5 Triggering Events That Would Place The U.S. Under Martial Law

global police stateBy Jeremiah Johnson

As you are probably well aware, the Obama administration would like nothing more than to place the United States under Martial Law.

Once that is accomplished, the country and people would be locked down and kept under control on the pretext of continuing with the government and/or maintaining the national security of the U.S.

Let’s take a look at 5 events the administration would be most likely to utilize to reach this end state.

Note: All of these can occur simultaneously, successively, or individually in any combination at any time: there is no limit to their use or potential to recur!

1. Economic Meltdown

Over the course of this past year, we have seen a tremendous amount of volatility in trade (international) and the U.S.’s domestic manufacturing base.  As our fragile economy is based on 75% of consumer spending, any significant downturn that keeps the shoppers home can lead to disastrous reports.  Lower consumer spending means people do not buy goods and services beyond the absolute essentials, and worse: (in the government’s eyes) they hoard money and withdraw their funds from bank accounts.

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) can be seen as a key indicator of raw goods and materials transported to manufacturers and consumers via shipping contracts.  As mentioned in previous articles, Hanjinn Container Company, the 7th largest container corporation in the world just filed for bankruptcy over the summer.  You can see the BDI fluctuations day by day when you visit http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BDIY:IND.  It has been fluctuating wildly over the past year.

Deutsche Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy and large banks such as Bank of America and J.P. Morgan have been plagued by losses and lawsuits alike.  The unemployment rate is truly about 25% and the “Soviet” style statistics quacked from the radio on “record gains” and “economic improvements” are false and intentionally misleading.  A “Bank Holiday” has already happened in places such as Indianapolis, and when the politicians, bankers, and oligarchs decide, they will pull the plug on a Federal Reserve system of fiat currency that is already an ineffective laughingstock of a smirking world that is steadily returning to the gold standard.  When that Bank Holiday is declared, you can be sure the financial systems will collapse and Martial Law will be waiting in the wings.

2. Cyberattack

This one is definitely one of the administration’s favorites.  We’ve been seeing signs of this with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DNI (Director of National Intelligence) letters and statements that the Russian government is hacking into the American electoral and election process.  The “targeting” of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) e-mails was assigned to the Russians and officially the Russian government has been accused by the administration of such, and trying to influence the presidential race on Friday, 10/14/16.

We also saw on 9/7/16, two days before the 5th North Korean nuclear test, the corporation based in California that monitors North Korean missile launches and nuclear testing was hacked into.  A DoS (Denial of Service) was placed into their computer systems, preventing them from uploading satellite feeds and photos that would have enabled them to monitor the North Korean launch.  That corporation is the Project on Crowdsourced Satellite Imagery.  You can read more about this in the articleDoS Attack Crashes Website Monitoring North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site,” by Eric Niiler of Wired.com.

If other governments can crash our Internet and servers, do you think it is possible that the U.S. government as directed by the Obama administration can do it on its own? 

When that occurs, cell phones will go down, the computers will go down, the financial markets will be in a turmoil and cease trading, and ATMs and bank cards will be rendered useless.  Transportation, inventories, shipping, and deliveries will all be thrown into a turmoil and come to a halt.  For an excellent description of this, read Mac Slavo’s article from SHTFplan.com entitledWhen the Trucking Stops,” that shows how vulnerable our nation’s supply lines are, also check out mspy reviews.  Bottom line: if all of this goes down as a result of a cyberattack, Martial Law will immediately follow.

3. “Unforeseeable/Black Swan” Event

As of last week, Obama just signed an Executive Order (EO), entitled Executive Order: Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events,” signed 10/13/2016.  Such an EO could cover meteor strikes, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from the sun, a comet, or any other space anomaly.  Not a big deal, you may think?  It is a big deal, because here’s the bottom line:

Who is to prevent Obama from either causing another nation to launch an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon, or launching one of his own (U.S.-made weapon), taking down the grid and subsequently blaming it on a CME event/solar storm, courtesy of the sun?

Other events would include potentially man-made or generated storms, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or even volcanic activity.  If one scoffs at such, remember all that it would need is a 1 megaton nuclear “kicker” to set off either Yellowstone Caldera or the San Andreas Fault.  Such natural disasters (initiated by man or genuine) usually result in Martial Law at the state level on a regular basis, much less one that is national in scope … that Obama would jump on to inculcate Martial Law.

