Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of Syrian Military

United States of America and RussiaBy Brandon Turbeville

After the United States launched an attack against Syrian forces in Deir al-Zour early on Saturday morning, Russia is now calling for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council and an immediate explanation from the United States.

The Americans claim that the bombing was merely a mistake; however, it is hard to make that claim when the two sides were in battle with one another at the time of the airstrikes. In addition, the United States did not inform the Russians of the attack plan and thus Russia was not able to inform the U.S. that the Syrian forces were in that location. As a result, many may legitimately wonder whether or not the U.S. did not contact the Russians in order to maintain plausible deniability.

“If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in an interview with Rossiya 24.

“We demand a full and detailed explanation from Washington. That explanation must be given at the UN Security Council,” Zakharova added.

“[US coalition] strikes have cleared the way for ISIS fighters to take over Deir ez-Zor city now,” said Syrian Minister of Defense Fahd Jassem al-Freij. “It is only because of Russian Air Force support [that] the offensive of the terrorist group was stopped. We request that the air support for the Syrian armed forces be continued by the Russian air force in order to destroy the terrorists.”

The Russian military confirmed that it did indeed engage in airstrikes against ISIS forces immediately after learning about the U.S. “mistake.”

We are now witnessing a situation in which the world is teetering on the edge of a tragic confrontation between two nuclear powers. Within the span of one hour, the United States and Russia have bombed the same area and opposing forces.

We call on the United States to end its foolish and immoral proxy war on Syria and to immediately cease bombing and military efforts against the Syrian government before it is too late for all of us.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 850 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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55 Comments on "Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of Syrian Military"

  1. Personally, I hope Putin responds in kind with ten times the force needed.

    • Putin attacked his own countrymen with a series of horrific false flags, large scale apartment bombings in 1999. The buildings pancaked from the powerful explosives, at night when the residents were sleeping. The FSB was caught red handed planting the bombs. It’s always the people at the bottom of the power structure who suffer. 10X the force? No more violence. TPTB need to be sent packing, all of them.

      • Hey, @blue579, can you share some more out-of-context speculatory factoids to try to distract us from the real truth of what’s going on in Syria, where your employers want to create a direct military conflict with Russia (and the other nations of the world who don’t want to be part of the Zombie U.S./Zionist New World Order) which could lead to a worldwide Nuclear Conflagration? That would be excellent.

        • The issue of false flag attacks in Moscow is not speculation, there’s plenty of detailed research and evidence, neither is the wealth of Rami Makhlouf speculation or his offshore accounts. I’ve repeatedly said the global elite are using Syria as a staging ground to create ISIS and finish their Greater Middle East Project – both are quite true. You are making a lot of misguided assumptions about myself and the verifiable facts I have shared. There’s a famous Karl Rove quote where he brags about the power elite creating new realities while analysts spend their time and energy focused on “judiciously” studying the patterns of past crimes and old paradigms. The new reality of a total electronic lockdown situation is going global and the public is led to the trough of a bitter election circus and constant fear mongering to keep them from resisting the tentacles quickly circling you and yours right now. When someone doesn’t share your perspective, you don’t “win” an argument by falsely accusing them, rather you present facts to counter – which would be welcomed by the way, I’m here to learn, grow, and shine a light to stop the enslavement.

          • And the relevance of all this to the U.S. breaking International Law and essentially declaring war on Syria, and by extension, Russia itself, IS?

          • You didn’t carefully read my first comment and then made false accusations. Changing the discussion you started by asking a pointless question doesn’t correct bad assumptions. The original poster wished for “ten times the force” that’s a reflex to respond with more militarism and as I said more militarism harms the most vulnerable people, not the top tier leaders who seem to care little about the suffering of innocent people, hence the false flag example.

          • Hardly “a pointless question,” and it seems to have gone unanswered. So, you would argue that the U.S., Saudi, Turkey, Qatari, NATO-backed mercenary, mind-controlled minions of Islamic ignorance will stop their campaigns of brutal murder without the application of force? Perhaps you can explain how that happens?

