Journalist Swarmed by Cops, Arrested for Asking People About Tower 7 on 9/11

journalist-arrestedBy Matt Agorist

Bob Tuskin, former radio host for Free Thought Project Radio and co-founder of the Free Your Mind conference, was conducting street interviews with folks outside of the Florida Gators game this weekend, when he was swarmed by cops and arrested — without reason.

Outside of the stadium, multiple other political and religious groups were demonstrating peacefully. However, only Tuskin was targeted. There were Trump supporters, religious speakers, and various other groups who the police completely ignored.

Tuskin was not harassing anyone, nor was he causing any problems whatsoever. Tuskin simply asked passersby if they would like to watch a video of a building collapsing — and for this, he was kidnapped by armed agents of the state and put in a cage.

Tuskin’s schtick was simple. He would show people a video of a building collapsing in six seconds and then ask them what that looked like to them. Everyone replies the same, saying it looks like controlled demolition. But when Tuskin tells them that this building is Tower 7 and fell on 9/11, he’s quickly met with denial, angst, vitriol, ridicule, and now police force.

Below is a video from last year, when Tuskin conducted the same interviews. Notice how the police in this video were actually nice and participated — instead of kidnapping and caging Tuskin.

Apparently, one of the people who became offended after watching Tower 7 fall this weekend called police, who had no problem acting as attack dogs to violate the First Amendment.

As the video shows, when police arrive they demand Tuskin and his crew leave. Tuskin, knowing his rights, immediately and politely refused. This assertion of his rights infuriated the officers.

Tuskin quickly found himself surrounded by Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies who were threatening him with arrest if he didn’t stop practicing his free speech.

When Tuskin asks the deputies what he’s being arrested for, they cannot give him a clear answer, but they continue with the threats. Not wanting to be arrested, Tuskin concedes and begins packing up his things to leave.

However, Lt. Lalonde, with the Alachua County Sheriff’s department, did not feel like waiting for Tuskin to leave and quickly moves in to deprive him of his freedom.

While they were placing him in cuffs, the deputies can be heard telling Tuskin to ‘stop resisting.’ Apparently, it has simply become second nature for officers to repeatedly say this phrase during arrests as Tuskin never resisted.

For practicing his freedom of speech, Bob Tuskin was handcuffed and brought to a holding cell. However, knowing that they had absolutely nothing to charge him with, police were eventually forced to let him go — but not before silencing his freedom of speech.

Tuskin tells the Free Thought Project that as he’s being walked to the holding cell by his captors, he asked them why they were doing this and if they thought it was right. He explained to them that this video was going to go on YouTube and be terrible press for police, but they did not care. The deputies candidly stated that they ‘are just doing their jobs.’

Lt. Lalonde then said to Tuskin, “you guys are doing conspiracy theory stuff so you should expect this.”

Showing the video of Tower 7 collapsing has nothing to do with the realm of conspiracy theory. However, in a society rife with ignorance and corruption, as the video below shows — telling people the truth is now a revolutionary act.

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Tuskin tells the Free Thought Project that he has retained council and is planning on legal action against the department.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. . and now on Steemit

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103 Comments on "Journalist Swarmed by Cops, Arrested for Asking People About Tower 7 on 9/11"

  1. Cops are scum, pure scum.

    • no sir they are not, they are just like a loyal dog serving their masters, and you are paying their salaries, get it thru your brain. scum is something that can be cleaned/

  2. Most people need more than a nano second to pack up. The cops had unreasonable expectations when expecting Mr. Tuskin to pack his gear faster than humanly possible.

    The trouble here is that law enforcement wasn’t protecting anybody in this case. They were abusively exercizing authority over a law abiding citizen. Pitiful and shameful.

    These cops should have their badges and guns taken from them. Taxpayers sign their paychecks. They work for the taxpayer.

