The Call To Action Against Poison: Flint, Michigan Received A Million Water Bottles From Activists

call-to-action-poisonBy Cassius Kamarampi

Activist group New Era Detroit delivered over a million bottles of water to Flint, Michigan residents in 2016, demonstrating what we can do to better the health of our families if we put our minds to it. Many people in Flint, Michigan have lead poisoning, and could use heavy metal detoxing substances, and info about those substances such as cilantro, chlorella, selenium, and silica.

We would be doing our people a service if we got out there and started regularly giving out info, clean water, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy things to the people of our communities: holding monthly gatherings, making concerted efforts to help our people not succumb to poison, to not succumb to diseases such as cancer and diabetes which result from a lack of mindfulness with chemicals.

This article is a declaration that the final weekend of this month is the first Call to Action Against Poison: in this event, people all over the United States and the world can gather in their communities, and hand out jugs of clean, fluoride-free water with info about health and poison. We will hold a Call to Action Against Poison at the end of every month from here on out: start yours in your community today. This is a decentralized, open source movement, you can create your own group and call it “Call to Action Against Poison Seattle,” “CAAP Brooklyn,” etc. and do whatever you want in your community to get active.

In these gatherings, people can also hand out vitamins and minerals, hand out info about health and poison, and do anything they want to take action in restoring mindfulness of health and chemicals to their families.

A simple first step people can take toward fighting poison is vowing to only drink pure water, and only give their family and children pure water with no fluoride.

Even Harvard admits fluoride is a neurotoxin: they admitted it may be causing cognitive disorders. Fluoride is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to poison: the bottom line is, our water and food are laced with a plethora of cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting, health-wrecking chemicals and we lack a culture of mindfulness when it comes to health in the United States and many places in the world.

We need to do something about this now.

The Call to Action Against Poison will be a monthly event, the final weekend of every month, where we will actually do something to help our families avoid poison and be mindful of health. It will be a monthly practice for all health-concerned people, activists, and anyone else. People can hand out jugs of clean water with info taped to them, vitamins, minerals, info, etc.

This monthly event is designed to provide the structure necessary for a regular practice of bettering our health, and bettering the health of our families: this can be a monthly gathering, a monthly thing to look forward to, a monthly dedication to try and do something about the problem of poison in our water and food, from fluoride to pesticides. 

The momentum of the first Call to Action Against Poison is inconsequential, because even if the first one involves few people, the persistence of our efforts to educate family members and community members about poison and health will leave us with the satisfaction of knowing we did all we could to help our people become healthy and avoid disease.

The persistence of gathering and doing this every single month will leave us with the deep satisfaction of knowing we did what we could.

Keith Horton of New Era Detroit had this to say about the Call to Action Against Poison:

Over the course of a few months New Era Detroit, with the help of generous donations from members, friends, family and supporters, hand delivered over a million bottles of water to the residents of Flint.

Bottles of water are only a temporary solution to what seems like a never ending problem so we ask that people assist with taking the necessary steps to help our extended family in Flint.

No one really knows what the long term effects will be or the extent of damage our people have suffered but together we can and should help as much as we can.

Helping people vow to only drink clean, fluoride free water, and get their families to only drink pure water, is the humble first goal of the Call to Action Against Poison.

Therefore, our suggestion on behalf of the Call to Action Against Poison is this:

On October 29th and 30th, fill up several gallon jugs with the purest water you can find, and hand them out in public with a note on each gallon jug that says something to the effect of:

Harvard even admits fluoride is causing cognitive disorders: research it. The discipline to only drink pure water leads to a better state of mind and better health. Start giving your family only pure water with no shortcuts. Research every chemical in your food and practice chemical mindfulness to alleviate the feelings of malnutrition, or chronic fatigue. This is a message of care and love, from one human being to another: we humbly recommend you only give your family completely clean water with no shortcuts, by any means necessary.

At this link you can find a Google document with that phrase repeating: you could print that Google document out, cut out each repeating phrase and tape the phrase to each gallon jug of water.

While glass jugs are ideal for drinking water because they don’t leach any plastic or chemicals, plastic ones will do for this purpose.

Other ideas for things that could be passed out at your first Call to Action Against Poison include:

Join the first Call to Action Against Poison Facebook event here, invite all your friends and family, create your own Call to Action Against Poison Facebook events, and let’s get this rolling.

Like the Facebook page for the Call to Action Against Poison here.

Please share this with as many people as possible.

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[Editor’s note: Era of Wisdom is not giving medical advice or claiming that anything can treat or cure any disease. For legal purposes we are required to say this.]

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