          • Perhaps owing to many years of intensive research, education on uncensored historical perspectives, application of neurolinguistics and neuro cognitive theory using the tools I have as a neuroscientist, my “road map” of the path the global elite are taking to erect their hideous New World Order has been more accurate than the vast majority of alt media entities. That tells me that many of these entities are either co-intelpro, influenced by co-intelpro, have bind spots, or some combination Carefully examining many clues at the earliest beginnings of the conflict in Syria when we first learned about the funding of “moderate” jihadists and the coalition of 8 to 10 intelligence agencies (nations) supporting and training these jihadis, I realized the conflict in Syria must be a bigger more aggressive version of Operation Cyclone. One of many clues I found was: IF the narrative we were told was true and Russia, Syria, and Iran intended to wipe out the foreign incursion then they would have nipped it in the bud as that would have been the only logical approach, destroy it before it destabilizes the Syrian govt. To that end, this trio of nations was highly competent, capable, and in possession of the necessary military weapons to get the job done. Conversely, if the western elites were hellbent on taking down Syria then they would have steamrolled through as they did in Iraq and Libya. Yet, neither occurred as the situation was allowed to fester and metastasize to create the next big boogeyman. Assad was given a long interview in a favorable softball question setting by Zionist shill and global elite mafioso CHARLIE ROSE. That kind of courtesy would have never been extended to Gaddafi and yet he was in exactly the same position. As well, the alt media touts General Wesley Clark as the principle source of knowing “the plan” of 7 nations included Syria. Global elite Clark was the sympathetic whistle blower – the same person who last year said he favored putting disloyal Americans in internment camps if they would not support the war on terror? It was clearly a planted meme and he absurdly claimed his subordinate informed him of the big plan. You don’t seem to grasp how complex the psy ops are and how far in advance they are planned. The fact that Russian elites have shown all the earmarks of participating in the rise of the New World Order and are implementing the final endgame in their own country, along with what we learned from Professor Antony Sutton, is powerful evidence that you are only being fed a partial perspective. Understanding the collaboration of the Russian elites with the apex global elite provides a more rational explanation for the two large conundrums I just outlined: 1) Full Cooperation with the NWO off the geopolitical stage and 2) The explicable behavior involving the Syria.

          • The complexities are increasingly difficult to sort out, Blu, as the strength of opinions increases, whether accurate of not. Also, many genuine patriots do not have the familiarity with some topics to appreciate information that implicates the person or group who appears to be the “good” guy. For example, some folk think that Trump is such a good guy that he could not possibly have engaged in shady or crooked business deals – along the way – which is of course a bit naive. Which, does not reflect lack of intelligence or stupidity, rather only an acquaintance with a narrow band of facts rather than a broad band of facts. Your patience answering questions reflects your awareness. It is much easier on the thought processes to see shades of black or white rather than shades of grey. Big hug to Blu !

          • Thank you, Drbhelthi, much appreciated and it’s always good to see you around. 😉 Hugs and Kind Regards, Blue / CP

        • The fact he is responding to nearly every post makes me suspicious he is attempting to lead the narrative.
          I’ve read incorrect information from this commentor so beware. They like to drag into the deep water as a means of dissuading and confusing.
          Stay focused on the big picture and it will serve you well.

          • BTW, I’m not a “he” and sharing my open opinion with an alternative perspective (called “thinking outside the box” by some) does not equate to anything other than being an advocate of an open source exchange of information. To that end, please tell me what information is “incorrect” instead of making side comments. Oh, but correcting mistakes is verboten because you will be dragged into deep water. Better to stay in the shallows, yes. Perhaps that is why brtanner did not present any information to counter the information I shared.

      • Well if that were even plausible, we most certainly would have heard about it from the Putin hating American MSM, but we didn’t.

        • No more than Putin’s publicly stated position that inside job speculation on 9/11 was crazy conspiracy theory and that he should know because he was once an intelligence chief.

          As a matter of fact, you can find coverage of the Moscow false flag attacks directed at the US “intelligentsia” aka “managerial class”. One was a thorough review in the NY Times of a well documented and researched book on the attacks. Another was an article by an investigative journalist writing on the 10 year anniversary of the Moscow attacks that received limited distribution by Conde Nast. I just checked and it is still available to read online: None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Scott Anderson, Sept 2009 (longform reprint).