4. Nuclear War/EMP Attack

Any day we could be at war with North Korea, Iran, China, or Russia.  The resulting devastation, whether a full-scale or a limited nuclear war would automatically set in motion the wheels for COG (Continuity of Government), and a declaration of Martial Law.

Let me close this portion with my caveat:

World War III will begin with the detonation of an EMP device or weapon over the continental United States, followed by a limited nuclear exchange and then conventional warfare.

5. Viral or Bacterial Pandemic

Either naturally occurring, or man-made.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) just inherited a tremendous amount of “police power” over the summer regarding their newfound ability to quarantine individuals or large groups of people on the suspicion of contamination/communicability regarding viral or bacterial pathogens relating to a potential or real pandemic.

There is an article by Catherine J. Frompovich entitled “ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional Powers to Round Up and Detain Citizens En masse Anytime, Anywhere and Throw Away the Key,” dated on 9/3/16.  This article details how these police powers were created in the Federal Register as the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases on August 15, 2016 that are now in effect to be found under Federal Register Number: 2016-18103.  Guess what?  That proposed rule is now law, and could easily be utilized to “justify” Martial Law in the U.S. because of a pandemic: naturally occurring, man-made, or phony.

In addition to all of these juicy tidbits, the deciding factor is what I refer to as the “IHM,” or “Incredible Human Mob.”  Yes, Civil Unrest is a factor; yet it is not a method but a “sign/symptom,” a “side-effect” of what happens when one of the aforementioned 5 methods are employed.  “In the interests of public safety,” or “to protect the public,” or “to maintain law and order” are the phrases trumpeted by our benevolent and friendly government.

As Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” the very ones who are to be protected (the public) are the ones who create the conditions for civil unrest.  It’s literally a “problem that takes care of itself,” and here’s the bottom line to cover the Civil Unrest factor:

Using the fake justification “in the interests of the safety of the people,” martial law will be declared to confine, restrict, and control the people…protecting them from…themselves.

Then come the restrictions to travel, the police state in the streets, at the workplace, and the confiscation of firearms.  Then comes the removal of “dissidents and potential troublemakers,” as well as the curfews, restrictions, and limitations in every facet of our society.  Martial Law is an objective of the Obama administration.  The problem is that he (Obama) cannot just arbitrarily declare it.  The declaration requires a prod, such as one of the 5 methods mentioned.  In those circumstances, he then can suspend our rights under the Constitution and bypass the true laws of the U.S.  Such an end state is his desire.  Such an end state would also mean the end … of the United States.

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Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

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39 Comments on "5 Triggering Events That Would Place The U.S. Under Martial Law"

  1. Actually, imho America has been under Martial Law at least since they barricaded off 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That was the signal that our right of free travel was revoked, also a signal that secrecy was allowed by the government to cover corruption. If you restrict access to that Avenue by the American people, you are implying monarchy by extension.

    Yes, there were fences around the White House before. Fine that was understandable as respectable security. The barricades overstepped that and forbade people from driving by the White House to let tourists out, pick tourists up and so on. It is unreasonable that people now need to park a mile away and walk. There are the other able folks to consider, some whom do not walk.

  2. Sorry to report, we’ve been under martial law rule since at least 1871 and for sure since 1933 when we went off gold and were put on federal reserve notes. Federal reserve notes are military scrip and may only be used in a military venue, so basically, we’ve all lived under martial law rule our entire lives. (see gold fringe around the flag, another designation of a military venue and martial law rule)

    “As we have said, the Federal Personal Income Tax is collected under a military venue within a martial law jurisdiction. Federal Reserve Notes are Military Scrip circulated within a military venue. Under the Social Security Act [1933], there was brought into existence Ten Federal Regional Areas [sounds a lot like FEMA regions, yes? but they’ve been here over 70 years]. These Ten Federal Regional Areas are the same as a military base…” Dyett v. Turner 439 P2d 266 @ 269, 20 U2d 403 [1968] Judge A.H. Ellett, Utah Supreme Court.

    Hello everyone~ What a way to introduce myself! All the answers as to who, what, where, when, why, and how they’ve done what they’ve done to us is in the law, the law they’ve been trying so desperately to hide from us until the internet opened Pandora’s Box and let us in. God save us all, and God bless all of you.

    • God Bless you too! 🙂
      Interesting reading your thoughts on the matter. At least you come to the table with knowledge and some in-depth research behind your opinion.

