someone else’s lands.

“This deployment, if it becomes permanent if the presence of nuclear weapons were confirmed, would be a change in (Russia’s) security posture,” Lute said.

If anyone is a threat, it is NATO and the US government.

These military tensions are the result of an ongoing proxy war in Syria, in which Western powers are attempting to institute a regime change in the country by funding violent rebel groups. Meanwhile, Russia has interests in keeping their allies in the Syrian government in control, putting the two superpowers at odds.

Until now, Russia and the US have been fighting through third parties, just as they had during the previous Cold War, and the same type of situation is developing today.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. John writes for, where this article first appeared. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. John is currently battling cancer naturally, without any chemo or radiation, and will be working to help others through his experience, if you wish to contribute to his treatments please donate here.

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23 Comments on "NATO, US, And UK Assemble Largest Troop Buildup On Russian Border Since Cold War"

  1. This must be the NATO reason for existence. They just tell the Usurped Ztates to send in the troops, no need to declare war.
    Drain the Swamp.

    • This build up of NATO troops on the Russian border might end up being the Biggest funeral ever of Western European and North American troops in history! But that is their choice and let them pay the price for their arrant stupidity.

  2. None of this is by accident on any side. It’s a reality show with dire consequences for all living things.

  3. “Funding violent rebel groups”? Call a spade a spade please, These are terrorists and nothing else and they are being funded by the US in betrayal of humanity . There are very few actual Syrians in these violent groups.

    • Why is the US even involved in Syria plus all the hangers on. Its not because they are concerned about the millions of Syrians.
      The US makes a big noise about a phantom Russian invasion into Ukraine and the US just helps themselves and the world claps…. I am sick of US double standards and hypocrisy and the rest of these so called leaders of the free world.

  4. The stupidity and danger of this build-up is beyond belief!

    • This is the same that happened in 1939 only this time it will not end the same way.

      This time Russia is ready and this time America does not get off scot free and make all the money.

      • What if they are part of the theater, just as Stalin / USSR vs. US & Europe was in the Cold War? We’re toast then if we allow the internet to be turned over to internationalist bodies. The treaties and money ties behind the curtain show a very different picture than what we are seeing on the geopolitical stage.

  5. Follow the money and treaties. Less than two weeks ago Sputnik reported UK British Petroleum and Russia’s Rosneft signed an agreement for a joint venture on a new oil exploration project in Russia, this is addition to a similar joint venture agreed to in June along with several others involving East & West Oil-igarchs coming together. Rosneft is buying state owned Bashneft (a consolidation). In September, the Russian Finance Minister announced Rosneft would be privatized. This on the heels of the Saudis beginning to privatize state owned assets including Aramco. In turn, Russia and Saudi Arabia are greatly diversifying their energy related investments all around the world, the US, Europe, Asia. It’s an intercalation of global financial interests that has not slowed down one iota since the supposed new cold war began. It accelerated. The recently signed Paris 2030 treaty on the transferring of control over the world’s oceans and seas to multinational corporations and the UN is further confirmation that the nation state battles on the front stage are hiding a very different agenda behind the curtain. Likely the only nation that didn’t sign this treaty was N. Korea.

    • I think it may be that the U.S. dollar is about to be removed by the IMF as the world’s reserve trading currency with a vote to come in January by the BRIC nations once the U.S.’s voting majority drops below 15%. The dollar would collapse, so the USG is threatening war if their power is about to be withdrawn in world commerce and banking.

      • My perspective focuses on largely unreported deep intercalating ties of all nation state elites under the world government paradigm. We know from the formal papers of the Rockefellers and their ilk that shortly after WW2 they were already planning the steps to be taken to wield US hegemony as a tool to build their NWO and as it reached completion switch to a regional government multipolar system that belies an even greater centralization of internationalist (UN) and multinational corporatist control. Nicely illustrated in Spiro Skouras’ 12 minute youtube report on the deep capture of control over the oceans and seas under the banner of UN Agenda 2030. Note that 2030 is far more than an extension of Agenda 21, it’s the foundation of the new economic system and global governance cloaked under environmentalism.

