Nikola Tesla Patented the First Drone and Believed it Could Bring World Peace

tesla droneBy Terrence Newton

Although Nikola Tesla was never properly given credit for his works while he was alive, the impact he has had on today’s technologically driven society cannot be understated. He may in fact be more influential in this regard than any other single scientific thinker of the 20th century, as his pioneering works have laid the foundation for wireless communications, lasers, advanced propulsion systems, robotics, limitless free energy, and more, none of which were yet possible when he filed the patent for the first unmanned, remote-operated vehicle, or drones as we now call them.

In 1898, the visionary inventor filed a patent with the US Patent Office in New York City, #US000613809, entitled, Method Of And Apparatus For Controlling Mechanism Of Moving Vessels Or Vehicles. The invention would allow for self-propulsion of an unmanned vehicle for which he foresaw many potential uses, the most impressive of which, Tesla believed could bring peace to the world. For at the time, Tesla apparently intuited the need for and a device so dangerous that it could promise mutual assured destruction between nations by virtue of its deadliness.

The patent contains schematics and design drawings for an seafaring vessel of which Tesla had envisioned as the first platform for remote-controlled technologies. The following drawing was captured from the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Tesla-DroneTesla explains what makes his device unique: the ability for it to be controlled by some type of wave transmitter that would enable the pilot to be located somewhere in range, but not on the vessel. This is now a reality in the age of actual drone warfare, where military personnel can engage enemies while sitting on the other side of the planet.

In a broad sense, then, my invention differs from all of those systems which provide for the control of the mechanism carried by a moving object and governing its motion in that I require no intermediate wires, cables, or other form of electrical or mechanical connection with the object save the natural modia in space. I accomplish, nevertheless, similar results and in a much more practicable manner by producing waves, impulses, or radiations which are received through the earth, water, or atmosphere by suitable apparatus‘ on the moving body and cause the desired actions so long as the body remains within the active region or effective range of such on currents, waves, impulses, or radiations. [Source]

This prophetic device was so useful and so dangerous that Tesla believed it had the potential to create a permanent stalemate in global geo-politics by bringing about mutual assured destruction, or MAD, as it is popularly and more aptly known, a concept which was not actually realized until after the global proliferation of nuclear weapons began in the post-WWII cold war era.

Tesla’s prescient remarks, demonstrating his innate understanding of the dark side of human nature are revealed in his explanation of patent #US000613809:

Tesla-Drone-Patent-1Again, his remarks foresee the need for a balance of power only possible under threat of mutual annihilation.

… but the greatest value of my invention will result from its effect upon warfare and armaments, for by reason of its certain and unlimited destructiveness it will tend to bring about and maintain permanent peace among nations.Nikola Tesla

Final Thoughts

How telling it is that a man of such otherworldly genius as Nikola Tesla could foresee that mankind’s survival would need to be hinged upon our ability to totally destroy each other and ourselves in the process? The doctrine of mutual assured destruction, did not, however, become recognized as national security policy until the Cold War.
As it turns out when compared to the first half of the 20th century, humans have lived in relative peace and stability because of the concept of MAD, although it was not Tesla’s drones that promise opposing world powers mutual assured destruction, it is J. Robert Oppenheimer’s nuclear bomb.

Here is Oppenheimer’s rather disturbing message to the world shortly after the first successful test of a nuclear weapon on July 16, 1945 when the Trinity bomb was detonated in New Mexico with 425 witnesses:

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9 Comments on "Nikola Tesla Patented the First Drone and Believed it Could Bring World Peace"

  1. Serbs have always worked for peace and benediction of the humanity.
    10 000 years ago, Serbian neolothic villages were open and wothout defense walls – youtube: “Danube civilization”/ Vinca culture = hospitality, open arms, friendship and kidness = Serbian culture that still does live in Serbia and Serbs ! First time calculator was invented in Vinca : now, Serbian Year 7524 = Year 2016 ! Serbs use Cyrilcs letters that you can see on Vinca stones : ЖФШ.. Serbs were the Glourious Giant that Bible mentioned and Mythology !

