First Nations in Canada and United States Sign Historic Treaty Opposing Pipelines

first nations indigenousBy Derrick Broze

Indigenous nations from Canada and the United States have signed a treaty agreeing to oppose future proposals for pipeline, rail, and tanker projects that attempt to carry crude oil from Alberta’s oil sands. 

On Thursday, tribes from Canada and the northern United States signed a treaty declaring their opposition to future proposals for pipelines that would carry crude oil from Alberta to other locations across Canada and the United States. The tribal nations are opposed to the pipelines based on potential threats to the environment.

Reuters reports:

The Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion was signed by 50 aboriginal groups in North America, who also plan to oppose tanker and rail projects in both countries, they said in a statement.

Targets include projects proposed by Kinder Morgan Inc, TransCanada Corp and Enbridge Inc.

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association told Reuters that the industry is open to hearing indigenous concerns, but that oil is necessary to move Canada forward. “The fact remains there is a critical need for pipelines in Canada,” the association told Reuters.

“What this Treaty means is that from Quebec, we will work with our First Nation allies in BC to make sure that the Kinder Morgan pipeline does not pass and we will also work with our Tribal allies in Minnesota as they take on Enbridge’s Line 3 expansion, and we know they’ll help us do the same against Energy East,” Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon said in a statement. Chief Simon was referring to TransCanada’s plan to carry 1.1 million barrels of crude per day from Alberta to Canada’s East Coast.

The new treaty was also signed by the Standing Rock Sioux who have been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) since August. The DAPL, alternatively known as the Bakken Pipeline, is owned by Dallas, Texas-based corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., which created the subsidiary Dakota Access LLC.  The pipeline will stretch 1,172 miles upon completion and transport crude oil from the Bakken fields of North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The project is set to cross the Missouri River not far from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. The Sacred Stone and Red Warrior Camp’s were formed in opposition to the DAPL.

According to the treaty alliance website,

The alliance is part of an Indigenous Sovereignty resurgence taking place all over Turtle Island where Indigenous Peoples are reasserting themselves as the legitimate governments and caretakers of their territories.

The allied signatory Indigenous Nations aim to prevent a pipeline/train/tanker spill from poisoning their water and to stop the Tar Sands from increasing its output and becoming an even bigger obstacle to solving the climate crisis. The world might not be able to immediately stop using oil tomorrow, but the last thing it needs is more oil, and especially not more of the dirtiest oil on the planet. It is critical that we urgently start building a more sustainable future and signatory Nations want to be at the heart of that building process.”

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the fight against these pipelines is not simply about the pipelines themselves, or even oil. No, this is about a clashing of worldviews. One that sees humanity as an extended family and aims to make decisions based on what is good for today and tomorrow. The other viewpoint, what some might call “The Western Worldview” or a “Modern Worldview,” is living only for this current moment, and not in any sort of enlightened way, but without care or concern for how today’s actions will affect tomorrow.

This is a fight that has been coming for some time now. Those who live with a view towards the 7th Generation and those who seem incapable of fathoming the destruction caused by their actions are finally beginning to face off. Archaic institutions that seek to control and dominate (The State, Corporate Power) can only survive by promoting lifestyles that are not sustainable or regenerative. They thrive off encouraging actions that divide, deplete, and disempower. The Indigenous people of this planet are beginning to unite in ways not seen in generations.

It’s time for the people of this Earth to make a decision: Do you stand for the people, for the planet, and for life? Or will you continue to support destruction and the demise of the human species by passively accepting the status quo?

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

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10 Comments on "First Nations in Canada and United States Sign Historic Treaty Opposing Pipelines"

  1. Bravo!!! The First Nations People must come together and weild their power. No longer should the Corporate Fascists be allowed to get away with everything, including violence and murder.

    This is not the 1800’s nor is it the 1970’s. The whole World is watching and if one person gets killed by these thugs, some heavy crap will come down. We already have seen the vicious attacks by the paid Corporate thugs that saw innocent People pepper-sprayed and mauled by vicious dogs.

    Of course, the MSM is silent about all this, but I believe the First Nations People will prevail.

  2. Sing it my First Nations brothers and sisters. The Corporatists/Statists and Totalitarianist’s have way over played their hand. They are very nervous now. Now, get to their funding mechanism—–The Federal Reserve/Canadian Central Money Changers. No more fiat $$$$ and justice is the new light shown upon us all. Use that casino money to build strength. Quebec is now messing with the land they allowed us to keep—it shrinks by the day. Done. Over. Kahna’wake’,my home land is in their sites now. Not going to happen. Not going to become their new Gaza. You have The Nations down here who will assist. Tyranny is their goal. Freedom ours.

  3. While I believe that the First Nations are the vanguard of environmental protectionists, I don’t think they should have the right to prevent the commercial production and transport of our nation’s life blood. When and if alternate sources of renewable energy are brought on line, then yes, curtail such petroleum extraction, but until then, the nation does not run on the methane produced by protesters.

  4. ” We live in a world where people are more offended by swear words and middle fingers than they are by famine, warfare and the destruction of our environment.” David Icke

  5. If not transported in pipelines and they’re whining about rail transport how do they expect this oil to get to market?? You know, I don’t mind of they want to stay stuck in the late 1800’s but I’m betting the rest of the country would choose to…progress and prefer oil transported to various markets via LOW RISK pipelines AND by the railroad as well as all of the family wage jobs created by developing our energy resources. So apparently these native American’s don’t work and would prefer federal welfare to an actual well paying energy related job?? How pathetic a once proud people have become and all because of their dependence on Govt handouts called welfare and food stamps. And worse yet that’s what they want for everyone else in the country as well apparently…

  6. Be prepared to pay much, much more for oil energy. This is the result of giving these ungrateful natives unconstitutional special privileges. The recent protest of a pipeline was not even on native land – it was merely “near our land” as they admitted. NO single group of Americans should ever dictate our energy policy.

  7. Indians are energy consumers too. This is going to affect them as much as the rest of us.

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