      • Thanks kindly! I’m not sure I’m welcome here, though, I’ve just posted a reply to the “new report of biometric surveillance state” article 15 minutes ago and cited the law proving we’re not party to the constitution and other things, and I got the little notification saying my comment needed to be approved!? I just refreshed the page and it disappeared completely. Not sure how this works yet, I’m so new here, but I hope they let me post because I’ve got a lot to share and expose!

  3. There is actually a sixth and I guarantee 100% it would trigger martial law, no maybes about it at all. A big ole hello and welcome to the galaxy from a bunch of space aliens, oh yeah, martial law within minutes of that event starting. In fact the whole globe might follow the US down that particular rabbit hole (please say it isn’t happening, please make it go away, please make it stop, whilst the sensible amongst us snigger and laugh at the silly childish panic).
    The sad reason why they would find it so disturbing, divide and conquer and nothing would do more to unite humanity that a major, in your face visit from a whole bunch of space aliens and with that uniting of humanity, those who currently exploit divisions to feed their greed, ego and lusts would all go down.

    Funnily enough the longer the visit, the sooner martial law would end, it will be like, all that hullabaloo and basically nothing changes. We would all still be here struggling to become a galactic species, our goal, our challenge and our achievement.

  4. A New Madrid Earthquake?

    Yellowstone eruption?

    They declare a state of emergency anytime a cloud shows up overhead with measurable precipitation. They restrict travel, make people prisoners of whatever buildings they are in.

    They now even name snowstorms!

    You know, it’s easier to view a cloud as an enemy if it has a name….

  5. “… the Obama administration would like nothing more than to place the United States under Martial Law.”

    I don’t think so. This would tarnish his image, which he is busy polishing. It would destroy his positive approval ratings. Also, he has only about 3 more months……..what happened to: He Will not Finish His Term? and He will not step down….etc???? Obama is ready to step down; he will grow rich making speeches like all previous Presidents (as will Michelle), and like Carter, he will work to grow his reputation as a humanitarian.

    The last thing he wants is to destroy his legacy by declaring Martial Law. I honestly think those who promote these absurd claims WANT Martial law…and so their musings, presented as facts, are actually wish fulfillment.

    Obama will go out quietly and with great popularity. Those predicting his demise or his refusal to step down will move on to new absurdities.

    • Obama is a narcissist, a megalomaniac, and a man who needs to prove his ideologue status. It is quite possible that he may try to ‘extend’ his presidency by hook or crook and looking deeper at his core personality will reveal genuine cause for concern. Not only all of that, but Obama is a liar, clearly this is beyond dispute.

      • That’s good, Pyra! Luv this: “tarnish his image, which he is busy polishing” that’s RICH with irony. LOL Drones taking out wedding parties in extrajudicial killings, keeper of the NDAA flame, bait & switch on the run up for POTUS on GMOs, puppet in chief for Operation Cyclone 2.0 (ISIS), to name a few.

        • There’s no irony: all Presidents work to improve their image and leave a positive legacy. There is nothing ironic in that. Nor do his efforts negate his war crimes, drones, etc.

          But the idea that he would refuse to leave office would find him removed. There is a procedure in place to remove a President. He is leaving January 21. Anyone care to put their money where their mouth is. For all his bad decisions, it is Obama’s motivation now to leave a polished image that outshines his faults. This is not controversial, as all Presidents do the same. The only irony is your inability to understand this simple concept. I challenge to provide one shred of evidence that he is not leaving or provide a logic which would trump his desire to leave a lasting legacy to be proud of.

      • I get that you don’t like Obama, but you have zero evidence he will not leave office January 21, about 4 months from now. Name-calling is not a rational argument, but it nails down your approach.

      • The last thing a narcissist would do is to destroy his image and legacy. You are just making stuff up because you hate the black President. Not only have you no evidence; there is no indication he would want to continue in power. He now has the chance to make millions giving speeches and to enjoy his family life. Of course, if you think he is subhuman, none of that matters, but I suspect you are a racist in denial.

        • You have no reason to suspect me of racism, so don’t try that crap with me. Besides, I could care less if you call me a racist, have at it if that is all you got dale. That lets me know you are BLACK because that is your stinkbait. Were you a nasty Joo loving Zio-punk, you’d squeal “anti-semitism”, so whatever.
          You are just speculating, everything you post is like you have a pipeline right into Obama’s motivations and schemes. You don’t. BASED UPON OBSERVATIONS OF THE MAN, what I wrote rings true, if you bother to fit facts to definitions, if you are able. If not, go buy the coloring book off Amazon.