    • Gawd,, those morons had guns ? What moron gave those morons guns ? It’s no wonder well over 1000 Ameriicans have been murdered by cops this year, when we have morons giving other morons guns. If the IQ of new hires is under 100, that MEANS THEY ARE MORONS !!!! We have morons as cops and they all have guns, and other military equipment. And they get paid a high salary, so they can afford to go out and buy more guns for their private stash ! Oh please, someone tell me that all these new cops aren’t friggin MORONS !!!!! Like the soon to be sued MORONS in this clip. Hey, you MORONS, stupidity is no excuse. You can go join Leutenant “What Blood” Vance down in the traffic dept. At Sandy Hook. You MORONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They hate us for our freedom…

  4. As commented on another article, I mentioned how people attack the truth when it destroys the lies they have been believing. Case in point with the tattler who summoned the police. How dare someone mention the emperor has no clothes.
    While people stick their heads a little deeper in the sand hoping it will save them from the abusive control freaks, little do they realize it only empowers them and makes things worse.

    Our fear and cowardice are promoting more abuse.

    • I bet you dollars to ‘fat cop donuts’… that this report of this journalist ‘Harassing’ passers-by …is a deliberately facilitated mendacious LIE! orchestrated from their fascistiaclly promulgated ‘Stasi’ Police State protocols.

      • “ever since the music died on 9-11.”

        They Got Their New Pearl Harbor on 911 – Keep America & Israel As Kings of the Mountain – No Rules or Laws Apply.

      • Correct; I believe either 99 or 100 is the upper IQ limit for hires.

      • Yeah, the BLM has the right idea on how to deal with Zio-Nazi Fascist pigs like these. “Just doing their jobs” indeed ! Did those a”holes ever hear of an illegal order ? They don’t have to obey them, and should be accountable when they do. They remind me of the fascist pigs up at Sandy Hook who took issue with Wolfgang Halbig, threatening his grandchildren. BTW, Lieutenant “What Blood” Vance was demoted to traffic, and spends his days looking over his shoulder because he knows too much. And he knows it, he finally figured it out.

    • Yep they would rather deny facts and what they now see with their own eyes rather than admit they are ignorant and gullible – also very week and cowardly, they would rather stick their head in the sand than face a frightening truth. People like this won’t last very long in a SHTF situation – fatso and the smart*** on the bicycle won’t last five minutes.

      • Just like Samuel Clemons said, it is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they have been fooled. But one day soon, the road pirates will get their just due.

      • Sick the BLM on them. Or send the cute blond to Europe where the Muzzi “immigrants” are raping all the women. With her IQ it will take her 2 weeks to figure out what happened to her.

    • Plato explained the human ostrich phenomenon so well with his allegory of the cave how long ago?

      And still we haven’t learned anything, except how much better-conditioned we can be to repeat our history than those duped before us…

      • exactly …yo momma didn’t raise no fool …I luv Plato …& the philosopher kings of his era…such as Aristotle declaring ‘common sense’ as the the gateway to an enlightened consciousness ….cheers

        • And you no were fool until you brought up Aristotle…the philosopher to the beast system. I posit you have spent more time with Plato and don’t know the legacy of problems Aristotle introduced? I normally don’t give a sht about personalities, but Plato’s system is beautiful and sublime, like leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance. Aristotle’s system is very good in logic/taxonomy of fallacies, but then material empiricism/measure/meter/classify/ — like a Darwin or Dawkins. Plato uses the soul eye vs Aristotle uses common sense like you said

          Fvck, I need edit that stuff… there is some good history on Aristotle here:

          Scholastic Distortions of Platonic Dialectic
          hermes-press dot com/ knowledge_index.htm

          BTW, the you write and think is definitely P!ato.

          Cheers, and let know if wtf.

          • The thing I didn’t like about Aristotle is that he tried to keep higher mathematics from the common man.
            As much as the upper class try to monopolize such things as knowledge and power, true genius is controlled by nature and is like wildflowers in a field. They pop up unexpectedly and at random so it cannot be monopolized and or controlled.
            Can you imagine where we would be today if not for the average person having access to higher mathematics?
            So many things would have never been invented.

          • Aristotle=Liberal Democrat
            Plato=Progressive Humanist

            Ya think?