          • Well I don’t think the questions about 9/11 are a crazy conspiracy theory. I really would like someone to explain how two huge buildings can collapse the way WTC 1&2 did, when its is physically impossible without prior manipulation of the structural elements.

          • Absolutely, and building 7, the Pentagon, the disappeared plane in PA, insider trading, a “coincidental” drill involving hijacked planes the same morning that placed fighter jets out of range and created more confusion…seems like the list could go to the moon and back. Funny thing about Putin’s repeated dismissal of 9/11 conspiracy theories is several Turkish generals fled to Russia seeking asylum after the collapse of the USSR. Once there, they spilled the beans providing details of the “Gladio B” operations headquartered out of Turkey. As a former KGB/FSB agent and chief, no doubt Putin knew much about the history of false flags including the entire Gladio operation in Europe later shifting to Turkey. This was before the Moscow bombings.

  2. The globalists who control America shall go. Immediately arrest all of them!

  3. Another page from 1984….the proles stay focused on engineered geopolitical waltzes while the global elite plot more advanced methods of enslavement, financial rape, and mind control. Meanwhile, the top tier banksters in Japan, the European Central Bank, and the US discuss how they will take more DIRECT control over the economy, bypassing congress altogether for a massive stimulus release to stoke inflation. This comes from the top of the pyramid Bank of International Settlements, that means it is a global cluster—-.

  4. well wouldn’t you know it….the news cycle is filled with the “firecrackers” going off in NY and Philly whilst the US is caught bombing Syrian troops in a sovereign country and helping IS all at the same time.

    The US is a criminal cabal capable of anything. Isn’t it interesting how the news cycle is now ignoring the largest most important news event in the world….USA JUST ATTACKED A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY AND KILLED 62 SYRIAN SOLDIERS.

    Ain’t gonna hear that discussed on CNN, MSNBC or FOX. All tuned into the CIA sponsored terrorism in NY and Philly.

    • The US attacks are right on schedule – TPTB are telling us their ISIS creation will become more dangerous as it flees Iraq and Syria to launch attacks in the west.

      The problem, reaction, solution, of military bungling and disagreement among the nation states always gets back to headlines of the UN asked to referee.

      What isn’t being reported are antithetical stories such as the fight in Australia going on right now to get Australia out of the UN, led by folks like Senator Malcom Roberts. Roberts criticized UN schemes dismantling liberty, property rights, and nationhood. “People are waking to the UN destroying our national sovereignty through…21st century global governance, often known as Agenda 21 — more recently as Agenda 2030,”

      • The problem is that all of the nation’s governance it seem are under the control of the Elite. We are been so much lie about all the time that it is hard now to find the truth…at least in Syria it seem that the criminal are the USA…as far as he goes in Russia i will be very cautious to accept alll the faults that the western medias and politicians put on Putin….

        • Yes, we Americans have much to be ashamed of as our nation is wielded like a hammer to forge the NWO. Connecting the dots further up, the culprits are those who hijacked the US and also hijacked the other nation states and happen to be same ones who created the UN and commandeer it to this day. Most of the important facts of the corruption of the world’s leaders is available to those who dig deeply and open themselves to a wide variety of sources and the reason it seems to work once you find a pattern is the same reason prosecutors look closely at criminal histories, motive, opportunity, and patterns of behavior.

          • richard berube | September 19, 2016 at 4:18 am |

            The zionists with the Rothscchild in charge, working for that hidden force called the Annunakis…..have a great days, and tks God i am not american….