          • Anyone who demonstrates visceral hatred that is not based on policy issues is masking a deeper agenda; yours is to trash Obama. That is not my assumption, but my conclusion based on the lack of substance in your post, filled merely with hate-filled insults. I suggest that racism is behind this level of hatred.

            You think that only blacks can detect racism. I am a 75 yr old white guy…and I grew up in a town that did not allow blacks (Taft, California) so I grew up in a culture of racial hatred. I can smell it. You are just another run of the mill racist calling Obama names.

            Calling out racism is not crap; it is our moral duty. You are such a poor judge of people!

          • “Anyone who demonstrates visceral hatred that is not based on policy issues is masking a deeper agenda;”

            Firstly, there is no evidence of such in the post you’re ‘commenting’ on, and, secondly, I might say in kind, “Anyone who demonstrates visceral hatred – or pulls the race card – when it has no relevance to the post in question is masking a deeper agenda”. You’re guilty of both…again, such tactics are not the hallmarks of an adult, emotionally balanced discussion. With this in mind, I have absolutely no interest in your “deeper agenda” or in reading any more of your posts.

        • “You are just making stuff up because you hate the black President.”
          You pull the race card without a shred of supporting evidence from the post you’re commenting on – you’re neither a skilled debater, nor a pleasant poster…when someone posts something you disagree with, you call “racist!!!”
          “Put your manners back in” or go somewhere else.

      • Proof Obama is a liar: When he was campaigning he said he would make sure GMO food was labelled. How’d that one work out for us? Pyra, don’t let these people get to you. They’re simply tossing the race card because they can’t defend Obama’s veracity – it’s called redirection, and it’s entirely out of desperation. God bless~

  6. I think I get it. Activistpost has published articles that Obama will implode, that he will not step down, and now that he wants to declare Martial Law. Now, with less than 4 months left, these predictions look foolish. So the plan, when your predictions fail, is to claim they have succeeded.

    We ALREADY have martial law, we will be told. The predictions are correct: we are living under Martial Law.

    At least 1% of Americans feel this is the case. The others just ignore the whole absurdity and move forward.

    We ARE living under corporate fascism, but the danger is less the government than the banks and corporations who control the economy and the government.

    Who benefits from blaming government for the crimes of corporate fascism? Would it be the banks and corporations?

    And so it goes in the world of paranoia……

    • If you strip it down to its essence, martial law is a construct of control. The putative martial law scenario can also be gradual, piecemeal. So why get hung up on language when the NSA and all it portends for a surveillance state is already metastasizing into a neofascist techno dictatorship. Or is that more “right wing tin foil hat paranoia” as more labels are applied ^^^ to muddy the conversation.

      • Those movies from Hollywood seem to portend the world which they are creating that we will inhabit, don’t you think, blue579?
        Like which movies, you may ask…I dare say all the dystopic ones, all the Commie totalitarian stupid corrupt sorts, the constant war sorts, A.I. human vs. robot types, dismal squalid hyper-tech types (Bladerunner style).

        We see most of this coming to pass now. We are in the prelude to “THE END TIMES”. Ain’t here yet, but gearing up and setting pieces in place for later.

        • The end times have been coming for thousands of years and will continue to come for thousands.

          • Pyra Gorgon | October 20, 2016 at 8:08 pm |

            Wrong, dale. Take the time to understand the meaning of the words, THE END TIMES. If “the end times” is coming for thousands of years and will continue to come for thousands of years more, then it is not THE END TIMES. Duh. It is just some time in the middle that was mislabeled. Why do you need this explained to you?

            Do you argue and take position that we are not in, at the very least (because this is where I am at thinking-wise), a “prelude to the end times”? I mean by ‘prelude’ as the time DIRECTLY BEFORE AND CRITICAL TO the construction of “END TIMES” events. Do you contest this?

        • Yes, very true. Too long of a list for this space. The A.I. stuff may be the creepiest given the seduction of tech.

          The hubris, overreach, decimation of the environment, moral relativism -it’s going snowball in unpredictable ways and it does look like the end prophesied end times, mark of the beast, totalitarian govt, etc. imo, a terrifying threat is genetic engineering which is about to take off in ways few can imagine. I remember nearly 20 years ago, coming fresh out of grad studies, being surprised to see a colony of transgenic mice a team connected to our neurology group was working with. The only genetic addition was an extra copy of a mitochondrial enzyme that works as a super powerful antioxidant. The mice looked like little Arnold Schwarzeneggars, muscular, powerful, beautiful coats, didn’t suffer old age problems I was told. Now that precision GE is available the transhumanist elites are going to shift into uber megalomania with this technology and apply it to everything with DNA. I think they already have been doing this.

