War: The Power Backing the U.S. Dollar

endless_war-777Op-Ed by Rory Hall

My friend and colleague, Dave Kranzler, has often expressed what he believes is coming next in our collapsing global economy: all-out world war. How will this affect the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world? Will we see the scale of carnage as was witnessed during World War II? Will there be a couple of nukes dropped and that’s that? This situation in Syria, Ukraine and the Middle East – not to mention the South China Sea and North Africa – could easily bring about WWIII. What is happening in all of these places? Who benefits from these regional conflicts/wars?

Since I am not there, in Syria it is merely the word of someone else combined with an historical perspective. I am not going to pretend to know “the real story” or “who benefits,” but a lot of people say that the very bottom line is central banks and there is a viable argument for that being the case. Other people have shown it to be “resource” (read oil and other commodities) related.

If these regional wars are because of oil, then, in my opinion, it goes back to the ruling oligarchs of the various nations. If there are other underlying reasons then it could be anything creating this global nightmare. It has been proven, time and again, that mos,t if not all, of the wars the U.S. has been involved in over the past 50+ years have been based on false flag events. To learn more about this please read 42 FALSE-FLAG ATTACKS OFFICIALLY ADMITTED TO. This should be a real eye-opener for those not familiar with false flag events and who is behind them.


The U.S. wanted to start a war with Syria almost two years ago. When the U.S. asked the UK to get involved, the parliament of the UK, along with a massive U.S. phone, email and other ways of communicating to CONgress, overwhelming said NO. The U.S. was forced to back off. The Pentagon was attempting to force the U.S. into attacking Syria based on a lie. The White House and the Pentagon were telling the world that President Assad had been killing his people with chemical weapons. This was proven, by Germany, to be 100% false. No one on the global stage wanted the U.S., or anyone else, bombing Syria based on a lie. We have heard this story before and we didn’t want to fall for the same thing again. Remember Iraq and Saddam Hussein? from The Guardian Sept 2013

President Bashar al-Assad did not personally order last month’s chemical weapons attack near Damascus that has triggered calls for US military intervention, and blocked numerous requests from his military commanders to use chemical weapons against regime opponents in recent months, a German newspaper has reported, citing unidentified, high-level national security sources. The intelligence findings were based on phone calls intercepted by a German surveillance ship operated by the BND, the German intelligence service, and deployed off the Syrian coast, Bild am Sonntag said. The intercepted communications suggested Assad, who is accused of war crimes by the west, including foreign secretary William Hague, was not himself involved in last month’s attack or in other instances when government forces have allegedly used chemical weapons.

The U.S. has continued bombing Syria through the CIA-funded, -trained and -armed ISIS “terrorist organization.” The funding of ISIS by the CIA is well documented, and admitted by the U.S. government; including Hillary Clinton and Obama, McCain has met with ISIS “leaders,” and other members of CONgress have questioned the CIA regarding their involvement in the development of ISIS. So, whenever we hear “ISIS did this” or “ISIS did that” we should immediately question the CIA and why they are continually attacking other countries using mercenaries. ISIS is a made-up, imaginary “terrorist,” but, unfortunately, the lives ruined or ended by these mercenaries are very real. Here are just a couple of links supporting the above:

If we review what happened just a few weeks ago when Obama announced to the world the U.S. wanted to get ISIS out of Syria, Russia immediately stepped up and offered assistance.  Why did the White House and the Pentagon begin back-peddling and refusing Russia’s help to rid the world of this scourge? Re-read the above paragraph for clarification. Putin made an impassioned speech before the world at the annual United Nations meeting at the end of September 2015.

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‘Do you realise what you’ve done?’ Putin addresses UNGA 2015

Syrian, Middle Eastern and North African Refugees

The refugees currently flooding into Europe have created another layer of European problems. NATO members, according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, are required to accept refugees. Obama has stated, on numerous occasions, the U.S. will begin accepting as many as 100,000 MORE refugees starting in 2016. It has been estimated that as many as 10 million refugees are currently making their way throughout Europe. Germany had agreed to accept as many as 800,000 until the people of Germany stood up and said “ain’t gonna happen.”