          • I’m eclectic & take what i need from everywhere to put together my own puzzle pieces for my own comprehensive gestalt…while still appreciating other philosophers obvious differences & approaches …cheers

          • That does not really work for a number of reasons, first 2+2=4 is notational form or language for math and does not work in understanding anything else, especially complexity, philosophy does. The is the first big lesson, philosophy requires you to THINK and expend EFFORT. If I were to ask you how much time it took you to sum up thousands of years of evolving knowledge of into two great thinkers into a couple of political labels that have no common meaning — do you THINK it was sufficient?

            Second, Plato is most certainly not progressive as most of his work is built around establishing and TIMELESS and UNIVERSAL truths or “the Forms” of Good, Truth, Understanding, Justice, Republic and many more. Forms cannot even be defined as conservative – because they are UNCHANGING TRUTH. These are concepts we must first learn before we are able to due any genuine good in the world. Because of the state of the world today, if we do not learn these thing we will likely become evil. Why, because people tend to ascribe — “when in Rome, do as the Roman do” — and they are no longer capable of recognizing evil.

            Let me if you want to understand these topics better and I could guide you to some good sources. It’s important to know philosophy has not to do with the impotent postmodernist nonsense in academics today.


          • May not work for you …but it works for me ….as I’m all inclusive with a watchful eye upon arbitrary ‘absolute’ separations & divisions within the parameters of ‘time’.
            …….I’m always open to learn…& don’t have a’ hill to die on’ protecting Aristotelian philosophical mind sets..rather I just like some of his aphorisms & quotes …but I definitely feel a eternal universal kinship with Plato.

          • maybe?

          • We are all philosophers if we are at all curious about existence in any of its myriad aspects. And when we express our curiosity in public discussion it is philosophical.

            My question certainly hangs on what someone philosophically believes such political labels to embody. Beyond that, philosophy is no science, and discussion is merely a way for each of us to consider different views.

            There is no “right” answer, except in the belief each of us holds as individuals. As we are each entitled to.

            If we believe, in mutually-agreed to consent, in such things as democracy, freedom, etc.

            That being an aspect of my personal philosophy…

          • I only ever made it as far a Grade 9…so I’m what’s called an autodidact…where I was never formally educated in the classics, so I have some holes here & there that I fill as I come across them…but it never stopped me from reading everything I could at the local library when i was a kid …or dropping into universities to catch Marshall MacLuan lectures et al throughout my life…you’ve actually taught me some things yourself in our interchanges…cheers

          • Did you look at my attached noted? The were some references, MacLuan of course operating within the system like Huxley, et al. Also, I wanted you to see some of the sort of Transhumanism stuff as it relates to kids growing up today under common core.

          • Yes I’m saving all the links for tomorrow morning when I wake up with mu morning tea…I’m starting to see double & making typos….cheers

          • The two most important links are the two in the other comment regarding philosophy — those are critical in the sense that are binding of chaos and direction under the traditional occulted Platonic System. That system is the system that overcame the Dark Ages with the Platonic rebirth in the Renaissance. That is the system that will overcome the Aristotelian post-modern dehumanization. That’s why it is so important to distinguish these two systems, the work we do under Plato’s guidance will alleviate the suffering and torturing children, and by spiritual consequence ours as we head into dark days. Sides must be chosen, and I am finding we are doing so too lately.

            BTW, I am grateful for your upvote on this “BLAME THE INCOHERENT IMPOTENT DISGRACEFUL MANCHILDREN”. The consequences of how we respond to this are unseen, but they are profound in the spiritual. The first battle against evil is noncooperation, as you well know.

          • And you prepare for the second battle by fashioning wooden stakes and silver bullets dipped in holy water.

          • Yes, but that’s only half the preparation.

          • I was 17 dropping into university lectures & wanted to understand WTF he was espousing …incidentally he delivered his lecture with his mitre? (square black hat) with the tassel dangling directly in front of his face (lol)… while he was delivering his message.

          • That’s insane and definitely secret society type behavior — at least in modern times.

      • Very perceptive.
        I hope you can pass on that teaching to many.
        Keep planting seeds.

    • they attack people because it is impossible to attack truth

      • Thank God for that.
        The truth is a universal constant.
        There was a saying, “I’ve never seen, or even heard of, anyone who could outsmart the truth”.

