Do “Human Rights” Organizations Merely Ask The Fox to Self-Report His Activities in the Hen House?

censor americaBy Katherine Hine

“[I]t is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, hear, and speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands actions, engagement, and remembering.” Herman, Judith, Trauma and Recovery: New York: Basic Books, p. 7 (1997).

Maybe this kind of thinking is behind the victim bashing we see coming from individuals and organizations claiming to be much more than mere bystanders. “Human rights” organizations receive tax-free millions or even billions to “help” those victimized by their own governments, including refugees. But do they? And why should we care?

Thanks to the alternative press, we the people have been able to shed some of the divide and conquer messages coming from corporate media, re-think old “truths”, and evaluate concealed threats. One journalist helping us navigate this paradigm shift is Janet Phelan, a U.S.- born investigative journalist, human rights defender, prolific writer, and a refugee from the United States.


For years, Phelan’s journalism has dealt with issues of public corruption in the United States. In 2011 she traveled to Geneva on behalf of the organization ITHACA to be the first and only reporter to expose the enactment of Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act in which the U.S. gives itself immunity for violations of its own bioweapons legislation. In so doing, the US also violated the terms of the Biological Weapons Convention [aka BTWC], a treaty the U.S. ratified. She is also the first reporter to publish photographs documenting what appears to be a domestic delivery system for a bio/chem attack within the United States. She was one of the first reporters to publicize the ongoing abuses being committed by U.S. probate courts that authorize the plundering of the assets of the elderly and disabled whose lives are then cut short through court authorized drugging and isolation, a multi-billion dollar scandal now recognized even by corporate media. Her exposure of these and other issues appears to point to underground policies in the US promoting genocide.

Phelan has reported on a number of court cases in which individuals in the United States have been targeted for denouncing corruption. In a number of these cases, the publicity resulted in the individual being freed from false incarceration.

She has been a staunch advocate for the rights of journalists and has written on the increasingly alarming attacks on the First Amendment in the United States.

In conformity with the principle that no good deed goes unpunished, Phelan now joins the ranks of a growing body of journalists and whistleblowers whose work places them in fear for their liberties, and indeed, their lives. According to a recent petition filed with an international human rights body, Janet Phelan is now reporting having survived chemical assassination attempts. Still – her work continues as she plans to make at least one more presentation at the Biological Weapons Convention meeting in Geneva next month. While there she also intends to meet with officials from the Convention against Torture to turn over affidavits from citizens concerning what is happening to our loved ones under court authorized predatory guardianship.


A key area of grave concern that affects everyone who seeks accuracy and independence from media and exposure of the bioweapons, threats looming over us all, is the growing deadliness of exercising one’s free speech rights as a journalist. A truly accurate rate of murders, arrests and physical attacks of U.S. journalists seems to not be known. Wikipedia recognizes only some 5 journalists having been killed on U.S. soil since the beginning of the millennium – 2 in connection with reporting on 9/11.

Most conventional sources do not recognize the possibility that a number of journalists, activists and whistleblowers may have succumbed to chemical assassination weapons, potentially including journalist Andrew Breitbart, guardianship reform activist Tim Lahrman and hydrogen power inventor Stanley Meyer.

The arrest of U.S. journalists ostensibly for reporting on local corruption has been documented.

Mexico has a particularly bad track record for attacks on journalists and it seems to be worsening. At least the issue in Mexico is, at this point, being discussed. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an arm of the OAS, reported that in 2015 some 27 journalists were murdered apparently while practicing their professions, up from 25 in 2014, and 18 in 2013.

The IACHR indicates most of these journalists were covering organized crime and political corruption. Chemical attacks were also mentioned. In addition, a recent IACHR report has noted that 27,798 people are considered to be “disappeared” in Mexico.


On July 18, 2016, while continuing to experience chemical attacks even during a stay in South America, Phelan filed a petition and request for precautionary measures to enforce her own rights with the IACHR.

