Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Are Going Off Like Firecrackers

ring of fire activityBy Michael Snyder

So far this week, we have seen the most dangerous volcano in Mexico erupt, and three major volcanoes in Indonesia all erupted within the space of just 72 hours.  Mexico and Indonesia are both considered to be part of “the Ring of Fire,” and all along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean volcanoes are starting to go off like firecrackers right now.  According to Volcano Discovery, 25 volcanoes in areas that are considered to be within the Ring of Fire have erupted recently.  Our planet appears to have entered a time of increased seismic activity, and those the follow my work regularly know that this is a theme that I revisit repeatedly.  Sadly, most Americans are not paying too much attention to this increase in seismic activity, but the truth is that it has very serious implications for the west coast of the United States.

It didn’t make a big splash in the mainstream media in the United States, but this week Mt. Popocatepetl erupted and coated homes and vehicles in Mexico City with a thick layer of volcanic dust.  And now some scientists are becoming concerned that this recent activity may be building up to “a major disastrous eruption”

Residents of Mexico City woke this morning to find ash coating cars and buildings after the Popocatepetl volcano belched out another toxic cloud.

The volcano is considered one of the world’s most dangerous due to its proximity to the city with more than nine million inhabitants.

Around 25 million people live within 62 miles of the crater of the 5,426-metre magma mount, who could also be affected.

There are fears the peak is building towards a major disastrous eruption after activity increased over the past few years, although, it has been periodically erupting since 1994.

There is a very good reason why Mt. Popocatepetl is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in Mexico.  If there ever is “a major disastrous eruption,” millions upon millions of people will be directly affected and it will bring Mexico’s economy to a screeching halt.  The following comes from one of my previous articles

Popocatepetl is an Aztec word that can be translated as “smoking mountain”, and more than 25 million people live within range of this extraordinarily dangerous mountain. Experts tell us that during the time of the Aztecs, entire cities were completely buried in super-heated mud from this volcano. In fact, the super-heated mud was so deep that it buried entire pyramids. In the event of a full-blown eruption, Mexico City’s 18 million residents probably wouldn’t be buried in super-heated mud, but it would still be absolutely devastating for Mexico’s largest city.

Meanwhile, the nation of Indonesia has been rocked by three significant volcanic eruptions in just a three-day period

Giant clouds of ash engulfed the skies as Mount Sinabung became the third volcano to erupt in Indonesia, in the space of just three days.

Mount Rinjani on Lombok island near Bali erupted on Monday, with the Sinabung volcano on Sumatra island and Mount Gamalama in the Moluccas chain of islands following suit late yesterday.

There are approximately 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia, but this is still very unusual even for them.

But of even greater concern for Indonesia (and for the rest of the planet) is the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that shook Mount Tambora on July 31st.  Back in 1815, an eruption at Mount Tambora was the largest that has ever been recorded, and there are concerns that this recent very large earthquake may be a sign that another mega-eruption is on the way.

If you are not familiar with the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, it was truly a historic event.  More than 70,000 people died from the immediate blast, and the climate of the entire planet was cooled substantially for years afterwards.  The following description of that eruption comes from Wikipedia

After a large magma chamber inside the mountain filled over the course of several decades, volcanic activity reached a historic climax in the eruption of 10 April 1815.[5] This eruption had a volcanic explosivity index (VEI) of 7, the only unambiguously confirmed VEI-7 eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about AD 180.[6] (The 946 eruption of Paektu Mountain might also have been VEI-7.)

With an estimated ejecta volume of 160 km3 (38 cu mi), Tambora’s 1815 outburst is the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history. The explosion was heard on Sumatra, more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away. Heavy volcanic ash falls were observed as far away as Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, and the Maluku Islands.

The following year became known as “the year without a summer” because the global climate cooled down so dramatically.  There were crop failures all across the northern hemisphere, and as a result the world experienced the worst famine of the 19th century.

Someday, there will be another eruption of that magnitude at Mount Tambora or elsewhere along the Ring of Fire, and the world will experience another horrifying famine.

It is just a matter of time.

And let us not forget that the entire west coast of the United States also sits along the Ring of Fire.  In my novel and in my new book I warn about the coming eruption of Mt. Rainier.  But that is certainly not the only volcano on the west coast that we need to be concerned about.  In recent months there has also been increased seismic activity at Mt. Hood and at Mt. St. Helens.

We have been very fortunate not to have had any major volcanic eruptions in the continental United States since the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, but scientists assure us that we are well overdue for the next one.

In addition, the Yellowstone supervolcano may not be considered to be directly along the Ring of Fire, but it has also been exhibiting very strange behavior this year as well.  When it finally erupts, all of our lives are going to change in a single moment.

So there are definitely some big reasons why we should be concerned about all of these volcanoes that are currently erupting around the world.  It may not be tomorrow, but eventually Americans are going to see firsthand how a major volcanic eruption can permanently alter their lives.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  2. Almost all Americans and the vast majority of residents in the area, are not aware of the fact that in the State of Arizona alone there are over 600 dormant volcanoes and vents. The last time one blew was in the 1200’s, just North of Flagstaff. The same magma pool that will feeds the Yellowstone super volcano, runs under Arizona.

  3. As solar activity continues to rapidly decrease, solar flares have a greater impact on perturbing the Earth’s magnetosphere. This typically leads to more eruptions. Think of the Earth’s magnetosphere like the sail of a boat. Calm winds with erratic 20-mph gusts have more of a ‘rippling’ impact on the sail than 30-mph winds with 50-mph gusts.

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    FIND & SEE ?

    Hurricanes, wildfires & volcanoes, oh my! From Mexico to Indonesia
    Wednesday, August 3, 2016
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  5. Taking care of business! | August 5, 2016 at 1:39 am | Reply

    More evidence we’re in the endtimes. There’s great eerie, spooky-press generated about the Yellowstone caldera, etc.–easy money for a domesday-oriented generation.Truth be told, don’t panic! The odds of an eruption are 1 in 700,000 per year. I venture this eruption, along with most, if not all, will occur during the great tribulation, not before. Instead of panicking, going into a frenzy, and becoming a survivalist (where you’re not going to SURVIVE anyway!), best make peace, through salvation, with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, if you haven’t already. Look about at events natural and socio-political. These are but part of the indication the Lord will soon call-out His bride, the church. Look about. Employ a Bible concordance and/or dictionary about specific, undeniable “signs.” Or Google search the same, plus the “great tribulation.” I’d list for you; but the signs are many, yet obvious. And it would serve one well to search, for knowledge and edification. Please do so. In the love of Christ, Tcob!.

  6. “…I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down and the flames grew higher and it burn, burns, burns that ring of fire.” Johnny Cash circa 1960’s.

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