Is “Climate Change” Cover For Geoengineering? CIA Director Wants Spraying

climate-changeBy Cassius Kamarampi

Is “climate change” a cover for geoengineering, a premeditated campaign to generate public support for such programs as “SAI,” or Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, as proposed by CIA director John Brennan?

While human activity of all kinds may well affect the climate, it would seem as if the U.S. government, U.N., and other bodies of people are working to raise public fear of “climate change” for the purpose of generating support for weather modification technology, and geoengineering. David Keith is one of the more commonly recognized proponents of geoengineering.

My personal prediction is, in agreement with geoengineering activist Matt Landman, that eventually the U.S. will openly declare “we are going to commence geoengineering now to fight climate change,” as if they haven’t been using it for years already, and then it will escalate to unseen proportions, making these chemtrails look like child’s play.

CIA director John Brennan even said some nations would be in opposition to an SAI program, probably because Iran’s president already accused them of using some technology to engineer their drought.

An SAI program would surely be a tool to enforce hegemony, never some benevolent last resort to saving the planet from “climate change” which, if it really is a threat and it could be, it is actually exacerbated and perpetuated by geoengineering itself, with a wide range of other factors.

This Era of Wisdom video explains. Please share this with as many people as possible, go out of your way to show friends and family the sky when it is being sprayed, and info about it from credible researchers and writers such as Peter A. Kirby.


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13 Comments on "Is “Climate Change” Cover For Geoengineering? CIA Director Wants Spraying"

  1. Geoengineering is being used as a cover for the lethality of fossil fuels, which kill millions each year. Shifting attention to those “vapors in the sky” distracts from the known harm done every day by fossil fuels.

    Geoengineering as a conspiracy theory serves to confuse the public and prevent action to curb pollution/emissions from fossil fuels. Chemtrails blind us to the real damage…..that is its purpose.

    • Wow, I never thought of it from that angle. Scary how they do have the capabilities/finances to create or infiltrate certain movements and many won’t know it. I’m finding it sad that I don’t know what to believe anymore.. but I won’t stop reading & researching, and hoping the truth will appear.

      • Take note Dale doesn’t share the views of most people on alt media websites on mandatory vaccines, duplicity of Dems and Repubs to create a NWO, etc., and on geoengineering (chemtrails) doesn’t explain or glosses over the high levels of aluminum, strontium, and barium found directly over sprayed areas, including locations away from big cities. He also has no answer for the billions of sightings of very unusual trails left by planes. Nobody in the main stream media explains it, for example if it’s just a new fuel, then tell us. Whatever the topic is, it’s a good idea to research as much as possible then use your gut instincts and common sense. See what research is compiling and if you haven’t yet, consider watching What In the World Are They Spraying and Why in The World Are They Spraying, two great documentaries available on youtube. Peter Kirby explains the historical aspect here in A.P. archives. Good luck!

        • Thank you so much! I will definitely be watching those. I still have much to research on a variety of topics. I’m guessing those financing the spraying in the sky won’t have it done over where they live, lol. I’m sure they also eat the purest organic food and won’t use the vaccines that are administered to the common people. Makes me also think of when Obama took a ‘sip’ of water when visiting Flint! 🙂

          • You’re very welcome. I agree, TPTB know how to protect themselves. I live in a big city near the Rocky Mtns, sometimes the chemtrails blanket the sky and the lines are obvious, very unnatural. It’s gross!

          • I live near Washington Crossing, PA (where George Washington’s army famously crossed the Delaware river during the Revolutionary War). It’s a beautiful area. But I remember seeing those ‘lines in the sky’ since I was a little child in the 90s, and thinking they were so cool! lol. Only recently have I been looking into a lot of issues because too many things are not right with our world and I desire some reasons/answers. One example is I have a ton of allergies. I never had them as a kid, but developed them in my early teens and they have only gotten worse. I’m wondering if it was from vaccines, my diet, the air quality I breathe in, all of the above?? Hopefully we can all sift through the vast amounts of information out there and be able to find the truth, in every topic. 🙂

          • It’s cool you live in an area with so much history and it sounds like a pretty area too. 🙂 I’m little older than you, as a young girl I remember clear sunny blue skies, unless a storm passed through. I’ve noticed I often feel a little down and not myself on heavy spray days. We deserve some answers. There are way too many people / kids with autism now for it to be natural. Good health is precious. I was hoping even if most people don’t take notice of banking issues, politics, international relations, etc., at the very least they would want to know a lot more and get involved with issues affecting their family’s health. Problem is we are bombarded with so much stuff people don’t have a clear sense of their priorities. So, yeah, you’re right we have to work together however and wherever we can. P.S., I hope your vit D levels are OK, low D messes up the immune system including hypersensitivity to allergies. Watch out for GMOs too. Hope you get better!

          • Thank you so much for the Vitamin D recommendation! My brother keeps telling me about it. I don’t go in the sun often and I know we need sunlight to produce Vitamin D, so I should start getting out a bit more! And consuming more foods that contain it. Yes, good health is too important! We already have it tough in life, but when I think about how some people can be intentionally making it harder for us (mostly for profits, greed, etc), it infuriates me. So many other issues like you mentioned, the banking system, debt, wars, and now continued racial tensions. It’s sad. I think more people are becoming aware of the mess we’re in, but feel there’s not much they can do to change it (which I know is the wrong mentality) Plus we get so distracted with tv, entertainment, celebrities, sports, news, etc that we forget who we should REALLY be watching, lol. Anyway, thanks for your replies! You seem like such a nice person. I wish more people were like you. 🙂

          • Me too, I was thinking the exact same thing. What a nice person, wish everyone was like her. 🙂

  2. Strange, how Al ‘the sky is falling’ Gore started spewing global warming about the same time Haarp appeared..hmmm

  3. No. Geoengineering is being used to justify the false climate change hoax by CAUSING unnatural weather events that are subsequently blamed on climate change.

  4. imo, the goal is encapsulating the planet in a wifi spy grid, its to control / game EVERYTHING. but they realized regular rain clouds disrupt their coms (communications). cant have any disruptions or their weaponized drones will fall out of the sky, or their “humans are bad” driverless cars will crash, or they’ll lose the gps tracking on your implanted cancer causing chip. so they spray the atmosphere to prevent cumulus cloud formation. they use barium cuz barium reacts violently with water (moisture in the air) to form barium oxide, a white powdery substance you think is clouds. barium oxide is a well known industrial desiccant (drying agent). its grabs water and wont let it go. thats why “geo-engineering” causes drought, like california, cuz the barium oxide grabs the water and migrates it to another area. this is why you’ll never see them chemtrail on a clear high pressure day with no rain clouds in the area, you’ll only see them spraying at the front of a low pressure developing front. alum is added to increase electrical conductivity in a cloudy area. next time you see a chemtrail, check the weather forecast, rain is on it way. the rothschilds bought Reuters and AP news over 100 yrs ago to control the narrative (mind control). Now they’re buying up the weather channels, same crap diff century, control control control. your health doesnt mean sheit to these psychopaths, only their control matters. dont worry, nwo will fail, it only works if the slaves believe their bullsheit. will be fun watching the rats run into hiding.

  5. This is the kind of crap we get for paying taxes.
    CHEMTRAILS (SIA) are government owned. They are complicit. There are ties amongst the goat worshipers in most every land and a drought wherever they aim that pos system known as haarp.
    Send them to ICELAND they are the only ones with the nads to deal with these unholy vampires.
    SHEandHEandTHEYarDespicable goat worshipers.

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