Illness, Respiratory Symptoms After CDC Protesters Hit by Chemtrails, Including VAXXED Producer

del-bigtreeBy Cassius Kamarampi

A protest at the CDC building in Atlanta, Georgia, with the VAXXED documentary producer and crew in attendance was decimated by chemtrails this weekend.

Some reported respiratory symptoms, illness, and tiredness, something that is frequently reported after heavy exposure to spraying, which we documented earlier this year at Era of Wisdom in “The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016.”

This Era of Wisdom video explains:

(Image credit: Sara Ashley, Melissa Sfura)


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18 Comments on "Illness, Respiratory Symptoms After CDC Protesters Hit by Chemtrails, Including VAXXED Producer"

  1. Mom’s all across the fruited plains, stop VACCINATING.
    Vaccines destroy the auto immune system. This is big pharma and the goat worshiper crowd bringing disease to the masses.
    Some suggested research:
    gcmaf,nagalase, glysophate, sv40,crispr/cas9, squalenes, human tissue.

    • ” Autoimmune diseases might occur after immunization because proteins on microbial pathogens are similar to human proteins (“molecular mimicry”) and could induce immune responses that damage human cells. However, wild-type viruses and bacteria are much better adapted to growth in humans than vaccines and much more likely to stimulate potentially damaging self-reactive lymphocytes. Consistent with critical differences between natural infection and immunization, well-controlled epidemiologic studies do not support the hypothesis that vaccines cause autoimmunity.”

      Clearly, if vaccinations destroyed the autoimmune system, 95% of us would be dead. I know that anti-vaxxers are a cult based on belief….so go ahead and call me a paid shill……….I have not yet been paid…so perhaps you could chip in. If you call be a paid shill and don’t chip in, you are guilty of libel, a serious crime. And I will crush you!

  2. The white trails shown in the picture are in the stratosphere, where commercial flights cruise, at about 30-35K ft altitude. At this altitude, any particles (such as jet fuel residue) are carried by powerful air currents thousands of miles as they spread out horizontally and take months before, radically diluted, they fall to earth (2/3 into the ocean). Such “sprays” cannot be used to target by any means. To target people, you need to drop your spray at a low altitude, such as crop dusters do.

    Those who get sick when they see the white trails in the sky suffer from auto-suggestion. There is no way, based on atmospheric science, that you can spray something at 35,000 ft and in a short time, make people sick below. it’s a lie promoted by the fossil fuel industry to confuse and distract the public from the millions of deaths each year from fossil fuels. It’s a weapon of mass distraction.

    In fact, ordinary contrails, such as in the picture, do contain pollutants, which is why the EPA is seeking authority to regulate as it does ground vehicle emissions. Contrails spread out (they do not fall) as cirrus clouds, which are useless to cool the atmosphere since, in fact, they slightly warm it. With millions of flights each year, 90% more over the past 50 years, we can expect to see more and more white trails in the sky. I urge everyone to contact their reps and have them support the EPA regulation of jet fuel emissions.

    I welcome donations. So far, no one has paid me for speaking the truth, tho many have called me a paid shill of whom….they never say. Is the government trying to kill us all? Wouldn’t it be simpler to poison us in the water supply? Is this weather modification? In whose interest is it to warm the atmosphere more.

    The chemtrail myth defies the laws of physics and has no logic behind it. Anyone who googles and prints a flightpath for their region will be able to show that the flight of commercial planes exactly matches the production of vapor trails. And read an article or two on what happens to particles in the stratosphere, which can end up a continent away, diluted by the billions, before after months of being carried by air currents landing on sea and land. This is no way to wipe out billions!

    • Go back to school.

      • Troll alert. Please, folks, make a contribution. Do some research and share what you have learned. Juvenile insults only impede intelligent discussion…perhaps that is the strategy of trolls, who, incapable of rational discourse, disrupt those who are capable.