          • I’m sure you know the Rothschilds have their headquarters in the City of London (distinct from London proper) and a central lair in France. The Rothschild’s Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is the central bank for all nations except perhaps N. Korea. There is no place safe from their reach. For instance, even as economically poor as Africa is compared to the developed world they are being systemically locked in individually to the electronic biometric control grid going cashless as this article describes (the global system is more advanced than the article’s coverage): Humanity needs to work together to resist the electronic control grid because once it is fully functional all dissent will be shut down with the tapping of a few keys turning off access to purchases, phone, internet, work, travel, etc. I wish more people in the US were as awake as you are so we could effectively begin resisting this nightmare dystopia. I hope you can be a catalyst for real change and a consciousness shift wherever you reside. All the best to you, Richard Berube. Kind Regards, blue579

          • richard berube | September 19, 2016 at 11:55 am |

            David Icke and more like him are saying this since 20 years or so…if you watch Keiser Report and Crosstalk on RTTV you can get some gleem of that…i don’t know who you are but to me so seem to be well inform wish you the best if you are on the good side…bye R

          • Thank you, yes, I know Icke’s work well and many other alternative researchers. My hope is for a free, enlightened, compassionate humanity – I think that’s the good side. 😉 Goodbye and thanks.

          • richard berube | September 19, 2016 at 12:33 pm |

            as far as plastic money goes, they already started it in Sweden and Holland….time that the people awake….


    • I wish for that too! Problem with the reality of the graphic is the Assad clan has its billions ensconced in global elite controlled international investment vehicles and some family members are already living in the lap of luxury in NWO enclaves outside of Syria. Same with the Russian plutocracy which is very closely tied to the power elite in the US. They’re also erecting the same dystopian nightmare of UN Agenda 2030 and the tight control grid.

      • So, the Syrian elites behave similarly to the way the rest of global elites do, that must justify ignoring the repeatedly expressed will of THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA, including the real peaceful opposition in Syria, who almost all live in governmental controlled areas of Syria? So the murderers of the U.S. Western Imperium just get a total pass for their vicious violations of International Law? Nice.

        • Who said the a-holes behind the curtain deserve to get a “free pass” for their diabolical actions orchestrating this horror in Syria and the middle east and before that all of the major wars and conflicts, not to mention the Zionist-dominated banksters and their minions creating and propping up the Chinese and Soviet communist regimes that butchered tens of millions of people and deliberately starved another 10 million to death in the Ukraine? A global elite who work together to create elaborate dialectic ruses setting countless sides at each other’s throats needs to be FULLY exposed to every single modus operandi they engage in – know your enemy well and know thyselves (our own vulnerabilities, some hard wired many programmed in through years of brainwashing). You’re right, it should be up to the people of Syria who they choose as their political representatives, hopefully done in an open and transparent fashion…which humanity has hardly ever experienced in the history of the world because the information flows have been controlled. The Assad family rule is far more complex than we being shown in any media format. The Assads have done much for Syrian citizens but they have also been a brutal regime to peaceful dissenters…which led to the torture facility recently highlighted in an Amnesty International report and “disappearances”. Rami’s brother heads Syria’s intelligence division and Rami controls 60% of the Syrian economy through his networks. The biggest beef Syrians had prior to the conflict was economic hardship. There are highly educated Syrian Americans (physicians, lawyers, etc) who have been supporting the ouster of the Assads in favor of a freer more open society and there a lot of average Syrian immigrants in the US who’ve been witness to govt atrocities. The global elite only magnify the problems if not create them entirely.

          • IMO, you’re cherry-picking information, and primarily information from dicey sources. – “but they have also been a brutal regime to peaceful dissenters…which
            led to the torture facility recently highlighted in an Amnesty
            International report and ‘disappearances’.” – Amnesty NGO is an integral part of the Imperial State propaganda apparatus, part of the push for a Nobel Peace Prize for the “White Helmets” (which I guess makes sense if you think that Obama deserved one).