      • It is “right wing tin foil hat paranoia.” It’s been around for decades. See the classic essay by Hofstadter: The Paranoid Style in American Politics. We are increasingly becoming a corporate fascist state, but martial law, as people understand it, is not in evidence. Hitler was able to rule without martial law by using propaganda. Likewise with our ruling class.

        • That’s actually a great read. My take being very different yours, of course. Ironically, it starts out with Goldwater, who, btw, was spot on about the Trilateral Commission and yet the US media did virtually NOTHING to educate the public on this. The article is from 1964, thus it doesn’t factor in major CIA directed conspiracies. Notably, the JFK assassination (Arlen Spencer’s magic bullet?) and 9/11. Who can claim Operation Northwoods was not a major false flag conspiracy, now declassified? Gladio? Such conspiracies understood in detail by brilliant minds connecting the dots do not reflect clinical paranoia in any way whatsoever. Hofstadter lumps this kind of detailed knowledge into a group he labels and disparages. “The enemy may be the cosmopolitan intellectual, but the paranoid will outdo him in the apparatus of scholarship, even of pedantry.” The height of intellectual dishonesty, IMO. I can only imagine how beautifully a David Ray Griffin deconstruction of Hofstadter’s over generalizations and straw men would be given his deft obliteration of Cass Sunstein’s nonsense in his book Cognitive Dissonance. What a powerhouse intellect Griffin is, a person could never be confused as a “right winger”, anymore than Webster Tarpley or Michel Chossudovsky. Ludicrous to paint everyone with the same brush in order to create an image of one dimensional buffoons.

        • RE: “ruling class” = moving target in western main stream media. In an exchange ~12 years ago on The Oil Drum with a political science academic, Ivy League who said he was once part of the same faculty as Brzezinski, he turned his nose up when I alluded to a power elite subverting representative government, a blurring of the neocon / Rebublican vs. neolib / Democrat lines to serve “monied interests”. Now the establishment is grudgingly admitting to a superclass and the views of academics such as Piketty. The pol sci prof became rude and irate talking down to me as a young upstart in a different field of study who couldn’t possibly have a clearer perspective on that subject. There’s an arrogance there that people like him can’t begin to fathom. Something about forests and trees…

  7. they will certainly try several scenarios to see wich one will be accpted as it will be difficult to maintain martial law for a long period of time in any of this events, if tried now the main problem will be the majority of the army, and then the armed population.

    if this is planned the best option is either a war with russia or china, wich will require to send a large part of the army abroad removing them, but will also require them to neutralize major superpowers so its difficult alotugh feasible if a the missile shield is put in place as to block them entirely from retaliation.

    the most likely scenario will be an economic crisis, easily justifiable and will put people in a victim mentality, still this has the potentiall to backfire as new technologies might allow communities to organize and ignore them, wich could be countered by some threat inmigration, terrorism or crime, but then again there is no clear enemy in the us except some racial tension but this seems to be minimal as to spark a continous problem that will allow this, so it will probably be a continous growth of police powers, and censorship as to avoid wide spread problems , while at the same time hoarding of resources for leverage, until eventualy those other factors are removed, maybe diminishing the size of the army as to make it private, as this the size of the country and the guns will make it difficult, altough maybe not that much if the army and other powers are removed.

    • Maybe something on the order of the type of martial law after the Paris attacks?

      • maybe, but it might be difficult to maintain for a long time, and it will have to be nation wide, so even if done it will be difficult to enforce.

        • If I were an evil genius psychopath and didn’t think a national encirclement would hold, I would do one major city first (e.g. Detroit large scale rioting or Boston bombing pretext) then when the initial shock has subsided and the psychological frame was set (a necessary evil: “Look at those barbarians fighting in the streets, looting, and shutting down highways, they need to be brought under control by the National Guard.”) I would trigger the event again in more cities. One by one, dominoes with people getting used to travel restrictions and having to show their biometric ID on demand.

          • Hugo Spinoso | October 20, 2016 at 4:39 pm |

            it could work, but in already impoverished cities, and you could blame it on crime, so the conditions should be there already, altough this might be easily done if there is an economic meltdown.
            as for bombings it will require a constant threat, to be able to enforce martial law or more police powers, lone attackers will probably only be good for databases and profiling.

            The national gurad or the army are people so they will have to either be convince trough some form of fgain, wich will mean a reduced number or they will have to believe the story, but then again how long could you keep them there?.

