Army Major Says “Everything’s in Place” to Round Up Antiwar Dissenters for Military Detention

antiwarBy Justin Gardner

While mainstream media has dutifully echoed the U.S. government narrative that Russia is to blame for increasing tensions, we at the Free Thought Project have reported on the numerous ways in which the U.S. has actually been the provocateur.

Earlier in 2016, a U.S. military official said the U.S. “needs and wants Russia as an enemy,” which was followed by a litany of falsehoods about Russian threats from elected and appointed officials. A hacked email showed a NATO general plotting conflict with Russia, as American and NATO military forces amass along Russia’s borders.

U.S. intervention in Syria has provided the perfect context for escalating tensions. In its effort to topple the Assad government, the U.S. nurtured the Salafist fundamentalist sect in Syria, which went on to become a major part of ISIS. As U.S. military operations get dangerously close to Syrian or Russian forces (invited there by Assad), any “accidental” strike could be the spark for World War III.

If this were not disturbing enough, the reality in the homeland is downright frightening. Since 9/11, the U.S. military/surveillance state has been able to use – and perpetuate – the specter of terrorism to dismantle the rights of its citizens.

In order to sustain public support for its war-making, the State must suppress dissent. If it cannot achieve this through media control and other subtle means, it is prepared to take more forceful measures.

According to retired Army Major Todd Pierce, the U.S. government has everything in place to round up antiwar dissenters and put them in military detention.

In an interview with Mondoweiss, Pierce – who served in the 349th Psychological Operations Company and the 205th Infantry Brigade as a senior NCO, then as Judge Advocate General until 2012 – said:

Well let’s say we do ramp up a war with Russia and we do get a more active antiwar movement. Say a Donald Trump who’s already let everybody know what he thinks of the constitution, or Hillary Clinton.… And Obama has said he can kill American citizens. The military goes to them and says hey, these dissenters are going to cause us to lose a war, like the Vietnam war. Let’s put them in military detention, let’s impose censorship. Everything’s in place right now.

Pierce is a self-professed former neoconservative until the Gulf War began opening his eyes to the folly of U.S. imperialism, and then he personally witnessed how government began using 9/11 to assume totalitarian control in the name of fighting the tactic of terrorism. He now works as a Guantanamo defense attorney.

We have total surveillance of the US population through the NSA. That’s what these huge data storage facilities are about, to store all the data that they’ve gathered. They’ve gone to the public and say, We’re not listening to your phone calls. But what they are doing is storing it. It’s all there, just like a huge data file. Like the Stasi– they would go look at their file on someone, and go use that against them. Well, we have all that data collected, including people’s attitudes. So if the day comes, which if people like Vermeule and Posner have said, we may have to impose censorship and have military detention.

Pierce’s fears were further confirmed when West Point began hiring constitutional law teachers who openly professed that “we are going to have to start putting law professors into military detention, and take other legal measures because they are subverting our will to fight.”

Other professors at Harvard and University of Chicago were saying it’s time to revisit the writings of Carl Schmitt, who wrote actively to justify the Nazis and cement their power in Germany, and “spoke of the need for a dictatorship in 1922.” The professors even wrote their own book about centralized military authority, called The Executive Unbound.

Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was perhaps the crowning achievement of the totalitarian U.S. State, which removed the right of habeus corpus during this never-ending war on terror – meaning that American citizens suspected as “belligerents” can be subject to military law and indefinite detention.

This is not the only possible fate that awaits American citizens should major war break out and government essentially becomes a military junta.

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Pierce explains how he was in the court when the Obama administration argued they have the power to kill American citizens, as part of a sweeping authoritarianism granted unto itself to take “any means necessary” in the war on terror.

Obama demonstrated this power in 2011 by assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen in Yemen, and then his 16-year-old son “for good measure.”

Pierce is not alone in his well-informed, deep concerns for the proto-fascist trajectory of the U.S. government. He is part of a Veteran Intelligence group that includes four NSA whistleblowers, who were all arrested by the FBI at gunpoint but were able to avoid prison by “turning the tables and showing that the government was making things up.”

We’re a more sophisticated form of what I think has to be called fascism. The term fascism was applied to the way the communists and Stalin got on as well. You bring the term fascist to what it really means, and that ultimately is, ultramilitarism and authoritarianism combined with an expansionist foreign policy. And that’s us—what you can see us becoming.

