U.S. Threatens To End Diplomatic Talks With Russia On Syria If Aleppo Offensive Continues

us-russia-syriaBy Baran Hines

The United States announced it is prepared to suspend “bilateral engagement” with Russia for a solution to end the Syria proxy war if the Syrian government forces continue offensive operations, Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said Wednesday. Secretary of State John Kerry told his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia needed to take immediate action to influence the Syrian government forces to stop military operations in the strategic city of Aleppo, according to Kirby.

Spokesperson Kirby refused to give a specific date for a deadline on when the Syrian military operations needed to cease by to prevent further US action. Kirby also declined to give details when asked multiple times by reporters about what a U.S. response would look like if Russian officials were unwilling or unable to influence the Syrian government forces to stop fighting and honor the ceasefire agreed to by Russian and U.S. officials.

“The policy is we continue to support a diplomatic solution to this rather than a military one. But that doesn’t mean that as a government, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still discussing other options and alternatives that might be available to us,” Kirby said.

On September 9, US and Russian officials agreed to influence Syrian government and opposition forces to honor a ceasefire which would lead to peace talks; however, most parties have continued fighting. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has allowed government forces to continue military offensives targeting the terrorist groups Al Nusra and Islamic State, as well as disputed groups who are called legitimate opposition by US officials. The September 9 cessation of hostilities agreement also included the goal of setting up a cooperative effort called the Joint Implementation Center designed to help the US and Russian militaries coordinate airstrikes against Al Nusra and Islamic State.

There was little discussion of the events which have caused Russia and Syria to lose confidence in the possibility that a ceasefire would work, specifically the bombing by US warplanes which killed 80 Syrian troops on September 17.

Kirby was later asked what incentive Russian and Syrian officials had to stop fighting and he gave an answer which suggests an escalation of the war.

“Opposition groups are certainly not going to pull back, extremist groups are likely going to expand and take advantage of the chaos, and the war will continue. And more Russian resources will be expended, more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down, and they – and this will go on,” Kirby said.

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14 Comments on "U.S. Threatens To End Diplomatic Talks With Russia On Syria If Aleppo Offensive Continues"

  1. All this proves is how many have lost their minds and or integrity.
    1) The US military industrial financial mafia is doubling down on its insanity calling anyone who defends themselves against their illegal offensives, acts of aggression. You can’t get any more nuts than this folks. We have invaded another sovereign country illegally with the intent of toppling their government for regime change, and they are the bad guys for defending themselves.

    2) The author of this article knows very well what is going on but presents this like a one sided story favoring the manipulation of the bought and paid for MSM. As if it is legitimate. Has AP lost its integrity?

    The criminal mafia enterprise seems have infiltrated every aspect of our lives with their endless lies and manipulation.

    Evil has empowered stupid to destroy their own nation for them.

  2. If Aleppo gets liberated by Syria, with Russian Air Force backing, then ISIS is finished in Syria. This is the reason why the State Department is getting hysterical. What is bizarre in this whole matter is that the SD is not hiding this fact, while ostensibly fighting terrorism.

    • No. What is really bizarre is that the American people know they have criminals for leaders committing offensives around the world in their name and do nothing about it. In fact we are about to pretend we elected one of their biggest as president and then go about our business like nothing is wrong.
      I would say you can’t get anymore bizarre than that but very time I say something like that it only gets worse.

      • ….yep….we…”conspiracy theorists”…look pretty smart about now…eh? I’ve only been at it for 30 years as a Federally Protected Whistle Blower with US DoD, so I will need a new Tin-Foil-Hat pretty soon. Oh..and a few apologies from you idiots…would be in order…to every person your ever demeaned through your uninformed use of those phrases.
        RJ O’Guillory

    • No one ever looked less like they were “fighting terrorism” while avowing that they were.

  3. So if Russia, who is invited into Syria, and is there 100% legally doesn’t stop bombing the US (who are NOT in Syria legally) backed terrorists then the US will stop talking to the Russians? Maybe they could just pack their bags and go home and let Russia do the job they were invited there to do ?
    It has become abundantly clear that the US is sponsoring the ISIS terrorists and even protecting them militarily, so how is it that they are “the good guys” here ? American arrogance knows no bounds and there is no end to their hubris.

    • Hmmmmm… I wonder what relatively small Mediterranean (stolen) country, epitomizes extreme “Chutzpah?”…& who else throws tantrums when they’re not getting their way by manifesting an extreme OFFENCE …as their ‘Defense?’….the (KM) Khazarian Mafia…that who.

  4. Divided by the party of the first part….

  5. AMERIKA! The number one terrorist nation in the world has gone completely off the charts. Attention American people. Your leaders are taking you right into WWW111 with their lies and corruption. Demand to have Obama impeached as a traitor immediately, before you lose all your rights and your country!!! You have been warned! America has NO right to be in Syria, none at all!!!!!

    • It’s World War IV. World War III petered out in dozens of “low-intensity warfare” conflicts, and began as the Cold War.

      Nobody can say how much or how fast things will unravel, but I think most of us know it will literally take our breath away.

  6. “If you don’t stop attacking ISIS there’s gonna be BIG trouble!”

  7. deplorableCellaphaneman | September 30, 2016 at 5:36 am |

    The Usurped Ztates of AmeriKaner are on a roll. The mercenary (merciless) force will bring death to whomever the corrupt generals point at, no matter who.
    ‘…You got mud on your face. Your a big disgrace…’ – queen circa 1980’s
    Call me DEPLORABLE., the dems candidate for potus is DISPICABLE.

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