Important Paradigm Shifting Message From David Icke

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski sits down with long time luminary David Icke in NYC. The two waste no time going into the great detail about the state of alternative media and how it’s been affected with the rise of Donald Trump.


Activist Post reporter Derrick Broze will be attending David Icke’s NYC event on September 10th. Be there to experience Icke’s most recent material. Get your tickets here.

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16 Comments on "Important Paradigm Shifting Message From David Icke"

  1. Very well stated. Full frontal hate and back stabbing hate are definitely back. Solutions are not wanted or even posted. Identification of the not so invisible hand in all of it’s forms, religious, “defense”, business, science… has indeed, disappeared. The concept that we are a consciousness that can do better and work with one another for a better life and planet has cracked from real researched facts, and are working for a managed reality.

    • Ive always said the problem with our species is those who think too much of themselves. Its seems like it always fits and is an easier nut to crack. Thats a law that cant be misunderstood. A universal understanding. Uppity gets cracked. So where do we start?

      • When the center of my world was myself, I was an intolerant, arrogant unit looking to feed myself with toys and riches I really thought I deserved. Hurting others was their problem. Mentoring didn’t exist, tormenting was a tool I learned from others that seemed to work well for them so why not me? My world was a speck that was irrelevant to the whole working to always have mine for me and perhaps to my friends.

        During a long term serious illness,I began to question everything including my own reason for being. Over time I learn and now understand that living in a world of managed perceptions formed my ideas in a culture of based on unhealthy competition against one another for the benefit of a few while plundering life. It is all detached from really helping ourselves through helping each other, working as stewards and our place in an infiniverse that has always been, not of our making (terrible word) and beyond understanding.

        A few years back, I learned from a friend, what has always been stated but I did not understand, “If our purpose is not to help one another, then what were we born for?”. Since before writing, it was understood that creator and creation are not separate, humility and empathy are required for understanding meaning, oneupmanship and separating ourselves from the web of life separates us from life; and it’s lessons of learning, understanding, compassion, empathy, creativity. My use of “I” needs some work as it is “our”, the essence of existence as an unending whole (my command of the English language needs help here), which we live in.

        Learning and our own creativity, I now understand is a process of building on the body of knowledge of others before us, is not esoteric, but is understandable and available for anyone. Hidden ideas, concepts and functions for one-upmanship for a life of command, control, leisure…, lessens the value of ourselves and others.

        I needed to unlearn the lies of which we live by, to become a “becoming” a work in progress, to help others in order create progress which affects us all. It is a tough nut to crack!

  2. Very illuminating. But I have some doubts about whether the destruction of all the Republican globalist’s candidates by Trump’s and all the globalists and their media’s hate and fear of him and support for Hillary can be that scripted.

    • It can’t be, and it isn’t. Icke is overlooking something I think may be very important: Trump is not a member of the club. Any club. In that regard, he IS different. The fear he engenders on the progressive side and in the presstitute media is palpable. He is not one of them, and it terrifies them.

      And forget whether it’s hate or not regarding Islam. Islam (Sharia Law) is UTTERLY INCOMPATIBLE with the Constitution and Bill of Rights! THEY CANNOT CO-EXIST, DAVID!!

      • Absolutely correct, Sharia Law is utterly incompatible with western values of freedom and inherent civil liberties. HOWEVER, what we aren’t being told is the global elite are in the process of re-creating Islamic culture into their own authoritarian image. To this end TPTB’s stooges in the middle east have been groomed and hand picked such as Iran’s western educated President Rouhani whose dissertation was on the flexibility of Sharia and he ran on an election platform of integrating Iran in the global neoliberal paradigm. The big liberalizing social shift using mass media in Saudi Arabia is apparent as well and working in tandem with the roll out of Vision 2030, e.g. women being sent into the workplace. When Malaysia (officially an Islamic nation) was recently rocked by corruption, the “solution” was to install technocrats. Recently, Hezbollah recommended technocrats in upcoming Gaza and West Bank elections. Islamic nations have largely been authoritarian and the global elite are using this to their advantage to force feed UN Agenda 2030 and their “green religion”.

    • The Art of the Infowar and War for Freedom: Never underestimate your Mr. Global enemy.

      Trump’s candidacy is the perfect set up to draw angry awake anti globalist Americans back into the Political Circus Arena. The tactic of presenting two very different faces (MSM vs. controlled op Alt) widens the social schism. In the process, the awakening masses further fragment into compartmentalized groups. A primary agenda being the trashing of sovereign nationalism by tainting it with accusations of bigotry, ignorance, and anachronistic thinking. It’s a frame and interjected into the frame are countless globalist memes, some direct, some using reverse psychology. Not saying I *know* the motives of Trump, but a psy op candidacy (whether he is witting or unwitting) perfectly fits TPTB’s modus operandi.

  3. The 65 page playbook funded by George Soros has become President Obama’s script, including the famous, “Islam is the Religion of Peace”, to confuse folks and keep folks off guard as the United States moves toward Islam/Sharia Law, and away from individuality, civil rights and freedom. Icke misses out entirely in his analysis. Icke neglects to talk about real events that are changing all parts of Society that Icke has long depended on for his own Free Speech. Icke makes so many assumptions and presumptions, without having any personal knowledge, that he fails to make any useful point. Icke totally neglects to discuss the extensive criminal misconduct of the Clinton Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family Foundation, profiting from terrorism. In fact, I wonder how poorly informed David Icke really is. This Luke Rudkowski could not be more naive. I can think of no greater Global Police State than one run by Islamic religious police forcing Sharia Law down the throats of the rest of us, whipping, stoning and murdering anyone who protests.

    • In western nations, the average person absorbing MSM narratives on middle east terrorism, sectarian fighting, and theological tyranny would never think Islam is inherently peaceful. The typical mindset must be some followers of Islam might be reasonable but most or many must be tamed and re-educated if they are to have a place in civilized global society. I agree on some levels, and it’s a double bind for someone who also believes in the right to self-determination of individuals and groups and knows the role TPTB have played for generations inciting wars and propping up tyrants. I made the point below that the global elite are taking advantage of authoritarianism in Islamic cultures to transform them into the NWO global techno police state under the banner of 2030. It’s the same reason totalitarian China was chosen to be the first large scale model. Mass migration of people to the west will only make our task of resisting total enslavement more difficult for a number of reasons, a primary reason being most of the immigrants are highly motivated by economics and not particularly interested in fighting the rise of western police states, velvet gloved or not (so, Trump is using a standard talking point). Icke might not ever go into this kind of detailed analysis, it seemed like he was generally addressing the general theme of divide and conquer…which we know Soros funds all the time, here and around the globe…along with false heroes.

  4. Excellent interview. Supurb summary of David’s key messages.


  5. In the video, didn’t Icke make the point that some factions of the awake community are overlooking Trump’s failings and shady connections and they are swallowing the same old divide and conquer strategies? It’s true! That’s wheat – no alien chaff was interjected in the interview.

  6. lizard people are everywhere… seems to be pretty empty to me.. I dunno but glass houses and throwing rocks comes to mind here David ol’e pal…

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