      • But you can hide the truth. And once hidden, and later exposed, you can still not always be sure if you’ve uncovered the whole thing, or even that it’s not been tainted while held hidden…

        I think the CIA/ISIS compact PR extravaganza is a teaser lesson in future Orwellian/dystopian multimedia propaganda paradigm. Whereby it will be nigh impossible to discern anything we see on a screen as being truth or fiction. And when holographic injection gets to that same level of CGI perfection, you may stand beside someone and not know who they really are. Or even if they really are.

        And that’s if they don’t just go some “Brave New World” route instead and just have us all drugged into a happy stupor. Or if not some hybrid virtual drugged reality of all things considered.

        Unless we can stop them first…

  5. The mainstream media and much of the so called alternative media wont tell you that Israeli Mossad planted nano thermite and W54 mini pit nukes in the buildings to bring them down in a controlled demolition. The CIA helped

    • That is true, Brad. People should bone up on the Davey Crockett Nuclear Rifle, and Atomic Demolition Munitions, and Project Gnome. Most people think of megaton explosions taking out entire cities, but have no clue about fourth or fifth generation fission-fusion micro nukes, and gawd knows what else they got. And where did Dimitry Khalezov disappear to. I hope he is OK, God bless his soul. He is a brave human.

  6. You sheeply truth denying retards ALL deserve what is coming for you.

  7. Order followers…the cause of our problems.

    • These cops in the video are OathTaking OathBreakers. They are clearly abusing their power. They should be stripped of their badges, fired from their jobs, and barred from ever having power over the public again. And I would bet dollars to donuts, that they received some training in Israhell.

  8. Yes, folks, America is a country under the control of tattlers, informants, snitches, Gestapo cops, fascism and cop pigs from Orwell’s Animal Farm. Take a good look at Lt. Lalonde and there’s a massive pig on 2 legs violating his Oath of Office, violating the US Constitution and practicing the self-important, sadistic fascist New Global order tactics unleashed on American citizens under a puppet government of money takers. Obama is and was for sale, and 99% of Congress are and were for sale, and now the $1Trillion richer cop agencies are for sale, just point the morons in the right direction and let them harm the public. And, if you exercise any of your Constitutionally protected rights, you will be treated with greater force and harm than any Islamic terrorist. All Islamic Terrorists are merely “watched”, “recruited” and “used” by the FBI, another agency sold out to fat cat pay checks and a life of abusing and lying to the public. Ever try and make a report to the FBI about official misuse and abuse or official corruption. Ha! They put you on a menu driven phone where you talk to a computer which cuts you off mid-sentence. The FBI routinely violates their Oath of Office, as in hundreds of times every hour of the day. These lawless cops will receive no reprimand for breaking the law. Meanwhile, the tattle telling ignorant Americans who don’t want to know any truth about the world they live in are running the show. It’s been said over and over for thousands of years that Evil can exist only if good people remain Silent. So, start protesting and talking.

    • Actually, they entrap the “terrorists” and then declare that they “prevented” a terror attack. Then there are those that are shot to death, such as in Orlando or San Bernardino.

      • Bingo Bong. Just the official story on these operation can be patently absurd sometimes. Here’s a patsy the FBI used to ‘foil’ a terrorist attack here in PDX in 2010, on the eve of Christmas tree lighting of course!

        2010 Portland car bomb plot
        wikipedia dot org wiki/2010_Portland_car_bomb_plot

    • “control of tattlers, informants, snitches, Gestapo cops, fascism and cop pigs from Orwell’s Animal Farm.”
      — Good stuff, and true,

      “Obama is and was for sale”
      — I agree will most of the stuff wrote, but I think you got Obama wrong. Obama is a very difficult person to get a handle on historically, until you fully understand he has been a construction since the beginning. Once you realize this and look at his connections you will find all his handlers, and I wouldn’t assume Jesuit Joe was chosen by Obama either.

      Cheers !

      (Note: maybe consider paragraphs as it is so much easier to read)


    • Prepare your wooden stakes and silver bullets dipped in holy water. This battle is with demons. It is very easy for them to inhabit morons.

  9. Police acting in that manner are asking for backlash from the general public.

  10. What have they got to hide ?

  11. Telling the truth is now getting people into trouble – WTF.

  12. These public servants needs to be sued by these guys then these guys should think about get a restraining order on the police to put them on notice that the freedom of speech of these guys must be protected by these public servants.