The fascist path is being subtly applied at home, but is already the guiding principle of foreign policy. Doctrine is now in place that says the U.S. can kill any non-U.S. person who it deems to be the enemy, and this is already being carried out with targeted drone strikes in numerous countries where no war has been declared.

One of the people [unnamed colleague] I disagree with most is very supportive of what we have been doing. But he sort of slipped one time and said, this military commissions act, it’s almost like we are exercising martial law over the whole world. We are. We are taking those precedents from our own martial law period over our own territory and applying it to the world. Someone who may be anti drone warfare in Afghanistan or Pakistan is guilty of a war crime, and gets targeted with a drone attack.

So we are doing to the Mideast and other parts what the Germans did to Europe in World War 2. They held that any anti-German opinion was basically a war crime. And putting aside the Jewish issue—but non Jewish people who might be opposed to the Nazis invasion, before the Germans invaded, they would be put into military detention.

That’s the problem with the idea that you’re at war, because you adopt the most extreme understanding of who the enemy is and then justify killing them or putting them in military detention because they’re the enemy.”

And, as Pierce notes, “when you wage a totalitarian foreign policy like that it eventually spills over more and more into your domestic system, and we’re seeing this in Section 1021…”

Essential to this creeping fascism is the State’s mastery of propaganda, while sustaining the illusion that democracy is a meaningful protection against government abuse of power.

After the antiwar movement ended the Vietnam War, the military machine ramped up its effort to control the narrative, building on Cointelpro to identify and neutralize subversive elements. At the same time, it looked for ways to glorify the military, such as the Defense Department’s collaboration with Hollywood on the movie Top Gun and the infusion of militarism with American football.

Fascism’s founding principle is how to manipulate the masses. So propaganda was always central to fascism.

Totalitarian democracy allows for the form of democracy, but it requires the fascist principle that all the people must be driven to the same ideas. And of course militaristic and authoritarian because you can’t have dissenters in a fascist state, or not too strong of a dissident movement.

As Pierce notes, American generals would have bankrupted the country pursuing their crusade in Vietnam, had it not been for the antiwar movement. He said that we now face a situation like Communist Russia, which bankrupted itself through perpetual war, or Nazi Germany’s failure at Stalingrad, which caused Germans to reconsider their ongoing conquest of Europe.

Only, things are more subtle for the United States. “We’ll just slowly erode our economy and– again, we’re doing it already, but we can conceal it,” said Pierce.

In Nazi Germany, the White Rose antiwar dissenters managed to have a significant influence before and after their execution – helping to expose the atrocities Germany was carrying out in Eastern Europe and contributing to the end of Nazi reign.

Today, the U.S. government does not need to execute dissenters; it can simply make them disappear through indefinite military detention, using a vast surveillance empire, while the “war on terror” goes on endlessly.

“It’s those people who see what’s wrong that have to try and change the dominant narrative to one of truth, to what is truthfully taking place,” said Pierce.

Now more than ever, we must expose the truth of U.S. foreign policy – the fascist, violent political machinations that are bringing the country to the brink of collapse and the world to the brink of war.

Justin Gardner writes for, where this article first appeared.

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31 Comments on "Army Major Says “Everything’s in Place” to Round Up Antiwar Dissenters for Military Detention"

  1. It was General Wesley Cohen-Clark (biological-adoptive surname) who proposed placing Americans opposing the war on terror in internment camps. If Russia was a real nemesis, Hillary would be the first one shackled wearing a plus size orange jumpsuit for recently transferring classified military technology to Russia as part of her State Dept Russia Reset program…in tandem with Bill Gates’ Microsoft, Boeing, General Electric, et al.

    Psycho Generals and their fear mongering. Gonna put >> 150 million Americans in camps?? “Men who stare at goats.” Imagine the litmus tests to get their “stars”. We’re living the novel 1984.

    • So right, blue. This article is going hyperbolic warp speed on the fear meter.

    • Herbert Dorsey | October 24, 2016 at 11:45 am | Reply

      Wesly Clark, as Supreme Commander of NATO, committed war crimes against Yugoslavia and destroyed that nation. He is one of many to be tried for war crimes in the near future.

