AT&T Secret Spy Program Unveiled: Project Hemisphere

spy-project-hemisphereBy Ryan Banister

Project Hemisphere, a secretive program developed by AT&T, searches trillions of call records in order to analyze cell phone data, spying on the activity of private individuals in order to identify who they are speaking with and why, as well as GPS tracking on the location of each individual connected to the call, and it transmits this information to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In 2013, Project Hemisphere was shown in a PowerPoint presentation produced by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The New York Times reported this as a partnership between AT&T and the DOJ, primarily deployed for drug-enforcement task-forces. All information collected in this program is accessible to the federal agencies authorized by the DOJ.

AT&T specifically developed and marketed this product for use by the DOJ, who would promise hundreds of millions in funds on behalf of taxpayers, using the taxpayers’ own money to spy on their every move. This is an invasion of privacy without a warrant. This is a federal spy program by proxy, working through corporations.

AT&T promises law enforcement that it will not disclose Project Hemisphere’s involvement in active investigations that are made public. AT&T is is attempting to lower liability for their customer and limit scrutiny to information transmitted to federal agencies through their network.

While it should not be surprising that your cell phone company is working with bureaucrats to collect incriminating evidence on you, there is a staggering number of people who still carelessly use their cell phone as if the information being transmitted through the device will be kept private.

News flash! It’s never been private. They have always wanted to use your information as a product to sell to the highest bidder. Your data is their product, and you are paying them to take it from you.

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5 Comments on "AT&T Secret Spy Program Unveiled: Project Hemisphere"

  1. Equally, I’d ask, why all AT&T’s ‘Universe’ routers have not a SINGLE button with which the CUSTOMER can set(in particular SWITCH OFF) the wireless connection on demand??? That button on all these ‘made in China’ devices is switchable ONLY BY AT&T, remotely, ‘somehow’, anytime THEY WANT, and we don’t know about it… That in addition to astronomical costs for simple internet connection, which is 5-10 times more expensive in comparison to what one pays in Europe for the same service…

  2. But it’s crazy to believe in conspiracy “theories,” right?

  3. The Government has been data collecting and watching for 25 years or more, why find this so shocking. You have to ask yourself “if they are going to come after me for something I say on my phone or internet, I got bigger problems to worry about”. They like you or they don’t (term very loose) Your in or your out. I do believe that if enough people don’t wake up and start a conversation about the conditions of our government, we could very well be ushered into the next FEMA train on its way out of town very soon.

  4. Can’t have a war without the phone company and slimy politicians like Don and Hillary. It is time to nullify the phone company and nationalize the banking system. The states need to form public banks as well as take control of communication and cut out the middle men who spy on US for profit and are warmongers. Privatized banks and phone companies are obsolete constructs like politicians. It is time to use technologies for the advantage of the sovereign citizens who own this country. Communicate via protonmail , we can organize in secret and overthrow these elitists at the state level and move on with our lives and save the economy just like Iceland did.

  5. AT&T one of the fascists darlings of the goat worshipers.
    They are so paranoid that they are compelled to develop the IoT (internet of things) , which will ease drop on you and yours from the first cry to the last hurrah.
    And they always have a surface balloon proclaiming how they keeping the dweebs safe.

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