9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm…

thinkingBy Daisy Luther

You know me – I’m not prone to conspiracy theories (cough). But, I noticed some weird things about the pressure cooker bomb attacks that took place in New York City and New Jersey this weekend and the subsequent arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

Some things just don’t add up. Trust me, you won’t even need to don your tinfoil because none of this is outrageous.

1 – First, nobody died. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally thrilled about that, but you have to ask yourself why? With 29 people injured there were obviously a fair number of people around. Yet everyone was well enough to be discharged from the hospital within hours of the blast. Was the bomb just positioned badly? Or was it designed to cause injury, but not too much injury?

2 – They sure found the mystery bomber quickly and efficiently. The last time I had to deal with the federal government, I ended up in an endless loop of phone transfers, when no one could figure out the right person to send me to. But they brought their game to a whole new level of efficiency with this that makes you wonder how anyone ever gets away with anything. The bomb fragments and the unexploded pressure cooker were examined and analyzed, a fingerprint was found, a match to the print was located on the system, and Ahmed Khan Rahami was identified. Then, the posters were produced, he was located due to a member of the public spotting him, and was then captured. All within 40 hours of the bomb blast and even though he was not on a terror watch list or flagged as a possible terrorist. Fast work.

3 – Although experts say this type of thing is usually a group activity, no other persons of interest are being sought. Experts say that the chances of Rahami NOT having assistance with logistics, etc., was “infinitesimally small.” Mike Rogers, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said, “Normally the way this works, you have a cell doing logistics, bomb-making and assembly, and an operational one.”  Despite all of this, the New York Police Department said they are not actively looking for anyone else in connection with the incidents. (source)

4 – The culprit was just hanging around, asleep in a doorway like a homeless person, waiting to get bustedRahami was spotted sleeping in a shop doorway and police were called. He shot at an officer and then ambled off down the street, shooting at a police car before being wounded and taken into custody. Now, I have two major issues with this. What kind of terrorist decides to curl up and take a nap in a shop doorway in an area he knows the police will be looking for him? Secondly, we all know the police have hair triggers…children get shot for holding a BB gun, the caregiver of an autistic man got shot while laying down,  and an unarmed drivers got shot in front of his kid…but this guy sets off bombs, shoots two officers, shoots up a police car, and then wanders down the road holding a gun and he only gets wounded in the shootout?

5 – The placement of these bombs wasn’t very strategic. Usually, someone who sets off random bombs in the name of terror wants to do as much damage and inflict as much fear as possible. If these attacks were designed to maim and kill, why not plant a bomb when there are crowds of people around? When you are less likely to be singled out by CCTV walking alone at night shortly before the device explodes? It makes no sense does it? Terrorist attacks invariably aim for maximum impact with minimum risk. This was a complete reversal of that M.O.

6 – ISIS wants nothing to do with this one. The Minnesota stabbings that took place on the same day have been claimed by the Islamic State as an act committed by  ‘a soldier of the Islamic State’. There have been no claims at all that Rahami has links to ISIS.

7 – It wasn’t a very good bomb. The backpack with five bombs inside was found in a wastebasket around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday outside a neighborhood pub in Elizabeth, about 16 miles from New York City. Two men found the backpack about 500 feet from a train trestle and alerted police, officials said. (source). One of those bombs exploded as a police robot tried to defuse it, yet the others didn’t. That must have been one very lame bomb if it couldn’t even blow the others packed into a bag with it apart or trigger the explosive component in the remaining four so they also blew up.

8 – Somehow, the bomber didn’t really raise any eyebrows until now. Rahami was known to have travelled to Afghanistan, his home country, and also to Pakistan. This was known because he applied in 2011 to bring his Pakistani wife into the United States and the application was approved in 2012. So an Afghan national with a police record for trying to stab his sister-in-law traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan spending months at a time there and it never raised a glance from any agency anywhere?  The TSA was satisfied he was visiting family. Obviously too busy harassing cancer patients. Despite all of that, there was no real suspicion about this guy until he was suddenly a major terrorist.

9 – What do we need to be distracted from? This always has to be the question when these situations take over the news. And the list is long, my friends. This freakshow of an election, the fact that Russia is accusing the US of starting WW3 in Syria, the upgraded effort to take away guns and personal medical decisions, the newest WikiLeaks…we could go on and on about the things no one wants us paying attention to.