        The BRIC banking system is merely another appendage of the Rothschilds’ and Rockefellers’ Bank of International Settlements as all BRIC nations have their central banking umbilicus tied to BIS. The title of a UN paper on the creation of this new appendage is “A Dream Come True” for the UN vision of global governance. The engineered transition of the dollar to a global currency, the prototype being the IMF SDR, is also baked in the cake. Notice the timing of these moves with the Rothschild owned publication The Economist and its 1988 cover article of a new global currency dubbed The Phoenix rising from the burning nation state currencies. The article said “get ready” for the emergence of the new currency around 2018. This also explains exploding debt around the world and central banker meetings the past month devising ways to further stoke inflation (debasement).

        Looking past the fog of MSM and co-intelpro influenced alt media reporting, we find collusion at the top of the pyramid cap in not only banking and treaties, also a rapidly accelerating economic interdependence (one function of the 2030 cornerstone of privatization of public assets taking place in Saudi Arabia and Russia in earnest this year). In addition, there’s the outward contradiction of Russian and American large flows of arms and advanced military weaponry to supposed nemeses (e.g. US and Israel quietly supplying Iran fighter jet parts for years, despite the sanctions, which in turn were being funneled to Syria, also Saudi recently spending billions on a Russian air defense system despite their supposed antagonism regarding Syria) and the transfer of classified advanced military technology to Russia (Skolkovo) and Iran (Merlin) echoes what we learned from Professors Antony Sutton and Carroll Quigley. Bankers still control and puppet all sides in n-dimensional moves towards an authoritarian technocratic world government featuring continuous tracking and surveillance. We need to dig past alt news; Mockingbird was birthed in the 50s, the technology and tentacles have multiplied exponentially. btw, rapid decline of the dollar during the transition might be in the works for a recalcitrant US public as shock and awe, imo, probably not plan A if incrementalism can get the task done, as that is exactly what we are seeing with the low profile entry of the yuan in to the SDR basket Oct. 1…..weights gradually shifting.

        A final important variable here is understanding the nature of the parallel tracks in all nations, particularly the hegemons, heading towards a global police state. Also unreported in alt media and rather astonishing given the overt nature of it. I can provide a summary if you’re interested. I’ll stop here for now as this reply is already long. I’m including the YT link to Spiro’s report and the Economist ‘Phoenix’ cover image.

        • I’m definitely interested in the summary you mentioned at the end of your post. what I like about your writing is that, unlike me, you remember proper nouns! Links?

          • Hi Deese, just making sure you are asking for a summary of the steps being taken to erect a global police state.

          • “A final important variable here is understanding the nature of the
            parallel tracks in all nations, particularly the hegemons, heading
            towards a global police state. Also unreported in alt media and rather
            astonishing given the overt nature of it. I can provide a summary if
            you’re interested”

            I’m kind of frustrated that so much of the alternative press has a limited, monocular view of what’s going on. I seldom see people tying things together, especially the trade agreements and UN climate treaties. I think these sovereignty-destroying pacts are a BIG problem that seems to be ignored by much of the alternative. So yes, if you have a more nuanced or detailed description of the development of the global police state, I’d like to be directed toward it.

          • Hi Deese. If you missed this one, here’s one small piece of the puzzle in this Activist Post article by Rusticus:
            I got backlogged with info networking, I’ll get the rest to you soon. To stay up-to-speed on the fast moving 2030 technocratic juggernaut, I highly recommend, Wood also has some interviews posted on his website.

          • P.S. Please also take a look at Spiro’s YT video. It’s a nice piece of the puzzle on the “why” aspect of the police state.

  6. These people are warmongers. They start wars and expect Americans to follow in lock step with their actions. As for myself 16 years of war has been enough and when you think it may wind down they start a new conflict. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have basically declared war on Russia under false pretenses. They love death and destruction and will be setting inside their deep underground bunkers while half our country and it’s citizens are wiped out in a nuclear war. They want a smaller amount of people that will be easier to control and completely dependent on them. So it’s goodbye America as we know it. These criminals need to be stopped and tried for their crimes against America and her citizens. Check out Dwight Eisenhower’s parting speech when he left office. The Industrial Military Complex is alive and kicking because they and our government are the only ones to prosper in a war scenario. I’m tired of seeing our citizens in the military go fight and die in wars that could have been easily avoided. Yet they have already set the stage making Russia the scapegoat in their latest speeches. At the same time if you oppose the wars they start you are un-American or un-patriotic. America’s role is not to police the world and force other countries to bow down to what our leaders say. If they start this war they will be starting WWIII. Our representatives should be demand proof beyond a shadow of doubt before making a decision such as this which will have a larger impact on us while they just hide away.

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