Millions of Bees Dead After South Carolina Aerial Zika Spraying Despite Toxicity Knowledge

zika bee deathsBy Heather Callaghan

“Nuked” bees. A little known aerial, pesticide spraying campaign in South Carolina led to a devastating instant mass bee death…

Zika virus hysteria has now reached untold heights. First it was the morbid but questionable association with microcephaly, the strange timing of releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes, vaccine development at break-neck speed, and officials going door-to-door collecting people’s bodily fluids.

Then there was the knee-jerk motion to spray the public – in Florida – with a toxic pesticide called Naled in order to eradicate mosquitoes – despite health effects that are arguably worse than the virus Zika. And just when you thought you could take a little vay-cay to get away from it all – there were renewed reports of airlines dousing the inside of their planes with pesticides despite the enclosed airspace for their passengers.

But now, it has taken a turn for the worse…

Because now – spraying campaigns have been lifted off the roads and befall us from above. Unbeknownst to most of the public, one county in South Carolina launched its own spraying efforts using airplanes to unload the toxic plumes onto an unsuspecting public.


Mosquito spraying trucks are still a thing, but Ben Guarino for the Washington Post plus Tree Hugger note:

[this was] a departure from Dorchester County’s usual ground-based efforts. For the first time an airplane dispensed Naled in a fine mist, raining insect death from above on Sunday between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. The county says it provided plenty of warning, spreading word about the pesticide plane via a newspaper announcement Friday and a Facebook post Saturday.

Just in time for church…and for bees to start their daily grind. And that’s part of why next turn of events happened.

When a town is gearing up for a spraying event there is usually ample warning so that beekeepers can cover their hives in protective materials. Or, the spraying takes place at night when bees are resting in their hives.

According to a petition, the notice took place only three hours before the event – and on Facebook! Phone calls with concerns went mainly unanswered and the spraying went accordingly.

Unfortunately, Melissa Breyer writes:

[…] without sufficient warning, the results of the recent spraying were disastrous. At Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply in Summerville, the inhabitants of 46 hives died on the spot, totaling some 2.5 million bees, writes Guarino. “Walking through the farm, one Summerville woman wrote on Facebook, was “like visiting a cemetery, pure sadness.”” There were many other losses as well.

“Dorchester County is aware that some beekeepers in the area that was sprayed on Sunday lost their beehives,” said Jason Ward, County Administrator, in a news statement. He added, “I am not pleased that so many bees were killed.”

For those mass-bee-death deniers, here is some hardcore evidence that millions of bees have indeed perished:

The so-called warning isn’t exactly a courtesy when no one – including the beekeepers – can really opt out. Does air get into people’s homes? Then so does pesticide mist, I’m afraid – ask anyone such as myself what happens after living next to farm fields for years on end.

Additionally, no matter how many times the press and officials say this pesticide is safe around humans, I’m afraid that isn’t so, especially if you have certain health ailments. All humans are vulnerable to the toxic effects of Naled which kills mosquitoes (and other insects) on contact.

As Wendell Forester noted about Naled (my emphasis added):

And the description of NALED provided by the Pesticide Management Education Programme out of Cornell University has this to say about NALED:

Naled is moderately to highly toxic by ingestion, inhalation and dermal adsorption. Vapors or fumes of naled are corrosive to the mucous membranes lining the mouth, throat and lungs, and inhalation may cause severe irritation. A sensation of tightness in the chest and coughing are commonly experienced after inhalation. As with all organophosphates, naled is readily absorbed through the skin. Skin which has come in contact with this material should be washed immediately with soap and water and all contaminated clothing should be removed. Persons with respiratory ailments, recent exposure to cholinesterase inhibitors, impaired cholinesterase production, or with liver malfunction may be at increased risk from exposure to naled. High environmental temperatures or exposure of naled to visible or UV light may enhance its toxicity.

This same profile warned that Naled is “highly toxic to bees” among other “non-targets.”

When did this spraying campaign take place? During a South Carolina August! The highest god-forsaken temperatures available in the U.S. In fact, it was in the 90s with the threat of tropical storm action moving in. Sadly, when temperatures reach 90 degrees or above, that’s precisely when bees exit their hives to cool off – a fact that any beekeeper could have told the officials and anyone using a neurotoxic substance should know. And how was it dispersed? Through the air and in a mist – ready to be breathed and absorbed.