In her petition, supported by multiple exhibits and filed only against Mexico, given widespread blindness to U.S. human rights violations, Phelan states:

  1. She was forced to flee the United States in 2008 following a police assault in Long Beach California which left her in a coma for three days. She fled to Mexico, as described in her well-documented book, Exile, which is an exhibit attached to her petition. Her petition states that her situation in Mexico became perilous following the 2014 publication of her book.
  2. Her medical records show evidence of damage to her lungs and kidneys sustained from the reported chemical assassination attempts.
  3. She also reports a ramping up of efforts to frame a reason to have her arrested. On two occasions in 2013 in Mexico, she was ordered to deboard a bus in the middle of the night and threatened with arrest by armed federales despite no reason to do so. They searched her, found vitamins, and tried unsuccessfully to make something inculpatory out of that. Following a second bus fiasco with the federales she filed a complaint with the satellite office of the Mexican Federal Office for Human Rights (CNDH) in San Cristobal, Chiapas. A CNDH attorney, Dulce María Culebro Velazquez, promised help with her complaint but during a follow up appointment called the police asking for Phelan’s arrest. Phelan left the office before that happened.
  4. This and other incidents convinced her that it had become dangerous for her to engage the government of Mexico in any manner.
  5. In May, 2015 she contacted the Embassy of Ecuador in Mexico City to ask for possible political asylum there. Their shocking betrayal of her to Mexican operatives is described in painful detail by journalist Robert Finnegan. Ecuador had shared her concerns with the Mexican government, against her stated wishes. According to another human rights agency she consulted in Mexico City, Sin Fronteras, Ecuador’s communication to Mexico could have put her at risk for deportation. At that point, she left Chiapas for Central America rather than face deportation to the US. “I cannot go back there,” she states. “My country brutally murdered my mother and when I tried to save her, I somehow ended up losing all my rights.”
  6. Her petition states that the level of attacks increased again in the spring of 2016 and In May she fled Mexico again, this time for South America.
  7. Phelan had already exhausted her legal remedies in the United States when she appealed to its notoriously mendacious Department of Justice [e.g. Powell, S. Licensed to Lie], which falsely replied that the statute of limitations had expired on attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, among other crimes Phelan had reported to them. She had also exhausted all efforts to enforce her rights to an investigation of her mother’s murder when she appealed to Presiding Judge Harold Hopp, of the Riverside Superior Court which had denied due process in her mother’s guardianship. In response to her request for an investigation, Judge Hopp wrote her claiming that an investigation had previously taken place but refused to provide the name of the investigator, the date of the supposed investigation, or any other documentation. Hopp then abruptly cut off further communication with Phelan, refusing to return phone calls and blocking her emails.


Heartened by the possibility of justice from her IACHR petition filed in July, 2016, Phelan returned from South America to Mexico at the end of August to stay at the Quaker supported Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City. She hoped to be able to garner some support to facilitate at least a standoff with those intelligence operatives who appear to be behind the chemical weapons attacks that were most intense at Phelan’s home in Chiapas, Mexico, the home she had been forced to flee earlier this year but to which she hoped to return if the attacks could be halted.

The Casa de los Amigos proclaims on its website that it “works to support migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers” and others, but its employees repeatedly told Phelan, a paying client, there was no such entity as a refugee from the United States and that she would not be granted any of its refugee services. Apparently they are unaware of Edward Snowden. The disinterest in Phelan’s situation graduated to an uglier stance and within ten days seven long-time Casa workers quit. According to Phelan, several confided in her that the Casa had gone off track and was no longer working for peace and justice.

On September 23, 2016 Phelan returned to her room at the Casa in Mexico City to find evidence of yet another chemical assassination attack – by a heat-seeking chemical that causes cardiac symptoms after absorbing into the skin. Phelan has preserved the evidence from the bedding but local human rights organizations have refused to assist her in finding a lab which can be trusted to analyze it. This recent evidence, on top of what she has already documented by exhibit in her petition to the IACHR, could very well be the smoking gun. Citizens simply do not have access to these types of weapons – but governments do. Didn’t we run into something of this nature just after 9-11 with anthrax being sent “by the terrorists”?

Phelan then contacted the Chemical Weapons Convention at The Hague and on 9/30/16 a CWC bureaucrat with neither first nor last name responded to Phelan’s email seeking assistance with a laboratory analysis, telling her basically to report the attack to the governmental entity that had created the chemical: “The issue you mention in your e-mail falls under the remit of national authorities. Best regards.”

