A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor for a Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless

dog-mayor-2By Carey Wedler

As millions of Americans struggle to decide whether to elect a volatile narcissist or a calculated warmongering criminal as their next leader, one Minnesota town is doing politics right — they just re-elected a dog to his third term as mayor.

Duke, a nine-year-old Great Pyrenees, was first elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota in 2014. The first time he won, it was by accident. The small town of just over 1,000 people held an election in which residents could pay $1 to vote. Duke won the race with twelve write-in votes and was treated to an official inauguration.

The town’s voters were evidently happy with the 2014 fluke. Duke has been re-elected twice, most recently at the end of August.

His main role has been to promote a sense of community in the township. He was recently featured in a series of billboards promoting Cormorant.

“I don’t know who would run against him, because he’s done such great things for the community,” Karen Nelson, a resident of Cormorant told local ABC affiliate WDAY, before the election.

“Everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote for his girlfriend, Lassie,” Duke’s owner David Rick said after Duke won.

Though Duke’s re-election is particularly comical in an election year rife with unpopular candidates and marred by animosity, derision, and deceit, the town’s decision to elect and keep a dog in office has profound implications.

Though over 1,000 people live in Cormorant, only twelve decided to elect Duke in 2014. Similarly, Anti-Media recently explained that only 9 percent of the voting public chose either Trump or Clinton in the primary elections this year.

This is an ongoing pattern:

In the 2012 election, President Obama was elected with 51.1 percent of the popular vote, compared to 47.2 for Mitt Romney. But only 57.5 percent of the voting population cast their ballots, meaning President Obama still only secured the votes of 29 percent of voters.

The same staggeringly low voter turnout that plagues national politics presented itself in Cormorant. But the consequences of having a dog serve as mayor are far less severe than allowing a small segment of the national population to decide which criminal politicians will rule over the rest of the country. Presidential and national politics represent a wholly unrepresentative political process in which the few decide for the many in more ways than one, and Cormorant reflects these deeper flaws in American elections.

More important, Cormorant demonstrates that a non-human can run a town of over one thousand people without the community deteriorating into chaos. While humans support Duke’s administration, the fact the town has continued to function and thrive with a dog in a position of leadership highlights just how little guidance humans actually need — especially considering how consistently politicians have flagrantly ignored the concerns and well-being of their constituents.

Though politicians and the media repeatedly paint the picture that the nation’s fate hangs in the balance of any given election, Duke’s success provides a valuable counter-narrative. And though a small town of 1,000 people is hardly a sufficient anecdote to debunk centuries worth of American “democracy,” Duke’s case is far from the only one.

A cat named Stubbs currently presides over Talkeetna, Alaska. April the cow served as mayor of Eastsound, Washington from 2011 to 2012. A beer-drinking goat named Clay Henry III served as mayor of Lajitas, Texas until 1992. “Best mayor we ever had,” Davis Odom, a local historian, said. Henry III was succeeded by two more goat mayors. As the Wall Street Journal detailed:

In Rabbit Hash, Ky., a Border Collie named Lucy Lou defeated 10 dogs, a cat, a possum, a jackass and even one human to become the town’s third animal mayor—all dogs—since 1998, says Bobbi Kayser, the current mayor’s owner.

If individuals can govern themselves at the local level, who’s to say they wouldn’t survive without a leader at the top of the political hierarchy? People across the country are already taking it upon themselves to better their communities without the help of government and their ‘leaders.’ Between using apps that distribute food to the homeless, establishing community gardens and wifi, and taking it upon themselves to pick up their governments’ slack, Americans are learning to rely on themselves rather than their leaders, proving that without government, people make the world go ‘round.

This article (A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor for a Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Carey Wedler and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific. Image credit: Dallas Krentzel. If you spot a typo, please email the error and name of the article to [email protected].

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72 Comments on "A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor for a Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless"

  1. If there was a dog, any dog, running for president, I would gladly re-register and vote. Unfortunately we have two useless subhumans to choose from and I do not consent to be ruled by either of them. Woof.

