Iran’s Drought: Product of Geoengineering?

iran-president-droughtBy Cassius Kamarampi

Did you know that the president of Iran accused the West of weather warfare? In this video he addresses geoengineering, and we ponder over the possibility of Iran’s drought being manufactured.


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(Image credit: Era of Wisdom, Biography)

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2 Comments on "Iran’s Drought: Product of Geoengineering?"

  1. Problem is, Ahmadinejad is no longer in office and his successor, President Rhouhani is an uber globalist lackey – received his doctoral education from a Glasgow Scotland Jesuit institution, his thesis: “the flexibility of Sharia law”. He is known for being a staunch supporter of neoliberal economics, publicly ran on a platform of fully integrating Iran into the global economy, and is implementing UN 2030 down to every fine detail.

  2. If true that water has to go somewhere. The latest pics of the effects and Hurricane Matthew and the catastrophic flooding levels in the North and South Carolina causes one to ponder.

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