What the CIA Does When The Other Side Won’t Fight


By Aaron Dykes

How do you start a fight when your opponent doesn’t want a fight with you? You force it… you create fear… you create fear and sell another stinkin’ pile of lies til the body count meets your project goals.

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16 Comments on "What the CIA Does When The Other Side Won’t Fight"

  1. Russia has a wonderful old culture and smart people, they don’t want a fight anymore than westerners want a fight. The Globalists don’t want a major conflict, otherwise Hillary would not have played an instrumental role transferring sensitive and classified military technology to Skolkovo (Russia’s version of Silicon Valley), along with a large number of Trilateralists working to create Skolkovo from the ground up. Trilateralists include the likes of B Clinton, Bush Sr., Cheney, Greenspan, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Al Gore, etc

    • …gotta get up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over your eyes …hahahahaha!

      • or reptilian scales – as the case may be, even if it’s a metaphor it fits! lol

        • Here’s the quandary in my mind…the Khazarian Mafia in collusion with the Pentagon/ NATO/ Saudi Arabia et al – are overtly & uber-aggressively attacking brown skinned people with the sheer ‘death-merchant’ brutality & thuggery these war-hawks conduct everyday as in “nothing personal …just business” while bombing the middle east back into the stone age, especially Syria in the existential Now… is a boil that desperately needs to be lanced with the line in the sand disappearing into the winds of war daily.
          …Meanwhile ‘Back at the ranch’ in the rarefied air of the global- pyramid cap- chess club… emissaries of the US & Russia are also conducting equal-knowledge data sharing etc as you outlined above….it’s like an M.C.Escher lithograph of a weird & bizarre juxtapositions that are enmeshed yet seemingly oblivious of each other but dovetail at the same time. …very surreal if you catch my drift.

          • I get your drift. Escher lithograph is great, perfect. For several years I’ve used the term n-dimensional chess, it’s the best visualization I can think of. Beyond that, it’s yet more complicated (nonlinear) as the different levels sometimes intersect in predictable ways and other times, to keep the serfs off balance, the intersections are seemingly contradictory or nonsensical. To this end, TPTB allow a certain amount of random actions and chaos to run amok, for instance lots of false flag and patsy set up attacks interlaced with useful idiots playing out copy cat actions. The compartmentalization is beyond mind boggling for most. For instance, countless rationales are given to various levels of the military and intelligence, each carefully tailored.
            I agree, the Middle East is a strange dichotomy with the wealthy Gulf states and Iran quickly shifting into the glittering Brave New World Order while Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen, along with Libya, suffer the ravages of scorched earth strategies. Syria too, of course, but in a far more controlled manner than the others as one would expect Syria to rise from the ashes Phoenix style – Damascus quickly converted into a gleaming UN Sustainable Smart City – the planning began years ago with Syrian academic input. If 2030 materializes as it has been sold, a Marxist redistribution, nobody will be left behind in the stone age. Which we can see with Gates and others scrambling to bring the mark of the digital age beast to the poorest humans on the planet where the infrastructure is still “3rd world”, particularly Africa, also India.
            As you know, there is a rigid pecking order among the top tier elites, while still viewing themselves as a tight superclass. Leaders of the brown and black nations cooperate because they see themselves as part of this class and they’ve been through the selection process favoring psychopaths. Getting back to Syria, earlier today I caught a glimpse of some blatantly choreographed global MSM Kabuki jousting involving the US-Russia back and forth on the attacked UN humanitarian convoy. The exchange on both sides reached extraordinary heights of absurdity. A Russian spokesperson gave “spontaneous combustion” as one of several possible explanations for the utter devastation of the convoy. In turn, Kerry gave a clear statement while the Pentagon waffled. TPTB seem to get a kick out of poking fun at of the gullibility of the general public while they pump the layers of propaganda to keep tongues wagging. We need another word, Eddysachs, that ups the ante on “surreal”. Cheers.

          • Hypnagogic & phantasmagorical comes to mind…I’m sure there’s a representative -all encompassing word hidden in the lexicon that is very apropos….a kind of nebulous ‘cog/dis’…..& thx for the reminder that these are in fact -the inversion games they all play…as Mason Manly P. Hall wrote: -“It’s satanic protocol to announce plans in advance…so adepts can read intentions”…as is such with the rise of technocratic Matrix oases of utopian[sic] ‘Smart Cities’ rising out of the ashes…long-range plans paralleling long-range chess moves, with all of the ‘appointed’ 1% minions scrambling for their own lofty perches in the of the ‘butterfly pile’ hierarchy.
            ….+ the incredible mud-slinging hubris & chutzpah (ie: spontaneous combustion LOL) emerging from the blatant US annihilation of the UN convoy…. that would be laughable if it wasn’t so grotesque…& yes, the bizarre Psy-Op orchestrations of intentional machinations aimed directly at-whilst belittling the stupefied public …after all, they gave us Oreo Obomber …the black crack smokin /fudge-packing muslim… right after ‘What me Worry’ Bush Jr?… they’re definitely all laughing & deriving a freat deal of psychopathic pleasure witnessing our carefully organized plight in their Bizarro World.
            ..thx for the chat …cheers

          • You’re extremely perceptive to pick up on the satanic protocol. A striking example was prior to the middle east invasions, Bush II gave a speech and spoke of revolution using the words “Fire In The Minds of Men” echoing the title of James Billington’s book which “follows a sometimes almost invisible thread of incendiary ideas sometimes transferred via occult societies”…e.g. the French and Russian revolutions were driven by Elite ordo ab chao designs as Billington knew. Nothing organic about the flow of history. BTW, coalition forces certainly bombed innocents in well publicized incidents, however, the evidence strongly shows Syria or Russia hit the convoy. But why? Looks like a global mafia show of deference, Cremation of Care, end justifies the means, fanning the flames of analyst squabbling, and rationalizing World Govt big daddy referee. Twilight Zone within a T.Z….squared. Nice exchange, Eddysachs, thanks. Regards.

