Freedom Cells Are One Solution To Tyranny

By James Corbett

Derrick Broze of joins James once again to continue their conversation on agorism and counter-economic activity. Today they discuss Freedom Cells, an idea for self-organized peer to peer groups that assert sovereignty, create alternative institutions, and innovate counter-economic activity.


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9 Comments on "Freedom Cells Are One Solution To Tyranny"

  1. This is nice and all, but someday we’ll have to confront them. Bilderburgers, bohemien grove, central bankers, neocons, kissengers etc.

  2. Echoing Martin, Broze and Corbett are beacons of light and Freedom cells are a great start but resistance will have to be more powerful to change the current trajectory – to include large scale peaceful civil disobedience and networked education / communication. Don’t let TPTB co-opt the Freedom cells “One man’s commune can become another man’s labor camp.”…..and one man’s “freedom fighters” are another man’s “terrorists” – (language can be a tricky thing).

  3. That’s a great picture of a beautiful and well kept & certified green thumb gardener’s garden but I have one question. Are there any deer there?? An un-fenced garden where I live would invite – “tyranny of the deer” and a quip regarding deer and gardens I have heard goes something like…”you’d be more likely to run out of bullets than deer if you think that’d be what it takes to keep them away and out of your garden”. That’s why we build 8 foot fences around gardens here instead. Here you can’t have a garden without a fence…period, especially one that looks like the beautiful one in that picture. Anyway, great fences make great neighbors, deer included…or something like that…

  4. I hope this idea catches fire everywhere! It is a superior idea! Highly cohesive, loosely connected and fully self sustaining communities communicating with each other is truly the only way out from under the control of the psychopaths that believe they should own everything, including what we believe. The indigenous peoples were far more wise, spiritual and connected to life than what is now trying to run/ruin lives. The Amish too, would be in far better shape than most of us if the technocrats invade every area of our lives. Technology used wisely for good, has been missing in current culture as the love of money has spread like a cancer to all regions in all facets of life. Intelligence and knowledge without wisdom has been a prevailing problem for some time now. This concept is the way back to recapture life, but eternal vigilance against covert and overt subversion is still vital.


  6. This is a great idea. Until the guys with guns show up. This sort of thing was done a century ago, they were called frontier farms. But you had to have a fort to retreat to when hostiles showed up. Centuries before that they were called castles. Neither one works in the modern age of high powered long range weaponry and attack aircraft. Having a sustainable, peaceful, dispersed agrarian population is what natives from canada to argentina had, until the conquistadors, colonizers, and more modern central american death squads came.

    All anyone can do is set up their peaceful agrarian society and hope the bad guys leave them alone. Hint: They can’t hurt you if they can’t find you.

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