Cancer, Cancer Everywhere … But Not In The Presidential Suite

cancer-epidemicBy Janet Phelan

A recent cancer symposium, with a surgical focus, met in Boston to discuss how surgical oncology is experiencing “an exciting evolution and the ways in which we treat cancer are changing.”

However, there are indications that the cure for cancer may have already been found and that those who have it are keeping it close to their chests.

In order to support this contention, which may be seen as alarming and extreme, one must look at the rates of cancer among the general population and compare these to the rates of cancer deaths among world leaders.

And the latter is almost non-existent.

In the US, cancer is the second leading cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease. According to recently breaking news, Australia now lists cancer as its leading cause of death. In the rest of the developed world, cancer is near the top of the list. A recent list published by the World Cancer Research Fund International shows that Denmark leads the pack in terms of cancer rates.  Indeed, the list of the fifty countries with the highest cancer rates might lead one to believe that cancer is a disease of prosperity. Conspicuously absent from the list are countries in the Third World—in particular Africa.

Cancer will fell approximately ¼ of all those living in the developed world. However, this particular manifestation of the Grim Reaper gives world leaders a wide berth.

Since 1980, when the exiled Shah of Iran succumbed to lymphatic cancer in Egypt, the deaths by cancer of those leading their nations can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And what is most telling about those on this short list is where they stood on the political spectrum.

Hugo Chavez, the colorful and controversial President of Venezuela between 1999-2013, was a Socialist and prominent adversary of US foreign policy and neo-liberalism. Before succumbing to cancer in 2013, Chavez made a much publicized radio announcement in which he speculated that the US government gave him cancer.

Chavez has been quoted as saying, “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented the technology to spread cancer and we won’t know about it for 50 years?” He is also quoted as saying “Fidel [Castro] always told me, ‘Chávez take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat … a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what.’ ”

Since his death Venezuela has crumbled into economic chaos.

Vaclav Havel, who was the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic, is somewhat of a more ambiguous character. While he is seen as being a pivotal player in breaking up the Soviet bloc, and therefore bringing what is popularly termed “democracy” to a formerly Communist country, he may have also been serving US and CIA interests, either unintentionally or otherwise.

In his period of political dissidence, prior to ascending to power, Havel was imprisoned a number of times, the longest incarceration being four years. As President, Havel was instrumental in dismantling the Warsaw Pact and expanding NATO into Eastern European countries. Havel died of lung cancer in 2011 at the age of 75.

Jack Layton, the head of Canada’s New Democratic Party, succumbed to “an unspecified, newly diagnosed” cancer in 2011.
The NDP occupies the furthest left of Canada’s political spectrum. Indeed, there has never been an NDP head of state in Canada.

So when the NDP swept the national parliamentary elections in 2011, winning 103 seats, the NDP became Canada’s Official Opposition. Layton’s tenancy as head of the opposition was short lived, however. Layton succumbed to cancer less than four months later, passing on in August of 2011. He had been committed to ousting the conservative Harper government. Following Layton’s death, the NDP tumbled from its position and currently occupies third place in Canada’s parliament.

As Prime Minister of the tiny island of Barbados, David Thompson could only marginally have been considered a world leader. The population of Barbados is less than 300,000, mostly black. Barbados, also known as “Little England,” is an independent state with the British monarch as hereditary head of state.

Thompson was in office from 2008 until October of 2010, when he passed away from pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly forms of the Big C.

Statistically, since cancer is listed as cause of death in roughly ¼ of all deaths, one might logically expect that one quarter of the US Presidents and one quarter of the US Vice Presidents, to pick one example, would have cancer listed as cause of death. With 44 Presidents and 47 Vice Presidents, one might think that somewhere in the realm of 24 or so might have succumbed to cancer.

However, there are none. Zero. Zilch. A search for cancer as a cause of death for German, French or British leaders in the past forty years produces only one name, that of former French President Francois Mitterrand, who succumbed to prostate cancer in 1996 at the age of 80. Mitterrand was the first French President who was a Socialist and he led the nation for fourteen years, as its longest serving President.

Since the 1972 throat cancer death of Edward VIII—who abdicated the throne in 1936—no members of British royalty have died of cancer.

In October of this year, the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit will be convening in Paris, France. The announcement for this Summit states that “The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit brings together global decision makers who can shape the way our generation addresses the task of eliminating cancer as a life threatening disease for future generations.” Their announcement also states, “The Summit plays a pivotal role in this portfolio of global events by ensuring that the 2020 targets detailed in the World Cancer Declaration are appropriately recognised and addressed at the highest political levels.”

