Obama Vetoes Bill, Prevents 9/11 Family Members’ Lawsuits

SaudiFlag911-777By Derrick Broze

President Obama has vetoed a bill which would allow families of the 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. 

On Friday, President Obama kept his promise to veto legislation that would allow the 9/11 victims’ family members to sue Saudi Arabia, citing threats to U.S. national security. CNN reports that Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress say they’ll override Obama’s veto next week.

Obama’s veto comes two weeks after the House of Representatives passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA, which would allow victims of terrorism and their families to sue nations suspected of financing or otherwise sponsoring terrorism. Currently, this is only legal for countries who are on the U.S. government’s “state sponsors of terror” list, which includes nations like North Korea and Iran. The new change would allow the 9/11 victims’ family members to sue nations like Saudi Arabia. JASTA unanimously passed the Senate in May after a hard-fought battle by the families of the victims of 9/11.

“The lobbying effort on Capitol Hill against the legislation has involved the administration but also representatives for the Saudi government, which denies any involvement in the 9/11 terror attacks,” CNN reported. “The alliance puts Obama in the unlikely position of defending the same position as the Kingdom, with which he’s had longstanding disputes over counterterrorism strategies and human rights.”

If supporters can gather a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and House they could override Obama’s veto. “Our assumption is that the veto will be overridden,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

“We certainly are counting votes and having a number of conversations with members of Congress in both parties and both houses of Congress,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Friday. “I’m also acknowledging that the politics of the situation are really tough. And if anything, I think that is an illustration of the principled nature of the president’s position. The president’s not blind to the politics of the situation.”

In a three-page veto message to Congress, Obama said he sympathized with the 9/11 families, but that JASTA “would neither protect Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks.”

Obama also claimed that JASTA would “upset longstanding international principles regarding sovereign immunity” and create a situation where the U.S. government faces lawsuits by foreign parties. Obama also claimed that “removing sovereign immunity in U.S. courts from foreign governments based solely on allegations that such foreign governments’ actions abroad had a connection to terrorism-related injuries on U.S. soil, threatens to undermine these longstanding principles.”

Mr. Obama’s statement makes one wonder – what exactly does a foreign government need to do to warrant investigation? If allegations of terrorism and harming Americans are not enough to warrant removing sovereign immunity, then what the hell is?

“Any indication that a foreign government played a role in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil is a matter of deep concern and merits a forceful, unified Federal Government response that considers the wide range of important and effective tools available,” Obama wrote. Ironically, this is exactly what the 28 pages and the 9/11 Truth movement have said for years yet the U.S. government refuses to launch a truly independent investigation. Despite clear evidence of financing from foreign nations, the U.S. government continues to partner with Pakistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

A coalition of activists, researchers, and family members have long questioned Saudi links to the attacks on 9/11. They believed the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 would implicate Saudi nationals or even the Saudi government in financing, executing, or planning the terrorist attacks.

However, when those pages were finally released in July, Saudi government officials hailed the declassified content as proof that the kingdom had no role in the attacks. Former Sen. Bob Graham, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee who had been extensively involved in the fight to release the pages, disagreed.

“The information in the 28 pages reinforces the belief that the 19 hijackers — most of whom spoke little English, had limited education and had never before visited the United States — did not act alone in perpetrating the sophisticated 9/11 plot,” Graham told CNN when the pages were released.

Despite President Obama’s veto, the 9/11 family members continue to fight for truth and justice.

“The president’s rationales to veto JASTA don’t hold weight. They are 100% wrong,” Terry Strada, whose husband Tom Strada died in World Trade Center collapse, told CNN. “For us, the 9/11 families and survivors, all we are asking for is an opportunity to have our case heard in a courtroom. Denying us justice is un-American.”