      • Exactly correct. An important reason his 7 nation “leak” should have been carefully scrutinized as potential non linear propaganda, instead, the pseudo left alt portrayed him as a neocon foe. Contrasting with MacArthur, once he begin to connect the NWO dots he was out.

      • “Wesly Clark, as” [dual citizen] “Supreme Commander of NATO…”. Let’s hope he isn’t as “hard to bring to justice” as dual citizen Roman Polanski is for the FBI. they’ve avoided bringing him in for over 40 years and he’s a convicted sodomizer/pedophile/rapist. Law enforcement here in Sewer Nation is more adept at AVOIDING catching politically connected dual citizens than catching them. case in point; “Wet start” McCain called his fellow citizens “low life scum” and blocked them from handing over DUAL CITIZEN Kissinger to the int’l courts on HIS warrant for war crimes.
        Yeah, we be REAL “exceptional”… exceptional at pissing on other’s rights to life/liberty/happiness as much as we allow dual citizens to piss on ours!

        • Herbert Dorsey | October 24, 2016 at 5:54 pm | Reply

          That’s why Trump has so many supporters. They are hoping that he really drains the swamp. It would be nice to the U.S. become a nation of laws – not men.

  2. Jesus will hold the hand of his own…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  3. Instead to me it looks like everything is in place to finally arrest and jail the warmongering criminal neocons because they can’t lock up the other 80% of the country who disagrees with all the military adventurism and empire building brought on by these globalist psychopaths. It’s nice to see these criminal neocon re-education camps springing up as Lord knows that will be a huge job that will actually save the country by locking these traitorous enemies within up where they can’t hurt any more of their countrymen while the re-educational process is underway. When the people fear the govt tyranny reigns. When the govt fears the people freedom and liberty prevail. Which do you prefer again?? The lying and warmongering of the globalist crooked Hillary the establishment favorite and her criminal cohorts? Or the non-politician and outsider status of the non-warmongering candidate Donald Trump to drain the proverbial swamp of political hacks of the military/industrial complex in Washington DC?? Trump wins by a landslide in November…

    • The camps aren’t for the criminals….

    • If you think Trump is some kind of messiah, you’re going to get one nasty shock when he gets in the White House. He’s what’s called a demagogue or populist, and since when did a billionaire real estate wheeler dealer care about America? Wake up, why not.

      • But you would support something like Clinton, who is known to be a traitor, liar extrordinaire, deceiver and enabler of a Rapist husband and probably a child rapist as well. I’ll stand with the Billionaire who has no criminal record, thank you. You libtards will continue to destroy America with your socialist agenda if WTP allow it.

      • Try not to be too hard on those of us who, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, still have hope the synagogue will “miss” one or, (more accurately), “miss” killing one who through pang of conscience or true love of country want to fight to return this nation to it’s “owners” despite same “owners” ignorance/timidity/political correctness. Further, when our worst nightmare comes true and it’s as you say, (and deep inside we all know), just another shill doing Satan’s Synagogue’s work, on the PLUS side Sewer Nation, once bled dry and in chaos, will no longer ruin life for all the other nations they’ve befouled for their Talmudic owners.
        My mind reels trying to estimate how many Christians/Muslims “they” will annihilate this time – Russia alone suffered losses in the tens of millions and their culture wasn’t near the 315 million mark. So completely the kosher media has kept the truth hidden using the cloak of “victimhood” lies.

  4. deplorableSallyM | October 24, 2016 at 7:09 am | Reply

    There will soon be a new sheriff in town, and he hates goat worshipers.

    • Sounds like a chant of the zombies, without careful thought given to who or what you’re cheering for. Trump isn’t who you think he is. Listen to him talking about “law and order” and giving the police more power, as if the poor blue zombies don’t have enough power already.

  5. Join your local militia.

  6. Vee have built F.E.M.A. camps to intern all Americans who believe in the Constitution and the right to bear arms.

  7. Herbert Dorsey | October 24, 2016 at 11:26 am | Reply

    I propose a war crimes tribunal in the U S. to bring all the war criminals in the U.S. to justice. Also every U.S. official is required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. There also should be penalties for Representatives that vote for unconstitutional legislation.