However, those at the “highest political levels” are often seen as escaping repercussions for criminal behavior and worse. The idea of the “Teflon-coated” political elite is an idea that has now gained general—albeit grim—acceptance.

Given the probability that the cure may already exist, in light of the unusual lack of incidence of fatal cancers afflicting the powerful, one might want to ask the Summit if the world leaders might be willing to share … please?

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Janet specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption and addresses the heated subject of adult conservatorship, revealing shocking information about the relationships between courts and shady financial consultants. She also covers issues relating to international bioweapons treaties. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She is also the author of a tell-all book EXILE, (also available as an ebook). She currently resides abroad.

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49 Comments on "Cancer, Cancer Everywhere … But Not In The Presidential Suite"

  1. Jesus Christ Superstar | October 31, 2016 at 9:48 am | Reply

    Cancer is a fungus-like growth that only thrives in an acidic environment; it cannot even survive in the body of a person that maintains a pH in the high neutral/alkalinity range, so it is easily preventable. It is curable by various natural means, including high doses of curcumin, high doses of laetrile (known as vitamin B-17, which has been outlawed by the FDA since 1970), or high doses of CBD oil (which the FDA is desperately trying to regulate).

    Cancer–like open-air prisons, two-party political systems, and the tv show “The Goldbergs”–is unnecessary.

    • Unlikely; this theory has no research support. WE have know since the 30’s that cancer is a resperation problem and develops in an oxygen starved environment and thrives on acidic conditions. You are making medical claims for which there is no evidence and dangerously offer false hope, tho you have no background in oncology research.

      Wild animals get cancer…….how is that correlated with “it is unnecessary.”

      Wild exaggerations and claims are dangerous. Don’t believe everything you read.

      And don’t promote ideas that you believe but can provide no real research to support.

      Your humor is appreciated but it masks a cruel hoax in offering false hope to people like me, my 10th year into fighting cancer. I will start Vit B17 and mitoq since all my other
      “certain cures” of natural compounds and anti-cancer diet have failed to reverse the cancer. Your sin is in exaggeration. I will try anything that won’t harm me but I reserve judgement and sustain my critical intelligence until I see the results. I resent those who claim they have “the truth” and know “the cure.,” almost always either with a conflict of interest (ie they make money with the treatment or selling the supplements) or a total lack of medical background, combined with lack of critical thinking skills.

      Nothing is more cruel than false hope.

      • Jesus Christ Superstar | November 2, 2016 at 12:33 pm | Reply

        We shall let the reader compare my comment to yours. I will add: Dr. Royal Raymond Fife, and Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet. Your assignment is to read up on these two fine gentlemen. One last thing: my comment is not funny.

        • You are giving me assignments. I already have one, an appointment with an oncologist involved in immunotherapy.

          But I am always happy to learn, so I am looking up the doctors.
          Bradstreet I know about, he had widely debunked ideas about vaccinations, except for the true believers. He is also subject of claims he was murdered because….. he preached holistic medicine?

          I do not take him seriously and his research was not peer-reviewed, relegating it to the ash heap of unproven theories.

          Royal Rife? Wiki gives 5 primary sources for this summary:
          ” Rife also reported that a ‘beam ray’ device of his invention could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.[4] Rife’s claims could not be independently replicated,[5] and were discredited by independent researchers during the 1950s. Rife blamed the scientific rejection of his claims on a conspiracy involving the American Medical Association (AMA), the Department of Public Health, and other elements of “organized medicine”, which had “brainwashed and intimidated” his colleagues.[6]
          Interest in Rife’s claims was revived in some alternative medical circles by the 1987 book The Cancer Cure That Worked, which claimed that Rife had succeeded in curing cancer, but that his work was suppressed by a powerful conspiracy headed by the AMA.[5] After this book’s publication, a variety of devices bearing Rife’s name were marketed as cures for diverse diseases such as cancer and AIDS. An analysis by Electronics Australia found that a typical ‘Rife device’ consisted of a nine-volt battery, wiring, a switch, a timer and two short lengths of copper tubing, which delivered an “almost undetectable” current unlikely to penetrate the skin.[7] Several marketers of other ‘Rife devices’ have been convicted for health fraud, and in some cases cancer patients who used these devices as a replacement for medical therapy have died.”

          Also you forgot that fraud Wakefield whose own co-researches have claimed he falsified data.

          I don’t buy it, and I have been into alternative medicine for 60 years.
          I am currently using alternative natural remedies to try to cure my cancer, but none has worked….yet.