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    -In Second Crusade War Vatican killed 30 000 000 Sorbs and pushed it border to Poland, Czech, Yugoslavia… : wikipedia : sorbs
    -Napoleon tried to push Catholic border to Moscow – no success!
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    -In 1999 US/NATO bombed Yugoslavia, demonized Serbs/ Milosevic and gave Bosnia to Muslims and Kosovo to Albanian Muslims who can now, legally traffic human organs together with Israel, traffic heroin together with US and mock at the entire world!

    US /NATO/VATICAN satanists want you believe that Islam is dangerous for you, but they support Islam in Bosnia as well in Kosovo … and all forces that are against Serbs!

    Almost the entire Tesla’s family was exterminated in JASENOVAC (google : jasenovac) ! The last family members are refugees in Belgrade expulsed in 1995 from Krajina (youtube: “krajina izbeglice “)

    The only reason is : Vatican wants to push its Catholic border toward the East over Slavonic countries that are Orthodox.

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    Do not let it be !
    Tesla wanted to give FREE ENERGY to the entire world! Help a Serbian dream from a FREE World to become true and turn OUR PLANET into A FREE GARDEN where every child can eat from FREE trees, drink from FREE sources, move for FREE… where no man can buy a man for a salary, because food/shelter/objects became GIFTS .. where no profit can be made ! Freedom is working out of passion and creating GIFTS instead generating a satanic profit for a few who have reserved all wealth, power, diplomatic immunity for themselves and rape all of us and our beautiful Earth – ONE FREE GARDEN for all 7 billion people is the PARADISE that we can create together through GIFTING & SHARING

    • Unfortunately, this is going to be Satan’s world for awhile, so a one world government and religion will happen. Be strong until the end, then you will be one of God’s saints, provided you accept Jesus.

  2. World Peace: Total BS! We will always have fools who think they can “arrange world peace” with so many who want to rule, want to tell everybody else what is good for them and are willing to force their ideas on us!”
    GOD is the only one that can do that, but GOD does not normally use force, HE allows us to destroy ourselves, if that is what we want, when we are not willing to allow HIM to rule.

  3. Considering the elites pushed and manipulated both world wars AND most conflicts around the world, this Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is truly insanity…. Even Hitler’s propaganda guy said the citizenry had to PUSHED through manipulation into war… don’t mistake the civilians for the government, they are not the same despite what you have been taught… Governments declare war, and they are the puppets of the elite. The average person doesn’t WANT to fight and are tricked and frightened/ angered into thinking they must. It is the psychopaths in power egging all this on, and they have been for a long time, always to their benefit. I’m not saying we’d have total peace with the elites gone, but I am CERTAIN we would have alot LESS conflict with them out of the picture, since they can be traced to most of the conflict throughout history… THEY want the conflict, most people just want to live their lives.

    • Man always corrupts everything. Satan knows this and uses men to corrupt even the greatest among us. The only real peace we will ever see is when the Lord Himself takes over. I hope all of you will be there. Heck, I hope I will be there.

  4. World peace due to threat of total annihilation? That’s what world govt elitists H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell et al were salivating for even before 1900. They also dreamed of a totalitarian “scientific society” and Wells was a big proponent of the UN, later going on to write the UN Human Rights charter.

  5. Tesla was a Serbian Orthodox Christian, whose father was an Orthodox priest.

    When living in NYC, Tesla was a communicant of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral–the one that was recently torched by a developer who wanted the land for high rise condos.

    This is one reason why certain people wanted to hide/steal his achievements and make his life miserable while he lived.

    Edison was beholden to those certain people and did his part to betray Tesla.

    While Tesla desired to contribute to peace in the world by providing a means to free energy, it should be noted that when the US of Israel murdered Khaddafi, they removed the person whose govt gave free electricity to the entire population of Libya, as well as free health care and food subsidies.

    There are certain people who do not want anything to be free, but rather they want to enslave the world to their monetary system and have in large part succeeded.

    On a different note, the phrase in the article should read, “cannot be *overestimated*”. The problem you see is that his achievement have long been *underestimated*, so they are not well known. The author must have had little education or perhaps English is his second language? It is an error that is common, unfortunately.

  6. If not for JP Morgan and Thomas Edison we might all enjoy free electricity. The more I hear about Tesla, the more impressed I become. I am saddened that he didn’t get the notoriety he deserved.

    • I totally agree. He wanted people to enjoy free power while other greedy persons wanted to forever profit from us. More examples include increasing or adding new taxes, selling us water, all just more ways to enslave the populous.

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