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact Derrick@activistpost.com

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31 Comments on "Obama Vetoes Bill, Prevents 9/11 Family Members’ Lawsuits"

  1. Obama’s like a city hustler setting up a temporary table in an alley way, with three walnut shells & a pea ……same diff (imo) …as the dealer bedazzles the ‘chump’ with smoke & mirror illusions, predicated on sleight of hand prestidigitation….rather than straight ‘up front’ goods.

    • Looks like his propaganda minister in absentia, Sunstein, has been busy rolling out Youtube’s new Heroes volunteer censors program. Something wicked this way comes…

      • Yes…These are the ‘Proctors’ of 1930’s Germany …or the ‘Political Officer’s’ of the Bolsheviks…the apple-polisher’s of all things with a reverence for any kind of presumed ‘Authority’-a self aggrandizing ‘Sntich’-class, comprised of the usual suspect ‘bullies’ found in schoolyards …ya’know…the one’s that nobody liked that went on to become cops(lol)…secret low self-esteem/low IQ ‘control-freaks’ attracted to the “Power & the Glory”…types like the caterwauling Feminists that are easy offended (especially when they look in the mirror -hahahaha)…adopting the surreptitious Polically Korrect speech that is abject velvet covered Fascism! (dressed up in tuxedos & evening gowns)….People are going to be wishing they could reach thru the electronic smog… & strangle these little rat bags?…hahahahahaha!
        ….we both know this long dark all enveloping turpitude is coming as we speak.
        …all compliments of malevolently manipulative industrial PHD professor/psychologists betraying the Hippocratic Oath in obsequious obeisance to the Borg.

      • Yes they just did it again…Moderated me!…so here I go again: (I think I just described the editorial staff at AP (lol)
        Yes…These are the Proctors of 1930’s Germany…or the Political Officers of the Bolsheviks…the apple-polishing reverence attributed to all things with presumed Authority…a self-aggrandizing ‘snitch-class’ comprised of the ‘usual suspect’ bullies found in schoolyards…ya’know…the ones that nobody liked that went on to become cops (lol)…secret low self-esteem/low IQ ‘control-freaks attracted to the “Power & the Glory”…types like the caterwauling Feminists that are so easily offended(especially when they look into the mirror-LOL)…adopting the Politikally-Korrect/ Common Core -‘New Speak’ that is absolutely ‘velvet covered overt fascism dressed up in a tuxedo or an evening dress’…..People are going to be wishing they could reach thru the electronic smog & strangle a few of these officious little rat bags -hahahaha!
        …All brought to bear by edicts from the pyramid cap in surreptitious & incremental chess moves…enlisting the the malevolently manipulative ‘industrial’ PHD professors/psychologists ultimately ‘Betraying’ their collective Hippocratic Oath’s in obsequious obeisance & grovelling genuflection to all things Borg.

        • Hilarious!! Perhaps your greatest masterpiece to date. LOL Step carefully around the Fem-SS types, you wouldn’t want to be cited with a “micro aggression” as is being done in some pedestals of “higher learning”…including the use of the term P.C., on the list of microags.

          • ‘Microags’ Hmmm? a new one…this was/is introduced into universities that are beholding to DONATIONS from the likes of Soros/Gates etc muscling their way into tearing the Constitution asunder…thing is …they are encouraging the manifestations of worst aspects of human nature…(bet U already knew that lol)…we can also find the exact playbook they’re following now> transmogrified into the 21st century from the old playbooks of Stalin Mao Kiss-of-death-inger et al …cyclical aggressive psychotic imperialism unleashed on the unwitting that have not done their historical homework
            …I’ll be turning 65 at the end of Nov…but I do feel graet alarm for the fate of the up & coming…BTW…I was given the rarefied opportunity of a Mensa Card (same as you I suspect or thereabouts) when I was 17 yrs old..I declined… but now I only have three brain cells left …& two of them aren’t talking to each other -hahahahahahaha!