Now we see more and more nation-states throughout Europe,  including France, closing borders, and some countries are demanding the refugees currently on their soil be removed, deported or some how made to leave. The people of these countries are becoming very vocal in light of the situation on Friday 13th in Paris. Donald Trump, U.S. presidential candidate is making it very clear how he will deal with the situation if he is elected in 2016. Deport, close the border and not allow anyone in without going through a very rigorous screening process.

This brings me to the point I wish to make. If the governments, in conjunction with central bank funding, are determined to create another world war, what are we going to do? Are we going to stand by and do nothing? We see what is happening on both sides of the argument in Europe. Refugees flooding the whole of Europe, bombing of Syria and the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Never ending unconstitutional war primarily started and supported by U.S. funds. People, the world over, are beginning to question U.S. motives regarding ISIS, since Russia has gone to Syria and all but has ISIS on the run in a matter of three weeks!! The U.S. has made NO headway in the removal or containment of ISIS in almost two years.

If the situation in Syria continues along the same course it has for the past several weeks we are going to see a major change in policy. The U.S. is threatening ground troops; Iran, working in conjunction with Russia, has committed ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria. What is the next step in the evolution of Syria? Are we prepared for one of two outcomes – evaporation by nuclear explosion or living in a world like the Syrians are currently living in? It is very simple, as those are the only two choices; if one simply stands by and watches another football game or episode of “reality tell-lie-vision,” one of these choices will be made for you. As I made it clear in a recent article, these megalomaniacs are out of control and they are determined to create a world war. Why? The US Dollar is being pushed aside by the Eastern world. The US Dollar, currently, derives most of its power through war and the threat of war.

The dollar hegemony is dying and the power structure that has leached an enormous amount of wealth from the “dollar reserve status” are none too happy about their wealth diminishing or evaporating completely. This is the main reason for creating a world war. This would boost profits of the warmongering corporations, the Pentagon and a handful of already entirely too wealthy people. My opinion is, and it is just an opinion, if there is another world war the U.S. will not be spared as it was during WWI and WWII. The big bombs will make their way to the U.S. shores. We will experience something, up-close and personal, that has only been seen on TV in the past. Why would Russia or China spare the U.S. in an all-out world war? We have a “target rich” landscape throughout the country and these targets are well known by both Russia and China. As the U.S. has missiles pointed at targets in Russia and China, it would only make sense that these countries have returned the favor. Watch this short video to help you better understand what type of world is being discussed. The Syrians are living with this every day. Are you prepared to do the same? I don’t want to wind up living like this, how about you?

Syrians survive in Aleppo amid city destruction

You can read more from Rory Hall at his site TheDailyCoin.org, where this article first appeared.

Image Credit: “Endless War” Anthony Freda Art

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3 Comments on "War: The Power Backing the U.S. Dollar"

  1. War fear mongering? Even the lame stream media has seen a collapsing of their toxic Hindenberg of lies, spin, and BS on World War machinations deflate into a new narrative of the US, Russia, Kurds, and Turks working as a coalition to wipe ISIS out of Syria and Iraq – – – only to become “far more dangerous” as ISIS operatives flee to western nations to eventually target them with terrorist attacks.

  2. Let’s not forget that countries who receive American money accept it in 100 dollar bills.

  3. I plead to everyone I know to get out of the US Dollar and get into silver, gold, Bitcoin, even foreign currencies in nations that are noninterventionist. Starve the beast that fuels democide and bloodshed. Maybe by doing so, it will help cause US interest rates to rise as less demand for treasuries forces the government to raise the rates to make them more attractive to buyers. Raising rates is the way to make wars more expensive. Either taxes will have to go up or spending on wars have to go down.

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