See what I mean? Weird stuff. Lots of weird stuff. I’m not saying it never happened or that this dude wasn’t a terrorist or that someone else was responsible or that this was a false flag. I’m saying that there are holes in the official story that one could drive an 18-wheeler truck through.

But the official story sure does seem a bit questionable.

Or maybe Rahami is just so bad at being a terrorist that the Islamic State doesn’t want to claim him as one of theirs.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, where this article first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca

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30 Comments on "9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm…"

  1. Number nine !!!

    • The caveat being astute researchers know Wikileaks is a CIA operation and ASSange with his Rothchild lawyer is an asset. They leak for a purpose – to create division and smoke, limited hangouts, and Psy 0ps.

      Wikileaks was used first as cover for the Arab Spring operations…and Soros had a hand in that too.

      • Glad that ‘Sappy’ ASSange didn’t slip past your radar…cheers

        • He was easy to figure out and Lila Rajiva is the unsung heroine who fully exposed him. Snowden was/is a sneakier psy op. Jon Rappoport did a fine job unraveling the oddities there. The icing on that cake was Greenwald and billionaire NSA loving Omidyar. If you missed the Greenwald & Sibel Edmonds saga I’ll have to fill you in some day. Entertaining in that surreal kinda way, best to grab a good bucket of buttered popcorn and a beer first. LOL 😉

  2. Daisy honey, don’t you get all upset over this latest fear porn….c’mon!! Deflection is everything! It’s all a big game, don’t forget Obama and the Clintons attended Bilderberg confabs which explains evvvvvveeerrrrything…… Remember, the USA has survived many, many, insurgencies and we’ll survive this too.

  3. IMO…This has the same stink & FBI collusive hubris as Boston or Sandy Hook etc etc etc & counting…following the False Flag formula…. precisely following Ye Olde Hegelian Dialect… as their time-tested sorcery of the ‘one size-fitz-all’ machinations of ‘Problem- Reaction- Solution’ of the 0.01%…delivering the consequential & intended results…basically ‘peeing on the peon’s’ so these parasites live in a separate reality of luxury.

  4. This article solves it’s self, and is therefore disappointing.

    3 – Although experts say this type of thing is usually a group activity, no other persons of interest are being sought.

    5 – The placement of these bombs wasn’t very strategic. indicates an amateur did this alone.
    7 – It wasn’t a very good bomb. indicates an amateur did this alone.
    1 – First, nobody died. Because a badly placed badly constructed bomb Indicates an amateur did this alone.
    4 – The culprit was just hanging around, asleep in a doorway like a homeless person, waiting to get busted. Indicates he was amateur with no one to help him.
    2 – They sure found the mystery bomber quickly and efficiently. They found an amateur with no help who didn’t know what he was doing quickly when they put the entire focus of the NYPD and Federal Govt. onto the task.

    6 – ISIS wants nothing to do with this one. How does it help ISIS propaganda campaign to take credit for a badly placed badly built bomb that killed no one by amateur with no plan who was immediately captured?

    8 – Somehow, the bomber didn’t really raise any eyebrows until now. This is Donald Trump’s point. Our Congress has allowed a flood of immigrants into this country with no vetting, and no idea who they are or why they are here, and our law enforcement is so overwhelmed they can’t possibly handle the volume of whacked out muslim extremists that Congress has flooded our cities with. Maybe you should stop raising your eyebrow and going HMMMM and put aside your insane hate against the Republicans and try listening to what they are saying.

    9 – What do we need to be distracted from? I don’t know but I’ll be bummed if some amateur makes me miss Hillary Clinton’s reanimated corpse from having it’s next public seizure.

  5. 10) If he wasn’t on the watch list how did the finger print ID the guy.hmmmm

  6. FBI can locate anyone by just by there cell phone signals and other people around them, at any time even going back before events occur. Believe me cell phones are people trackers. I do believe this guy was delusional too, just like the Uni Bomber who worked alone.
    People that turn devote are usually going through some type of personal crises. New born Christians go through this too, however, in the Christian religion, it is not taught to kill others in the name of god. In Islam this is the final option for non believers and sinners. As the saying goes, there are bad people in the world just as there are good people in the world, however it takes religion to make good people do bad things.

