Mainstream Media Up in Arms About Malia Smoking Pot — Silent on Her Dad Blowing Up Children

maliaBy Justin Gardner

When video surfaced of Malia Obama apparently taking a hit from a joint at the Lollapalooza festival, conservative critics and Obama supporters took to the comments sections in a comical display of partisan bickering.

Whether or not it was actually weed is of no consequence. So what if an 18-year-old gets high at a music festival? Let the girl have some fun before she goes off to college. Besides, Illinois law allows the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis.

The more interesting thing is that Malia’s little adventure caught on camera is a symbol of how far we have progressed in dismantling the war on weed. Twenty-five states now have some form of legalized medical cannabis – with more to come – and four states have legalized its recreational use.

Does anyone besides the DEA really believe cannabis should be illegal? There is a sea of change going on in the country. Too many people now realize the wastefulness and unjustness of prohibition, which allows the police state to continue ruining countless lives.

While Malia enjoyed her hit at the festival, others are getting arrested, beaten, stolen from and killed by government for the same plant. This duality is ignored by the media, just as the true legacy of Malia’s father is ignored.

As the Free Thought Project’s John Vibes pointed out in a Facebook post this week:

Obama gladly took the reins of a “war on terror” begun after 9-11, continuing the evolution of killing by ushering in the unmanned drone era. Now, pilots could sit in the luxury of a base back in the U.S., shooting Hellfire missiles at anonymous images on screens just after grabbing some Burger King.

Four former drone pilots bravely spoke out, risking their lives and their livelihood to tell of the “cowardly murder” they carried out. They described the “bloodlust” evident in many drone pilots and the indifference to the act of killing children and non-combatants, and rightly point out that the drone program “fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism.”

In addition to carrying on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama has brought the drone war to Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria. He perfected the art of invading countries without armies, and has brought terror to millions of innocent people there.

Almost 90 percent of those killed by U.S. drone strikes were not the intended target. Approximately 200 children have been killed by drone strikes in Pakistan alone since 2004, and well over 1,000 adult civilians have been killed in this single country.

The world is now a battlefield, and Obama has ushered in an era where anyone can be killed anywhere at any time, using dubious rationalizations to sidestep treaties and laws. 9/11 provided the pretext for a permanent state of war, by declaring war not on a country but the tactic of terrorism.

This eight-year record of death and destruction comes from a man who ran in 2008 as an antiwar candidate and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

And let’s not forget Obama’s other legacy – assassinating an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his 16-year-old son with no due process, with a drone missile.

But all of this is ignored by mainstream media and talking heads, who would rather whip up some division over someone taking a hit of weed.

Go on, Malia, smoke away. Give some to your dad, too. Maybe it could help him with that whole drone bombing innocent people thing.

Justin Gardner writes for, where this article first appeared.

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20 Comments on "Mainstream Media Up in Arms About Malia Smoking Pot — Silent on Her Dad Blowing Up Children"

  1. Great article!!! Thanks for shining the light on what is really important rather than this silly distraction, although Malia’s fun highlights the hypocrisy of our government’s war on drugs and all the innocent people who’ve spent years in prison for holding and puffing on a bit of weed in their hand no different than Malia. The US continues to harm, kill, plunder and destroy. The Big Bullies on the Block, and with the recent DEA/SWAT arrests, confiscations and destruction in California, particularly at cannabis centers, it is clear that Obama is not running the DEA as Obama promised he would end those DEA/SWAT raids. Congress too promised to respect STATE rights in the medical cannabis arena, so who is running the DEA? When will Congress eliminate the DEA? Please do it soon. The DEA is a rogue organization, capitalizing on theft. It seems they work for the Mexican Drug Cartels, the player must lucky to benefit from the DEA’s rogue operations.

  2. She’s smoking weed because she wants to forget that her father is a terrorist.

  3. Obama is NOT Malik’s father. Obama doesn’t HAVE any kids. His so called “wife” is not a woman, she’s a tranny like Caitlin Jenner. Everything about the Obama’s is a lie and a fraud. Obama is a closeted gay communist trannie who has been doing everything humanly possible to destroy the country. His so called “kids” are straight out of CIA central casting as part of the biggest con job ever foisted off on the American people this side of Hitlary KKKLinton and her rapist husband Bill. Watch “Clinton Cash” and learn who the KKKLINTONS REALLY are!

    • Don’t forget the Bush turds.

    • Actually, Michelle/Michael was born a female. She is transgender, and in the process of transforming to male, got a surgical team to place a penis on her. The 2 girls were born at a hospital controlled by the Pritzkers in Chicago, and were hand selected for the Obamas by the team managing their “public appearance”, one of the leaders of which is the Communist Valerie Perrin.

  4. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with her puffin. For once. I don’t have a problem with that family on this. If the whole damn world smoked all people would worry about was what pizza to order. I like the sound of that!

    • But like the rest of us, maybe she should face jail time as a non-violent offender and serve as cheap labor for the Prison Industrial Complex.

      • True. The legal aspect should be addressed. But we all know the legal system isn’t for good or evil. It’s for whoever can leverage it to their advantage. Just politics the legal system is a joke. And we have the power to change that. More of us!

    • Of course. There are those who think it’s bad behavior, etc., but the real crux of this is that hundreds of thousands of other young people have been thrown in jails and later thrown in prisons for the exact same behavior. Get it? The double standard, once again.

  5. Don’t worry about it. There most likely clones…..

  6. You mean she did not VOLUNTEER to serve this Nation in uniform and fight her Daddy’s wars in the Front Lines?! After all the MultiMILLION$ vacations & perks we have had to pay for?

  7. It is a sad day when the First Black President’s daughter instead of
    being a role model for young black girls, she is twerking and showing
    her underwear and “smoking dope” and then we wonder why we have a bunch
    of lazy kids who don’t want to work and want everything handed to them.
    They’re too busy playing video games and smoking dope which makes you
    lazy, sleepy.
    At a time when the President is hosting “Black Lives Matter”, I would think he would be concerned about how this looks to the young black women in the urban cities who have watched their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, lives be destroyed by drug abuse many of whom started out with just “having a little fun smoking a joint.”

    She just graduated High School and is taking the year off to do what? Smoke dope??? Smoking dope might have been legal in that state, but it is still ILLEGAL according to the Federal Gov’t so looks like Malia committed a federal crime. ummm.

    My dad diied at the young age of 42 from a drug related issues and like other black families whose households are 65% father-less it is a shame that Obama did not have more control over his daughter and especially smoking dope in PUBLIC

    • You should see what Chelsea is doing. Working with IAC who owns Daily Beast, pumping out B.S. and propaganda. These people and their ilk are all scum.

      • Wonder if they can afford to pay her the $650,000/year salary that CBS paid her for 2 years right after she left Stanford. Oh that’s right, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is paying her a salary of $2 million/year.

  8. …before reading any other comments…I’d say that I agree with most everything pointed out in the essay. However, I’d say most are irritated at the double standard, not the pot smoking. Millions of people’s lives have been ruined by these corrupt…”laws”…so it is natural to be frustrated at the entitled behavior any of them exhibit.
    RJ O’Guillory

  9. Dont care … Used to smoke it myself when I was her age.

  10. How would we know if the King of Drones has not already taken out US citizens on US soil by other means? How may people have been disappeared by the intelligence community since 911 and how many are still alive and where? The 160 underground bases the US military operates are just a few of the possible hiding places for removal; rendition and death,there is no access to these places by the alternative media.

  11. The nut does’nt fall very far from the tree. ?

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