Authorities Name Suspect in NYC Dumpster Bombing (Updated)

rahmaniBy Kurt Nimmo

New York cops have a person of interest they believe is responsible for the Chelsea dumpster bombing.

His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized citizen from Afghanistan.

At this point very little is known about Rahami beyond his last known address in Elizabeth City, New Jersey. New Jersey State Police said he is wanted for questioning over a bombing in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

New York City Mayor de Blasio said Rahami is believed to be armed and dangerous.

How much you want to bet this guy was under surveillance by the FBI and was handled by an agency operative?

A report by Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute in 2014 documents what amounts to a patsy operation by the FBI.

“Americans have been told that their government is keeping them safe by preventing and prosecuting terrorism inside the US,” said Andrea Prasow, deputy Washington director at Human Rights Watch and one of the authors of the report. “But take a closer look and you realize that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring, and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.”

The FBI often targeted particularly vulnerable people, including those with intellectual and mental disabilities and the indigent. The government, often acting through informants, then actively developed the plot, persuading and sometimes pressuring the targets to participate, and provided the resources to carry it out.

The report states virtually all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 included the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants.

Ahmad Khan Rahami is probably an FBI patsy as well. But after he is apprehended the establishment media will either gloss over this aspect or ignore it altogether.

The objective is not to prevent terrorism. The FBI manufactures fake terror plots to justify it existence and increase its budget. The government and its corporate propaganda media play up terror plots to keep the war on terror rolling along and ramp of public fear of domestic terrorism.

Update: New Jersey Cops Shoot, Take Ahmad Khan Rahami into Custody

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of

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10 Comments on "Authorities Name Suspect in NYC Dumpster Bombing (Updated)"

  1. Here’s a name…how about ‘Patsy’…as just another in a long line of mentally challenged with a ‘gold fish’ IQ… FBI orchestrated Psy-Op.

    • Hello Eddysachs! You had me wondering about the origin of the term patsy and I found this in an etymology dictionary: 1903, of uncertain origin, possibly an alteration of Italian pazzo “madman” or south Italian dialectal paccio “fool.” Another theory traces it to Patsy Bolivar, a character created in an 1890s vaudeville skit who was blamed whenever anything went wrong.

      Funny how off-beat terms creep into our vocabulary… 😉 Cheers!

      • …Hi blue579 ….I’d go with the latter being it was frequently used by the G-men of Chicago, around the time of full- blown homosexual J.Edgar Hoover… all dressed up in drag with lipstick on like any lady…. but with a face like a bull dog (lol) …

        • Good call on the term, sounds about right, and you have Mr. Hoover Stasi FBI-man’s number. Govt cronies = freak show. Interesting patsy trivia: Psychiatrist Louis Jolyn West, an MK Ultra researcher, was given access to both Jack Ruby and Sirhan Sirhan. Years later West was part of a trauma team sent to OKC to evaluate Tim McVeigh, according to Ted Gunderson, West met several times with McVeigh. McVeigh must have been in the molding hands of the CIA for a least a couple of years given Martin Keating, the brother of the Oklahoma governor and part of an intelligence connected family, published a prescient novel two years before the bombing (The Final Jihad), one character was named Tom McVey. Who needs fiction? Life is stranger than…

          • You’re a good sleuth + you can in fact ‘connect the dots’, which requires ‘critical thinking’…making you rare among the alpha-waved & ‘Hypnozombed’ that unconsciously suffer from acute ‘cog/dis’…’s amazing what is actually there to see ‘if’ one does the due diligence as reflected in your discoveries…it’s got to the point that the 0.01% aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore -as if anything over a couple months old is ancient history & relegated as irrelevant…. & to get with their NWO juggernaut.

        • [Oops…Replying higher on the thread while your comment lingers in moderation.]

          “Hypnozombed” LOL Hands down, you have the best neologisms on the internet. It’s still the levity that keeps me circling the pole counter clockwise – ala the flick Midnight Express. 😉

          • so that’s what they’re called> ‘neologisms’…I actually conjured ‘Hypnozomb’ up… all by my lonesome (lol)

          • Mensa used to have a neologism contest and there were some really good ones. I recall cashtration, the act of becoming financially impotent and bozone, as in the bozone layer surrounding some people.

  2. deplorablelittljo | September 20, 2016 at 6:06 am | Reply

    I’m sure Soros has paid this guy big bucks and they will draw this out to the bitter sweet end.

  3. of course… Zionist Agenda being carried out with NO OPPOSITION FROM USA OR EUROPE.

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