    • Just look at every president of the past. JFK was good and Reagan was good – as good as can be expected. The others were liars, war criminals, or inept and all were puppets of the corrupt establishment. For the first time in decades we get someone running for the people and not taking money from the special interests and you call him a subhuman. You would vote for a dog to make important decisions for you.

      • No one makes important decisions for me but me. Trump is a joke on America and you’ve been fooled… again. Dogs don’t make decisions, we don’t need anyone to make decisions for us, that’s the whole point of the article.

        • ^^THIS^^

        • Hillary would be 1000 times worse than Trump.

          • Good grief, granny. Time to put aside childish things. They are both completely unacceptable in all ways. Choosing between the lesser of two evils has not only brought this country to its knees, doing so going forward could very well be the last choice you ever make. Voting is your consent to go down with the ship. Better learn to buddy breath, quick.

          • grannymother | September 9, 2016 at 2:44 pm |

            I think Trump truly loves the USA. Also, he is not bought, has used his own money.
            The tough way he talks is fine with me. (We need to see some men in the USA). I maintain that Hillary would be thousands of times worse than Trump.

            So Go Trump Go!!!!!

          • Well good for you. I think the only thing Trump really loves is money, and now that he has amassed enough he can trade it for power. Whatever… I really don’t care. You choose your reality, I choose not to be ruled by billionaires, criminals, liars and idiots.

          • grannymother | September 9, 2016 at 4:56 pm |

            Thank you. I am a good person and one who loves and trusts in Jesus Christ.

          • You may be a good person but you’re a poor judge of character. Reap what you sow applies to politics just like everything else. It’s crunch time and naivete no longer works as an excuse.

            “They will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes.” – Proverbs 1:31

          • grannymother | September 9, 2016 at 7:37 pm |

            I am a good judge of character and I believe you need prayer. It is you who is a poor judge of character. YOu should stop supporting crooked Hillary and turn from your blind ways.

          • I don’t support Hillary. Can’t you read? I called the two presidential candidates “two useless subhumans” and then further on, “They are both unacceptable in all ways….” Your inability to comprehend simple English tells me you’re not even qualified to find your way out of a paper bag. Vote for the lesser of two evils if you think it’s your duty. You deserve what you get.

          • Poor soul. It seems all you know to do is try to berate and belittle. That, in itself, shows others how inept you are.
            Have a nice day!

          • You too, grannymother. It’s been a lot of fun arguing with a bag of rocks.

          • How stupid can you get!!

          • OMG… a bag of hammers called me stupid!!! It’s time to grab my life vest… if only I could decide whether the blue vest looks better with my outfit than the red vest… Hmmm … I wonder why there is icy water puddling around my ankles…. ?

          • Is this the first time anyone ever called you by the name you truly are………stupid!
            Get used to it. You will be called that numerous times.

            Now I will leave you so you can go watch videos of Hillary and dream of her being your president.

          • She’s the opposite of stupid and knows Hillary is a nightmare. She also knows we’ve been bamboozled for centuries.

          • Such a valiant effort and what patience, OS! A ton of bricks wouldn’t do the trick.
            When did you say the mother ship is scheduled to pick us up? 😉

          • LOL… I tried to reply to this awhile ago but apparently I used a no-no word.

            Oh man, the danged ship! I don’t know, blue. I’m more than ready to blow this nut house. But I’ve spent my waiting time wisely making up a cut-n-paste for the stupid Go Trump Trolls:

            Go Trump, Go.
            Run, Trump. Run.
            See Trump hump.
            Dump Trump, Dump.

            That’s about as stupid as I can manage… LOL

          • Nut house is putting it mildly! I’m thinking about trying smoke signals, it’s getting too freakin’ weird. As I’ve been expecting, alt media gurus are warring and imploding…13 years ago, I observed TPTB beta test self-detonations of their agent leaders in activist awake conservative ranks.

            Some of these sheeple are at least 50 IQ points short of being able to wrap their heads around the complex social engineering tactics being used and >80 short of being able to ride the curve. Sheesh, I need some comic relief! I’m looking forward to your cheerleader mantra for Hillary. 😉

          • Yes, I’ve also noted the alt-media implosion. Seems like anyone who gets a large subscriber following is targeted for demolition either by the Troll Patrol or offered secret funding with promises of further grandeur and fame at the cost of veracity. The other possibility has to do with the end of the Kali Yuga, meaning any existing systems- medical, financial, political, educational, religious, media, etc. etc. that fail to maintain the rising energetic frequency of earth’s inevitable evolution will dissolve, disappear, or become dysfunctional. It’s a repeating cycle of human destiny based on planetary alignments. It’s all good, really. These failed systems have to collapse before they can be rebuilt properly…. and we have front row seats!