Did the town evacuate people who have Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s and may be on the following cholinesterase inhibitors?

  • Cognex (tacrine)
  • Razadyne ER (galantamine)
  • Aricept ODT (donepezil)
  • Exelon (rivastigmine)
  • Aricept (donepezil)
  • Razadyne (galantamine)
  • Namzaric (donepez)


But for sure – the bees never stood a chance. There’s no way for a mass spraying to discriminate between pollinators and mosquitoes. And the precautions that usually help in such a situation simply weren’t there to prevent this tragedy from taking place.

Please consider signing this petition with your personal comments:

You may also respectfully let Dorchester county and the city of Summerville know your concerns about the lack of protection to the pollinators that resulted in a mass bee death – the petition will be hand delivered to officials:

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This article (Millions of Bees Dead After South Carolina Aerial Zika Spraying Despite Toxicity Knowledge) can be republished with attribution to authors and Natural, keeping all links and bio intact.Image credit: Facebook, modified

Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and food freedom activist. She is the Editor and co-founder of Like at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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9 Comments on "Millions of Bees Dead After South Carolina Aerial Zika Spraying Despite Toxicity Knowledge"

  1. What about the 4000 species of native wild bees in the US / North America? They aren’t being protected and are in worse shape than the honey bee with 3 bumble bees extinct and one very close, along with big declines in several other species.

    From Wired 4/29/15 ‘You’re worried about the wrong bee’: “Managed honey bee colonies supplement the work of natural wild pollinators, not the other way around. In a study of 41 different crop systems worldwide, honeybees only increased yield in 14 percent of the crops. Who did all the pollination? Native bees and other insects.”

    This is complete insanity!!…another set up for a health and environmental disaster, esp. combined with geoengineering. Yesterday I was told by a doc pal that primary care medicine is seeing an explosive number of new patients with disorders that used to be uncommon 20-30 years ago.

    • It only seems insane because you re looking at it froma reasonable and intelligent perspective.
      You have to get down and dirty to see the sense in it.

      Fear, illness, and death make lots of money.
      Sarc just In case someone thinks I’m being serious.

      Pretty sad/ messed up when a species of animlal become predatorial and even canabalistic on their own.

    • It takes about eight years AFTER all the bees have been extinguished by man that it is finally our turn to drop dead. No pollination? Then no plants anymore, no food anymore and no people anymore.
      Nature finally has its revenge.
      Exempt the wise people of Russia live on healthy for they forbid pesticides, GMOs and therefore the bees have a happy life. With plenty of clean pollination by that bees. Plenty of flowers, plenty of healthy food, nature is rewarding.

      Lucky Russia.
      Poor America.

      • Unfortunately, Russia is being already being sprayed with chemtrails, and not involuntarily as the Russian government formally asked the IPCC about a year and a half ago to approve the widespread use of geoengineering to fight climate change – bolstered by a decades long technocrat ideological underpinning in Russia of controlling the weather with the goal of mankind terraforming the earth – echoing the hubris of the Pentagon “Owning the weather.” Like the US, the Russian government has backed this vision up with decades of weather modification experiments.

        A big veil recently slipped and China’s ardent support for GMOs has been revealed. Could this happen with Russia too? China is “all in” with aggressive GE experimentation and is buying Monsanto’s evil twin seed/chemical/pesticide giant Syngenta. Syngenta has a strong presence in Russia and Russian scientists are very actively jumping on the precision GE bandwagon with their own creations. There’s likely much more going on that’s hidden from us…

  2. Killian Darkwater | September 2, 2016 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    You’re spraying aerosol to combat the very thing this aerosol causes?
    In doing so, you willingly introduce more microcephaly to countless children than would be caused by the reason you are spraying this toxic death, to eradicate the source of Zika, a virus unproven to even cause microcephaly to which most people are asymptomatic.
    This is madness… This is AMERIKA!

  3. I hope the beekeepers & the public sues & if someone dies they need to go to jail for murder.

  4. Evil has employed and empowered stupid to destroy their own nation for them.

  5. Shelter in place people while the nuts destroy the nation.
    You can always say later, when everything is gone….
    ” Well, they had titles and badges, what were we supposed to do”

    The answer, NOTHING
    You see how well that is working out.

    I often wonder if history will accurately record these events.
    Future people won’t believe it. If there are any future people.
    A people deserve many regime they endure

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