            The assertions about the “Assad REGIME’s” torture of Syrian dissenters are almost entirely unproven and come from the same sources that have latched onto “Assad must go” since the onset of the “revolution.” There is massive proof of the use of foreign terrorists attacking both police and demonstrators (and innocent civilians randomly in the areas being destabilized) from the early days of the phony “Arab Spring” in Syria. The “highly educated Syrian Americans (physicians, lawyers, etc) who have been supporting the ouster of the Assads” are supporting ANYTHING BUT “a freer more open society.” They support elite power and the hegemony of the globalists you claim to contest. They support the building of the Qatari pipeline, the continuing wars to destabilize Iran and, ultimately, Russia and China. The REAL opposition to the Syrian Government currently lead by Bashar al Assad do not advocate taking up arms against it, engaged in Assad’s work to rewrite the Syrian Constitution to reshape power in Syria, and, DID NOT LEAVE SYRIA FOR THE U.S. but live in the government controlled areas of Syria now for the most part. No, the Russians are not perfect, but compared to the Zionist Neocon Global Imperium they are saints, and speak truth to power in a way that most of the world with two firing neurons hear and appreciate greatly.

            You say you want to learn about what’s happening in the world? I support you in continuing your research.

          • Do you think ALL the eye-witness reports of Syrians are faked and that power doesn’t corrupt or the Iron Law of Politics is only a western historical phenomenon? The alt media continuously sources its facts from the lame stream media because there very few alt investigative journalists with “boots on the ground”, yet you have no problem digesting that material as long as it provides a certain perspective. Doesn’t matter where you source your material, there’s always a necessity to sort the wheat out and understand the larger patterns. “Almost entirely unproven” – a vague assertion and I would bet you haven’t invested 1% of the time I have looking into the leads on this coming from many different angles. You can’t honestly question the intentions of Syrian Americans working for a more democratic Syria, no matter how naive they may be about geopolitical affairs. The perceive a need for change for a reason that is not uninformed or lacking personal experience. It’s an understatement to say a cabal of rulers who attacked their own people in false flags in order to eviscerate their civil liberties are “not perfect”. Who is the apologist here? Check out Russian scholar Karen Dawisha’s book Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Own’s Russia and then follow the money to Skolkovo and the Trilateral Commission, the Clintons, and Podesta. They work together and Russia has its fair share of Zionist oligarchs but you won’t read that on co-intelpro outlets who project a distorted version of one half of the story while the MSM projects a warped version of the other half…and much is lost in between.

          • Blu, we see what happened to Libya when Muammar al Qadhafi was removed. Of course, the same will NOT occur in Syria, if Assad is removed. The Likud Party of the 1948 land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”, will immediately expand its border into Syria, with its army and secret services – in addition to ISIS-ISIL – continuing the 1948 terrorism initiated by Ben Gurion.

          • Perhaps you are referring to the Greater Israel Project, Drbhelthi. I wouldn’t rule out a literal annexation as part of the grand scheme, although, I believe a bigger prize is the total annexation of the world’s resources and then by extension they will have annexed every square inch of the planet, including the oceans & seas as we saw with Spiro’s report on the signing this last April of the UN high seas treaty which takes steps towards the deep capture of the oceans by the UN and multinational corporations. If you’re interested, here’s the link: (dot) com/watch?v=josKPWSGpY4

          • Thank you blue579. The video at the link provides an excellent awareness of the subterfuge that is conducted by the UN leadership and their plans for gaining control of the planet. Once at the linked article, the sub-articles in the right column are also very useful. Considering the greater goals of the UN leadership, the Bush/MOSSAD/CIA wars on-going within the territories of the “Greater Israel Project” might be considered as distractions from the comprehensive UN goals.

          • Yes, absolutely, Drbhelthi, the wars and the engineered rationales served as a focal point to obfuscate the next layers of the endgame. In the process, TPTB struck down the leaders of three major nation state holdouts to the NWO; Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. As well, the most tenacious and ideologically driven Muslims in the region opposing the deep capture gravitated to the groups fighting the invaders and thus a targeted extermination of outliers was made easier. I often wonder if that has been the typical outcome throughout human history and a primary reason our gene pool is saturated with compliant sheeple who readily shift into double think, denial, and conformity – Plato’s troglodytes. As always, thank you for your insight and feedback. 😉

          • Speaking of world govt, I have one more link to share with you, Drbhelthi – this one is a blast from the past. It’s a fascinating book published in 1926 which I recently stumbled upon in PDF format when looking for an article suggested by an A.P. reader, titled The Hidden Hand. This one is titled The Secret World Government or “The Hidden Hand”. It’s remarkable how many lines of evidence converge. It’s a been a very long time coming. Cheers, friend.