          • Thanks for that perspective, OS, I’ll look into Kali Yuga, sounds fascinating. Problem is, I still don’t see the elites’ paradigm dissolving, I see it transforming and in the process they are crushing the plebs, esp. targeting the awakened / awakening segments. You’re absolutely correct about the alt media, plus there are a lot of assets set up from the beginning as cointelpro agents, probably most sites with a good following are exactly this construct. I was reading about the Max and Ken feud today. My first instinct on Ken when I read about his World Citizen initiative was a strong impression he is an intelligence asset. I think ZG was getting too close to the truth and was taken out. At first he was going to stand and fight and then decided to walk away at a critical period despite an outpouring of support. Strange happenings.

          • Those were two of the examples I had in mind. I agree with you about Ken, not so sure about ZG. I was never a fan of either of them.

            With the dissolving thing… I’m still in the split timelines camp… the elite paradigm is collapsing in 3D, I’m watching it from a position of neutrality in 5D. I have no emotional involvement in any of it. Insofar as the elections and the farce that passes for our government, I find it all rather comical.

          • Then I suppose you are seeing/projecting future outcomes, not contemporary. Which is great news. Nothing they haven’t planned is taking place in 3D….yet….a nascent unraveling perhaps, though, I see no hints on any planes. My core personality is optimistic skeptic – not seeing positive signs is not for lack of searching or actively supporting catalysts. Maybe the wise ravens and raptors are your oracles. 😉

          • Morning blue, and happy 15th anniversary of the granddaddy psyop ritual slaughter of innocents.

            Let me try to explain this better. Timelines are something we create, they don’t just happen. Your thoughts create your personal reality and the thoughts of the collective create the collective reality. We, individually and collectively, have the power to change timelines, that’s why getting people to awaken is so critical to moving our earthship from a course toward the reef to a course toward calm waters. We must do this in our minds individually, all of us. So it’s not a matter of looking or waiting for change, we have to be the change. This is 5D thinking. We can’t fix 3D problems with 3D thinking, we must use a totally new, different way of perceiving reality. By adopting a neutral prospective on all events, you remove the negative emotion from it. This calms the mind and allows change to manifest on a personal level thereby affecting the collective. That said, reality is splitting. We get to choose which reality we want to participate in…. and you are right! The ravens and the raptors are my oracles, they fly above it all and observe the insanity below from a distance and a higher perspective.

          • Thank you, OS. My views are in alignment..the thoughts of the collective create the reality…we must be the change…we can change “time” lines…awaken more people for the shift…neutral perspective…personal grounding and more. I comprehend the splitting of reality in different ways – that’s the only difference, and I think most of that difference is due to the crude nature of language civilization has been shackled with, another reflection of our engineered disempowerment and molding from birth. I should have known you had a more nuanced understanding than the “alt rebels” in their own group think self massaging a rose colored glasses 3D victory. I stand corrected. Thanks again for your insight.

          • Definitely we don’t have the proper language, we have to invent it. I don’t claim to have all the answers, not even close, but I do cop to making a diligent effort to find them, wherever they may be and I’m not afraid to go out a limb, peer under rocks, and suffer ridicule. David Icke is my model for that kind of bravery. I know you are the same.

            We (meaning mostly Americans but expanding to all democratic societies) have been taught to believe that democracy and voting is our only voice, but in fact voting is only our consent to be ruled by the elite who operate in 5D space. That’s why “they” keep spreading it around so adamantly and with such violence…. but that is changing, the reality is splitting as you said, and we have umpteen examples of that right before our eyes. The big “problem” with 5D is that there is no such thing as time… so we chomp at the bit, waiting, waiting, when all kinds of huge changes are actually happening in the now moment where everything happens at once. Ta da!

