Saudi Prince Demands US Ground Troops Remove Bashar al-Assad

us-sniperBy Kurt Nimmo

“You can’t simply deal with ISIS and not deal with Assad,” Prince Turki al-Faisal told CBS News on Thursday.

The former ambassador to the United States said “if the need” for US ground troops arises in the effort to depose al-Assad he “hopes the president will change his mind.”

Asked if Saudi Arabia would send ground troops, al-Faisal said no way.

“It would be a mistake for the United States, or Great Britain… to send in ground troops and overthrow the Assad regime,” Obama told the BBC in April.

However, around the time Obama made this remark the United States sent 250 ground troops into Syria—in direct violation of that country’s national sovereignty—under the pretense of fighting the Islamic State.

The Saudis scoffed and said the move was little more than “window dressing.”

Asked about a remark by Iran that Saudi Arabia’s participation in the coalition bombing of Syria is illegal, al-Faisal said Iran’s troops on the ground “killing Syrians” is illegal.

The Saudi prince failed to mention that Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq formed a coalition to fight the Islamic State in September 2015. The United States was offered to join the coalition but its response was “unconstructive,” according a statement by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.

As a former diplomat, al-Faisal is undoubtedly aware of the invitation by Syria, but then we have to keep in mind he was talking to an American television audience that knows virtually nothing about the real situation in Syria.

CBS did not clarify.

That would be a deviation from the script.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of

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25 Comments on "Saudi Prince Demands US Ground Troops Remove Bashar al-Assad"

  1. If you want something done right do it yourself Saudis
    We are not your mercenaries

  2. Prince Michael z Archangel replies: “Better idea. Leave Assad in place. Remove al-Faisal.

    • Over several decades a lot Syrians were disappeared and tortured by their govt. This month Amnesty International released details on the main Syrian facility where extensive torture of men and women has taken place. The Assad clan have blood on their hands but its up to the Syrian people to choose their leaders not the globalists…but then, those of us in the US and west are made to choose between puppets and the few brave pols who can’t be controlled (e.g. JFK and Wellstone) are taken out.

      “The worst place on earth”: inside Assad’s brutal Saydnaya prison –
      https://www.theguardian (dot) com/artanddesign/2016/aug/18/saydnaya-prison-syria-assad-amnesty-reconstruction

      • – do you have Syria confused with the U.S. of A. ?
        Or, are you simply re-publishing a bit of “Israeli” script ?

        • Hi drbhelthi, besides the link to the piece on Amnesty International’s exposure of Saydnaya, I’ve read several first hand accounts of Syrian dissenters who are now living with their families in the US, ranging from ordinary people unaffiliated with any organizations simply trying to eke out a basic hand to mouth existence in the US having lost everything they owned in Syria, to well educated successful physicians and business people who have been actively supporting an American Syrian foundation that sought to support democratic reform in Syria for years. There’s also a follow the money of the Assad clan billions aspect that strongly indicates they are working with / for the global elite. The key is researching Rami Makhlouf, the Syrian billionaire who controls >60% of Syria’s economy, his brother the chief of Syria’s version of CIA, and as Bashar’s cousin is known to be the overseer of the Assad clan’s fortune. Follow the money to offshore accounts handled by a group that hid Robert Mugabe’s stolen loot, and to co-investments with Bank of America, AIG, Goldman Sachs, et al.

          • Thank you, Blu. Sorry, but I do not have access to the information you mention. I only have info documenting that the MOSSAD participates in all the shady deals, for a price, and controls many of the deals. I also have info verifying that ISIS-ISIL is the proxy army of MOSSAD/CIA continuing the terrorism initiated by Ben Gurion in 1947. Removing Arabs from the territories that Zionism plans to incorporate into the greater “Israel” is the goal. One immediate goal is the removal of Assad, which will enable Zionism to advance the borders of “Israel” into Syria, which goal stooges in the USGov are assisting.

          • Yes, drbhelthi, I’m not only aware of who and what is behind ISIS but, remarkably, somehow through a combination of digging and intuition, when the conflict in Syria first emerged, by analyzing a detailed Wall Street Journal article and some other evidence, I realized the onslaught of western, middle eastern, and Israeli intelligence support (8-10 nations) for the “moderate rebels” had to be a smokescreen for a much bigger version of Operation Cyclone which, of course, it was in the form of ISIS. As you know, I agree Zionism philosophy dominates the top of pyramid. As for removing Assad / invading Syria, the principle citation for this as set in stone agenda is none other than globalist minion and Clinton friend General Wesley Clark. Nobody questions how it is an elite stooge would become a public leak or whistle blower? This kind of set up is classic psy op technique and the fact that Clark’s narrative is he first heard about the 7 countries from a subordinate is absurd on the face of it. You might also be interested to know Clark’s biological father is Cohen – FWIW, given your suspicions about Zionism. BTW, I tried to share this information with you a few times but each time it went down the Disqus memory hole.