  7. Because it was staged just like the others & informed intelligent people already know this, from day 1. Just watch MSM & all the same numbers, symbols, & signs are there along with the same old crisis actors & their fake blood & bullshit. Simple.

  8. When are they coming for my gun? The fact is, if you ask who benefits, it is the gun makers whose sales spike after each such incident, whether it is guns or bombs. The bombs rarely do any harm…..guns almost always.

    • The bombs that do a lot of harm are the ones the Deep State uses to blow up large buildings and then eviscerates our civil liberties. Surprising that you have a gun!

      • Let me put it this way:; since 9/11 over 400,000 Americans have died from guns, 99+% more than have died from bombs, including the WTC attack.

        Bombs as a terror weapons has a bad record in the US,. as most bombings have killed no one, and the worst have killed 1 or 2.

        Of course I do not have a gun! No rational person has guns, since they put you much more at risk than they protect. But I like to taunt the idiots who confused blocking violent people from obtaining guns (ubc) with confiscating weapons.

        The state controls the big bombs: Hiroshima/Nakasaki, Dresden, as well as the demolition bombs for 9/11. Small bombs are more likely to kill the predator than the prey. Note the recent bombings killed no one. Since the bombings, over 80 Americans have been murdered by gun fire.

        Why would any law-abiding citizen object to a law which filters out violent people from gun ownership? Well, 85% of gun owners support ubc….as well as 3/4 of NRA members. Who opposes: the NRA, the gun makers, the paid shills, and their useful idiots, the 1 in 9 Americans who thinks that banning felons, etc from gun ownership is an infringement on their rights.

        “The Harvard study goes further, looking at the overall homicide rate in states with the highest number of gun owners, compared to those with the lowest. Researchers found that the rate of all homicides is two times higher in states with the highest number of gun owners. The research destroys another common NRA talking point, which claims that if people don’t use guns to kill, they’ll just use something else.

        The new study, which will be published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, compliments a 2013 study, which found that increased gun ownership corresponds to an overall increased rate of non stranger homicides. While the number of stranger related homicides remains virtually the same in states with high gun ownership, the number of people killed by someone they know was shown to increase dramatically, as the number of gun owners increased. The Harvard study also supports the conclusions of a 2014 Boston University study.”

        Another Harvard/Northwestern study, the largest even done, shows that America’s gun stock has increased by 70m guns since 1994. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who own guns decreased slightly from 25% to 22%.

        If it were the case that homeowners without guns were being invaded, murdered, etc by armed criminals, but in fact, there is no data to support such a claim. Each year, less than 100 homeowners are murdered by strangers (4,500 are done by family and acquantenances) and less than 100 home invaders are killed. Since 4 of 5 American homes is unarmed, why isn’t there a surge in strranger-murders in these households?

        Another Harvard study found that homes with guns have 270% more gun deaths than homes without. When people buy guns to protect themselves, they are actually making themselves and their families less safe.

        When a gun ceases to be a tool of self-defense and becomes instead a risk to your family, it’s time to use your reason and “bury the hatchet.”

        When a gun becomes more a threat than a tool of self-defense, no sane person would have one in the home. NPR is reporting on a new study which shows that of the 265 million guns in the US, half are owned by only 3%. 7;.7 million own an average of 17 guns.

        The reality is that in the last 30 years,fewer and fewer households choose to have guns. A generation ago, over 50% had guns; today

        • Fewer people have guns today than yesteryear but more people are shot and killed is the exact reason why guns are not the root of the problem. In a perfect world no one owns a gun but in the cesspool of existence that we live in today you’d have to be a fool not to own and have knowledge on using a gun.
          Oh and violent people who should be kept away from them are typically banned from owning them already and there is no more laws necessary to compound that fact. Violent criminals that do most of the shooting are already in violation of laws the moment they see or touch a gun. Do you think more legislation will deter someone already engaging in illegal activities??? If so, you are not in touch with how the real world works.