          The quacks, the crackpots, and their followers do not interest me. I will try any natural supplement which have peer-reviewed research and I take no prescription drugs. If all else fails, I will try immunotherapy from my Standford oncologist.

          I have tried dozens of “sure cures’ which failed. I have not given up but I have no time to waste with pseudo-science.

          • Jesus Christ Superstar | November 2, 2016 at 1:22 pm |

            Your faux impassioned plea for sympathy has fallen on deaf ears; we are familiar with such Alinsky tactics. We do notice that we are making you work for your paycheck, though.

          • There is no plea for sympathy but for critical thinking. You say “WE” so who is paying you to rub out anyone with dissenting ideas to the herd thinking you assume of other activistpost readers?

            Alinksy tactics included false pleas for sympathy? Are real pleas ok?

            This is not work, and you still me $500 bucks for my last article. I do it out of love of the truth about a subject I have a vital interest in, as I try to cure my cancer. That is not a plea but the foundation of my passion.

            Your libel is funny……..and I note you totally ignore the evidence I present. You said get back after checking out the doctors and I did and then you ignored it.

            Your cold and lying words would be insulting if they were not patently absurd. I forgive you, for you know not what you do.

          • Jesus Christ Superstar | November 2, 2016 at 1:44 pm |

            Well, you’ve got an appointment with an oncologist, and I have to pick my nose. Why don’t you have the last word? Oh…and that forgiveness? The only one who can forgive me is myself. But thanks anyway.

          • Foregiveness is given. It lives in my heart: I forgive you and hope you will get over your nastyness, especially to people suffering from cancer. My last word is: I foregive you for your nastiness…….you are probably a good person who just likes to troll and vent on the internet.

            I wish you well…

          • Jesus Christ Superstar | November 3, 2016 at 1:07 am |

            Man….that was some suckya$$ last words. Ok, take 2.

          • Jesus Christ Superstar | November 3, 2016 at 9:52 am |

            Aw, c’mon, man. You call THAT a last word? I can see we need a huddle, here. Ok now, the problem we have here is that you sound a little jee eh why. Normally I would say that is NOT a bad thing, but you have a Jerry Sandusky/Barack Obama-type of jee eh why vibe goin’ on, and that is just weak. You want to be cue you ee ee are STRONG, my man. Like Val Kilmer in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Or Buck Henry in “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” Even better, like that record producer in Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys.” Now, that eff eh jee jee oh tee is lip-bitingly hot, and but more importantly he projects STRENGTH. Ok?

            Ok, then, so….Last Word, Take 2.

        • Readers who accept non-peer reviewed claims over peer-reviewed are unqualified to make a rational comparison. Like most gullible people who fall for quackery, you ignore the evidence and facts I presented because they don’t fit your beliefs.

          Your comment is NOT funny; it is dangeous, as it offers false hope and dismisses serious criticism of amateur research not subject to peer review. I find you command to look into a couple of quacks kind of funny, however. LOL.

  2. Very good article and in particular those poor individuals that get cancer and those who don’t. You never see the zios get cancer but if you oppose them like Chavez, Aaron Russo, Doug Christie, Anthony Lawson, these individual seem to get insidious cancers. Yet the chosenites seem immune – Kissinger, Albright, Rockerfeller, and all the old zios that run well into their 90s. (H.W. B. Bush). They can give it but they rarely get it.

    • Add George Pratts Schulz and a host of other putrid zios.

    • Probably have access to Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s antineoplastons which he discovered way back in the 70s. By now the treatment could have been perfected. Instead, Burzynski is being hounded again with government threats and negative media coverage.

      There’s also Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez on record having saved patients from advanced stage pancreatic cancer using food, supplements, and detoxing. He was on to the nagalase link to cancer before he died of a “heart attack” (???) despite being a very healthy man with no history of heart disease.

      • Even 40 years after Burzynski started peddling his antineoplastons, they have never shown any significant anticancer activity in any trial conducted by him or anyone else for that matter.

        The Dr. Gonzalez protocol was tested in pancreatic cancer (PubMed PMC2860407). Not only was the median (half) survival of patients in the Gonzalez therapy group worse than it was for the chemo group, it was three times worse. At one year, 56% of the chemotherapy patients were alive and only 16% of the Gonzalez protocol patients were. In addition to this the Gonzalez therapy patients did than the ”average” pancreatic cancer patient as determined by the survival curve derived from data from the SEER Database. Also the patients in the Gonzalez therapy group had a much poorer quality of life on top of this.