          • A final note on Clark, drbhelthi, is the clear sign he is not a sympathetic leaker, rather, he is an elitist minion and proved this last year by saying in a televised interview that he thinks disloyal Americans who do not support the war on terror (thought criminals) should be place in internment camps. Lastly, regarding the Greater Israel idea, it seems this is another iteration of the more solid looking Greater/New Middle East project, each iteration controlled by the same cabal regardless of the name with NWO regionalism being the apotheosis of the rapidly developing techno prison planet.

          • I suspect that family histories determine who is promoted into NATO leadership positions. Non-Khazarians dont qualify.

        • As an erudite scholar with a background in human psychology / social anthropology, I urge you, drbhelthi, to consider looking at Syria’s plutocracy through the lens of power corrupts….and the Iron Law of Politics. Both sides, the MSM and the alt media, have oversimplified the Syrian political system. The western establishment emphasizes the tyranny while the alt media has overlooked it. The regime has served its people but it also takes no prisoners in its authoritarian approach. Same with Russia, it’s always more complex than the pictures we’re painted but the alt media ‘forgets’ about the 1999 false flags and historical democide and the increasingly brutal crackdowns on peaceful dissent – not being reported by the MSM or the alt media. Regards, B

  3. Demand? It’s just two minute clip. Here’s what they said…

    CBS Reporter in CBS clip: “Do you hope the US will go beyond air strikes [to battle ISIS]?
    Turki Al Faisal: “You mean sending in ground troops? (“Yes”) I think if the need for it arises I hope the president will change his mind.”

    Towards the end of the clip Reporter with Charlie Rose concluding remarks: “Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s foreign ministers met this week in New York and I’m told [Iran] President Rouhani who you spoke to could visit the [Saudi] Kingdom soon, something Prince Turki said would be a welcome step.”

    Bilderberger elitist Charlie Rose: “After the meeting between the prime ministers the Iranian prime minister said this could be the beginning of a new era.”

  4. 8/25/16 global MSM reporting on the evolving battle fronts

    “US Secretary of State John Kerry held talks with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, into the early hours of Thursday morning on ways to end Yemen’s conflict and resume peace talks between the warring sides. Kerry arrived in Jeddah from Nigeria for discussions with Saudi leaders and other Gulf Arab states and will also update them on US meetings with Russia addressing military cooperation in Syria, a senior US official said ahead of the talks.”

    “The US State Department said Kerry would meet his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Geneva on Friday [8/26/16] to try to close a deal on possible military cooperation and intelligence sharing in Syria. It could see Al Assad’s warplanes grounded, while Russian and US militaries coordinate strikes against Daesh.”

    • Can’t they skip the tea and sympathy and just hold talks via Skype or something? All this galavanting strikes me as a stupid waste of money. OUR money.

      • I’ve long thought that too. It’s the visual theatrics that keeps the plebs glued to their boobtubes. Also, the constant interjection of soap opera-esque story lines. Good cop bad cop and Kabuki theater spices it up!

        In their minds, we don’t need our money, we need to be their debt slaves – too busy on the hamster wheels to figure anything out.

  5. Assad is the only thing that has held everything together as well as it has.

    • That’s largely true and looking at the mess in Syria from a layered pyramid of power view, it seems the goal was never really to oust Assad but to use Syria as a staging grounds for Operation Cyclone 2.0. The end game is world govt and technocracy, even Hezbollah is trying to install technocrats instead of standard politicians. Something BIG is transforming the middle east in to an Orwellian techno-NWO.

  6. Who the heII does Prince Turki al-Faisal think he is?? Hitlery?!??!

  7. Remove him your own goddamned self, you s.o.b. Assad has done nothing to hurt me. The Saudis… different story.

    • That’s not what the embedded video or Turki said elsewhere, i.e. to remove Assad, so a bit of a red herring, a distraction, because we know the Saudis have been loyal Globalist puppets and still are. Better to save our wrath and fire power for the banksters who are angling for an expanded role for the UN and a multipolar global military force on the march towards world government. This is from their own mouths in their own white papers (on the dialectic multipolar strategy) not being deconstructed for us in the major alt media sites.

  8. Removing Saudi “princes”, their oil dollars and their israeli string-pullers would clear up the picture.

    A good start would be to remove the treasonists from congress, who pledge 1st allegiance to “Israel” instead of the U.S., MOSSAD spies from the Pentagon, and convert the “U.S. Federal Reserve” to U.S. ownership.

    • Removing the quislings in congress and the judicial branch would be excellent, yet, unless we create wide galvanized awakening, it will be as unlikely as the challenge Germany faces with its puppets. I hope you are seeing some progress in the awakening where you are, drbhelthi, now that the immigration pandemonium is rattling some cages.

  9. The arrogance of these people is astounding. Why doesn’t HE remove Assad himself? Why should we do his dirty work for him?

  10. Yassine Elkaryani | August 28, 2016 at 11:55 am | Reply

    When asked if Saudi Arabia is willing to send ground troops, he said “I do not see a reason why we shouldn’t.”

    The article is misleading.

  11. They need something to stop them in their tracks like stoop funding them, and an earth quake of 9 would cripple them enough to stop the fighting.

  12. alexander the new yorker | August 29, 2016 at 8:14 am | Reply

    much fuss, mess and misery for a soon to be obsolete energy source !

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