          • An X-Gen who was a bit of a whippersnapper on 9/11, I emerged out of a long training period to fully realize my chosen profession and my society were both terminally diseased. Since then, I’ve been busy shining my little light, and occasionally getting some harassment from Agent Smiths, hoping some bright energized young Aaron Swartz types would take the reigns and plow the horse team through the NWO house of cards. I don’t see any sparks yet, just a lot of young people glued to their smartphones. What to do? Like you I’m a stranger in a very strange land, shocked to realize I was in a Matrix when I was 8 years old, went on to participate in neurosci research at 15 in a program for gifted kids – thinking I could solve the puzzle of the Matrix mindjob and help free the unenlightened masses. So much for that plan! LOL I’m with you, Eddy, you’re a kindred spirit, along with some other wonderful folks around here, we’ll have a good time laughing together on the other side of eternity. 😉 P.S. I haven’t given up on butterfly effects, I’ve seen some doozies and had fun with mini coups.

          • Isle of View

  2. I doubt it would be overridden. The House and Senate are with the program. They just introduced this bill to make themselves look good, knowing full well it would be vetoed.

  3. The President has betrayed his own people. He is complicit in the crimes against the nation perpetrated on 9/11, in his attempts to cover them up and to protect the perpetrators. How he can stand up in front of Americans and spout such garbage is beyond me! Congress must put the best interests of Americans ahead of a venal relationship with a medieval regime of terrorist supporters.

    • Betrayed his own people? What people would that be? One would assume that you imply his betrayal of the People to which he has a Fiduciary responsibility. He betrayed his Oath of office… but he’s a liar. You know how they treat a witness that is under oath caught in a lie? His entire testimony is considered a lie. Doesn’t that mean that since he lied to get in office (a good example might be to stop the empirical activities and bring the troops home, when instead he is responsible for destroying the infrastructures of sovereign nations like Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc., as well as promising to close Guantanamo, which never happened) that his time in office has been a lie? “He can stand up in front of Americans and spout garbage” because he sold his soul to be in office. He is a puppet and answers to the puppet-masters. Not sure why one would contend that Congress must put the best interests of Americans (persons, see legal definition) ahead of any other “person” (corporation). They have all committed Treason and one might suggest that you wake-up to what has and is occurring before your eyes, in order to comprehend that they have controlled your life from day one. Take it back!

    • And the only way Congress will do that is if we stop voting the corrupt s.o.b.’s and put in fresh candidates that will. Term limits would be advisable as well.

  4. If O’traitor did not veto this bill the Saudis would rapidly dump their worthless US treasuries
    and divulge the real perpetrators of 911. Can you speak Yiddish?

  5. Hi Derrick, thanks for all the great articles, but 1) the Saudis didn’t plan or execute 9/11, trials against “them” in the courts will only create more lies and confusion, and, 2) the real perpetrators included the U.S. Security State and, for the Israelis, at least the Mossad and likely Ehud Barak, who was in the U.S. for the year before the False Flag and was interviewed in London on 9/11. Let’s get some court cases going against some of THEM and see where trial discovery takes us!

    • And anyone see the video where Bibi said 9/11 was good for Israel? They just keep getting millions of taxpayer $$$’s and military equipment and they should be getting nothing at all.

  6. How about suing US government, including Bush and Co.???

    • Should be done for sure. How about they are afraid the U.S. government will be sued for all the terrorism we have spread abroad destroying countries that have never attacked us and toppling democratically elected presidents even if they are dictators? Obama acts and thinks like a dictator and we have killed way too many innocent men, women and children and too many of our young military have died for the wrong thing so when blowback comes they are all ready to go to war once again. How about our own government doesn’t want to be exposed for probably being involved in 9/11?

  7. Everyone who is registered to vote should contact their senators and house members to vote to override that veto or they won’t get your vote when they’re up for re-election. The only power we have is our vote … it’s time to take it seriously before that muslim radical in chief we have in the Oval Office and his minions ruin our country. Time getvstart taking it back … don’t you think. Contact you Senators and State Reps now!