  9. I agree to a certain point with the author that the apprehension of Rahami by the authorities seems a bit too easy and thus questionable as if it was “too good to be true” speculation. However, to me this “terrorist” attack is not so suspicious of government or elitist involvement, but more indicative of it being done by an amatuer that did a bad job of it and that is why ISIS does not take responsibility for it and why the authorities apprehended him so quickly although ‘after’ he committed the heinous act and had been on the radar for two or so years. That last part is a bit of a failure or perhaps he was just left to dangle by them intentionally. That said, the speculation the author describes is more about the fact that because more people are waking up to the obvious observations that 9-11 was no amateur job. Just look how 9-11 and the resulting 16 years of war and growth of “ISIS” and the government’s efforts to create division amongst the populace at every level of our culture and society that has distracted us from the fact that they have brought the world to the brink of World War 3. Now this debacle of an election that we face with the populace being brought to such cognitive dissonance that it simply finds apathy, complacency, and compliance to be it’s only coping mechanisms in facing the NWO coup that is occurring as the lapdog politicians of the elite powers that be that they adhere to are marketing it all as “truth” and “patriotism” to cover their psychopathic greed for power and control in reshaping the global community for them to maximize profit and thin the population. We are being forced to choose between either brown shirt neocon fascist Trump or Corporatist neoliberal fascist Hillary. Both are two poisons yet we are to believe one is better for us than the other. So much for the notion that “things like this cannot happen in America” because it is indeed happening right now. Anyone that says so, as I and millions of others do, are simply marginalized as “tin foil wearing conspiracy theorists”. So by all means, Hiel Hillary (or her Trump card) and onward with the Bush Cabal promise to be successful in establishing the New World Order.

  10. well written, Daisy L.

  11. I’m not religious at all but there is a good word in the bible that describes the US-Israeli axis in the west. An abomination.

  12. The basket of deplorables seem to have congregated in the US government and it’s agencies…

  13. Taking care of business! | September 22, 2016 at 5:58 am |

    Since becoming aware of the truth of 9/11, I’ve become entirely cynical. These EVENTS, bombings and most shootings, or whatevers, to me are false flags. Or as Ronald Reagan said (among other sobering-government quotes), “Government is the problem.”

  14. “They sure found the mystery bomber quickly and efficiently” He was on camera at 2 locations, one in Chelsea and one nearby. (near the second device) Posters were made, his image on TV nonstop in NY. Someone then recognized him and called authorities……

    “What kind of terrorist decides to curl up and take a nap in a shop doorway in an area he knows the police will be looking for him?” A fat, out of shape idiot, that’s who.

    He was on camera, he also shot a cop (cop had a vest on) He will rot in jail for the rest of his fat dumb life. His own father reported him to the FBI. Not everything is a conspiracy, sure we all have thoughts, and think about angles of possibilities, but we all don’t have egos that make us write articles based on our imaginations. But hey click bait is click bait isn’t it?

    I just hope there are not more idiots associated with this bombing who will carry out more attacks. But of course there are more of these terrorists in the US plotting something. Only time will tell.

  15. I’ll tell you the biggest reason to believe this is phony terrorism: the assertion that “Tannerite” was used to make at least one of these bombs. I can’t believe no one else has pointed this out, but Tannerite is essentially useless to makers of improvised explosives, unless they’re willing to be a suicide bomber. The reason being that you can’t set it off by lighting a fuse or with the hot filament in a light bulb – it’s a well known fact that Tannerite, which was developed and is sold specifically for use as a target for long range shooters, will only detonate or explode when hit by a fairly high velocity/high powered rifle.

    Which is the only reason the government allows it to be sold to the general public. You could set it off with blasting caps, but the “christmas light hooked up to a cellphone” fuzing described by the authorities wouldn’t work.

    Another major reason to suspect this is a hoax is the pressure cooker bomb itself – when it comes to common items suitable for use as a bomb casing, a pressure cooker is actually a poor choice because it’s only designed to hold about 15 psi. When a bomb is constructed using low intensity explosives like Tannerite or gun powder, 2 factors determine the force of the blast: the amount of explosive used, and the amount of internal pressure the bomb casing will hold, before it finally ruptures. A pressure cooker will hold more than 15 psi, but nowhere near enough to get the maximum explosive yield out of the huge amount of gunpowder a pressure cooker will hold – it might make it to 200 psi, but the goal would be at least 20,000 psi.

    Some people claim the pressure cooker bomb was invented by the FBI so wannabe terrorists would waste their efforts, and that might be true, because there are other household items that would be both more effective, and much less suspicious than a pressure cooker at a public event.

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