        • So I take it that you’re an UNpaid shill who has memorized the official story of these issues instead of looking at things for what they are and facing the uncomfortable truth that your valued ‘authorities’ have decieved you and compromised your health for the sake of corporate profit.
          “anti-vaxxers are a cult based on belief” eh? I disagree. I’d say that anti-vaxxers as you say are concerned and informed parents who are awake enough to see that a cocktail of neurotoxins administered intravenously does nothing beneficial to a new born babys immunity. In fact the opposite effect is achieved.
          If you can identify a cult mind in a group of people, just check out the pro-vaxxers angrily abusing and demanding people medicate their perfectly healthy children because they are a health risk to their vaccinated (& supposedly protected children).
          But then I guess mindless, psycotic behavior is the accepted norm these days. Just like your threat to crush people.

          • I listen to actual atmospheric scientists…..actual experts. Pardon my psycotic (sic) joke!

            You are saying chemtrails are sprayed by corporations? What is their goal? What is your evidence of any corporations spraying? Where did you get this “information?”

            I think you have been hoodwinked by the fossil fuel industry, which is seeking to distract the public from the millions of deaths it causes each year. Which corporations are spraying chemtrails? Can you provide a shred of evidence?

            I will crush you intellectually, which is not saying much since your whole post is: you believe scientists but they are lying to you. My websites are telling the truth………all the scientists are frauds. That’s not hard to crush.

          • Matrixixixix | October 18, 2016 at 8:19 pm |

            My comment was in response to yours above on vaccination. My mistake I should have replied to that one. I have concern with chemtrails as I experience them where I live and they have distinctly different characteristics than the contrails you describe. As for who and why…? I don’t know.

          • You do not experience chemtrails. You see white vapors in the sky, which you claim are filled with toxins. You are looking at contrails, jet fuel emissions trapped in frozen vapor, both polluting and warming the atmosphere, as a part of normal operations.

            All vapor trails look alike: they are frozen moisture which then spreads out horizontally forming cirrus clouds. Pictures of such formations exist since WWII and planes began to fly in the stratosphere. Today, with 95% more flights, there are 95% more contrails.

            Who benefits from this distraction? The lie benefits the fossil fuel industry, which seeks to block all regulation. It’s just gross propaganda. I will stick with the world’s scientists and atmospheric science, which makes the chemtrail myth physically impossible (to target populations or to cool the atmosphere). You are part of the small minority who have been deceived.

            BTW, I support safe vaccinations with no mercury, aluminum, etc as preservatives. VAccinations have saved millions of lives………..those who refuse are being protected by those who do. Hundreds of thousands in regions where there is no widespread vaccination programs still die every year. When I grew up, my dad and two classmates had polio. Today, it is has all but been eliminated. We need clean vaccines……….I have heard all the lies (mercury has not been used in pediatric vaccinations since 2000) and excuses. I will stick with the facts. The fact is that even the Founding Fathers used vaccinations to keep from getting smallpox, etc. The natives, who were not given vaccinations, were wiped out; the Founding Fathers survived.

          • Matrixixixix | October 20, 2016 at 6:35 pm |

            You really do nothing but discredit yourself when you tell me what I experience. The copy & paste information you provide does not prove your intellect, in fact quite the opposite. You proved that when you threaten to crush people with it because most the intellectually intelligent people I know are totally humble and wouldn’t lower them selves with that hollow garbage.
            I am a living, breathing conscious human being with the ability to observe, judge and process with discernment my environment and I don’t need a certified official document from any corrupted, agenda oriented think tank of focus group to confirm my experience. Nor you for that matter.
            BTW- the native Americans were given blankets infected with small pox in a deliberate attempt to wipe them out. But then that’s not what the empires history books say so it must be lies…
            Don’t forget, life isn’t what you experience, it’s what they tell you you experienced. “It wasn’t a UFO, it was swamp gas. It wasn’t a deliberate demolition, it was a few bearded guys with box cutters and Hillary didn’t lie, she just forgot.” I feel safer already…

          • You discredit yourself when you claim you experience chemtrails, which are actually frozen vapor from jet fuel emissions at 30-35,000 ft, where there is no way you can experience or even interpret what you are seeing. Atmospheric scientists have found no evidence of anything but contrails. You may call them “chemtrails” or claim they are full of aluminum, barium, etc…but in fact, you have no way of determining this. That is why we listen to experts who have backgrounds in atmospheric science.