    • George VI died of lung cancer, then there was the Queen’s sister (Margaret) who had part of her lung removed because of a lung cancer scare. Prince Michael of Kent had prostate cancer and even the Queen Mother had colon and breast cancer too.

  3. Sharing please is not going to work! You have to hold their feet to the fire. Definitely they have some knowledge of resistance or cure.

  4. Markus Palmheim (MAPA) | October 31, 2016 at 10:52 am | Reply

    The elites don´t eat GMO!

    • Agree and no process foods. My grandfather loved to 106, had he own garden, walked a couple of miles everyday, did not smoke but did have snuff (ug).

    • Nor do I and I have cancer! My guess is that many political leaders, being clueless on diet, eat meat, 99% of which contains GMO (97% factory farmed, 2.7% pasture fed which includes up to 20% GMO alfalfa, and only .3% organic being non-GmO.

      Unless leaders eat like the organic Obamas, they are ingesting GMO. People who reject science, global warming, etc are unlikely to be sophisticated about the harm of GMO food production (72% glyphosate: carcinogenic).

      Stop making claims you can’t back up.

      • Dale, yours is a passionate response to be sure. There are “natural” ways to fight cancer; I know because I rejected the usual “cures” of chemo and radiation for a more “organic” approach. My cancer began to disappear in four months and was completely gone six months out. The tumor was located between my clavicle bone and shoulder. It reached the size of a golf ball before I started my natural regimen. This even worked for my dog “Casey” who had an extremely aggressive form of cancer called hemangiosarcoma the size of a cantaloupe for which there are few solutions. He was given two months to live (tops) and I had him still alive, happy and functional for almost a year, his tumor shrank down to the size small than two golf balls right next to each other, until his hip displacia boiled everything down to a “quality-of-life” issue. I miss him.

        The regimen I used was based on process now know as the anti-angiogenic diet. The basic foods or supplements I used were raw almonds, lots of onions and garlic on my food, corral calcium, Turmeric (curcumin), Vitamin E and Vitamin D, strawberries, blueberries and alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine. Why does it work? Long story, but the simplest answer is that cancer cells grow much faster than normal cells and for this reason, have to acquire a blood supply that grows with the tumor. Otherwise the tumor eventually outstrips its food supply and will stall out and die.

        The trick is to do all you need to stop the growth of that blood supply. It is rooted in the production of an enzyme by tumors called COX-2 (cyclo-oxygenase 2) which stimulates the growth of new capillaries and blood vessels (“angio-genesis”) that seek out the source of the COX-2 enzyme; namely the tumor.

        Some of the latest anti-angiogenic NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like Avastin are what you’d call COX-2 re-uptake inhibitors. They even have a version for pets like Metacam. But they are very toxic, and can cause lots of digestive problems, including ulcers and bleeding. There are components in these foods and vitamins listed above that have powerful natural COX-2 re-uptake inhibitor qualities without the toxic side-effects, like the flavenoids in onions and garlic as one example. There are scientific studies that show conclusively the certain populations (Italians for example) have significantly lower levels of certain cancers that have been linked to their diets which are high in onions, garlic and tomatoes.

        The best explanation I’ve seen was the TED video lecture by Dr. William Li at this link:

        • Thank you for the thoughtful response. I have been reading real cancer research, and it is very complicated.
          My daily diet includes almost all the stuff mentioned. AS I read your post, I was eating a light dinner of organic: salsa with tomato, onion, and garlic. I take garlic pills equivalent to 30-40 cloves a day. I take large does of curcumin and a dozen other natural supplements which have some research behind them.

          Good for you that it worked, but it hasn’t for me. My experience is that people with zero background in medicine, let alone oncology research, continue to tell me of a cure. In all cases, I have tried that cure and it failed.

          I will continue my alkaline vegan diet with supplements, mushrooms, etc etc and alkaline water and I will be adding mitoq and mitotemp, which research shows to be very effective in actually getting to the mitochondria and killing cancer cells. It’s expensive but then what good is my money if I did? I also have also order vitamin B-17 so I can up my dose of apricot kernal extract, and I will take aspirin with it, as the combination has had striking success in targeting and killing cancer cells.

          I am also seeing a regular oncologist who specializes in immunotherapy in case none of this natural treatment works. Ten years ago, I took one year with alternative treatments: no results. Now I have tried cannabis, curcumin VIT C and E, D3, etc etc etc.

          No results. I will keep trying but when people tell me they have the cure, I usually find that the cure did not work for me. It worked for you and your dog….that’s great. But the stuff you mentioned has not worked. So I keep trying. What works for one person obviously does not work for all.