      • Very Interesting,Thank you. I’ve not heard any of this perspective before. Sadly it’s the little decent people though who are made to suffer and die in our rulers/politicians war-games among themselves.

  6. This “mistake” along with a long list of other mistakes like accidentally dropping supplies to ISIS in both Syria and Iraq makes it pretty evident that the USAF or some ements within is covertly backing ISIS. What the heck is the U.S. doing in Syria in the first place? We have zero business there and are uninvited. If covert elements within our government are backing terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS I say it is time Congress start investigating and prosecute those criminals.

    • Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo about 9/11, a big “event”, before it happens and said it would create a war that would never end.

      Congress was completely neutered way back in 1954 when the Reece Committee report was scuttled and then completely silenced from speaking truth to power when Congressman Larry Macdonald was murdered.

  7. “We call on the United States to end its foolish and immoral proxy war on Syria and to immediately cease bombing and military efforts against the Syrian government before it is too late for all of us.” The chimpanzee is still at it.

  8. America! The number 1 terrorist country in the world, just showed its true colors. Impeach Obama NOW!!! If you don’t start impeachment proceedings right away, then start getting ready for WW3, (just what Obama and Clinton want)!

  9. After everything that has happened since the implosion of the USSR, you would think the Russians would have caught onto the deceit and despicable, untrustworthiness of the US government and military. The first thing they should have learned was never, ever trust anything the US says, never! America’s signature on a treaty or agreement isn’t worth the paper its written on! In this case even the American allies should be shaking their heads and wondering just what degenerate goal the US is pursuing, by supporting terrorism in the Middle East. Is this some make work project, to guarantee endless war for America’s military? Is this a get rich scheme for the American military/industrial complex? What exactly does the US gain by supporting monstrous terrorism? I’d sure like to know.

    • The same reason the Europeans engaged in Operation Gladio – to control the people.

      The Soviets assisted the western cabal in getting the UN to launch the first large scale police action to go to Korea to supposedly contain communism. It was in the best interests of the Soviets to veto the UN plan (they’re permanent members and can veto an action) but the Soviet UN emissary opted to miss the vote! The conflict in Korea set a precedent for US involvement in wars in a way that usurped the roll of congress in declaring war and simultaneously bolstered UN power. Then came Vietnam, another UN police action. The Soviets and now the Russians are strongly integrated into the UN system, which was created by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. The Russians already understand how the banksters control nations behind the curtain through deception – having received funding, support, and technology from the western cabal the entire time they were painted as our communist enemies during the cold war. Twilight Zone stuff, Archie, but it’s all been proven.

  10. How many “mistakes” does it take to realize they are NOT mistakes?

  11. Here it is again. The globalists are telling their professional army (usa) who to bomb through Obozo the puppet. What is bad is the corrupt globalists are using us and our money to do bad things. Please, we need Trump and some common sense back in charge.

  12. Why is the us allowed to illegally remain in Syria? Is Russia afraid it will provoke a war if they force the us out?

  13. question,
    a) is trump legit or part of the nwo
    b) since the us will trying to remove assad, but russia is against, how is this going to end? endless proxy war between those 2?

  14. WTF is Obama doing. This guy needs to be removed from office. This was no mistake and it is one of the most blatant examples of Obama’s hatred for America.

  15. the U.S. (usurped ztates) military is their mercenary force. I’m sure it is sold to the highest and best bidder, just ask the dynamic duo of HillBillary and get in on the action.
    Government is the worst investment I have ever been swindled out of.

  16. Put a huge bounty on the head of whoever it is creating all this madness and watch how fast those piss ants throw the next guy under the bus until eventually….you get to the root ball…immediate execution…

  17. Though he passed away several yrs ago ,Ustes mullins has the inside scoop to this day if you reallt want to understand the perdictiment we are in now go to you tube and type in eustes mullins to getr the rest of the story as Paul harvy would say!

  18. In this scenario, it’s clear Democrat Obama is the ally of ISIS, not the American people. Once Trump becomes the next US president, ISIS is history.

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