  13. I don’t agree with him or others with like claims of 9-11 being an inside job, but he has a right to free speech in our country! This is an example of what’s happening to citizens across the country who peacefully assemble to share unpopular ideas. It’s getting to the point we wont be allowed to open our mouth once we step outside our home, unless it’s to sing praises for the progressive fascists in charge and their policies.

    • Cuz you are a BABY like my Relatives. GROW UP!!!!

      • Lol. I’d wager to say I’m probably older than you and obviously a bit wiser. Perhaps you should look at the other side of the debate, you might be convinced that what we all saw happen, is what truly happened. I trust the independent investigations from experts in the applicable fields of study. There are videos for those tenacious to look at all information available.

        • Over 1,000 “experts”, architects and engineers for 9/11 truth would vehimetly disagree with you. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • I praise the Lord Jesus Christ! King of kings and Lord of lords, Savior of the world, and my personal Savior!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, iprazhm.

      Say, how about you taking the WTC 7 challenge right now (just between you … and YOU)?

      Question: Did the tower in the video coming down look like a controlled demolition?
      Answer: The tower in the video WAS a controlled demo. Absolutely.
      Glad we’re facing reality now with our new understanding!

      And here’s some sideline info on controlled demos. Did you know that it takes at least 2 weeks to setup a CD [they’re usually setup for a month schedule]?

      Last Question: Who setup the demo in the video?
      [It sure wasn’t Arabs in turbans.]
      Yup, you got it!
      It was an INSIDE JOB!
      By whom is still the question, and this is exactly why America STILL NEEDS A NEW INVESTIGATION ON 9/11. [There is no time limit on MURDER.]

      Please pass this on to other Americans, as we all need to wake up and smell the coffee, since it’s now 30 seconds to midnight …

      • For me to believe you, you’d have to give me links to experts in the exact structure of the Twin Towers. Scientists who know all there is to know about architecture and wind velocity, how jet fuel burns, and many other areas. Not conspiracy theorists. I’ve seen exhaustive and cohesive reports by several experts and professionals. I have an understanding of what happened. Some of these reports were independent, done by patriots who were desperate to know exactly what happened. I don’t choose to rely on what ‘looked’ like, from a certain angle, that happened. I don’t have to rely on Islamic propaganda that attempts to make muslims the heros or the victims. But again, people that do, have a right to do so in this country.

        • It’s all there.
          Any fabrication and or manufacturing of this nature must have these base materials certified through testing with actual results and certifications of conformance and chemical composition prior to any use in construction. They cannot even provide products without proving their capbility to ensure safety of lives they support.
          It’s all on file because it’s required. Actually, standard procedure in manufacturing.
          Kerosene jet fuel cannot possible burn at a high enough temperature to melt the beams used in the fabrication of this structure. That is only one point of many that shows lies were told to cover something.

          • And it’s a good thing jet fuel can’t melt steel, or else all those jet engines would melt and planes would never get off the ground. I’ve had hotter fires in my wood stove and I never had to fireproof my wood stove. ( Some people will believe everything they hear on the captured mainstream media, like the Sandy Hook Hoax).

          • Brad Dueringer | September 15, 2016 at 1:10 am |

            And how would non believers explain the pools of molten steel in the basements weeks later. ….imposible for jet fuel to do this. That’s the problem with universities and modern education. ….”give me links to experts and technical info” really? ???? Oh that’s right your education has not taught you to think for yourself. Nope! Very few schools teach logic as a required course anymore and they have you just be a memorizing machine to be graded on your ability to regurgitate what “experts ” have written.

            I actually have a degree in physics and I assure you those buildings were blown up. A gravity driven pancake jet fuel garbage story does not fit with the laws of physics and what occurred that day.

            Molten steel in the basements tells you all you need to know if you are willing to trust your “own” mind. Steel melts at above 2,500 farenhiet and the max temp for jet fuel under ideal conditions is 1,500 farenhiet.

            Wake up people!