          I will try anything which does no harm, tho I have learned to dismiss claims that someone has “the cure.” If someone really had the cure, there would be no cancer. NSAIDs are very effective, in the research, and very cheap….and yet, many who regularly take aspirin get cancer. I am going to try the combination researchers found successful in many cases: MitoQ with MitoTempo with aspirin. I hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

          Dinner was: tomato, onion, garlic, microgreens, watercress, almonds and other nuts and seeds, with honey/ginger dressing and a good dose of lemon (which makes alkaline). I popped a mouthful of Vit C, D3, B complex, and E, as well as taurine, selenium, curcumin, garlic pills, flax oil, hemp oil, and a few others, taking it down with my alkalinized water (I filter with brita, then put that water in a my zero water device which alkalines and mineralizes.

          I do not use added sugar and not even fruit juice, just smoothies with fiber,etc. I eat broccoli every day of my life. I have been on an anti-cancer diet for 50 years, tho in my 20’s and 30’s I ate a lot of candy.

          I live in a very clean area, in the Redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains with the largest biomass and oxygen producer in the world, the 180 ft trees on my property, tho I earlier have lived in more polluted environments such as the slums of NY City.

          I thank you for your response. I will keep experimenting…and if all else fails, I will seek the immunotherapy treatment, which relies on the bodies own immune system to fight cancer and has been very successful so far.

          Cancer is still very much a mystery, as the research makes clear.
          Amazing new discoveries are being made about how cancer cells work and how various substances (like aspirin) target and defeat cancer cells. The truth is, so far, that the only thing that has worked was removing my prostate, which gave me 8 yrs cancer free and now this low score but growing. I am grateful for that, and once again, am trying only natural “cures’ with conventional as last resort.

          No disease has as many untrained experts on cancer, nor so few trained professionals that will say “We have the cure.” There may be dozens of cures that work for some but not others. Studies of twins has shown a genetic component to cancer, or a vulnerability linked to DNA. So my DNA may be vulnerable and yours not.

          Thanks again. Dale

          • there may be another way which perhaps you have tried, in the Truth About Cancer series one connecting factor in all of the various cures was the Mind, Heart, Spirit or prayerful meditative aspect… in ancient traditions medicine or healing is that which works, even the word medicine is rooted in the words for remedy- meditate also comes from the same root word. Sometimes the healing requires a deep inner work which may take time, each insight will lead you to the next step, ask the Creator to guide you to the healing, it may be as much spiritual as physical healing that takes place, there may be some changes in life that need to be taken, besides what you have already endured… letting go of things which give rise to suffering/difficulty, stressful situations or people… letting go of old past injuries, etc., I used meditation exclusively as I live in a developing country where the treatments are not very advanced, I had no choice but to go very deep into my Heart/Mind and talk to my dna, ancestors, karma, the Lord, forgiveness, everything…. this lead to finding those things which help support the healing.. there is now much more info about meditation & healing, as well as the epi-genetics, changablility of the dna, it is all impermanent and can change….

          • One other issue that is extremely important for my own health, and does affects our bodies ph, is naturally occurring phytic (grains, nuts, seeds and beans) and/or oxalic acid ( many vegetables) in natural foods. We have been fermenting, souring and sprouting foods for 1000’s of years and only recently the practice is regaining the necessary attention. The necessary information is obtained through google, so I won’t get into it here but one other important thing is that tomato and pepper seeds have a natural protective barrier that is toxic and I definitely have to remove these before eating. I make my own cayenne pepper minus the seeds and I grow and freeze my own tomatoes minus the seeds.

          • Yes, this is my diet: I have been vegetarian for 50 years, vegan the last 15. All I eat are what you mention, and I toss a little hot pepper power I was given in Costa Rica on every meal.
            I have been on an anti-cancer diet most of my life. I has not prevented cancer. I continue, and my new attempt to beat it includes many supplements (curcumin, etc) and mitoq, mitotempo and aspirin, which has had very promising results in studies so far. I have, other than the cancer (which has had no side effects), not been sick at all the last 15 years…….no flu, colds, etc.

            I take no prescription drugs. If all else fails (and I will try anything that does no harm), I am scheduled to see an oncologist who specializes in immunotherapy, which uses the body’s own immune system and has had great results so far. But, because of genetic differences (proven in studies of twins), which is a part of the picture, some are more vulnerable than others, which may explain why a “cure” which worked in 4 months for one person will fail in another.
            We have a lot to learn. There is also the political side of it, where the polluters buy opposition in Congress to curbing emissions, since pollution is also part of the picture.