            Always a pleasure, blue. You are a kindred spirit and a valued old soul. When we finally met up, I’m buying the brewskis.

          • Voting is the biggest ruse, isn’t it? Several years ago I lead a little mutiny on a forum. The uprising was consciousness shift along with vote with your pocketbook as the case had been firmly made standard voting is rigged on several levels. Even though it was a modest set of proposals to boycott quisling corporations, the gatekeepers running the site began hiding the threads as quickly as they could. LOL Shortly thereafter, I was harassed a bit by the “men in black” but I kept at it for almost a year until I had to move on. “They” thought the forum was a microcosm and a shift was going viral so they rolled out Lou Dobbs out to do some damage control on regionalism (NAU). That experience showed me they were afraid of us discovering our power in a still largely decentralized wild west period of the internet. Anyway, your comment is timely on the fraud of voting = democracy given yesterday I read Soros is pushing for online voting. It wasn’t that long ago Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting. Here in CO, the majority of registered voters are independent and a ballot initiative would allow them to vote in the primaries to keep that muck going. A photograph of homeless people being registered to vote was on the front page of the area newspaper. Reeks of desperation. Reason enough for a round of some kick a– microbrews! You take care, OS, and see ya later.

          • I’ve seen the MIB too. We all have a Mr. Smith to deal with. They are an integral part of the Warrior Tool Kit because they let us know when we’re getting warm. But like all zealots, they have their weaknesses. Yes, they are afraid of us discovering our power, especially since it’s so freaking simple… become united as one and “they” cease to exist. It will happen once the duality matrix crashes, that’s why they act like a big stinking pile of paranoid pu$$ies.

          • When the constant flyovers aren’t working, then what. Nothing. Does that mean they wonder which ones might backfire as in Obi Wan? LOL All these weird rules are kinda funny and in a silly way.

          • You are all over it, blue. This is ALL a giant freaking game we’re playing. We signed up for this crap. “Use the Force, Luke!” Little Yoda…. hahaha. All the clues have been laid out like chess pieces. I was reminiscing the other day with someone about a Star Trek episode where the crew of the Enterprise goes to this planet whose specialty was hosting vacations where you could live out a fantasy, all arranged via simulation of course. The crew chose a gunfight in the Old West scenario, they all beam down in costume and proceed to shoot each other. The kicker was that if you were shot in this matrix set, you really died. THIS is that freaking planet!

            The constant flyovers stop when you say “No.” The name of this version is Free Will, CONSENT is your Trump card, the ship is the space called GO, like in Monopoly…. LOL Beam me up, I’m done playing now.

          • Been pondering this … in particular your statement about ZG getting taken out because he got too close. This isn’t now how I saw it play out and I was watching closely. If you have the time and desire, I was wondering how you came to that conclusion.

          • I was watching closely too. Briefly, ZG was personally writing about about the co-opting and toxicity of the alt media and he was the only big alt media personality to highlight Ken’s writings. Ken reported he had been blocked on a couple of websites. ZG contributor “E” had posts serving psy ops, one was unraveled right before. Intelligence assets find weak links, vulnerabilities, strike quickly. The timing is too coincidental with some other hairy stuff I cannot post here.

          • Hmmm… apparently I wasn’t watching closely enough. I missed all this because by that point I had already stopped paying attention to all the pedo cult drama, which I found nauseating, frankly. Definitely feel the hidden hands playing Divide and Conquer in the alt-media though, but other than Activist Post, which is one of the few news sites I can stand because they have the best writers IMO, I have mostly stopped reading alt-news because it’s become too infiltrated.

            I have always felt at some critical tipping point they will pull the plug on the Interwebs. They can’t do this quite yet, the Internet is too big and profitable of a business tool, but I’m sure that’s in the works once they’ve mined our hive mind and our credit cards to death. So I’ve been working on developing my own data network by tapping into 5D space and flying around on alt/alt media listening to the aliens discussing disclosure.

            News flash! Hillary faints at 9/11 ceremony. Perhaps there is a God!