  14. What most people don’t realize is that the US has become, in practice, a Fascist police state! This little incident is evidence of that. A lawsuit is important, not to get monetary compensation but to delineate police tactics. In this case the police didn’t have any apparent reason to arrest the victim, but they did so anyway. That should become criminal in itself and police officers who do such a thing should be charged with a criminal offense. No reason, no arrest!

  15. Someone needs to take cops back to the second grade, where they learn the difference between the words “complaint” and “crime.”

  16. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell.

    I’m an open and unapologetic revolutionary … and very UNPOPULAR in all the Kommrade Hitlery Kamps …


  17. Seems that Tuskin would be aware of the fact that he is property of the state to do with as they please. In their convoluted legal world, about 99% of the people are “debtors” and the remainder are “Secure Creditors.” Debtors signed invisible contracts called “adhesion contracts” with banks and agencies of Our fake corporate government that rendered them and their possessions state property.

    To prove this to yourself, examine one of your bank checks. With magnification, look at the signature line. It’s not a line at all. It’s a statement in micro-print in all capital letters that says, “AUTHORIZED AGENT” or something to that effect over and over. It means that you are the authorized agent for your all capital letter name on the check, which is a fictitious corporate identity formed by our fake government by your birth certificate.

    The simplest way to remove yourself from their debtor roles is to execute a “Notice of Understanding and Intent.” This is a legal action that cites all the elites’ crimes against Humanity and becomes law if they don’t refute it within 30 days. And, they can’t do that without incriminating themselves.

    • Patriotgames777 | September 12, 2016 at 3:45 pm | Reply

      G-wiz i thought i had rights as a 14th amendment citizen of the united states. I guess I don’t and only have privileges from the de facto

      • Unless you’ve become a Secured Party Creditor or executed a Notice of Understanding and Intent to remove yourself from their jurisdiction you are the property of the banksters.

    • I checked out my Charles Schwab checks and you’re right. It says AUTHORIZED AGENT over and over. My credit union doesn’t have the writing though. I’ve heard this before, can you give me a link to more info?

      • I had many links about three computers ago. I think some computer destroying viruses are engineered by the banksters to make us lose our information. Search the terms “secured party creditor” and “Notice of Understanding and Intent.” Good luck.

  18. what is it going to take to wake up those who value liberty, to recognize the solution to this constant abuse and victimization is THE DEPUTIZ’M PLAN? Does it have to come down to them sending drones to kill you on-sight? Tell me.

  19. The real police need to police themselves and get rid of these thugs who should be thrown in jail for assaulting citizens who are exercising their rights. Any police out there want to comment?

  20. I’m glad to see activism is spreading to the South, particularly an SEC football game….

  21. Well, this “SITE” is obviously for COP HATERS, & this “GUY” does NOT Look like he was doing anything “JOURNALISTIC” because either on or about 9/11/2016 he’s trying to “TRICK” people into something & I’m going to make DAMN Sure this SITE NEVER EVER Sends ME ANYTHING ever again. Some people Just DON’T Deserve a place to show HOW STUPID they are! Seriously! Showing a “VIDEO” asking a leading question THEN, Telling them it’s the Tower 7 or what ever? MY God, Give it a damned break already, AT THE VERY LEAST!! NO One should’ve let alone a SO-CALLED…”JOURNALIST” Should’ve been doing this anywhere! HE’S THE POS! NOT THE “LAW ENFORCEMENT!”..But oh wow, I’d be ready to bet most on here would’ve be able to pass ANY of the “TESTS” they have to..let alone be DEPENDED UPON to PROTECT & SERVE, Your OWN SELVES! I’m Out of here, so DON’T REPLY, I’m Making SURE, since I DO have an IQ! Not that THAT means anything, because I know now, & I’ve known all my life, MOST WITH ANY “EDUCATION” IF they have a DEGREE or Multiple Degrees, they’re DUMBER than a PLANET FULL OF ROCKS! FORGET THE BOX! NOT ONE “LICK” OF COMMON SENSE! Yes, We HAVE BEEN….”TRANSFORMED!”, However, it’s DUE TO THE TRANSFORMATION OF OUR NATION/COUNTRY to ANYTHING & EVERYTHING ANTI-AMERICAN Including OUR LAWS, OUR Culture, OUR Religious Freedoms, & ALL OTHER FREEDOMS< while the GREATEST LIAR, SPENDER, VACATIONER, DIVIDER, & USURPER IN CHIEF!!" Has re-written OUR LAWS, you know with HIS PEN & PHONE!! IMPORTED MILLIONS OF Not Just MORE..ILLEGALS, You know, for their VOTES TOO, since NO ID REQUIRED!..But also, SYSTEMATICALLY CHANGED & IMPORTED those "HIS PEOPLE" In EVERY SINGLE STATE! Because HIS "PEOPLE" HIS "SIDE" WILL AS IS< IS<IS, on VIDEO!! Stating.."I WILL ALWAYS STAND WITH THE MUSLIM PEOPLE!"..Well Guess who's come to dinner & Never leaving? Guess WHAT'S BEEN FLOWN IN, Then BUSED All Across EVERY STATE? Then, through out OUR Entire Government, & OUR COURTS, NOW THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU ALL SOMETHING TO REALLY "TALK" ABOUT!! The LAW ENFORCEMENT ARE "NOT!!" THOSE YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF OR PISSED AT!!!!!!