            I recently, during my cannabis extract treatment, lost 40 lbs so I am a much healthier weight and can sleep longer, also essential to health.
            But the cancer has not responded to all kinds of treatments, from oriental medicine, acupuncture, and a dozen sure “cures” that may have retarded growth but did not reverse it.

            Thank you for your suggestions on diet, which I endorse.

          • Hey Dale I am not sure if I agree that being vegan is the healthiest choice unless your stomach is working optimally and can recycle B12. There are other necessary factors for good health that are only obtained from animal foid sources. I definitely don’t support the animal torture going on but a true fact is that chickens were domesticated 3000BC.

          • I got zero water, only to find that while my tap water is about 7 ph, the zero water, after all solids are removed, is very very acid……the worst water I could drink! They don’t tell this as many buy it for health reasons. Turns out the solids they filter out in an acid filter are what makes water alkaline. So now I am buying different waters advertised as alkaline, a premium added. One, from the place where I had the best water in my life(Dunsmuir,Ca near Mt Shasta. It was natural and said: 7.8=8.2. It measured 7.5, just above my tap water.Another tested 7.8.

            So bought the purified with minerals added, which claims 9-9.5,still to test and found at a local chain (Raleys) the bargain basement brand, still to test.

            I am using only those over 8. I have read that adding lemon to water will turn it alkaline, so I will test that.

            As for the dichloroacetate, I tried that, buying it online before it was banned, from a vet website. The study in Canada obseved that puppies given this hideous chemical,had an “ungainly gait.” Hmnnn….so I took it, perhaps overdid it, and it brought my PSA down, but then stalled. The side effect was peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes….my toes, 11 years later, are still afflicted. It’s permanent.

            Thursday, I see an oncologist who does immunotherapy. The Dr. B sounds sketchy: Wikipedia has two sources for this: “The clinic’s version of personalized medicine bears little resemblance to targeted cancer therapy, as the clinic includes chemotherapy drugs and antineoplastons are part of this treatment.”

            This link offers a detailed analysis of what is viewed as snake oil, which the good Doctor, of course sells. I do NOT take medical advice from people with a conflict of interest in selling me something.

            The author of the critizue, Dr. Gorski observes:”it turns out that a lot of Burzynski’s patients who have been featured in news stories as successes or potential successes are found to be neither when someone bothers to follow up on them to see how they’re doing now. This is very similar to the group of patients featured when Dr. Burzynski first gained fame for his cancer therapy back in 1988 after Sally Jesse Raphael’s show featured four “miracle” patients of Burzynski’s, who, according to her, had had incurable cancer and failed conventional therapies but were rendered cancer-free, thanks to Dr. Burzynski. Unfortunately, four years later in 1992, Inside Edition followed up these four patients and found that two of the four had died and a third had recurred, while the fourth had had bladder cancer with a good prognosis. In that report, the widow of one of Raphael’s guests reported that her husband and five others had sought treatment from Burzynski and that all had died.” Yikes!

            Here’s another report: “The Clinic clearly states that antineoplastons are nontoxic. That is untrue. The most obvious issue that has arisen is hypernatremia—an overload of sodium in the blood, which will cause serious complications. Seizures and swelling of the brain were also reported. This treatment is a form of chemotherapy. The body is being overloaded with something that is not normally present. There will be side effects. It is not nontoxic. [Source]

            The Burzynski Research Institute (BRI) studies and synthesizes antineoplastons. In the forty years that antineoplastons have been known, there has yet to be definitive evidence that shows this treatment works as described. That’s a long time. Where’s the evidence? there have been no randomized controlled trials (RCTs) done, the gold standard of medical research studies. Why there have not been RCTs is a highly relevant question that Dr. B. has dodged.

            He has not walked the walk or done the work necessary to constitute solid scientific research. His preliminary trials for antineoplastons were problematic. [Source] Over sixty trials (called Phase II trials) have been registered in the appropriate databases, yet only one was stated to be complete and nothing has been published on any of them. Where are the rest? The trials continue. Unreported.”


            The Doctor is not an oncologist or geneticist: he appears to be a quack. Like many snake oil salesmen, he has a kind of cult following with supporter claiming the medical profession fears his alternative cancer treatments,which include chemotherapy, etc.

            I thank you for your concern but in 11th year of dealing with cancer, I am offered,with the kindest intentions, much that is fraudulent.

            I will investigate real immunotherapy,continue my alkaline, low-methionine vegan diet and add new supplements like mitoq and vit B-17,all of which have real research behind them. Another friend,an oncologist from Serbia,has told me Provenge is very promising.

