Syrian Army Ends Ceasefire After US Airstrike Kills More Than 80 Soldiers Fighting Islamic State


By Baran Hines

Syrian government officials have declared the military will no longer observe the ceasefire agreed to by the United States and Russia one week ago. The goal of the agreed ceasefire was to end the fighting in the Syrian proxy war, eliminate terrorist groups in Syria and then negotiate a political agreement for reforms. Monday marked the end of a 7 day period which was supposed have reduced violence before the peace process could move to the next step of the US and Russia targeting Islamic State and Al Nusra terrorists.

The decision comes after the United States admitted to bombing Syrian military forces who were fighting the Islamic State on Saturday. At least 80 soldiers were killed and more than 100 wounded in airstrikes which US officials called an accident, while claiming to target Islamic State fighters. A humanitarian aid convoy was also bombed on Monday in airstrikes near Aleppo, which US officials blamed on the Syrian military.

The Syrian government explained the decision to ignore the ceasefire in a statement published by state news media SANA. Syrian Army officials claim that “armed terrorist groups took advantage of the declared ceasefire” to regroup and continued attacks on residential areas and military targets, specifically in the strategic city of Aleppo.

“It was assumed that the ceasefire will present a real chance to end the bloodshed, but terrorist groups did not adhere to any of the points of the agreement on a ceasefire, the number of violations on their part has exceeded 300,” according to translation of the announcement.

Russian military officials defended the statements by the Syrian military, calling the ceasefire a one-sided agreement because the opposition continued to engage in terrorist attacks.

“As the terms of the ceasefire are not respected by militants, we consider observing it unilaterally by the Syrian government forces would be senseless,” Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy told reporters at a press briefing.

The end of the ceasefire agreement also marks another significant problem with the peace efforts in Syria after Russian officials publicly accused the United States of helping Islamic State.

“If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State],” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters.

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7 Comments on "Syrian Army Ends Ceasefire After US Airstrike Kills More Than 80 Soldiers Fighting Islamic State"

  1. Huh
    I dont read anymore, just take the head line and thats it.

    This war is going into an final stage, when the Turks whom I thought was going to do something honest and to help an nation under attac, that was an mistake, and now the Turks openly states this is about protecting Israel, because of Iran?.
    And the Turks double play where they have the Kurds? with them, to fight ISIS?, and to create an safe zone?, to help the Kurds take half of Syria, and of course that “kurdistan” is where all the oil and food is made in Syria.
    So the Turks is doing this for the Israeli since Kurds and the Khazarian inbreeds are the same people.
    Kurds will take that region where Eretzh Israel isnt, the part of Syria/Iraq that is from Efrat to the Iranian border and Israel will take the rest.
    Only one problem, Assad, whoms days is numbered because if other facts, as the Russian passivity witch some find weird, that as I know it now is BECAUSE of Eretzh Israel, the Russians have the same “fundament” of bollocs as the scums in Turkien.
    To protect and serve Israel.

    Thats even stated in the open, what the Yankikkes are doing isnt an suprice what so ever, but the Russian double play to protect the rats in Tel-aviv is coming into the open.
    And the Arabs, well, whom the f…. caree, since they them selfs is preocupyed with raping and slaughtering their own people.
    1400 years and you still live in the stone age, arabs.

    I dont feel been fooled, I feel simply sorry for us all, we are been driven into an world war, and it looks like that isnt coming, not because of Russia against Israel but both (UssA-Russia) protects Israel, eventually that is whats making this war special, its about economics and territory Eretzh Israel, and right now the scums of this earth the Turks and the Kurds, whom is killing the oposition inside their own domains, aka an rotten people, and they are winning.


  2. A cease-fire halts regime change, that’s why the war criminal US wanted to end the last one. No life too sacred, no atrocity too no-no.

    • A cease-fire allows the losing and scattered ranks of the terrorist to regroup, re-up on supplies and strategize with no worry of attack. That’s always been the strategy and the reason there hasn’t been a successful ceasefire in our lifetime.

  3. American MSM is totally suppressing the American act of War. Not a PEEP as the MSM tries to place blame for end of ceasefire on Syria.

  4. The US military/government/financial mafia has no shame whatsoever.
    On top of lying for years of backing horrible thugs around the world to do their dirty work for regime change, they now are openly killing innocent people after calling for a ceasefire. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, and if the American people think keeping their head buried in entertainment will protect them from these insane killers, your on the list and it is coming sooner than you think.
    As you can see laws and morality are completely void in these people and they only understand one thing. The sooner you see the reality of the Devils you are dealing with the better it will prepare you.
    Americans do their best to avoid conflict and violence, but these people are not in their right minds. The lying, cheating, stealing and killing has reached epic proportions. We either make a choice to be enablers of these crazy people ruining our nation and much of the world or we do the right thing and put our foot down, or squarely in the groin. That’s the only way to deal with crazy evil bullies. You kick them squarely in the groin, otherwise they just keep pushing you until ultimately you run out of room to run.
    You can continue pretending our government is not a terrorist organization, but in the end, we are targets just like all the rest.
    Shed your delusion these are legitimate representatives of WE THE PEOPLE.
    You’re dealing with evil, crazy terrorists.

  5. I think what’s long overdue is for the Russians to ‘sell’ a couple of hundred S400 “Triumf” or “Growler” launchers which are capable of destroying airborne targets as far as 250 miles away, at speeds that are just ridiculous. Let the Syrians take out EVERY aircraft from any country that crosses into their airspace; Israeli, US, Turkish, Australian, British, French or whomever. The Syrians should establish ‘ “no fly zone” of their own and be done with this.

  6. The us has no right to be in Syria, why are they even talking to them, when it is obvious they want to overthrow the legitimate government.

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