Phelan continued to seek out legal advocacy from several organizations including the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). CCR is a multi-million dollar organization funded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) and the Ford Foundation and associated with the Rothschild backed ACLU. CCR claims to advocate for journalists and often does so outside the United States. Despite a fervent plea interposed by New York based immigration attorney Simon Wettenhall that they help her, CCR refused to provide Phelan with a chance to even speak to any of their lawyers. One week after Phelan suffered the chemical attack at the Quaker Casa and informed Wettenhall that no one would assist her in getting the chemical analyzed, Wettenhall emailed Phelan that his only remaining concerns were that Phelan’s journalism not mention the name of Wettenhall’s contact at CCR – the man who had refused to allow Phelan to speak with any CCR attorney.

Earlier on 9/23/16, the day of the latest chemical weapons saturation of her bedding at the Casa, Phelan had been meeting with Amir Villalpando, an attorney with Casa de Los Derechos de Periodistas, a Mexican organization that supposedly assists journalists under attack. Amir, even after Phelan notified him of the attack and the consequent presence of fresh forensic material on her bedding, refused to show up for their next scheduled appointment or to refer her to a laboratory that could be trusted to analyze it.


Among the usual NGOs believed to protect journalists’ free speech rights is Reporters without Borders, aka Reporters Sans Frontiéres, an organization well known for its lopsided attacks on third world left-leaning countries unfriendly to the Anglo-American establishment. RwB is admittedly funded by “U.S. organizations strictly linked with U.S. foreign policy” including George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) and the National Endowment for Democracy, a branch of the U.S. State Department (see here and here)., another supposed journalist protection group, also happens to be funded by the George Soros organization OSI, as well as the Ford Foundation and the European Commission, the group of unelected bureaucrats who run the EU. Although “Carla” from the Mexican office of Article 19 interviewed Phelan, she refused to follow up with a lab referral in response to the 9/23/16 attack. The London office of Article 19 had refused to even look at any of Phelan’s documentation concerning why she fled the US. My recent email as a reporter for was sent to Carla and another Article 19 associate asking what Article 19 intended to do but both women completely ignored me.

Amnesty International is another prominent “human rights” organization that purports to help journalists but which has been exposed for its acceptance of governmental funds, contrary to its frequent proclamations that it does not do so and its carefully cultivated image of “impartiality and independence”. AI USA has also admitted to being funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

AI’s 2010 hiring of “anti-Israel activist Deborah Hyams” raises questions as to the degree to which AI’s apparent anti-Israel sentiment may have played a role in its refusal to help Janet Phelan, who is Jewish. Although critical of many of the policies of the state of Israel, Phelan has written prolifically on the perception that the US intends to betray the Jewish state.

Perhaps the most disgusting display of hypocrisy Phelan encountered came from the UN’s High Commissioner on Refugees [UNHCR], an entity which receives billions from the U.S. and the wealthier European countries. In March, 2016 it named a United Arab oil tycoon as its first “Humanitarian Champion”. Its website claims “We work to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home.”  It does not say except for U.S. citizens. However, its representative, Mark Manley, of the UNHCR Palenco, Mexico office, informed Phelan in Mexico City earlier in October, 2016 that the UNHCR is ‘not a human rights agency’ and could only suggest that targeted individuals seek asylum in their host countries, even in the face of evidence of significant persecution in the host country.

As of this writing, Janet Phelan finds herself forced by circumstances to return to her home in San Cristobal, Mexico. Her request for precautionary measures, including a request that measures be put into place to ensure that her home is not entered without her authorization, is still under review at the IACHR.

“I have to get ready to go to Geneva next month,” says Phelan. “Millions of lives are at risk due to the US’s covert biological weapons agenda. Someone needs to confront the UN concerning the US’s plans to launch a pandemic. I wish I wasn’t operating under this level of risk but I am not going to back down.”

An inactive attorney who practiced over 30 years in the courts of Oklahoma and Ohio, Katherine Hine is now with WLJA radio:, hosting weekly broadcasts exposing illegalities of forced psychiatry in Ohio and the consequences of our current lack of judicial accountability. She continues to serve as executive director of the Ross County Network for Children in Ohio, was instrumental in 2008-2009 in helping rid the City of Chillicothe, Ohio of its traffic cameras through citizen initiative, and has authored articles critical of forced psychiatry in the Columbus Free Press and one article addressing retaliation in the treatise: Expose: The Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children. She can be reached at

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