            Meanwhile, I have lost 40 lbs and am an athletic 6’/175 lbs,with my energy coming back after the intense sedation of my unsuccessful cannabis extract treatment.

            I am also looking into mitotempo, to go with mitoq and….aspirin, a combination with huge promise.

            You are so kind to seek to help me……thank you, sir.

          • Hi, Dale, My apologies for the delayed response. There are several other items that have come to my attention in recent times. One- the therapy involving “anti-neoplastons” developed by a Dr. Burzynski has shown great promise, especially in the successful remission of cancer types that are notorious for their resistance to treatment, like astrocytoma- (brain cancer.) As I understand it, our immune systems have a component that detects and attacks abnormal cells, before they can develop into tumors. He extracts these anti-neoplastons from the patient’s blood, treats them in a way that multiplies their numbers, then re-injects them back into the patient’s body. His success has caused an uproar in the pharmaceutical industry, which has tried to block implementation of this therapy through their hacks in the FDA for nearly twenty years because it would make chemotherapy and radiation obsolete, costing them billions of dollars in revenue. There’s a very remarkable movie about the doctor’s work, called simply “The Burzynski Movie”. You can find it easily in a Google search.

            Also, I’ve heard positive mention made of a supplement called dichloroacetate. From what I understand it was banned in the U.S. just as it began to show great oncological promise in humans, but it can still be obtained from sources in China as a treatment for cancer in pets. A 100% pure product is recommended by those who have used it, but I cannot say from any personal experience if it works as effectively as is claimed.

            Finally, let me say (without being preachy or dogmatic) that I will hold you up in prayer for putting this problem behind you once and for all.

            Warm Regards, Mark.

        • Also see “the Truth About Cancer” information. (Ty Bollinger) The symposium he sponsored (a couple of weeks ago) brought together many different natural cancer doctors (all types). What they all understand is that there are MANY natural cures for cancer, and they each talked about their own ideas/protocols to help people overcome their cancers without having to endure the traditional “treatments.” Ty Bollinger got involved in researching what forms of natural cancer treatments were out there after his father died of cancer. Had I known about this, I would have had my own father seeing one of these doctors.

    • I’m sure that’s at least part of it…

  5. Excellent work, Janet. These mass murderers are definitely suppressing the cure for cancer. Worse yet, they know how not to get cancer because they know the covert chemical and biological methods of depopulation and are protecting themselves and their families while poisoning the rest of us into sterility and early death.

  6. Jack Layton died of “aggressive” Prostate Cancer. I think they killed him, as most men with Prostate Cancer die of old ago first. My father ignored signs for years and when diagnosed it was pretty advanced. He was 77 when diagnosed, he is now almost 91 with excellent PSA tests.
    Like this report states — they have ways to selectively give the enemy cancer.
    Read — Me & Lee – Judith Vary Baker

    • “they have ways to selectively give the enemy cancer.”

      Yep just ask the relatives of the six leaders of South American countries who died of cancer in a single decade. A South American organization has sent a formal letter alleging the USA was behind it.

      It is just the Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, Rothschild et al who do not die of Cancer or anything else come to think of it.

  7. Nice dot connecting work, Janet.

    The cancer-killing properties of cannabis have been known for decades. Perhaps they’re all taking CBD or some similar “secret” (to the rest of us) compound. It’s also a known fact the CIA can inject cancer into anyone easily, it’s simple, undetectable “silent wet work” if you’re not a super hurry to get rid of a socialist. They tried it out on Bob Marley for sure, and who knows how many others. It beats a bullet in the head for many reasons and situations.

  8. DAMN good point

  9. Perhaps it’s not so much “a cure” which the elites have found but, rather, a lifestyle and dietary measures that prevent cancer in the first place. Possibly also less exposure to cancer-causing environmental and so-called therapeutic synthetic chemicals.

  10. watch”
    Jacob Applebaum: To Protect And Infect, Part 2 [30c3]”
    it covers the device giving people cancer that is in the nsa purchasing catlog…this was the snowden leaks for the technically inclined

  11. Glyphosate, which is saturating many GMO based foods, is a carcinogen, it is also an antibiotic, and chemical mimick of glycine, the non-essential amino acid, related to fast proliferating cancer growth. Glyphosate was recently also found in vaccines, almost all tested by Dr. Samsel.. So not only GMO’s, chemicals, sugar, lack of oxygen, contribute to cancer, but also vaccines, indirectly through glyphosate and directly through many other toxins, among others formaldehyde, one of the most potent carcinogens… Yes, this article is great as it sheds the light on who knows what and why some people, I call, VICTIMS, have to die of cancer…

  12. The article should mention the Jimmy Carter case, who “defeated” cancer at an advanced age in a matter of weeks or a few months. How did that happen?