    • How wrong you are. I have two friends who are my neighbors who are cops, two other cops in my son’s boy scout troop, and another one that’s a member of our church. None of them are anything like these thugs that are illegally assaulting one of their employers, a taxpayer who is exercising his RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Police are there to protect us from criminals. Since when is someone talking to you a crime. If you don’t like it walk away.

    • It’s called cognitive dissonance. That is what you are experiencing. It is what has you so upset. The truth is the only thing that will help you. Not the rhetoric your being fed by perceived authority, but the reality that is proven by true science.

      • Don’t fall for DCLFA’s feigned “cognitive dissonance”. That’s a lot of crap. Either these people are so incredibly STUPID that they can barely tie their shoes, or they are in on it. Perhaps this POS is posting from Lucky Larry’s compound ? Now that I would believe. “Cognitive Dissonance” excuses don’t wash with me. It’s like saying “I was only doing my job”.

    • Dear dcfla…put a sock in it, you moron. You brainwashed knuckled ragger. You haven’t a clue. After 15 years of lies, and you haven’t figured it out yet ? Why don’t you go soak your head in the toilet.

  22. Maybe his schtick was simple, but flawed in one important way: average person is totally ignorant of physics; the truth is that all building collapse at the WTC were in conformance to the laws of physics.

    • Exactly…conforming to the laws of physics. If you blow out the underlying supports, the above structure falls at the speed of gravity. That is EXACTLY WHAT LAWS OF PHYSICS we saw that day, and everyday thereafter when we watched the video record.

  23. If Tuskin is successful in his lawsuit he will be compensated with taxpayer dollars. For this gross negligence the monies given in judgement should then be recouped from the pay checks of the officers involved and their superiors for violating a citizen’s First Amendment Rights and making a false arrest and not taken from the pay checks of the citizens whose right to free speech has been trespassed on by these plainly uneducated idiots in a dress up costume….formerly a uniform before they and too many just like them donned the garb.

    • That is correct. Many fail to realize it is our own taxpayer monies awarded in these lawsuits hence the violators are never really punished. They have the department to hide behind. It’s always easy to spend someone else’s money, and when there are no direct consequences for the perpetrators they are enabled to do more harm in the future. They should be sued individually in civil court. However I question the integrity of our judicial system anymore. The mafia always protects their own.

  24. 15 years later there are still people who don’t know about Tower 7, or think it fell down days later. So while they aren’t NWO police officers, they are just as ignorant about what happened.

  25. The freedom in this once free nation are collapsing very fast. If the police look like bad actors, it’s because that’s how they are behaving. Stop stealing or rights, Mr. and Ms. Police enforcement agents.

  26. The next person to be the President of the United States of America will be the same as the last pretender.
    Born as CUKC Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies so not a natural born U.S. citizen,
    “president” Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel/Gog will have a third unConstitutional term.
    Before you say that a third term is unConstitutional, consider that the first two were unConstitutional also.
    P.S. People including myself have been posting this prophetic prediction for more than a year.

