Doesn’t Matter WHO Hacked Podesta, If Emails are TRUE

By Ben Swann

Reality Check: It Doesn’t Matter WHO Hacked Clinton Campaign Emails, It Matters If The Emails are TRUE. Ben Swann covers the media misdirection in this episode of Reality Check on CBS 46 in Atlanta.

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5 Comments on "Doesn’t Matter WHO Hacked Podesta, If Emails are TRUE"

  1. But…but…the Russians!

  2. Those dirty commies,or perhaps, it was our very own NSA.
    Either way she is treasonous.
    DRAIN the SWAMP.

  3. I was shocked, not at Clinton’s corruption but that the CBS Network would actually broadcast this information. Most American MSM are total hacks, liars and cheats.

  4. ’bout time folks pulled their heads out and said thank you to whoever showed us the emails.
    Now let’s get the corrupt congress to act. Good luck with that – they din’t want their dirty laundry hung out.

  5. In Murrka,exposing crimes Is illegal.

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