          • We can ‘agree to disagree’ as far as who did what? to the UN convoy…suffice to say, the center of the spider web meets at the top of the pyramid cap… where different rules for bloodline ruler’s apply….cheers

          • When that happens you can also go back and reply again and then when the moderated duplicate appears delete the text. Just so you know, I couldn’t possibly claim to know exactly what happened to the convoy. I merely made an educated guess after carefully reading eye witness statements (Syrians and other Arabs, it seems) and some stated ‘facts’ about drones and planes in the area and then wondered about the spontaneous combustion explanation offered by the Russian spokesperson. Then I saw a bizarre public Kabuki exchange worded in such a way as to be artificial given standard diplomatic protocol (neurolinguistics). I saw this exact same pattern revealed in the Guardian when Bandar Bin Sultan met with Putin and it was “leaked” that at the meeting Bin Sultan threatened to unleash Chechen terrorists in Russia if they didn’t back off supporting Syria and Putin responded saying he was prepared to fire his weapons on Saudi Arabia and crush the royals. Meanwhile….Saudi Arabia was moving forward to purchase a multibillion dollar air defense system from Russia (which it recently finalized). The giveaway was not a meeting with tension and disagreement, it was the nature of the wording stylized to generate specific (male) emotions in readers – and surveying several alt media outlets reporting the story, it worked beautifully. The US MSM didn’t echo the Guardian…which is telling too. Anyway, my point is I hope you understand when I share a perspective it doesn’t come from a bias, it comes from observation and using falsifiability and parsimony to get a better grip on patterns.

          • So I have no hesitation on my part after reading your posts for awhile.. where I intuitively ‘Grok’d’ where you’re coming from…as I think you’re basically an open book with your natural curiosity intact & would be a Gr8 ‘old school’ investigative journalist/ reporter…much like you’re advocating here by expanding the narrative thru pattern-recognition /dot-connecting/ greater gestalt creation…essentially while navigating the apocalypse…you’re helping other inquiring minds thru the ‘Snakes & Ladders’ miasma of the New Cage/NWO.
            …Anthony Sutton certainly had some ‘moxy’, that’s for sure …while, all the while dancing with the devil himself …& as I follow your intrepid & stoic summation logic, I reflect upon what ‘Willy-the Shake’ had to say about it all centuries ago…
            “Oh what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive…..”(lol)

            Ps …so this comment just got stacked & packed via ‘Moderation’ …so I’m copying it out double like you suggested…but I am making a list of what one can’t say here…which is very telling & also reminds me of another quote…”To learn about who rules over you…simply observe whom you’re Not allowed to criticize.” -Voltaire (LOL)

          • Thanks, and I hope you share “the list” with with us. LOL I can add a good one, I tried 3x to share the Wesley Clark perspective with doc B. Completely disappeared into a memory hole and I didn’t use any wording that could have triggered 21st century Echelon and the first 2 tries I didn’t even mention his biological paternal particulars.

          • Hey, sorry to drag out this exchange…I quickly wanted to ask you if you are familiar with Antony Sutton’s work and also the documented evidence discovered by James Perloff (who wrote the seminal book on the CFR, Shadows of Power) showing the USSR was complicit in the authorization of the Korean and Vietnam UN “police actions”.

  2. They have until November to start World War 3. If Trump gets in then hopefully there will be no war with Russia. The economy is about to crash and the Khazarian mafia know along with all their puppets that the game is up, they need to go all in.

  3. When the other side won’t play along, or be foolish enough to fall in the trap, the cia impersonate their enemy and lie about their involvement.

  4. This one came through moderation fashionably late. First of all, thank you for the kind words, I’m touched and appreciate the helpful feedback. 🙂 Yes, I’m aware of the perspective of the Arab elite / Ashkenazi special blend. Gosh, it’s been a long time since I read a great article by a blogger who traced this out and for awhile I could remember the regional Arabic term for these hybrids and it was kinda funny (dressed in drag or something, meaning a false appearance). You already know of the technology transfers pre-dating Skolkovo, to Kissinger in the Nixon admin transferring missile technology to the USSR to close a big technology gap, and before that Sutton’s work. I’d venture this is a consistent pattern. Why else are Putin and Kissinger long time good friends? lol A contemporary lens of the behind the curtain buddy system is the rapidly growing economic interdependence blurring the lines of nation states to the point of being conjoined into one tangled mess. I’ve posted this must-see website before, it tallied the big financial deals tying the west and east together and then it inexplicably stopped May 2015. https://newworldorderg20.wordpress.com/ For awhile after 5/15 I searched weekly and sometimes daily and found the process continuing. As you can tell, I try to ignore the rhetoric and theater preferring to watch the big moves behind the stage and always follow the money! Most of all, I never forget we are dealing with EXTREME control freaks. Sheesh! LOL Thanks for the exchange.

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