          • I think I get your point, you’re visualizing a long term presence of the National Guard, whereas I’m thinking about radical Gestapo-level policy changes follow a series of events. Some relatively benign events have already triggered this kind of thing. For instance, the recent congressional action to expand TSA operations was launched after the alleged placement of non detonated explosives in NY. The false flag underwear bomber incident immediately kicked off airport naked body scanners. It’s more about incrementally restricting movement.

            IMO, the global casino has become so highly centralized a meltdown will only happen if it is so desired as some kind of shock and awe. Otherwise, they can continue to drop it down step wise (some steep steps, though) and relentless squeezing, esp. through debasement. The pins are being set up for debasement with the western banksters meeting last month to discuss how they can increase inflation by being given direct control over an expanded form of QE where they can set policies on entitlement spending and the banks can directly purchase equities, for starters. More debasement from a different angle through the dollar’s engineered switch out as reserve currency in favor of the IMF’s SDR, the proto global currency .

          • Hugo Spinoso | October 22, 2016 at 10:29 pm |

            Yes, you are right and it is already the case in several countries as intelligence agencies and police powers have been incrementing its reach, like the case of france or snowden in wich there isnt even an explanation except for the war on terror, so yeah an event doesnt really seem to be required unless this stories are no longer enough to justify this.

            On the case of prolonged national guard intervention, i meant an event that will trigger an inmediate totalitarian action by the state and that could be maintained, wich both cases could eventualy lead to the same result.

            Difference being that the slow path towards it will require continuos threats for it to be believed, the case of the economic collapse will provide a victim mentality and also crime to justify police powers, while at the same time keeping people occupied fighting amongst themselves to notice any change, but this is sort of innevitable, as there is simply no more space in the workforce for the continous growing population and it will only get worse, wich will force the to something quick else they risk being removed.

          • “an event that will trigger an immediate totalitarian action by the state”

            That seems to be the intent of Soros and Ford Foundation funding Black Lives Matter, using their tentacles to set up a powder keg for rioting. TPTB are also feeding the division in the media, alt too, via nonstop coverage of rigged elections and the prospect of Trump “not accepting the results”. No doubt hoping some of his followers will get into street brawls with BLM and radical leftists, and in TPTB’s minds, better yet, someone will lose their marbles and go on a shooting rampage.

            If a whacko doesn’t emerge, TPTB can program a hapless dimwit patsy just as they programmed Sirhan Sirhan, known to have been a pacifist non violent person who wouldn’t kill a fly in the house. A fairly recent example: police informants Jared and Amanda Miller attempted to infiltrate the Bundy Ranch standoff and were asked to leave. Several weeks later they murdered two police officers at a restaurant, another person in Walmart, and then “self destructed” in a gun fight with police officers.

          • Hugo Spinoso | October 24, 2016 at 7:52 pm |

            this could work, but not nation wide, altough it might not matter it will put pressure on the states wich can enact their own laws, once a majority of states have done this it wont matter if the others refuse, as the same thing can be used against them preventing nation wide oppossition.

  8. What if a stealth form of incremental martial law was unfolding now under our very noses? A main feature is restriction of movement. Congress is working to expand TSA snooping to bus and train stations. Soon we will be told we need to have the globally expanding smart card (e.g. Singapore and Tehran Iran) a govt issued biometrics and RFID chipped access card to thwart terrorism (false flag waiting in the wings to seal the deal?).

  9. Good article, except for the obsessive drumbeat of “the Obama Administration.” It’s the shadow government, the REAL powers that be, which controls all administrations, not just the Obama Administration. Wondering if the author has ever acknowledged that many of our rights were taken away immediately after 9/11? I am not sure, so this is an actual question. It is commentary such as this that is a red flag to me that the author is still lost deep in the matrix and actually believes that it matters which “actor” gets elected. No matter who the face of the government is (Clint, Bush, Obama, etc.), we are all slowly marched toward the same destination though the scenery may be a big different, which serves to give us all the illusion of choice, the illusion of two sides. This also serves the PTB well, since it keep us divided and pointing fingers at each other. Good points in this article other than that.

  10. Well put Pyra – they are indeed descriptors of behaviour, as any psyc, for example, might use. But according to one poster here, psycs must be ‘name calling’.

  11. You’re so twisted. Republican Communist lovers are pathetic and dangerous. Hysterical, racist and nonsense. Ignorant people would believe your BS.

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