How the Global Monetary Meltdown Will Unfold

By James Corbett

As the Bank of Japan continues its de facto nationalisation of the Japanese economy, things do not look good for the Land of the__ Setting Sun. But as Japan-based economic analyst Marc Abela explains, the coming crisis may be our only opportunity for a real reset.


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2 Comments on "How the Global Monetary Meltdown Will Unfold"

  1. What is melting down? The bloated, house of cards credit bubble. This is otherwise known as DEFLATION. Who ultimately created this bubble? The government by its policies. So the government is “solving” a problem it secretly creating by nationalizing the economy. (Secretly create the ) Problem, (manipulate the public to get the) Reaction (you want and get in the) “Solution” (you wanted all along which is guaranteed to make things worse). This also sets up the next round of “Problem- Reaction- Solution”.

    By the way, this is global and this bubble is far, far worse than that of the 1930s. Robert Prechter of Elliottwave dot com has meticulously documented this for over a decade.
    You can get a lot of free resources for understanding the magnitude of
    what we face there and on deflation dot com.

  2. cellaphaneman-the deplorable | October 2, 2016 at 6:16 am | Reply

    The sooner the satanic scum owners are sent packing the sooner peace and prosperity will commence.

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