          • It’s rogue here too, the higher visibility of an I.Wars writer tells you something, esp. given the articles diverge 180 from IW website propaganda on the election circus. The geopolitics is the worst, as handpicked neolib writers skew and proffer egregious limited hangouts. Domestic is OK, but even that can be problematic depending on the writer. There are some consistently well meaning folks, e.g. CF writing on health topics. Several months ago I noticed AP’s Faceb— page endorsed Bernie…but never here because FB = millennials. Faints, huh? You already know I believe TPTB want us to all to lose heart, let the “experts” take over. Why pick these two wrecks if they want to keep it going? So many contradictions. We need a long vacation! LOL

          • You’re totally right about the rogue part, I will endeavor to be vigilant.

            They picked these two human wrecks, IMO, as a direct slap in the face to all of us, but also more discreetly to see exactly how many get it and how many are still mired in the red/blue, lib/dem duality playground. 3D is duality, ipso facto. This is really the only way they have to determine the 100th monkey. I want them to know we’re out here, we are fearless, and we are winning, while their wacko candidate is falling apart at the seams.

          • Yep, you’re right and it’s not just the US, the corruption is being exposed around the globe – the first row of veils coming down, deliberately for consent, for desensitization, to slap us in the face. All of the above. Hey, I’m signing off the net for now to take my dog out for her walk. I’ll check in later in case I missed a question or another good news flash…like our ship pick up is confirmed for no later than Nov. 😉 As always, thanks OS.

          • Here’s your comic relief. Words fail me.

          • Anyway, there’s too much to say about the Clintons to squeeze into a few lines. A rap sheet that would go to the moon and back.

          • That’s perfect, I laughed out loud. People of Walmart, yep, that’s where it’s at. Some of those outfits they wear, OMG! My first reply is off because the image didn’t download right away. I thought you were saying I’d have to make do with the rare situation of words failing you. I know, it’s a stretch, but it’s getting late and I’m turning into a pumpkin in 45 minutes. 😉

          • You are 100% right and “Oldesoul” is wrong about everything. Trump is the first candidate of and for the people. Every other election we only have had 2 puppets from the corrupt establishment who would take either one. Now with Trump, they are upset because he is not one of their puppets. Some people are just set in their way of thinking and are not smart enough to know propaganda when they hear it.

        • You must be living on another planet. People in government make decisions for you everyday. Taxes you pay, education, what you see on TV, etc. Who are you fooling besides yourself. If you don’t vote for Trump then you vote for corrupt Hillaroid.

          • The Hillaroid has already been chosen for us, voting is a pointless waste of time. Rule yourself.

          • Cruz was chosen for us also, but he is history. Of course the corrupt establishment chose her, but a landslide for Trump can not be ignored and she will be out. Our country under Hillaroid the hemorrhoid will be the same as Obozo with a continuation down the death spiral. With Trump we will see a new wall and other stuff being built – the economy will scream.

          • You seem to be missing one critical fact… if they choose her, she will win no matter what kind of landslide the voters create. The voting is rigged completely, Bitter Boy, and a big stupid wall will not miraculously fix the problems created by voters like you who foolishly cling to the lie that they have a choice in the matter.

          • Pull your head out. I live in San Diego. We had runners everyday and freeway signs to watch out for illegals. Then they build a good wall and the problem was solved. A mine field would be cheaper and 99.99% effective, but society would not go for it. We need the “big stupid” wall – that was a gay statement.

          • That was such an enlightened comment, it caused me to virtually change my mind! We’ll ask nice Mr. Trump to build a wall all around San Diego so none of you can get out. That should go a long way toward fixing the Californicator problem the rest of us are so sick of. Maybe we can get him to put up a few million more freeway signs, too.

  2. Introverted Studios | September 7, 2016 at 6:54 pm | Reply

    We don’t need a king or queen thank you.

  3. The office of the potus should be done away. Rome didn’t need one and the Usurped States don’t need one.
    Now if a shitzu was running…

  4. Very presidential-looking in his photograph.

  5. Activist characature of the next President is irritating and disrespectful.

  6. Wonder which party Duke belongs to, the Barkers or the Growlers?

  7. I would vote for Animals over lying dirtbag self serving politicians any day of the week.. I mean the Corrupt criminals in DC are animals compared to my critters

  8. A nice story and an good laugh.
    And why not.
    I still laughing.

    The best list of mayor candidates I have ever read.