    • Ridiculous. Voting gives them authority over you… the slave. It means that you accept their terms, whatever they may be… good for you, or baaaaad for you. It eliminates your power by contractually making you subject to their will. It authorizes “them” to make decisions for you, like it or not.

      • Hold on .. you make a valid point to a degree .. but if we vote those out who don’t fight for our rights and moral beliefs out of office (taking away their power) .. recall those who don’t follow through … that is our power as citizens. What else do you suggest we do?

        • Withdraw your consent. Let them know that you have chosen to no longer be subject to their fraud and extortion. As long as you continue to pay for their actions, they’ll continue to do as they’ve always done. What’s even worse… is they have you convinced that their “national debt” applies to you. It doesn’t. Demand they provide proof that you consented to their criminal activity. There is none, if you wake-up and begin to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

          There is a maxim of law which says He who enjoys the benefit, ought also to bear the burden. Another states, One who avails himself of the benefits conferred by statute cannot deny its validity. Get it? And yet another says, A privilege is, as it were, a private law. You consent, you must deal with the consequences. And lastly, What I approve I do not reject. I cannot approve and reject at the same time. I cannot take the benefit of an instrument, and at the same time repudiate it.

          So… you consent to the blood sacrifice and genocide that your POTUS has been engaged in for his time in office, as well as your so-called representative leadership, all done for your “benefit” with your consent, in the interest of… national security.

        • Quit cooperating with them. The only true capital any government has is the cooperation of the populace. The only legitimate function of government is the protection of the individual’s right to tend to their own needs. As much as possible, stop using their money.

          As for voting them out: that trick never works. They control the ballot, and determine who gets on it, and they count the ballots. The people running for office are already of the mindset that they know best for others. If you can’t see through that, you’ll just continue to accept the system.

  8. Every person who voted this unAmerican Idiot, is responsible for his betrayal of our people and our nation! If he had not bee elected he could not betray us like this.

  9. Since the Saudis know what really happened on 9/11, it stands to reason that Obama and the ‘Washington Mob’ (Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Etc..), don’t want to ruffle Saudi feathers because it could blow up in their faces and open up a brand new investigation, and bring to light what really happened on that day, and put a lot of American ‘big wigs’ on death row. Remember; there is no statute of limitations on murder, especially mass murder of your own citizens.

    • Have you considered the redacted pages controversy might have been set up as a cat and mouse game, a truther tease? Sen Graham was never a friend to transparency or freedom and has been a faithful servant of the globalists. The timing is suspicious too, appearing to be a meme floated of a spat with the Saudis when nothing could be further from the truth behind the curtain, yet it provides a great scapegoat to the globalist plan to de-link the petrodollar system, i.e. end the dollar reserve status in stages….death by a thousand cuts.

  10. So… what gives Congress, or the POTUS Corporation any authority to determine who one can sue, or not? Answer: Nothing… no thing. Any “family” or interested party that was harmed by their crimes should first make a claim against the criminals, then make a claim against the POTUS for Aiding and Abetting, being complicit in their crimes, Treason, violation of his Oath of office, violation of the Trust, etc., etc., etc. Nothing the liar says or does has any relevance as to what a sentient man or woman does or does not do. Or they might continue to play the victim card and cower in the corner as a slave.

  11. Taking care of business! | September 25, 2016 at 1:29 am |

    Why? Because the Feds aren’t about to open-up a false flag.

  12. The only reason the bill got through the congress is because lawyers stand to have a new way to make money – suing other countries. There is no way to collect any damages from a foreign country, but the attorneys will be happy to take their fees for doing so.

  13. If you’ve ever raced motocross on a muddy track, you’ll know that you need several layers of clear plastic over your goggles so you can tear them off, one by one, until finally even the goggles get tossed aside.
    The trick, is timing the layers to the finish line without exposing your face…and ending up in the dirt, half blinded by flying debris with a smoldering wreck of hot metal lying on top of you.
    They’re almost down to the goggles.

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