Report: Syrian Govt Has Audio Of U.S. Conversation With ISIS Before Attack On Syrian Military

isis_constitutionBy Brandon Turbeville

According to a report from Russian news agency, Sputnik, Syrian intelligence possesses an audio recording of a conversation that took place between the United States military and ISIS fighters shortly before the U.S. airstrikes on Syrian government positions in Deir el-Zour.

Likewise, the speaker of the People’s Council of Syria stated as much on Monday.

“The Syrian Army intercepted a conversation between the Americans and Daesh before the air raid on Deir ez-Zor,” said Hadiya Khalaf Abbas as quoted by Al Mayadeen.

These statements appear to suggest that the conversation recorded by the Syrian government will definitively show coordination between the U.S. and ISIS against the Syrian military.

Indeed, during her visit to Iran, the head of the Syrian Parliament stated that, after the coalition airstrikes on Syrian government troops, the U.S. military directed the ISIS attack on the Syrian army that saw the terrorist organization temporarily gain territory surrounding Deir el-Zour.

If the claims of the Syrian officials quoted above are true, then we strongly encourage Syria to release the audio recordings for the world to hear.

That the United States has been responsible for the creation, support, direction, arming, and facilitation of ISIS has long been known in informed circles. However, an audio recording of cooperation between the U.S. and ISIS would effectively drive the last nail in the coffin of American credibility and any remaining semblance of honesty and logic in is “war on terror” that is, in reality, nothing but a “war of terror” against the world’s people.

If there was ever any doubt that the United States was supporting and protecting the most feared terrorist organization in the world, that doubt is now erased as a result of the U.S. strike on Syrian military forces in Deir al-Zour on September 17.

The attack took place as a battle between the Syrian military and ISIS forces was raging in Deir al-Zour when the United States swooped in with air strikes against Syrian military forces killing “dozens” of Syrian soldiers, allowing ISIS to advance. Some outlets put the death toll as high as 80 while others suggest 62 soldiers were killed.

The United States claims that it did not knowingly strike the Syrian military and that it confused the SAA with ISIS fighters. However, illegal violations of Syrian national sovereignty aside, claims that the United States could not decipher SAA forces from ISIS forces is hardly plausible since the former is easily identified by the fact that it is in battle with the latter.

The U.S. bombing all but ended the fragile “ceasefire” plan (terrorists never once abided by any obligation of the agreement) and prompted a war of words between Russian and American diplomats as well as an emergency United Nations Security Council Meeting.

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11 Comments on "Report: Syrian Govt Has Audio Of U.S. Conversation With ISIS Before Attack On Syrian Military"

  1. Oh, let’s do hope that this is true, and that the Syrians release the recording with much fanfare. Perhaps that would finally awaken the vast, zombie masses in the U.S. population who still are falling for this phony war on terror and out this government for the pack of psychopaths that it is.

  2. By now most informed persons realise that ISIS is a creation of the Western Intelligence agencies.
    They also realise that most of “news” we get is created by these same agencies using Operation Mockingbird. To become informed one must actually read well researched, nonfiction books instead of watching TV. If you are not an informed person, you might start by reading “The Secret History of the New World Order” or “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America.”

  3. “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

  4. If this is legit, the audio should be turned over to UN officials and, more importantly, widely released to the public. It’s perplexing how this news item and the alternative explanation for the UN humanitarian convey were reported on Sputnik and Iran’s FARS News Agency but not on the more widely seen Russia Today (RT) which is controlled by the Russian government too. Frustrating this information is being compartmentalized, targeted for release to only certain groups in the international scene and western alt media.

    These serious issues need to be aired and widely shared. Open source it! Taking a quick look on RT a second ago, not only did I not see this story, but I saw a lot of trivial reporting. The top story being WWW star Jesse Ventura along with Larry King, and Ed Schultz will be covering the Kabuki POTUS debate for RT. Further down, other items include a story about an Austrian dominatrix. What gives?

  5. Release the info now!!!

  6. deplorableCellaphaneman | September 27, 2016 at 6:58 am | Reply

    Not surprising. The Usurped Ztates will attack anyone for any reason. The perpetuel war crowd and there mercenary military may turn on whatever perceived threat the unholy scum decide. WWW is coming to a blow out near you.

  7. They have to authenticate fast and get it out. So sick of our government, all wars over oil.

    • Lourens engelbrecht | October 10, 2016 at 1:23 pm | Reply

      Interesting. Someone once said ” your enemies are not nessacary my enemies” On the oil issue look at today’s news on Russia and OPEC agreement.

  8. I believe the death toll is around 102 so far.

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