  9. This is pretty much how a parliament works and countries have been thriving under that model for decades.

  10. It’s disappointing, but not surprising to read, many comments that believe our totally corrupted overnment somehow still serves THE PEOPLE.
    Those that are still stuck in the cheerleader phase of go blue, go red are in many ways much like those in the allegory of the cave.
    When people are threatened with the truth that destroys all they believed in they attack it.
    That is what we are still seeing in today’s America.
    People cannot fathom that even if Jesus himself came down and became president there are so many Devils surrounding him it wouldn’t make one bit of a difference.
    Trump and Clinton are part of the huge dramatic kabuki theater to distract and entertain the people while another farce of an election goes on unnoticed.
    If voting really mattered it would be illegal, besides in our current system an electorate votes for you, so popular vote means nothing. Look at bush vs gore and you will see how it is rigged.
    All of this nonsense is just designed to distract and confuse.
    The only thing that should be happening is the arrests of the criminals we are up to our eyeballs in. Anything else is distraction.

  11. Disqus didn’t send notification on this reply – I stumbled on it. Guess someone didn’t like the term “mole a$$es. LOL

  12. Nice piece..ready for that wave, bus, whatever just get us outta here!
    Thanks for the link. I didn’t get notification on this one either. Found it scrolling through Disqus looking for any more missed replies. The link usually throws it off, hence why I use (dot) com.

    • Hahaha… I laughed… the bus is leaving, what a hoot. I need to use the (dot)com workaround. I keep forgetting we have to be sneaky little devils around Big Brother.

      Seriously though, have you ever experienced this dimensional shift yourself? I have, many times. I can be out in my veg garden or playing with my flowers and all of a sudden something is different, like I’ve stepped into a time warp. Colors are brighter, the sun is brighter, very trippy. I can hold on to it as long as I want, but then the old 3D demands return (fix dinner, make a phone call) and I step back in this reality. Could this be the mystical path to the ship? We need to find out!

      • I’ve had similar experiences and more that’s not of this world. Though, not as vibrant as yours. For myself, it’s easy to conjure up theories of synaptic hyperactivity, neurotransmitter flux….however, many were far more than that, actual speed of light communication (if I can call it that) as I intimated in a previous exchange. The timings weren’t always random and there has been a diversity not seen in biological neuro systems. Dopamine surges can look the same, hence brilliant schizophrenics. I suspect 5D taps into these surges. Yep, we need to find out. Hope we can bring our canine companions on the ride back.

        • Ah! The dogs… yes, they are coming. We cannot be expected to leave behind the beings we serve, can we? Besides, I don’t go anywhere without protection. LOL

          There is definitely a link between 5D, schizophrenia, as well as to LSD and related pharmacopia. The common denominator seems to be a “lifting of the veil” scenario related to evolutionary gene tampering. (Gee, I wonder of granny sack of hammers and Biiter Boy are listening in? Hello.) As a neuro-something (I forgot your exact expertise, apologies) you are very much “in your mind,” yes? This etheric work of which we speak is better done in the heart space, by literally moving your thinking to your heart. This takes a lot of practice, perhaps you already do this even, but it does change one’s perspective significantly.

      • As an aside, I wonder what the govt neurosci researchers know. I used to be in contact with an awake activist on the east coast. She told me about a time when she went to a seminar on water dowsing with some big wigs running around including the state governor and some feds. She went into a room with a group of people for a lecture and the speaker started talking about remote viewing (but didn’t use the term, I think). He showed everyone a map and asked them if anyone could point out where something was located. My friend said knew right away but her instincts told her not to say anything. She got the impression later the speaker was a govt intelligence agent. Can you imagine how much intel they are amassing on us with tech advances and AI? Just rambling here…apologies for getting off on a tangent.

        • No, no… this is cool, precisely because I have been actively investigating RV…. this is huge stuff, huge. I’ve been talking with a guy who teaches it and watching teaching videos. The thing is, anyone can do this. Well, not everyone obviously, but lots of people have this ability. Have you seen any of the recent work done by the Farsight Institute? We’re talking Battle of the Timelines here… !

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