  8. No Bull Nonofit | October 24, 2016 at 12:07 pm | Reply

    They dont have to put anyone in a camp. Just turn black against white, muslim against christian and impose martial law . Simplies!

  9. wake up to the solution intrinsically included within the deputiz’m plan……

  10. Just who are the real subversives here, the generals or the dissenters? Who is destroying democracy? Figure that out and you will know who the subversives are!

  11. The Declaration of Independence II

    Citizens of the United States of America, it has become self-evident, that our federal government has over stepped their authority granted to them by the people. In every society, where the people lose control of their governing bodies, there is almost a plague that befalls all within that society. People become complacent of their lifestyles and fear anything that threatens the security of that lifestyle. The people then look to their government to provide insight at the issues at hand, to judge and debate the outcome of the issues, and then provide recommendations for the best possible solutions for the prosperity for all and not just the few. What happens though, when those meant to govern for the people, start to govern for their own self-interest? That governing body will start to piece by piece, dismantle all the rights granted to us by our own founding fathers. Under the guise of “security”, our federal government has used its ability to manipulate people with fear to perpetuate war throughout the world and upon its own citizen’s it was meant to protect from tyranny. By allowing only those they deem worthy to be a part of the elite and their rewarding of those people who show complete obedience, our government has allowed such a huge distributional gap of wealth among the poor and the rich, which has created such a divide amongst the American people. The system currently in place has perpetuated the idea that we live in a survival of the fittest society. The wealth gap has corrupted the foundation of our liberties and the idea that all American citizens are created equal. I ask of the people today, that we join together in not voting in the general election. I propose we all stand in solidarity at the voting polls and demand a recall for new candidates in every electable position in the federal government. It’s time to take back what the baby boomers have stolen from the people and allow the Millennials to take over the federal government to restore the rights of the American people. I ask of the people to not be afraid of the authority the federal government thinks it commands. We the people are the voice of the majority and without our generation, the establishment would not be able to sustain their dominance of policing our lives and the world. We are not slaves to their agenda and we will no longer allow them to control our lives. Spread the word around all of the internet and let the people know we have a plan to fix the system. Tell them that we understand that this nation was built off the backs of hard working people, and we, the Millennials, will inherit the mantle of responsibility to undo all injustices our federal government has inflicted upon its own citizens and the citizens of the world. This is our Declaration to the World that We the People of the United States of America will end the tyrannical rule our government has bestowed upon the world.

  12. deplorabelSallyM | October 25, 2016 at 6:32 am | Reply

    I hope JASON Moore I hope.
    It gives me a new kind of warmth and a new respect for the Millennials.
    AND I hope it starts with the Donald…”we will fix it and fix it fast…” Wings over the Rockies circa July 2016.

  13. I’m a belligerent dissenter. I don’t fear anyone, because I executed my “Notice of Understanding and Intent” with the US Attorney General and the Texas Attorney General who is now the Governor, removing me from their jurisdiction.

    • can you explain what Notice of Understanding and Intent” is

      • It’s a legal instrument that cites all the banksters’ crimes against Humanity and their frauds, like the United States Corporation that hijacked America in 1871. It is sent to your state’s and the US attorneys general. It removes you from their jurisdiction. If they don’t rebut it within 30 days it becomes law, and they can’t without incriminating themselves. Just google it.

  14. This is how far America has fallen. This is not the republic the founders had envisioned. As Dr. Franklin once stated,” We gave you a republic if you can keep it.”
    America has become something evil and twisted, psychotic and paranoid. It has no moral compass. It is financially and morally bankrupt. The people, for the most part are ignorant and dis-informed. Some are waking up to the reality of the current situation but will they be enough?
    Even now as you and I visit these and similar websites is marking us for either indefinite detention or worse.
    The lists are being made. The names added daily of those to be rounded up and interred or simply disappeared.
    Like some Latin American country run by one of Washington’s chosen puppets.
    Tyranny takes on many forms: from a controlled press to brainwashing in public schools to taxes and militarism that is now rampant.
    The police security state has risen.
    Are there none who dare defy it?

  15. Great post – Thanks!

  16. If you want to run out into the streets and drop to your knees, offer up thanks to Almighty God; because only a miracle will save our country. Thank you for your service sir.

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