  27. The cops should be arrested and lose the damn jobs.

  28. When telling the truth becomes a crime you know we are being ruled by criminals.

  29. William Oren Adams | September 14, 2016 at 3:45 am | Reply

    Check the overlap of times between this event and Hillary’s “medical episode”.

  30. noor aza othman | September 14, 2016 at 5:25 am | Reply

    We know who is really behind 9-11! See – Israel was prime force behind 9/11 attacks: American scholar, By Kevin Barrett on November 23, 2015! And then they tried to blame it on SA – in order to destroy ultimately, the holy cities of the Muslim World, Mecca and Madina; so SA; don’t succumb! Beside, what about all those ZioNazi Western-supported Genocide of millions of Iraqi/Libyan/Syrian/Palestinian victims .- what about justice and compensation for them?!

    See how the ZioNazis control the Wezz! At – How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties, by
    Christopher Bollyn, 25 October 2008 – thus it means Central ISra*l Agency. And
    at – Likud Becomes a Regional Member of the European Parliament, By Maidhc Ó
    Cathail | CounterPunch | April 27, 2016.

    And see the organ traffickers, who are behind Catholic Genocide in Mexico; at – Zeta gang
    connected to U.S. Special Forces/Mossad, By Wayne Madsen, March 10, 2011!

    • Hense why all the western puppets like Merkel (full fledged Zioninist) will sell out their countries to be destroyed by massive influxes of non-asimilating muslims. …Israel isn’t letting “refugees ” into their country.

      The problem is that most people are sheep and have been programed by tv to be useful idiots or are afraid to face the truth for various reasons. No matter what we think about people waking up. Those of us with your kind of knowledge are as rare as hens teeth. I only find our level of awakeness on line at sites like this and even then, not that many in the comment sections….a handful I would guess.

      • noor aza othman | September 15, 2016 at 9:11 pm | Reply

        Muslims are not the problem; its the ZioNazi Wezz that keep invading/robbing/mass murdering/raping the Muslim World and its poor masses- that is the main problem!

      • noor aza othman | September 18, 2016 at 9:24 am | Reply

        It’s not the Muslims who are the problem; but all those ZioNazi Western-supported Genocide of millions of Iraqi/Libyan/Syrian/Palestinian/Afghanistan/Somalian (etc.) Muslim victims – what about justice and compensation for them?! So stop blaming Muslim refugees, racist fool!

  31. What do you expect at the U. Of Florida. Infiltrated and run by a bunch of Zio-Nazis, they must protect the Zio-Nazi who owned Bldg. 7. These treasonous murderers need to get a fair trial and if found guilty (and they will be), tarred & feathered and given a rail ride down to the hanging tree. They have absolutely no regard for human lives, as evidenced by the murder of thousands on 911, and the genocide of people in foreign lands, and they have no regard for the Constitution.

  32. Herman Christian | September 15, 2016 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    Sue that agency and the statist jack-ss c-p personally that did it into the soup lines. When these fools do this they don’t realize it infuriates the people further. That jack-ss stater succumbed to his crappy human nature impulses and that is EXACTLY one of the major reasons why the constitution was created?
    Sue that clown and get on go fund me with that video.

  33. lol…That fat POS is the one who called the fat cops. Bob missed the right question for that guy though, when he kept repeating ‘extreme terrorism’ Bob should have said,” I agree terrorists brought the building down, but what mechanism did the terrorists use to bring down this building that was not hit by a plane?”
    Just more proof that some people are on the very low end of the IQ scale when they can’t even field a question.

  34. Brad,
    I think DK is laying low. He has a 4 hour long interview posted on line that is broken up into 10 to 15 minute segments. Just google his name and it comes up. He was a nuclear device tech for the old Soviet Union and he knows a lot about that stuff. He knew a long time ago that the WTC Towers had shafts under the basements that went 50 meters down, waiting for demolition day when a micro nuke would be lowered down into them.
    As far as your philosophy goes, get a copy of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. It is an ancient manuscript written in Sanskrit that was transcribed. It explains what you intuitively know and goes into minute detail that will blow your mind. I have no doubt that Jesus studied it during his lost years between 12 and 30 years old.

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