            I don’t need a lecture from an obvious sucker for fossil fuel propaganda. As for deliberate infections of native Americans, I have known that fact for over 60 years. My point was that while the Founding Fathers had and used immunization, they did not provide it to the natives. Genocide. What that has to do with the chemtrail hoax I do not know. But the point is that vaccinations have saved millions of lives and still can. The key is to get rid of the toxic preservatives and use only those with a good safety record. This is not unlike choosing the safer cars, or tools. Demand preservative free vaccinations…..they exist and you have a right to them.

          • Matrixixixix | October 20, 2016 at 7:43 pm |

            I agree with what you just said about vaccinations here but again you contradicted your earlier post that “anti vaxxers are a cult based on belief ‘. Just like when you said that you listen to atmospheric scientists then go on to say they are all liars. And you are really one to talk about being lectured, have you seen the length of your posts? Again you accuse me of being a victim of the fossil fuel industry. So I ask you, WHO ISNT? I actually try to make as many people aware of the Disclosure Project as I can so your assumptions are off the mark again.
            I’m done here.

          • Anti-vaxxers are those who totally reject vaccinations. They are a small cult of 5-10% of the population, based on vaccination records. I did not say all scientists are liars.
            What does a 3 minute post have to do with vaccinations? You have totally misread me. You are not done here since you have made a mess you need to clean up. You are having serious comprehension problems. Reread my post and adjust your thinking to what I actually said, which is that we Should listen to real scientists and ignore amateurs and shills. I accuse you not of being a victim of the fossil fuel industry, in the sense that we are all condemned to a fossil fuel world, but of being suckered by their propaganda. You need to work on reading skills.

          • Doug Stevens | October 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm |

            Very well said Matrxixixix. We are now fully aware that the government only tolerates “consensus scientists” who will regurgitate the “official line” no matter how irrational it is or how many children are mentally or physically disfigured by this vile, zolshevik, scientism cult.

    • alexander the new yorker | October 20, 2016 at 6:51 am |

      How do explain nano-aluminum found in Lake Shasta,Ca, no longer pristine or even drinkable water ?

      • Nano-aluminum is is found in dozens of industrial and household products. Like all particles, it can be borne aloft and carried by air currents, which is why there is pollution thousands of miles from where any is produced. Just as fossil fuels are killing millions each year, industrial waste is also in our environment and harmful. We know that factories produce such products, that households have such products, etc……….I also know that chemtrails is a cult based on belief… when I say, do your own research, I get resistance (I don’t need no stinking research; I read on the internet that……..). I urge you to do your own research and listen only to real experts such as atmospheric scientists.

      • Lake Shasta is on volcanic rock, rich in barium and aluminum. Both compounds are also released by industry as a form of waste, polluting our atmosphere, rivers, and lakes, and our soil. Demand that the EPA do more to reduce pollution.

  3. We all see the same things: white vapors from planes in the stratosphere at 30,000 ft. Some think they are a lethal stew of poisons; actual scientists, pilots, etc and anyone who does his own research, know that what we all see are the normal contrails from mostly commercial flights. Some think they can see “chemtrails” but at 5 miles distance, no such distinctions are possible. Do your own research: match observed trails with published flight plans….they are exactly the same: what we all see are emissions, polluting and warming, from jet engines.

    Some get sick through auto-suggestion. I urge people to do their own research and listen only to actual scientists with research or expertise in atmospheric science.

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