  13. Here are important facts on cancer that must be shared and spead:
    -there is no rectum/intestinium cancers in Africa because people do not eat meat every day ! WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) INFORMED us only this year that meat is cancerogen !
    -women who give late life and do not nurse are exposed to mamma cancer more then women who give birth earlier in life and give breast ! Thus, nones have most of mamma cancers – Africa’s women who have large families and use to give breast HAVE NO BREAST CANCERS
    -Africans do not smoke like “rich nations” use to do…

  14. deplorableGweneth | November 1, 2016 at 5:53 am | Reply

    *Vaccines are a major cancer causing weapon, why else would they push it so hard.
    Gmo is another source of a disease causing weapon.
    Dr Mary’s Monkeys – Haslam – This book centers on the JFK assassination. Judyth Vary Baker, LHO’s girlfriend Dr. Mary Sherman the head lab tech and a guy name Ferrie the government supplier of monkeys and cash. Basically It is Haslams view they were developing a cancer air born virus.
    *see nagalase,gcmaf, cas9/crispr, sv40(monkey cancer), glysophate, squalenes and baby tissue.

    Dr Mary ended badly…as did LHO…Judy is still alive and well, but in hiding.


  15. add Steve Jobs to your list, his birth father was Syrian, he would be opposed to the NSA desired back-door to the products…..

  16. In America, cancer is predominately caused by smoking and the consumption of animal products. Animal products are loaded with hormones and endotoxins. They lack fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants. They induce obesity and impair blood flow, which prevents the immune system from working property. They cause inflammation which is another load on the immune system. The reason why Africa and India have such low cancer rates is clear. Just look at their annual meat consumption.

  17. The same with meningitis. Have u ever seen or heard of a royal/rich person having been mutilated by meningitis? I for one dont. Looks like there are diseases especially made for the sheeple.

  18. Dr. Rath is a snake oil salesman. There is no doubt Vit C is important to health, but he has made claims not backed by research and widely criticized, as well as being judged against for deceptive claims, etc in courts. His methods are unethical, his claims hype, his goal: to make money selling vitamins, which is his source of income.

    In South Africa, he took AIDS patients off their medication, basically kidnapped them, and told them if they got sick, not to go to the hospital but back to his clinic. Many died.

    I am into natural cures, but people like Dr. Mercola and Rath use natural remedies as a form of conning people to sell supplements. I am not against natural remedies or vitamins and supplements: I am on a natural treatment (so far not working) and my diet, for 50 years is full of foods loaded with lysine, proline, and Vit C.

    I have eaten foods rich in lysine for 55 years, including lentils, soy, etc, all high in lysine. I am taking large doses of Vit C. And soy, which I like the centenarians of Okinawa, eat soy everyday.

    My entire diet is anti-cancer and has been for most of my life.

    I avoid quacks and doctors who make their money selling products they make exaggerated claims for. I find an ethical and medical conflict of interest………….in promoting a controversial treatment and then selling the products for it.

    I do not disagree that high doses of Vit C may help fight cancer, and I am taking high doses, but it hasn’t had an effect, sadly. Nor has a lifetime of eating tofu and tempeh, which are rich in proline and other anti-cancer compounds.

    I am 75, had my prostate removed 10 yrs ago and had 8 yrs of no cancer but it has come back, at a low PSA level (now .6) but growing.
    It may be the case that my family has low protection against cancer and that what works for some may not work for me or others.

    The last thing a cancer patient needs is a conventional doctor who knows nothing of the relationship of diet and health OR a quack doctor making unsupportable exaggerations about products he himself sells.
    False hope is the ultimate betrayal. I am on no prescription drugs, just natural supplements and my anti-cancer diet. I will try anything that won’t harm I have an open mind, but I also have a critical mind that sees a red flag in claimed “cures” by doctors in constant trouble for deceptive advertising as they get rich selling supplements.

  19. Thanks for the link, Michele. The Disqus notification didn’t come through when you posted this. I only noticed this because “James Peters” (Big Pharma pro-vaccine shill) popped up again to reply to my comment from > 3 weeks ago with his usual copy/paste nonsense. 😉 Anyway, I’m familiar with Rife and believe he was onto one aspect of cancer. I took grad/med oncology courses studying cancer at the genetic and molecular levels, this stuff is right up my alley. Rife was definitely a genius. Thanks for the nudge to dig deeper into his work!

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